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3547 Augustinus (L.) Gemmæ et Sculpturæ antiquæ, numerous plates,
4to. Franquera, 1694
3548 Aulus Gellius. Auli Gelii Noctium Atticarum Commentaria per
Bonfinem Asculanum summa nuper diligentia recognita, wormed,
and some leaves stained, calf folio. Venetiis, J. de Tridino, 1517
3549 Aureum Opus Regalium Privilegiorum civitatis et regni Valentie,
cum Historia cristianissimi Regis Jacobi ipsius primi Conquista-
toris, lit. goth. double columns, woodcuts, vellum, some leaves slightly
defective and mended, several leaves damp-stained; sold not subject
to return
folio. Valencie, 1515

3550 Ausonius. Probæ centonæ excerptum e maronis carminibus ad
testimonium veteris novique Testamenti Opusculum, a portion only
(11 leaves), though apparently complete in itself, of the "Epigram-
mata et alia Opuscula" of Ausonius, FIRST EDITION, roman letter,
long lines, 36 to a full page, capitals painted in red and blue,
inserted in an old English cover of brown morocco, blind tooled in
the Venetian style, rebacked and repaired

sm. folio. (Venice, Bartholomaeus Girardinus, 1472) 3551 Ausonius (cura Hieronymi Avancii), italic letter, olive morocco gilt, g. e. Aldine anchor stamped in gold on sides, g. e. by C. Smith 8vo. Venetiis, in aedibus Aldi, 1517

3552 Ausonius. Opera, engraved title, Amstelredami, G. Blaeu, 1631; Cl. Claudianus, engraved title, ib. apud J. Jansonium, 1638; Prudentius Opera, engraved title, torn and mended, ib. 1631; together 3 vol. uniformly bound in dark blue morocco, gilt line borders, g. t. uncut (C. Lewis)


12mo Ausonius. Opera, LARGE PAPER, engraved title, red morocco gilt, inside dentelle borders, g. e. gilt stamp of dolphin on sides, with autograph of H. Drury on fly-leaf 4to. Parisiis, 1730 3554 Ausonius. Opera, engraved title, green morocco extra, doublures of red morocco, gilt borders, with the arms of J. Gomez de la Cortina in centres, g. t. uncut, arms of Rev. T. Williams in gold on sides 12mo. Amstelodami, 1750 3555 Ayala (Pedro Lopez de) Coronica del Serenissimo Rey Don Pedro hijo del Rey don Alonso de Castilla, large woodcut on title-page and numerous woodcut historiated and ornamental initials, title slightly defective and mended, a few head-lines cut into, brown levant morocco extra, gold tooled frame borders on sides, g. t. uncut, by Leighton folio. Pamplona, 1591

3556 Ayala (P. L. de) Coronica del Serenissimo Rey Don Pedro, another copy, calf gilt, r. e. with stamp of Biblioteca de Salva in gold on sm. folio. Pamplona, 1591

sides. 3557 Bacon (F.) Euvres Morales et Politiques, de la version de I. Baudoin, engraved title and portrait by C. van Pass, old red morocco, frame borders of gilt lines, with small floral ornaments at corners, gilt backs, g. e. (Du Seuil), arms in gold on sides, autograph of Le Riche on title Svo. Paris, 1633


3558 Bacon (F. Viscount St. Albans) Works, 3 vol. LARGE PAPER, portrait by Vertue, and other plates, brown levant morocco extra, g. e. with arms of Rev. T. Williams in gold on sides folio. 1753 3559 Baglione (G.) Le Vite de Pittori, Scultori et Architetti, portrait of the author and frontispiece, old French red morocco gilt, g. e. 4to. Roma, 1642 3560 Bailey (N.) Universal Etymological English Dictionary, woodcuts, old calf gilt, 1736-Crabb (G.) Universal Technological Dictionary, 2 vol. plates and cuts, half calf, 1823-Fleming and Tibbins : Dictionary, English and French, 2 vol. half morocco, Paris, 1849 folio. 5 vol. Baldung (Hans) Die Gemälde des H. B., herausgegeben von G. von Térey, plates, loose in two portfolios folio. Strassburg, 1896-7 3562 Bale (John) Actes or unchaste examples of the Englishe Votaryes, 2 parts in 1 vol. black letter, vellum 16mo. John Tysdale, 1560 3563 Balugani (A.) Palazzi in Bologna, 10 plans and views, old marbled calf folio. [Roma], n. d. 3564 Bannatyne Club. Inventaires de la Royne Descosse, Douairiere de France, Catalogue of the Jewels, Dresses, Furniture, Books and Paintings, 1556-69 4to. Edinb. 1863 Barclaius (J.) Euphormionis Lusinini sive I. Barclaii Satyricon partes quinque, engraved title, old English red morocco, gilt border lines, 12mo. Lugd. Bat. apud Elzeviros, 1637 3566 BARELLAS (Estevan) CENTURIA, O Historia de los famosos hechos del Gran Conde de Barcelona don Bernardo Barcino, y de don Zinofre su hijo, y otros Cavalleros de la Prouincia de Cathaluna, red morocco extra, gilt tooled border on sides, full gilt back, inside dentelle borders, joints, g.e. by BELZ-NIEDRÉE, with the Seillière arms on sides, in a slip case

* *


folio. En Barcelona en casa S. de Cormellas, 1600 This historical romance is believed to have been written originally by a Rabbi during the period of the domination of the Moors in Spain.

3567 Barletius (M.) Historia de Vita et Gestis Scanderbegi Epirotarum Principis, EDITIO PRINCEPS, fine woodcut border to title, and fullpage bust portrait of Scanderbeg, modern vellum



folio. Romae, B. V. [c. 1508] Barnard (N. Dean of Ardagh) The Penitent Death of a woefull Sinner or the penitent death of John Atherton, executed at Dublin the 5 of December, 1640, as also the Sermon preached at his buriall, 2 parts in 1 vol. small hole in title, calf, r. e.

4to. Dublin, 1641 Barozzi da Vignola (G.) The Regular Architect, with a new addition of Michael Angelo Buonaroti, rendred into English by J. Leeke, portrait and 35 plates (wanting plates 13, 25, 29), half roan, sold not subject to return folio. n. d.



Barsanti (J. C.) De Balneis Oratorio Inauguralis ad Academiam Pisanam, dedication copy to Cardinal Albani, old red morocco, richly gilt, with the arms of the Cardinal in gold on sides

4to. Pisis, 1759 Bartholinus (R.) De Bello Norico Austriados libri duodecim, woodcut title, with portraits of Saints and Popes, modern brown morocco extra, rare, some leaves stained 4to. Argentorati, 1516 3572 Bartoli (P. S.) Admiranda Romanarum Antiquitatum ac Veteris Sculpturae Vestigia, engraved title and 82 plates, vellum oblong folio. Romae, 1693 Bartoli (Pietro) Colonna Trajana, fine impressions of the 119 plates, half russia oblong folio. Roma, n. d. 3574 Basan (F.) Catalogue raisonné des differens objets de curiosités qui composoient le Cabinet de feu Mr. Mariette, engraved title by J. Moreau, frontispiece by Choffard, after Cochin, and plates, contemporary sprinkled calf, r. e. 8vo. Paris, 1775 3575 Basilewsky. Collection Basilewsky; Catalogue raisonné précédé d'un Essai sur les Arts industriels du 1er au xvi° siècle, par A. Darcel & A. Basilewsky, 2 vol. plates, many in gold and colours folio. Paris, 1874 3576 Basilius. De Vita ac Miraculis D. Thecla Virginis Martyris, brilliant impression of the frontispiece, contemporary vellum 4to. Antverpiæ, 1608

3577 Basilius (S.) etc. Epistolæ Basilii Magni, Libanii Rhetoris, Chionis Platonici Eschinis & Isocratis oratorum (Græcè), wooden boards covered with brown morocco, elaborately blind tooled

sm. 4to. Venetiis, apud Aldum, 1499

3578 Bastelaer (R. van) Peter Bruegel l'ancien, son œuvre et son temps, plates, loose in wrappers, Bruxelles, 1907-Frizzoni (G.) La Galleria Morelli in Bergamo, plates, Bergamo, 1892-Beissel (S.) Fra Angelico da Fiesole, plates and illustrations, Freiburg, 1905; and others folio. 6 vol.

3579 Baudier (M.) Histoire Générale du Serrail et de la Cour du Grand Seigneur Empéreur des Turcs, ensemble l'Histoire de la Cour du Roy de la Chine, engraved title in compartments, half calf 4to. Paris, 1626 Baudius (D.) Poemata, LARGE AND THICK PAPER, brown morocco extra, g. e. arms of Rev. T. Williams in gold on sides


8vo. Lugd. Bat. 1607 3581 Bayeux Tapestry (The), published by the Society of Antiquaries, no title, 17 coloured plates, half calf, with a pamphlet Notice historique sur la Tapisserie" inserted folio. n. d.


3582 Bayer (F. P.) Numorum Hebraeo-Samaritanorum Vindicia, plates and engravings in the text, dark blue morocco gilt, broad tooled borders, full gilt back, inside borders, gilt joints, g. e. by BOZERIAN 4to. Valentia, 1790


3583 Bayle (Pierre) (Euvres diverses, Tome second only, La Haye, 1727 -Dictionnaire historique et critique, Tome I-III only, Rotterdam, 1720; together 4 vol. uniformly bound in old French red morocco, full gilt back with floral ornaments, gilt line borders, g. e. (Derome), with arms of Rev. T. Williams in gold on sides folio BAYSIO (Guido de) ROSARIUM DECRETORUM, lit. goth. double columns, 66 lines to a full-page, rubricated, with initial letters painted in red and blue, first page of work finely decorated in gold and colours, having a large ornamental initial capital and floreate border with bird and grotesque figure, interspersed with stars in red and gold; at the top of the page is an illuminated miniature of a Pope reading at a desk, between two paintings of the heads of Kings, while at the foot is a full-length painting of a lady supporting a coat-ofarms; at the head of the page is written “Collegii S Petri junioris Argentina;" VERY TALL CLEAN COPY, a few wormholes at beginning and end, oak boards covered with pigskin stamped with floral designs, arabesques, etc. within compartments formed by 4-line fillets, remains of clasps, with the Hopetoun bookplate [Proctor, 4677]



folio. Venice, Johann Herbort for Johann of Köln and J. de Selgenstat, 1481 Beard (T.) Theatre of Gods Judgements, FIRST EDITION, containing an Account of Kit Marlowe and his Tragicall End, a small hole in table, half russia, y. e. 4to. A. Islip, 1597 BECKFORD (W.) AN ARABIAN TALE (VATHEK) from an unpublished manuscript, with notes, critical and explanatory, FIRST EDITION, contemporary calf 8vo.


3587 Beger (L.) Spicilegium Antiquitatis, sive variarum ex antiquitate. elegantiarum fasciculi, plates and illustrations, old calf (rebacked) folio. Coloniae, 1692 3588 Beger (L.) Thesaurus Brandenburgicus selectus, sive Gemmarum et Numismatum Graecorum in Cimeliarchio Electorali Brandenburgico Series, 3 vol. portrait and frontispieces, old calf

folio. Coloniae Marchica, 1696 3589 Beger (L.) Thesaurus ex Thesauro Palatino sive Gemmarum et Numismatum quæ in Electorali Cimeliarchio continentus Dispositio, numerous engravings of coins and medals, vellum

folio. Heidelberga, 1685

3590 Bellarmino (Card. R.) Vita, portrait (wants title, some ll. stained), contemporary Italian red morocco, full gilt back with stars, sides elaborately tooled in frame compartments, "au pointillé," with fan ornaments, with the arms of Cardinal Altieri, afterwards Pope Clement X on sides, g. and gauffred edges

4to. Roma, L. Gregnani, 1644

3591 Bellendenus (Gulielmus) De Tribus Luminibus Romanorum libri sex-decim, contemporary calf (rebacked), with the arms of Antoine Duc de Grammont in gold on sides, and with the autograph of the Duke of Grafton on title folio. Parisiis, 1633

3592 Benedict (Saint) Regulas, lit. goth. some initials and chapter headings in red, full-page woodcut frontispiece and numerous smaller cuts, leaf 39 wanting (probably blank), leaf 41 slightly defective, contemporary stamped calf on oak boards (rebacked); sold not subject to return 16mo. Venetiis, L. A. Giunta, 1505 3593 Bergomensis (Jacobus P.) Supplementum Chronicarum, Iit. goth. long lines, 59 to a page, numerous fine woodcuts and ornamental initials, original oak boards covered stamped calf, repaired [Proctor, 4868] folio. Venice, Bernardinus Benalius, 1486 On the vellum fly-leaf occurs the MS. inscription: “Donù d'Udalrici Fugger"; also the autograph of "Coradus de Grassis."


3594 Bergomensis (J. P.) Supplementum Chronicharum, lit. goth. long lines, 60 to a page, with full-page woodcut of the six days of Creation within architectural and figured borders (backed, with three wormholes), the borders being repeated on the opposite page, 46 Biblical cuts and views of cities in the text, printer's device at end, modern brown levant morocco, blind tooled frame borders, g. e. RARE EDITION [Proctor, 4962] folio. Venice, Bernardinus Rizius, 1492

3595 Berlin. Berlin. Koenigliche Museen. Antike Sculpturen, plates, in 3 portfolios as issued folio. Berlin, n. d.



Berlin. Koenigliche Museen. Zeichnungen von Sandro Botticelli
zu Dante's Goettlicher Komoedie, herausgegeben von Dr. F. Lipp-
mann, text and plates, in canvas portfolio, presumed to be complete,
but sold not subject to return
folio. Berlin, 1887
Bernard (Saint) Sermoonen, Iit. goth. double columns, 35 lines to a
page, 3 woodcuts, rubricated, half roan, rough leaves (not mentioned
by Proctor)
sm. folio. Zwolle, 1485

3598 Bernard (Saint) Sermoni Volgari, large woodcut on title in two com-
partments, small cuts in the text, oak boards with half stamped
folio. Venetia, 1528
3599 Bernard (Saint) Sermoni Volgari, roman letter, double columns, wood-
cut title, and numerous small cuts, half parchment


g. e.

folio. Venetia, 1529 3600 Berni (F.) etc. Opere Burlesche di M. F. Berni, di Messer G. della Casa, del Varchi, etc. 2 vol. old French citron morocco, gilt back, 8vo. Venetia [1564-6] Bertoni (G. B.) I Marmi del Doni Academico Peregrino, 4 parts in 1 vol. curious woodcuts, modern vellum gilt 4to. Venetia, 1609 3602 Besonge (N.) L'État de la France, contenant les rangs, les dignités & les charges de ce Royaume, 2 vol. engravings of arms, portrait inserted, old calf, Paris, 1665-Lelongue (P. de) Les Princesses Malabares, suppressed and burnt, old calf gilt, r. e. Tranquebar, 1735-Erasmus: L'Éloge de la Folie, traduit par Mr. Gueudeville, plates after Holbein, old calf, Amsterdam, 1728; and others


8vo. 11 vol.

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