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3500 Aratus. De Actibus Apostolorum libri duo, et Epistolae ad Florianum, Vigilium et Parthenium, recensuit H. J. Arntzenius, brown morocco extra, inside borders, gilt joints, g. e. with arms of Rev. T. Williams in gold on sides 8vo. Zutphaniæ, 1769

3501 Aratus. Phænomena, cum commentariis, Græcè, badly wormed, old calf (sold not subject to return) folio. Venice, Aldus, 1499

3502 Archaeologia, second series, published by the Society of Antiquaries, vol. 52, part 2, 53 to 60, and 61, part 1, 18 vol. plates

4to. 1890-1908 Archdall (M.) Monasticon Hibernicum, map and plates, old marbled. calf gilt; from the libraries of the Duke of York and Thos. Gaisford 4to. 1786 3504 Aretino (Pietro) Dialogo, nel quale si parla del gioco con moralita piacevole, woodcut medallion portrait on title, Venetia, 1543Aretino Capitoli del Signor Aretino, L. Dolce, etc. 1540, in 1 vol. vellum-La Serre (H.) Brevière des Courtisanes, engraved title, plates, vellum, Rouen, 1630; and others 12mo. 6 vol.

3505 Aretino (P.) Dialogo, nel quale si parla del gioco con moralita piacevole, title within a figured woodcut border, Vinegia, 1545— Ragionamento nel quale Aretino figura quattro suoi amici, etc. woodcut medallion portrait on title, small hole in last leaf, ib. 1541; in 1 vol. limp vellum gilt-Castiglione (Conte B.) Il Libro del Cortegiano, various passages erased by the Inquisition, but still legible, vellum gilt, gauffré edges, Firenze, 1531 8vo. 2 vol.

3506 Aretino (P.) Lettere Primo e Secondo Libro, 2 vol. old red morocco extra, g. m. e. 8vo. Venetia, F. Marcolini, 1542 The only volumes published by Marcolini.

* *


3507 Aretino (P.) Ragionamento nel quale M. Pietro Aretino figura quattro suoi Amici, che favellano de le Corti del Mondo, e di quella del Cielo, ruled in red, woodcut head of Aretino on title, old red morocco gilt, g. e. by DEROME ; from the library of Girardot de Prefond, with his name stamped inside cover, and book-plate

8vo. n. p. 1539 3508 Aretinus (L.) Opera intitulata La Aquila, roman letter, long lines, 39 to a page, title on an ornamental woodcut scroll, with device of crowned eagle below, the whole within a border, first page of text surrounded by a broad woodcut border, representing hunting scenes, with elaborate ornamental scrolls (slightly cut into), woodcut initials, several leaves damp stained, a few leaves at end slightly defective and mended, vellum [Hain, 1577; not in Proctor]

folio. Napoli, per lo magnifico Ayolfo de Canthono, 1492 3509 Arezzo, Tuscany. Liber Statutorum Arretii, lit. goth. large woodcut of arms on title, ornamental woodcut initials, green morocco extra, gilt line borders, g.e. folio. Arretii, 1536

3510 Argnani (F.) Il Rinascimento delle Ceramiche Maiolicate in Faenza,

2 vol. coloured plates

folio. Faenza, 1898

Argonautes (Les) selon Pindare, Orphée et Apollonius de Rhodes en vingt quatre planches inventées par A. J. Carstens et gravées par J. Koch, engraved title with portrait, plates in outline, half russia oblong folio. Rome, 1799

3512 Ariosto (L.) Orlando Furioso, title in red and black within an ornamental woodcut border, woodcut bust portrait of Ariosto below, last leaf slightly defective and mended, a few head-lines cut into, brown morocco extra, broad inside borders gilt, g. e. by J. Clarke

4to. Vinegia, F. de A. Bindoni, 1531

3513 Ariosto (L.) Orlando Furioso, ornato di varie figure, con alcune Stanze e cinque Cante d'un nuovo libro, italic letter, double columns, red ruled, engraved title, numerous fine woodcuts, straight grained green morocco, gilt back, g. e. arms in gold on sides, FINE COPY 8vo. Vinegia, 1550

3514 Ariosto (L.) Orlando Furioso, engraved title, portrait and numerous engravings, title stained and backed in part, old calf, r. e. Vinegia, 1554-Manutius (P.) Lettere volgari, old calf gilt (rebacked), ib. 1551-Lucianus. I dilettevoli dialogi; le vere narration; le facete epistole, title in red and black within a figured woodcut border, woodcuts, library stamp on title, marbled calf, Vinegia, 1525


4to. 3 vol. Ariosto (L.) Orlando Furioso, engraved title with portrait, fine fullpage woodcuts and borders, modern vellum gilt 4to. Venetia, 1556 3516 Ariosto (L.) Orlando Furioso, nuovamente adornato di figure di rame da Girolamo Porro, italic letter, double columns, engraved title and 50 full-page engravings by Porro, old red morocco gilt, richly tooled on sides with scrolls, ornamental medallion in centres, g. e. on the upper cover is the inscription in gold “A TORQUATO TASSO-FRANCESCO DE FRANCESCHI," with the initials F. F. repeated on lower cover (back repaired)

sm. folio. Venetia, appresso F. de Franceschi, 1584 * * * FIRST EDITION, containing Porro's Engravings. This copy has the plate illustrating the 34th Canto, which is usually wanting.


3517 Ariosto (L.) Orlando Furioso, engraved title (coloured), engravings by G. Porro (including the genuine plate 34 pasted over the usual duplicate 33), old dark green morocco, sides richly gold tooled with design of crowns, g. e. small folio. ib. 1584

3518 Ariosto. Orlando Furioso, engravings by G. Porro, plate 33 repeated as usual instead of 34, large copy, vellum


sm. folio. Venetia, 1584

Ariosto. Orlando Furioso, italic letter, double columns, ruled in red, engraved title, numerous full-page engravings, fine impressions, old olive morocco gilt, inside dentelle borders, g. m. e.

sm. folio. Venetia, F. de Franceschi, 1584

*** This copy from the library of Rev. Dawson Turner, with his



ARISTOPHANES. Comoediae novem (Græcè) cum scholiis graecis et prefatione graeca Marci Musuri, EDITIO ALDINA PRINCEPS, with signatures, long lines, 26 to a full page, Commentary 43 lines, dark blue morocco extra, g. e. autograph of Rev. H. Drury of Harrow [Proctor, 5566] folio. Venetiis, apud Aldum, 1498 3521 Aristophanes. Comœdiæ novem (Græcè, cum scholiis græcis et præfatione graeca M. Musuri), EDITIO PRINCEPS, vellum, FINE COPY folio. Venice, Aldus, 1498 3522 Aristophanes. Comœdiæ Novem, Græcè, EDITIO ALDINA PRINCEPS, contemporary Greek MS. notes in the margins, several leaves slightly wormed, modern vellum, LARGE COPY

folio. Venetiis, apud Aldum, 1498

3523 Aristophanes. Comoediæ, Græcè, oak boards covered stamped pigskin, with date 1569, impressed on upper cover

folio. Basileae, ex officina Frobeniana, 1547

3524 Aristophanes. Comoedia Plutus, recognovit T. Hemsterbuis, green morocco extra, doublure of brown morocco with gilt green borders, g. e. arms of Rev. T. Williams in gold on sides

8vo. Harlingae, 1744 3525 Aristotle. Libri quinque priores de Natura Animalium, MANUSCRIPT ON VELLUM, XIIIth Cent. written on 23 leaves (12 by 83 in.), long lines, 49 to a page, in cursive-gothic characters, 3 large ornamental capitals painted in red with pen ornamentation, first five pages have small capitals in red and are rubricated, other initial letters are in outline only, modern half calf folio. SEC. XIII 3526 ARISTOTLE. LIBER MAGNORUM ETHICORUM, et alia Opuscula, MANUSCRIPT ON VELLUM, 100 leaves (133 by 9§ in.), written in double columns in neat small gothic characters, with 14 finely painted historiated initial letters, other capitals and headings painted in red and blue, red morocco gilt with broad gold tooled borders on sides, full gilt back, inside wide dentelle borders, linings and endleaves of brown watered silk, g. e. by RIDGE, with book-plate of the Syston Park library (a few leaves have slight worm-holes)


folio. SEC. XV ARISTOTLE. CI COMMENCE LE LIVRE DES PROBLEMES ARISTOTE : cest a dire des fortes questions translatees de Latin en Francois [at end:] Par maistre Evrart de Conty jadis phisicien du Roy Charles le quint. MANUSCRIPT ON VELLUM, XIVTH CENTURY, neatly written in cursive-gothic characters, in double columns, 48-50 lines to a page (16 in. by 12 in.) the first page has a finely painted and illuminated miniature of a Scriptorium, with a Master and six scribes, on a chequered ground, text entirely surrounded by a fine ornamental border in gold and colours, in the centre margin is the coat-of-arms of the Cottereau family, while at the foot is another coat, or, four bends nebule vert; rubricated in red and blue, with hundreds of large painted and illuminated initials and ornamental pen-letters, old French brown morocco, full gilt ornamental back, g. e.; from the MacCarthy collection SÆC. XIV

large folio.

3528 ARISTOTLE. Le secret des secretz qui ensenge (sic) congnoistre la complecion des hommes et des femmes, lettres bátardes, 6 leaves, long lines, 26 to a page, old russia, with crest in gold on sides from the White Knights library and collection of the Duke of Sussex (an edition not known to Brunet, Hain or Proctor) 4to. Absque ulla nota (Paris? c. 1490)

3529 Aristotle. Aristotelis Ethicorum Nichomacheorum libri decem (Graecè), codicum MSS. collatione recogniti a Gul. Wilkinson, frontispiece, long grained olive morocco gilt, doublé, vellum end leaves, g. e. 8vo. Oxonii, 1716

3530 Aristotle. I quattro libri del Cielo, et Mondo, et i due della generatione, et corruttione d'Aristotile Stagirite, tradotti dal Greco nel vulgare Italiano, per Antonio Brucioli, a beautifully clean copy, vellum gilt sm. Svo. Venetia per Francesco Imperatore nel 1558 It is probably owing to the fact that all Brucioli's works were placed in the Index librorum prohibitorum that this little volume is of such very great rarity.



Aristotle. Simplicii Commentarii in Libros Aristotelis de Coelo, cum textu eiusdem (Græcè), title and two leaves mended, dark brown morocco extra, broad gilt borders, inside dentelle borders, joints, g. e. by HERING, a few worm-holes at end

folio. Venetiis in aedibus Aldi, 1526

3532 Aristotle. Aristotelis de Poetica Liber, Græce et Latine, cum notis (Chandleri), LARGE PAPER, red morocco extra, inside borders, gilt joints, g. e. with arms of Rev. T. Williams on sides

8vo. Oxonii, 1760

3533 Arnot (H.) History of Edinburgh, plates, old calf 4to. Edinb. 1788 3534 Art (L') Revue hebdomadaire illustré, 7 vol. (various), plates and numerous illustrations, half blue roan, g. t. folio. Paris, 1875-8

3535 Artemidorus.


Oneirocritica (Graecè et Latine), notis integris N. Rigaltii et J. Reiskii, 2 vol. thick vellum paper, red morocco extra, gilt inside borders, g. e. by J. Clarke, arms of Rev. T. Williams in gold on sides 8vo. Lipsiae, 1805

3536 Ashburnham Place. Catalogue of the Libri and Barrois Manuscripts, with Appendix, 3 vol. LARGE PAPER, half brown levant morocco, g. t. 4to. n. d. Assise of Bread. Here begynneth the booke named the Assise of bread, what it Ought to Wey after the pryse of a quarter of Wheate; and also the Assyse of Ale, with all manner of Wood and Cole, &c. and the weyght of Butter and Cheese, black letter, woodcuts (corners of title mended, wants next leaf and after Dii), half morocco, VERY RARE s. a. et l. (1543)






ASTRONOMICI VETERES GRÆCI ET ROMANI (Julius Firmicus, Manilius, Aratus et Proclus), roman letter, long lines, 37 to a page, ruled in red, the Greek portion of the work is neatly inlaid, woodcuts, old red morocco gilt, g. e. by Mrs. Weir, M. Wodhull's copy, with his autograph and notes on fly-leaf [Proctor, 5570]

folio. Venice, Aldus, 1499 Auctores Mythographi Latini, cum commentariis J. Micylli, etc. curante A. van Staveren, frontispiece, contemporary vellum ̧gilt, with silk ties 4to. Lugd. Bat. 1742 AUGUSTINE (S. AURELIUS) LA CITTA DI DIO, small Roman letter, double columns, 47 lines to a page, with signatures, large capital letter on first page of work painted and illuminated, with marginal ornamentation, other initial letters painted in red and blue, first leaf and last two leaves stained slightly, and mended in the margin, vellum, blue edges, LARGE COPY [Hain, 2701; Proctor, 6145]

folio. Absque ulla nota (Firenze, Antonio Miscomini, third press, c. 1480 [Proctor, not after 1483])

Augustinus. La Citta di Dio; another copy, initials painted in red and blue, the first pen-ornamented, oak boards, covered brown calf, with brass mounts and clasps, with linings and end leaves consisting of four leaves of a manuscript (SEC. XII-XIII), on one page is a centre marginal ornament, painted in red and blue

folio. Absque ulla nota (ib. c. 1480)

3542 Augustinus. De Civitate Dei, lit. goth. double columns, 51 lines to a page, ornamental initial on first page, painted and illuminated, a few other initial letters painted in red and blue, small hole in first two leaves, slightly wormed at end, vellum gilt [Proctor, 5018] folio. Venice, Bonetus Locatellus for Octavianus Scotus, 1489

3543 Augustinus. Opuscula plurima, roman letter, long lines, 41 to a page, a few marginal MS. notes, wormed and stained slightly at end, vellum [Proctor, 6864] fol. Parma, Angelus Ugoletus, 1491

3544 Augustinus. Libri XIII Confessionum, engraved title, red morocco extra, inside borders of gilt dentelles, g. e. by CAPÉ

12mo. Lugduni, ex officina Elzevirium, 1675

3545 Augustinus. Pious Breathings, being the Meditations of St. Augustine, to which are added select contemplations from St. Anselm and St. Bernard, made English by G. Stanhope, LARGE PAPER, ruled in red throughout, full-page engravings, blue morocco extra, inside borders gilt, joints, g. e. arms of Rev. T. Williams in gold on sides Svo. 1701

3546 Augustinus et S. Bernardus. Meditationes, lit. goth. long lines, 30 to a page, with several painted and illuminated ornamental initials, other capitals in red and blue, a few leaves slightly stained, portrait of St. Augustine inserted, half roan Svo. Absque ulla nota

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