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3681 Bode (W. H.) Italian Bronze Statuettes of the Renaissance, parts I-X, plates and descriptive letterpress, in wrappers, as issued folio. Grevel, 1907-8 3682 Boethius (A. T. S.) De Arithmetica ad Patritium summachum libro duo; De Musica libri quinque: De Geometria, etc. lit. goth. double columns, wormed a little at beginning, two leaves at end slightly defective, stained, modern calf, blind tooled antique style, Venetiis, J. & G. de Gregoriis, 1499--Theodorici Rysichei Germani Oratio, lit. goth. woodcut of arms on title, repeated towards end, full-page cut on second leaf, all coloured, modern calf extra, Aug. Vind. per J. Schönsperger, 1502; and another folio. 3 vol. 3683 Boethius (A. T. S.) De Philosophico Consolatu, sive de Consolatione Philosophiae, woodcut engravings and initials painted by hand in various colours, MS. notes on margins, title mended, old calf gilt, folio. Argentine, per J. Grüninger, 1501

r. e.

3684 Boethius (A. T. S.) De Consolatione Philosophiæ libri quinque, a diminutive edition, old French green morocco gilt, tooled borders, g.e. silk end-leaves, by F. Lefebvre, 48mo, Lugd. Bat. 1620Epictetus. Encheiridion [Græcè], curante J. B. Lefebvre de Villebrune, with autograph of Ch. Lefebvre, old calf gilt, g. e. 16mo, Parisiis, 1782-Anacreontica Graece, recensuit F. H. Bothe, old red morocco gilt, blind tooled borders, g.e. joints, with bookplate of the Duke of Sussex, 16mo, Lipsia, 1805

3 vol. 3685 Boethius (A. T. S.) Consolationis Philosophiae Libri V, Anglo-Saxonice redditi ab Alfredo, ad apographum Junianum expressos edidit C. Rawlinson, portrait of F. Junius, dark blue morocco extra, inside gilt borders, joints, g. e. by Clarke, arms of Rev. T. Williams in gold on sides Svo. Oxon. 1698

3686 Boethius (A. T. S.) Della Consolazione della Filosofia, tradotto in volgar Fiorentino da B. Varchi, LARGE PAPER, marone levant morocco, inside borders gilt, g. t. 4to. Parma, 1798

3687 Boetticher (A.) Olympia, das Fest und seine Stätte, plates, Berlin, 1886-Schubring (P.) Die Plastik Sienas im Quattrocento, text illustrations, ib. 1907-Klein (W.) Praxiteles, text illustrations, Leipzig, 1898; and others 8vo. 7 vol.

Boettiger (C. A.) Sabine ou Matinée d'une Dame Romaine, plates, half olive morocco, Paris, 1813-James (C.) Toilette d'une Romaine au temps d'Auguste, blue calf gilt extra, g. e. ib. 1865Verville (Béroalde de) Le Moyen de Parvenir, publié par P. L. Jacob, half brown morocco, ib. 1841; and others 8vo. 6 vol. 3689 Boileau (N.) Œuvres, avec un nouveau Commentaire par M. Amar, 4 vol. LARGE VELLUM PAPER, portraits and plates in two states, dark blue morocco extra, g. e. 8vo. Paris, 1821 Boissardus (J. J.) Antiquitates Romanæ, parts III-VI only, in 2 vol. numerous engravings by T. de Bry, with portraits of Boissard and De Bry, old calf, r. e. folio. Francof. 1597-1602


Boissardus (J. J.) Emblemata, a Theodoro de Bry sculpta, engraved title, portrait and numerous engravings, fine copy, vellum gilt, r. e. with silk ties, by Winstanley of Manchester 4to. Francofurti, 1593 3692 Boissardus (J. J.) Habitus Variarum Orbis Gentium, engraved title, 2 portraits and 56 (only) plates of costume, vellum, title and several plates slightly defective and repaired oblong folio. n. p. 1581 3693 BOISSARDUS (J. J.) Onuphrii Panvinii, Bartholomæi Marliani, Petri Victoris, J. J. Boissardi Topographia Romæ, cum tabulis Geographicis, imaginibus Antiquæ et Novae Urbis, etc. SECOND EDITION, 6 parts in 5 vol. engraved titles, portraits, plates and maps by THEODOR DE BRY, old red morocco gilt, g. e. gilt medallion in centre of sides, with silk ties, book-plate of Samuel Rogers; presumed to be complete, but as usual sold not subject to return folio. Francofurti, 1627-8

3694 Boissardus (J. J.) Parnassus cum imaginibus Musarum, engraved title, portrait and plates by THEODOR DE BRY (3 slightly cut into), calf folio. Francofurti, 1601 3695 Boissardus (J. J.) Theatrum Vita Humanæ, à Theodoro Bryio artificiosissimus historiis illustratum, engraved title containing four illustrations of the Dance of Death, portrait of Boissardus, and 60 engravings by T. DE BRY

4to. In civitate Mediomatricorum, 1596

3696 Bojardo (M. M.) Orlando Innamorato, rifatto da Francesco Berni, 4 vol. frontispiece portrait, old French red morocco, gilt lines on sides, full gilt back, g. e. 8vo. Parigi, 1768


3697 Bologna. Statuta et Privilegia Almae Universitatis juristarum Gymnasii Bononiensis, woodcuts of arms, Bononiae, 1561-Statuta Collegii Hispanorum Bononiæ, ib. 1558; in 1 vol. half vellum folio Bolton (Edmund) The Elements of Armories, woodcuts of arms, some coloured, old calf 4to. 1610 Bonhomi (Vercellio) Historia, o' sia vero e distinto raggvaglio dello stato presente della Citta di Costantinopoli et del Serraglio delle Sultane, 2 portraits (slightly cut into), 4 maps, russia gilt, blind tooled borders, g. e. by KALTHOEBER, with his label


4to. Venetia, L. Pittoni, 1684

3700 Bonner (Edward, Bishop of London) A Profitable and necessarye doctryne, with certayne homelies adioyned therevnto, 2 parts in 1 vol. black letter, 2 titles within woodcut borders, historiated capitals, old calf gilt


4to. In Poules churcheyarde at the sygne of the holy Ghost, by Jhon Cawodde [1555] BOKE OF COMMON PRAYER, and Administration of the Sacraments (Fourme and maner of makynge and consecratyng Bishops, &c.) black letter, 2 woodcut titles (the first cut down and mounted), historiated and ornamental woodcut capitals, with the rare leaf of

LOT 3701-continued.

prices of the volume, old red morocco, sides tooled and gilt in the Harleian style, gilt back, g. e. a few leaves very slightly wormed sm. folio. In officina Edovard Whitchurche, 1552 **The Second issue of the Second book of King Edward VI. VERY


3702 Booke of Common Prayer, and Administration of the Sacraments, black letter, woodcut title and initials, title guarded, a few headlines cut into, R. Barker, 1607-Whole Book of Psalmes, collected into English meeter by Sternhold, Hopkins and others, black letter, woodcut title, and with music, Company of Stationers, 1606; in 1 vol. brown morocco gilt extra, g. e. by F. Bedford, from the library of Nathaniel Lord Crewe, Bishop of Durham folio

* * The fifth folio edition of K. James I's book, as modified at the Hampton Court Conference.

3703 Booke of Common Prayer, with the Psalter, black letter, engraved title, partly coloured, R. Barker, 1614-Speed (J.) Genealogies recorded in the Scriptures, n.d.-Bible, with New Testament, woodcut titles in compartments, and numerous cuts, R. Barker, 1615-Booke of Psalmes, collected into English meetre, musical notation, Companie of Stationers, 1617; in 1 vol. olive morocco extra, g. e. with brass clasps


3704 BOOKE OF COMMON PRAYER FOR THE USE OF THE CHURCH OF SCOTLAND, black letter, the edition usually called LAUD'S SERVICEBook, rigidly suppressed on account of the commotion its attempted introduction caused throughout Scotland, and one of the few copies ending without the catch-words "Certaine Prayers," woodcut ornamental and historiated initials, Edinb. R. Young, 1637— Psalter, or Psalmes of David, black letter, woodcut initials, ib. 1636


Psalmes of King David translated by King James, in metre, with music, black letter, woodcut title, T. Harper, 1636; in 1 vol. dark blue morocco gilt, inside dentelle borders, g. e. a few head-lines and marginal notes slightly cut into, otherwise FINE COPY sm. folio Book of Common Prayer, portrait of Charles II by Van Hove (mounted), and plates, including the rare engraving of "Charles II his Return," Oxford, 1679-Apocrypha, no title, plates, ib. 1679-New Testament, plates, ib. 1679-Whole Book of Psalms, collected into English metre, ib. 1679; in 1 vol. ruled in red throughout, fine copies, dark blue morocco extra, full gilt back, tooled frame borders, inside borders of gilt dentelles, g. e. by W. PRATT


3706 Book of Common Prayer, with the Psalter, fine portrait of George I, Oxford, J. Baskett, 1715-Holy Bible containing the Old and New Testaments, plates, ib. 1715-Whole Book of Psalms, collected into English metre by Sternhold and Hopkins, 1715; in 1 vol. dark blue morocco gilt, with gilt medallion of sacred emblems inlaid in red in centres of covers, g. e. sm. folio

3707 Borgo (Lucas Pacioli de) Divina proportione Opera a tutti glingegni perspicaci e curiosi necessaria, etc.-Libellus in tres partiales tractatus divisus quinque corporum regularium & dependentium active perscrutationis, 3 parts in 1 vol. numerous woodcut designs and ornamental initials, attributed to Leonardo da Vinci, title supplied in MS. facsimile, slightly wormed, half calf; sold not subject to return folio. Venetiis, per Paganinum de paganinis, 1508 3708 Borrmann (R.) and R. Graul. Die Baukunst, 19 parts, various, plates and illustrations with descriptive letterpress, in wrappers as issued, Berlin, v. d.-Rivoli (Duc de) Les Missels imprimées à Venise de 1481-1600, Livraisons I-V, 5 parts, in wrappers as issued, plates and illustrations, Paris, 1894 folio. a parcel

3709 Bossiana (Chronica) Donati Bossii, gestorum, dictorumque, memorabilium, &c. roman letter, long lines, with genealogical table of the Princes of Milan in red, fine copy in red morocco, gilt joints, g. e. folio. Mediolani, per A. Zarotum, 1492


3710 Bossus (Matthæus) De Instituendo Sapientia Animo, roman letter, long lines, 24 and 25 to a page, with marginal references, limp vellum [Proctor, 6609] 4to. Bologna, Franciscus de Benedictis, 1495 Bossus (M.) De Tolerandis Adversis, et alia Opuscula, accedunt Familiares et secundæ Epistolæ, 2 vol. in 1, roman letter, long lines, the type of the two parts is slightly dissimilar, 35 and 38 lines to a page respectively, with 3 painted and illuminated initial letters, other capitals in red and blue, small hole in sign. x 6, old red morocco gilt, g. e. with arms of M. Wodhull in gold on upper cover, his autograph and bibliographical notes on Aly-leaf [not mentioned by Proctor] sm. folio. Mantua, V. Bertochus, 1498


Bossus (M.) Recuperationes Fesulanae, 2 parts in 1 vol. roman letter, long lines, 34 and 35 to a page, with 5 large ornamental initials painted and illuminated with marginal decoration, other capitals painted in red, half brown morocco, orange morocco sides [Proctor 6597] folio. Bologna, Franciscus Plato de Benedictis, 1493 3713 Boucher (J.) Oraison Funèbre sur les Trespas de Dom Philippe II Roy d'Espagnes, brown morocco extra, inside borders of gilt dentelles, g. e. by DAVID 8vo. Anvers, 1600

3714 Bourgeat (L.) Theatrum Ethnico Idololatricum politico-historicum, 88 curious full-page engravings, parchment 4to. Moguntiae, 1699 3715 Boxhornius (M. Z.) Monumenta Illustrium Virorum et Elogia, engraved title and illustrations, vellum folio. Amstelodami, 1638


Boyle (M. L.) Biographical Catalogue of the Portraits at Longleat, the seat of the Marquis of Bath, 1881-Cust (R. H.) Giovanni Antonio Bazzi, styled "Sodoma," plates, 1906-Graves (A.) Society of Artists of Great Britain: Free Society of Artists, frontispiece, half morocco, g. t. 1907; and another

4to. 4 vol.

Brant (Sebastian) Herastichon in memorabiles evangelistorum figuras, EDITIO PRINCEPS, with 15 fine full-page woodcuts of symbolical figures, slightly wormed, ink-stains on last leaf, vellum sm. folio. n. p. 1502 3718 Brant (S.) Stultifera Navis, roman letter, long lines, 30 to a page, wormed and the foliation cut into in a few places, Basilia, J. Bergman de Olpe, 1497-Badius (J.) Stultiferae Naves sensus animosque trahentes, Mortis in exitium, roman letter, long lines, 32 to a page, woodcuts, each leaf cut down and inlaid (Parisiis, apud E. de Marnef) Impressit T. Kerver (1500); in 1 vol. brown morocco extra, g. e. sold not subject to return 4to 3719 BRANT (S.) STULTIFERA NAUIS, THE SHIP OF FOOLES, translated out of Latin by Alexander Barclay Priest, black letter, numerous woodcuts with ornamental borders, title wanting, supplied in facsimile, leaves 222 and 253 have been inserted from another copy and are slightly wormed, wanting 3 leaves at end of Mirour of Good Maners, and 5 leaves at end of Egloges, old calf rebacked; sold not subject folio. J. Cawood, 1570 3720 Brenner (E.) Thesaurus Nummorum Sueo-Gothicorum, engraved title, portrait and plates, russia gilt, y. e. (rebacked) 4to. Holmia, 1731 BREVIARIUM PARISIENSE, 1492, lit. goth. PRINTED ON vellum, double columns, 44 lines to a page, a portion only, consisting of 8 leaves, containing Dominicis diebus, Horae B.M. V. Feria secunda-sexta et Sabbato, woodcut on first page of David and Goliath painted over and illuminated, 8 pages with very richly painted and illuminated borders of scrolls, flowers, grotesques, birds, etc. on a gold ground, numerous illuminated capitals and textual decoration, at the lower margin of each bordered page is a double coat-of-arms, and the figure of a bear climbing a tree trunk is introduced into the centre of two pages, modern calf, blind tooled


to return

folio. Paris. Jean Dupré (third press), 1492

3722 Breviarium Romanum, printed in red and black, several pages stained, wormed at end, modern brown morocco extra, with gilt tooled panels of the original binding inlaid on sides, gilt gauffred edges

12mo. Venetiis, apud heredes L. A. Iuntae, 1541

3723 BREVIARIUM, SARUM. Portiforium, seu Breviarium ad insignis Sarisburiensis ecclesie usum (cum Calendario) Pars Estiualis, lit. goth. printed in red and black, title within a woodcut border, a few blank margins mended, old russia gilt, g. e. joints repaired

4to. J. Kyngston & H. Sutton, 1556

3724 BREYDENBACH (B. de) Sanctarum peregrinationum in Montem Syon, ad venerandum Christi sepulchrum in Jerusalem opusculum, lit. goth. FIRST EDITION, woodcuts, half calf, wanting 2 leaves of letterpress, 6 views and a portion of another, wormed slightly; sold not subject to return sm. folio. Mainz, E. Reuwich, 1486

3725 BREYDENBACH (B. de) Sanctarum Peregrinationum in Montem Syon ad venerandum Christi Sepulchrum in Jerusalem, etc. lit. goth. long lines, large woodcut folding panoramic views, including that

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