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14 BARBAULD, ANNA LETITIA, 1743-1825, authoress, A. L.s. 21 pp. 4to. Aug. 10, 1815, to Mrs. Beecroft, referring to the campaign of Waterloo, and the presence of Napoleon at Torbay

15 CARLYLE, THOMAS, 1795-1881, 5 A. L.s. (one with signature cut off, some slightly defective), 13 pp. 8vo & 4to, to Robert Chambers, April 3-Dec. 21, 1842, about raising a subscription and obtaining a pension for Mrs. Begg, the surviving sister of Robert Burns; and an A. L. 4 pp. 8vo, June 6, 1842, from R. Monckton Milnes (afterwards first Baron Houghton) to Mrs. Begg, announcing that she had been granted a pension of £20 a year (6) ** The circumstances of the case, which Chambers evidently called to Carlyle's attention, gave the latter an opportunity for one of his characteristic outbursts:

How many tavern-dinners are eaten yearly in all quarters of the globe, and froth-speeches delivered, in elegiac commemoration of the brokenhearted Robert Burns, with "Ah, the barbarously-entreated Poet; ah, if we had him here now!" and his own Sister is yet here, and one of those tavern dinner-bills would be a benefit to her; and froth-speech is still all that results!... Such "Worship of Heroes " is like much else that it holds of a thing requiring peremptorily to be altered.

But Carlyle took a more practical interest in Chambers' philanthropic efforts for Mrs. Begg: he gave his own

'poor guinea; a kind of widow's mite, which,

poor as all authors are, it will be a luxury to me to give.'

He collected some money from his friends, and secured the powerful help of Milnes, who seems from the correspondence to have been largely instrumental in obtaining the pension. 15* DEFOE, DANIEL. Signature to a small portion of a doc. on vellum, rare-LONGFELLOW, H. W., A. L.s. 1 p. 8vo. Oct. 6, 1853

(2) 16 GORDON, GENERAL C. G., 1833-85, A. L.s. 2 pp. 8vo, to Mr. Anderson, May 19, 1865, and an Auto. memorandum, 2 pp. folio, twice signed, of machinery required by the Chinese Government (2)

*At this time Gordon was back in England after the suppression of the Taiping rebellion.

17 HOGG, JAMES, 1770-1835, The Ettrick Shepherd, auto. MSS. 21 pp. folio of two sketches, headed respectively "The dorty wean" and "The History of an auld naig," addressed to S. C. Hall, Messrs. Westley & Davies, Booksellers, London, Aug. 7, 1829



18 MEREDITH, GEORGE, 1828-1909, A. L.s. 2 pp. 8vo. London, 7 Upper Ebury St., Pimlico, June 4, 1849, to Messrs. Chambers.

I have sent you the enclosed poem in the hope that it will be acceptable to your Journal. It was written immediately on receipt of the intelligence which it chaunts, and will I think even now find many an echo in hearts akin to the subjects and the name which christen it.

The poem referred to is Chillianwallah, Meredith's first published composition, issued in Chambers' Journal, 1849

19 MEREDITH, GEORGE, A. L.S., 3 pp. 12mo, June 12, 1849, to Leitch Ritchie, Esq., June 12, 1849.

I am obliged by your acceptance of the Poem. Would a translation of the life, etc., of Kossuth the Magyar suit the columns of your journal? The accounts of the man now afloat are flimsy and unconnected.

I beg you to substitute for "hearts" in the 7th line of the last verse of
"Chillianwallah' 99 66
hopes." Thus-

"And the hopes of all will languish," etc.,

20 MEREDITH, GEORGE, A. L.s., 3 pp. 8vo, to the same, Nov. 30, 1849, care of T. L. Peacock, Esq., 22 John St., Adelphi, Strand, London.

I trust it is not too

I send you four sheet pages of "Kossuth." late-but the fact is I was determined to ascertain if the character of Kossuth was as fine as I had imagined. .. You are at liberty to erase ALL passages which suit not the purpose or politics of the Journal.

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I accompany this with some Sonnets on Two Kings of England, which if you like form a series.


I have been contemplating a sketch of the life of HERMANN who has lately died. There is as yet no English account, etc.

**Probably the Sonnet on John Lackland, printed in the Poems of 1851, is the only survivor of this series.

⚫ 21 MEREDITH, GEORGE, A. L.s., 1 pp. 8vo, to the same, Dec. 1, 1849. I find I have forgotten to enclose the Sonnets mentioned in my letter of yesterday's date...I think they would do very well if taken in a series and I have a great many already finished, etc. Let me know about the article on Hermann as early as you can.

The above four letters are of extraordinary interest to students of Meredith's biography, though (with the exception of the above-mentioned Chillianwallah) we have not been able to trace the publication in Chambers' Journal of any of the Sonnets or articles referred to. Only one earlier letter is published in Meredith's letters (2 vol. 1912), in which collection these letters are not included.

22 WILKIE, SIR DAVID, 1785-1841, A. L.s., 13 pp. 4to, Oct. 8, 1828, to the Right Honble Sir Robert Liston.

** Interesting letter, speaking of pictures he had painted in Spain, which, though unfinished, had been mentioned to George IV., who had ordered the artist to finish them for him.


23 [Aytoun (W. E.) and Sir T. Martin] The Book of Ballads, edited by Bon Gualtier, FIRST EDITION, illustrations by A. Crowquill, original cloth W. S. Orr, 1845 24 [Barham (Rev. R. H.)] The Ingoldsby Legends, or Mirth and Marvels by Thomas Ingoldsby, 3 vol. First Series, Fourth Edition; Second Series, First Edition; Third Series, Second Edition, portraits and illustrations by G. Cruikshank, J. Leech, etc., autograph letter of R. Bentley inserted, half crimson morocco gilt, t. e. g. 1848-42-47 Barham (Rev. R. H.) The Ingoldsby Legends, edited by Mrs. E. A. Bond, 3 vol. illustrations by Cruikshank, Leech, etc., 1894-Spielmann (M. H.) The History of "Punch," illustrations, 1895-Bartolozzi and his Works, by A. W. Tuer, engraved title, 1885, etc.



(7) Bennett (C.) Shadows, 2 Series, coloured plates, original boards

n. d.

27 Bentley's Miscellany. Vol. XXXIII and XXXIV, illustrations by Leech and others, half calf gilt; Sketches by Albert Smith, Barham and Charles Whitehead from Bentley's Miscellany (Extracts) 31 illustrations by G. Cruikshank and J. Leech, half calf, uncut, 1842-47


28 Berkeley (G. F.) Reminiscences of a Huntsman, FIRST EDITION, frontispiece in colours, and plates by J. Leech, original cloth


29 Berkeley (G. F.) A Month in the Forests of France, illustrations by J. Leech, 1857-Lever (C.) Tales of the Trains, illustrations, 1857-Comic Almanack, illustrations by G. Cruikshank, for 1848 and 1851, as issued, etc.


30 Bewick (T.) A History of British Birds, 2 vol., numerous woodcuts by T. Bewick, half red morocco neat, t. e. g. Newcastle, 1826


Book Auction Records, edited by F. Karslake, vol. 3, 1905-1906-
Catalogue of the Beckford Library, in 2 vol. with prices and
purchasers' names, half calf, 1882-83-Catalogue of the
Maidment Library, with prices, half calf, 1880, and other


32 Book of British Ballads, edited by S. C. Hall, numerous illustrations, half morocco gilt, g.e., 1842-Quarles' Emblems, illustrations by C. Bennett and W. H. Rogers, 1861-Housebold Words Christmas Numbers, 7 in 1 vol. green cloth, 1871-80, etc.

(9) Book of Scotish Pasquils, 1568-1715, with A Packet of Pestilent Pasquils [Privately Printed], in 1 vol. blue morocco gilt, t. e. g. Edinburgh, W. Paterson, 1868


34 Bradley (Rev. E.) The Adventures of Mr. Verdant Green, an Oxford Freshman, by Cuthbert Bede, FIRST EDITION, numerous illustrations by the author. A. L.s. 4 pp. of author inserted, calf gilt, g. e. by Riviere

35 Bradley (Rev. E.) Adventures of Mr. Verdant Green, 1853; The Further Adventures of Mr. Verdant Green, 1854; Mr. Verdant Green married and done for, 1857, numerous illustrations, in 1 vol. half red morocco gilt, t. e. g.-Love's Provocations, illustrations, 1855; Nearer and Dearer, illustrations, calf gilt, t. e. g. by Riviere, 1857 (3) 36 [Bradley (Rev. E.)] Little Mr. Bouncer and his Friend, Verdant Green, illustrations by the author, calf gilt, t. e. g. by Riviere Blackwood, n. d.


Brooks (Shirley) Aspen Court: a Story of our Own Time, 3 vol. 1855; The Gordian Knot, illustrations by J. Tenniel, with autograph signature of Dr. Doran on fly leaf, 1860; The Silver Cord, 3 vol. autograph inscription of author on title, 1861; The Naggletons, frontispiece by C. Keene, 1875; Wit and Humour, portrait, 1875


38 Brough (R. B.) The Life of Sir John Falstaff, with a Biography of the Knight from Authentic Sources, the original 10 parts as issued, plates by G. Cruikshank, original wrappers, FINE

COPY in cloth covers

roy. 8vo. 1858 39 Brough (R. B.) The Life of Sir John Falstaff, with a Biography of the Knight from various Sources, FIRST EDITION, plates by G. Cruikshank, half red morocco gilt

roy. 8vo. 1858 40 Brough (R. B.) Life of Sir John Falstaff, Parts I-VII and IX, illustrations by G. Cruikshank, as issued 1857--Rowcroft (C.) Fanny, the Little Milliner, Parts I-X, illustrations by "Phiz," as issued 1844, and other odd parts of publications illustrated by "Phiz," Leech and others a small parcel


Burns (R.) Poems, chiefly in the Scottish Dialect, FIRST EDINBURGH EDITION, portrait by Beugo after Nasmyth, the P. of Poems on half title obliterated, half red morocco Edinburgh, 1787 *** This copy belonged to Robert Chambers, and was used by him when compiling the earliest edition of his Life and Works of the Poet (Edinh 1840). The MS. additions are in his holograph and also of Robert Hogg, a younger brother of James Hogg, the Ettrick Shepherd, and for some time Secretary to Sir Walter Scott.

42 Burns (R.) Works, 6 vol. plates and facsimiles

Edinburgh, W. Paterson, 1877-79 43 Campbell (W.) The Old Forest Ranger, lithographs, 1842-The Merry Wives of London, illustrations, half calf, n. d.Reynold's Miscellany, 3 vol. illustrations, 1847; etc. (10) 44 [Chamisso.] Peter Schlemihl: from the German of Lamotte Fouqué, plates by G. Cruickshank (sic), calf gilt

G. and W. B. Whittaker, 1824



45 Claretie (J.) Monsieur le Ministre: 10 compositions par A. Marie, gravées à l'eau forte par Wallet, half crimson morocco gilt, t. e. g. others uncut Paris, Maison Quantin, n. d [Clarke (Wm.)] Three Courses and a Dessert, FIRST EDITION, illustrations by G. Cruikshank, original half morocco 1830 COCKTON (HENRY) Life and Adventures of Valentine Vox, the Ventriloquist, FIRST EDITION, illustrations by T. Onwhyn, 1840; George St. George Julian, the Prince, FIRST EDITION, illustrations by T. Onwhyn, 1841; Sylvester Sound, the Somnambulist, FIRST EDITION, plates by T. Onwhyn, 1844; The Sisters, FIRST EDITION, illustrations by K. Meadows and A. Crowquill, 1844; The Love Match, illustrations by Onwhyn, 1851; The Steward, 1851; Lady Felicia, 1852; Percy Effingham, 2 vol. 1853; Stanley Thorn, plates, n. d. together 10 vol. the first in calf gilt, the others in uniform half calf gilt

48 [Combe (W.)] The Tours of Doctor Syntax in Search of The Picturesque, In Search of Consolation, and In Search of a Wife, 3 vol. numerous coloured plates by T. Rowlandson, orange cloth roy. 8vo. Ackermann, 1819-20 49 Contes Plaisants Annamites traduits en Français pour la première fois par A. des Michels (with the text), half red levant morocco gilt, t. e. g. by Riviere roy. 8vo. Paris, 1888

50 Contes a Rire et Aventures plaisantes, ou Récréations Françaises : nouvelle édition revue et corrigée Chassant, No. 14 of 100 copies on crimson levant morocco gilt, t. e. g. bound in

avec préface par A. Whatman paper, half with original wrappers Paris, T. Belin, 1881

51 Cruikshank (G.) Points of Humour, Both Parts in 1 vol. FIRST EDITION, plates by G. Cruikshank, calf gilt


C. Baldwyn, 1823–24 Cruikshank (G.) Omnibus, edited by L. Blanchard, plates and woodcuts by G. Cruikshank, bound from the original parts, half red morocco gilt, uncut, with specimens of the original wrappers and advertisements


53 Cruikshank (George) Table Book edited by G. A. à Beckett, numerous plates and illustrations by G. Cruikshank, half red morocco gilt

roy. 8vo. 1845 54 Cruikshank (George) Life, by B. Jerrold, 84 illustrations, and EXTRA ILLUSTRATED by the insertion of a portrait and a number of plates by Cruikshank, half red morocco gilt, uncut


55 Cruikshank (G.) Twenty Etchings illustrating the Life of Sir John Falstaff, in cloth case, roy. 8vo. 1857-Rowlandson's Illustrations to Smollett's Works, reprint, n. d.-Illustrations to Nicholas Nickleby, by Onwhyn and other artists, cloth, n. d.


(3) Cruikshank (G.) A Handbook for Posterity, or Recollections of "Twiddle Twaddle," illustrations, 1896; The Three Cruikshanks, by F. Marchmont and J. Moore, illustrations, 1897; George Cruikshank's Portraits of Himself, by G. S. Layard, illustrations, 1897



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