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3444 Æsop. Fabulae, lat. et ital. per Franciscum de Tuppo, a portion only of the work, consisting of 45 leaves (and title and four leaves in facsimile), containing 19 of the fiue woodcuts, the original leaves are inlaid on stout paper, three are slightly defective in one corner, and two leaves have small holes, brown levant morocco extra, sides tooled and gilt, inside borders gilt, g. e. by Leighton


folio. (Napoli, 1485) ESOP. Vita Esopi fabulatoris clarissimi e greco latina per Rinucium facta (first four books only, 67 leaves), lit. goth. long lines, 43 to a full page, full-page woodcut of Æsop (with a border of two lines) mounted, and numerous spirited German woodcuts, brown morocco gilt, tooled line and scroll borders on sides, blind tooled panels of diagonal lines and stars within a gilt frame, g. e. sold not subject folio. Absque ulla nota (c. 1490)

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3446 Æsop.

Esopi Phrygis Fabulae, iconibus illustratæ cum Latina versione Græco textui adiuncta, numerous woodcuts, contemporary brown calf, three line fillet borders on sides, large medallion with initials I. F. in centres 12mo. Lugduni, 1609

3447 Æsop. Fables, paraphras'd in verse, by J. Ogilby, 2 vol. numerous plates, half calf 8vo. 1673-5

3448 Esop. Fables, with his Life in English, French and Latin, newly translated by Francis Barlow, engraved title, plates and illustrations, panelled calf, gilt back, blind tooled on sides, r. e. folio. 1687

3449 Æsop. Fables: another copy, old calf, rebacked

folio. 1687

3450 Æsop. Æsopicarum Fabularum Delectus [edited by A. Alsop], Greek and Latin, LARGE PAPER, russia gilt, g. e.

8vo. Oxoniæ, 1698

3451 Esop. F. J. Desbillons Fabulæ Aesopiae curis posterioribus omnes fere, emendatæ accesserunt plus quam CLXX novae, 2 vol. Large AND FINE PAPER, plates by Verhelst, old calf gilt, with arms of Marie-Auguste de Saltzbach on sides Svo. Mannhemii, 1768

3452 Æsop. Fables d'Esope représentées en figures avec les explications. et les principaux traits de sa Vie, 2 parts in 1 vol. engraved throughout, 145 leaves, half red morocco, g. t. uncut

4to. Paris, chez Tardieu Denesle, n. d.

3453 Agricola (G.) De Re Metallica libri XII, numerous woodcuts, contemporary stamped pigskin, corners repaired

folio. Basileae, apud H. Frobenium, 1556

3454 Aitsingerus (M.) De Leone Belgico ejusque topographica atque historica descriptione liber, engraved title and plates by F. Hogenberg, guarded throughout, old calf gilt (rebacked)

sm. folio. Colonia, 1586

3455 Albizzi (B. degli) Opus Conformitatum Vite B. Francisci ad Vitam Jesu Christi, lit. goth. double columns, woodcuts, vellum, scarce folio. Mediolani, 1513 Alchabitius (i.e. Abd al Aziz) Libellus Ysagogicus, lit. goth. long lines, 38 to a page, ornamental woodcut initials, a few MS. marginal notes, frontispiece woodcut of a globe, half calf, FINE COPY [Proctor 4400] 4to. Venice, Erhard Ratdolt, 1485


3457 Alcyonius (P.) Medices Legatus de Exsilio, LARGE PAPER, red morocco, gilt lines, by ROGER PAYNE 8vo. Venetiis, in aedibus Aldi, 1522

3458 Aldrovandus (U.) Ornithologiae Tomus alter, 1 vol. only, engraved title (mended) and numerous woodcuts, modern calf gilt


folio. Bonon. 1645 Alexander ab Alexandro. Genialium Dierum Libri sex, cum commentariis A. Tiraquelli, etc. 2 vol. engraved titles, red morocco extra, inside borders gilt, joints, g. e. arms of Rev. T. Williams in gold on sides Svo. Lugd. Bat. 1673

3460 Alexander Aphrodisiensis. In Topica Aristotelis, Commentarii, Graecè, crushed red morocco gilt, tooled borders on sides, full gilt back, the Aldine device stamped in gold on sides, from the Syston Park library folio. Venetiis in aedibus Aldi, 1513

3461 Alexander Aphrodisiensis. Alexandri in Sophisticos Aristotelis Elenchos Commentaria (Græce), old dark blue morocco gilt, inside dentelle borders, pink silk linings, g. e. from the libraries of Renouard and Rev. H. Drury folio. ib. 1520

3162 Alfred, King. A Description of Europe and the Voyages of Ohthere and Wulfstan, translation and notes by the Rev. J. Bosworth, 15 leaves of facsimile, only 50 copies printed, original cloth

folio. 1855

3463 Allason (Thos.) Picturesque Views of the Antiquities of Pola in Istria, plates, half roan folio. 1819

3464 Alunno (F.) Le Richezze della Lingua Volgare, portrait on title, vellum, m. e. folio. Vinegia, in Casa di Aldo, 1551

3465 Ambrosius de Spiera. Quadragesimale, lit. goth. double columns, 46 lines to a page, ornamental initials painted in red, rubricated, slightly wormed at beginning and end, original oak boards covered stamped calf [Proctor 4412]



folio. Venice, Wendelin of Speier, 1476 Odaria (Græcè et Latinè), printed throughout in capital

letters, FINE PAPER EDITION, red morocco gilt, g. e..

4to. Parmae, Bodoni, 1785

3467 Anacreon. Odaria (Græcè) praefixo Commentario quo Poëtæ genus traditur et Bibliotheca Anacreonteia adumbratur, additis var. lect. LARGE AND FINE PAPER, printed throughout in capital letters, two vignette portraits, red morocco, gilt lines, g. e. (R. Payne)

8vo. Parma, in aedibus Palatinus (Bodoni), 1791

3468 Anacreon. Odaria (Græcè) ad textus Barnesiani fidem emendata, accedunt variae lectiones cura E. Forster, LARGE PAPER, 20 fine vignettes, straight grained green morocco gilt, g. e.

8vo. 1802 3469 Analecta Veterum Poetarum Graecorum, editore R. F. P. Brunck, 3 vol. engraved titles, red morocco extra, inside gilt borders, g. e. by Clarke 8vo. Argentorati (1767)

3470 Analecta Veterum Poetarum Graecorum, editore R. Brunck, 3 vol. LARGE PAPER, long grained red morocco, gilt line borders, g. e. by KALTHOEBER; from the library of Rev. H. Drury, FINE COPY 4to. ib. 1776

3471 Ancient Irish Histories. Works of Spencer, Campion, Hanmer and Marleburrough, 2 vol. LARGE PAPER, half russia, m. e. 8vo. 1809 3472 Andreas (Antonius) Questiones de tribus principiis rerum naturalium, lit. goth. EDITIO PRINCEPS, double columns, 43 lines to a page, without marks, first capital finely painted in gold and colours, other capitals in red and blue, modern vellum, wormed [Proctor, 6769]

folio. Absque ulla nota (Padua, Laurentius Canozius, 1475)

3473 Andreas Capellanus. Tractatus Amoris et de Amoris remedio Andree Capellani Pape Innocentii quarti ad Gualterum, quatuor partes, lit. semi-goth. long lines, 36 to a page (77 Il.) without marks, blue morocco, blind antique ornaments, g. e. old engravings of lace patterns, etc. pasted in covers, VERY RARE, the only edition in Latin printed in the XVth Century [Proctor, 344]

sm. folio. Absque ulla nota (Strassburg, C. W. civis Argentinensis) 3474 Andrewes (L. Bishop of Winchester) XCVI Sermons, portrait by J. Payne, brown morocco extra, g. e. folio. R. Badger, 1635

3475 Androuet (Jacques) Œuvre de J. Androuet dit Du Cerceau, sixty-two petites arabesques, engraved title and plates folio. Paris, n. d. 3476 Angelico (Fra. G. da Fiesole) Vita di Gesu Cristo, engravings in outline by G. B. Nocchi atlas folio. Firenze, 1843

3477 Angelus de Clavasio. Summa Angelica de Casibus Conscientiæ, Iit. goth. double columns, 44 lines to a page, slightly wormed, modern calf extra, blind tooled, old gauffré edges [Proctor, 4922]

4to. Venice, Georgius Arrivabenus and P. de Paganinis, 1492

3478 Angelus (F. M.) Collis Paradisi Amonitas seu Sacri Conventus Assisiensis Historiæ libri II, frontispiece and plates, old red morocco, gilt line borders with fleurons at corners, arms of a Cardinal in gold on sides folio. Montefalisco, 1704

3479 Angus (W.) Seats of the Nobility and Gentry, engraved title, 63 plates with descriptive letterpress, half purple calf obl. 4to. 1787 3480 Annual Register for 1758-1821, 64 vol. with Index to the years 1750-80, in 1 vol. (1784-5 in 1 vol. second edition), half calf 8vo. 1759-1821


Antichi Monumenti per servire all' Opera intitolata l'Italia avanti il Dominio dei Romani, TWO EDITIONS, plates and descriptive letterpress, half morocco and half calf folio. Firenze, 1810, '21

3482 Antiquities of Athens and other places in Greece, Sicily, etc. supplementary to the Antiquities of Athens, by J. Stuart and N. Revett, delineated by C. R. Cockerell, W. Kinnard, etc. plates, half green morocco, g. t. folio. 1830 3483 Antoninus, Archiep. Florentinae. Confessionale, Italicè, roman letter, long lines, 24 to a page, without marks, large ornamental initial on first page of text painted and illuminated, but rubbed, other initials in red and blue, old red morocco gilt, g. e. [not mentioned by Hain or Proctor] 4to. Venice, Christoph. Arnold, 1473

3484 Antoninus, Archiep. Florentinae. Confessionale, roman letter, double columns, 35 lines to a page, without marks, initial letters painted in red, first leaf slightly defective, wormed at end a little, half vellum 4to. Venice, Bartolommeo of Cremona, 1473

3485 Antoninus. Confessionale, lit. goth. long lines, 27 to a page, rubricated, signatures added in red, title wanting (facsimile supplied), also last leaf, green morocco extra, gilt lines, inside borders of gilt dentelles, g. e. 4to. (Köln, Ulric Zel, 1476)

3486 Antoninus. Antonini Liberalis Transformationum congeries, cum T. Munckeri notis, LARGE PAPER, Greek and Latin, green morocco extra, inside gilt borders, g. e. arms and initials of Rev. T. Williams in gold on sides 8vo. Lugd. Bat. 1774

3487 Apianus (Petrus) Inscriptiones Sacrosanctae Vetustatis, large woodcut on title, each page of text within ornamental woodcut borders, numerous illustrative cuts, large copy, contemporary vellum, with large ornamental centre block in blind on sides

folio. Ingolstadii, 1534

3488 Apianus (P.) Inscriptiones Sacrosanctae Vetustatis non illae quidem Romanæ sed totius fere Orbis, numerous woodcuts and ornamental borders, title mended, with stamp at foot, boards, uncut

folio. ib. 1534 3489 Apianus (P.) et G. Frison. Cosmographia, sive Descriptio universi Orbis, woodcuts, some with volvelles, old marbled calf, r. e. folio. Antverpiae, 1584

3490 Apicius (Cœlius) De Opsoniis et Condimentis, sive Arte Coquinaria libri decem, only 120 copies printed, red morocco extra, inside borders gilt, g. e. arms of Rev. T. Williams in gold on sides

8vo. 1705

3491 Apollonius. Apollonii Sophiste Lexicon Græcæ Iliadis et Odysseæ, recensuit H. Tollius, green morocco extra, inside borders, gilt joints, g. e. arms and initials of Rev. T. Williams in gold on sides 4to. Lugd. Bat. 1788

3492 Appianus. Libri de Bellis civilibus Romanorum et Historia Romana P. Candido interprete, 2 vol. roman letter, long lines, 32-34 to a page, each volume has a fine woodcut border to its first page, with many large ornamental initials in the same style as the borders, all neatly coloured, old French green morocco, gilt line borders on sides, inside dentelle borders, g. e. (Derome), with autograph of S. Dubois 4to. Venice, E. Ratdolt, Maler & Löslein, 1477

3493 Appianus. Appiani Romanarum Historiarum, 3 vol. engraved title, green morocco extra, g. e. Prize Copy of Richard Porson with Latin inscription stamped in gold on a green doublure inside upper cover of vol. I, arms of Trinity College School stamped in gold on backs and sides 8vo. Lipsiae, 1785 3494 Appianus. Los Triumphos de Apiano, lit. goth. large woodcut of arms of Roderico di Mendoza above title (coloured), fine woodcut border to first page of text, old tree calf folio. Valencia, 1522 3495 Apulegio, tradotto in volgare dal Conte Mattheo Boiardo, numerous woodcuts, contemporary vellum, 16mo, Vinegia, 1549-Alciatus: Emblemata, many woodcuts, portion of title defaced, vellum, 12mo, Lugduni, 1566-Stopini: Capriccia Macaronica, vellum, uncut, 16mo, Venetiis, 1653; and another

4 vol.

3496 Apuleius (L.) Commentarii a Phil. Beroaldo conditi in Asinum Aureum L. Apulei, EDITIO PRINCEPS, roman letter, small hole in last two leaves, marbled calf, r. e.

folio. Bononiæ, B. Hectoris, 1500 3497 Apuleius. The Loves of Cupid and Psyche, 32 fine engravings by Antonio Salamanca of Mantua, with descriptive verses in Italian below, cut round and neatly mounted on stout paper, bound dark blue morocco extra, inside borders gilt, g.e.

oblong 4to

3498 Apuleius. Metamorphoseon libri XI, cum notis F. Oudendorpii, praefationem praemisit D. Ruhnkenius, portrait and plates, dark green morocco, heavy gilt borders on sides, inside dentelle borders, linings and end leaves of pink silk, joints, g. e. by BOZERIAN 4to. Lugduni Bat. 1786

3499 Arabian Nights, a new Translation, with copious notes by E. W. Lane, 3 vol. numerous wood engravings from designs by W. Harvey, autograph of Lane pasted on title, various newspaper and other critiques of the work inserted, 1839-41-Arabian Nights, translated by Rev. E. Forster, 24 plates from designs by R. Smirke, 1840New Arabian Nights from Weber's Tales of the East, Edinb. 1812 -Arabian Nights in English, by H. Torrens, vol. I (all published), 1838; together 6 vol. uniform brown morocco gilt, broad scroll borders, gilt back, g. m. e. by Hayday; from the library of P. A. Hanrott, with his MS. notes on fly-leaves


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