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LOT 135-continued.

probably all those known at the time the MS. was decorated, in
reed, brass and string. Bagpipes, horns, bassoons, trumpets, violins,
flutes, harp, drums and bells are employed. The grotesque figures
are chiefly drawn in red and blue, some with red republican caps,
and most have the lower parts of their bodies hidden in flower-
cups. The birds represented in the borders include peacocks and
owls, and birds of gorgeous plumage. The subjects depicted in
the large miniatures are the following: 1, The Annunciation;
2, The Visitation, the Deity in heaven blessing; 3, The
Nativity; 4, The Shepherds (diapered background, the angel
above); 5, Flight into Egypt; 6, Death of the Virgin; 7, The
Crucifixion (Christ alone, with Mary and John, the Deity above.
blessing); 8, Pentecost; 9, Vigil of the Dead (an interior);
10, The Trinity (a chequered background); 11, Madonna and
Infant Jesus, an angel offering lilies from a vase, diapered back-
ground. It has an illuminated title in front, written in the 17th
century: "Office de l'Eglise et autres Prières 14 Siècle."

136 HORAE B. V. M. Secundum Consuetudinem Sanctae Romanae
Ecclesiae, cum Calendario. [ANGLO-FRENCH, XIVTH CENTURY.]
[IMPERFECT], written in bold gothic letters, long lines, 18 to a full
page, Calendar in Latin in red and black, red rubrics, illuminated
initials and textual decorations, 15 LARGE PAINTED AND ILLU-
MINATED MINIATURES within rich decorative floral borders, repre-
senting SS. Anthony, Sebastian, Barbara, Pentecost, Crucifixion,
The Virgin suckling the Infant Christ, The Annunciation, Visita-
tion, The Nativity, Shepherds, Offerings of the Magi, Presentation
in the Temple, Flight into Egypt, Christ as Judge, and a Funeral
Service, old French thick boarded red velvet
sm. 4to.


The Property of a Lady.

HORAE BEATAE MARIAE VIRGINIS AD USUM GALLICANUM, cum Calendario et multis precibus. [FRENCH, XVTH-XVITH CENTURY.] ILLUMINATED MANUSCRIPT ON THIN VELLUM (200 W. 5 by 33 in.), written in lettres bátardes, long lines, 25 to a full page, full Calendar in blue, red and gold, blue rubrics, outer decorative borders to the Calendar, with small miniatures of the Occupations of the Months, the Signs of the Zodiac in separate small miniatures in lower margins, many pages with decorative borders, 12 small miniatures of Evangelists and Saints, 4 separate full-length figures in outer margins, numerous ornamental initials and textual decorations, 13 LARGE FINELY PAINTED AND RICHLY ILLUMINATED SEMI-ARCHED MINIATURES surrounded by beautiful decorative borders of foliage in which are introduced birds and

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