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4728 Price (Lake) Interiors and Exteriors of Venice, engraved title and plates, lithographed by J. Nash, half roan

folio. 1843 4729 Priscianus. Opera, recensuit A. Krehl, 2 vol. VELLUM PAPER, blue morocco extra, inside borders gilt, g.e. arms of Rev. T. Williams in gold on sides 8vo. Lipsiae, 1819 4730 Pritius (J. G.) Introductio in Lectionem Novi Testamenti, BEST EDITION, purple morocco extra, inside borders gilt, joints, g.e. by Clarke, arms and initials of Rev. T. Williams on sides, bookplate of Frances Currer 8vo. Lipsiae, 1764

4731 Processionale ad usum insignis ac preclare ecclesie Sarum nouiter emendatum, impensis R. Valentini, lit. goth. printed in red and black, with musical notation, end wanting, oak boards covered stamped calf (rebacked and repaired)

4to. Rothomagi, R. Valentini, 1557 4732 Prudentius. Opera poetica, lit. goth. 31 lines of verse to a full-page, rubricated, initials painted in red and blue, some with pen ornamentation, n. pl. or d. [Deventer, R. Paffroed, c. 1490]-Baptista Mantuanus ad Lodovicum Fuscararium Parthenices commendatio, lit. goth. long lines, 37 to a full page, rubricated, n. pl. or d. [ib. c. 1492] Baptista: Carmina de beatae Virgine Maria quem parthenice dicuntur, lit. goth. 31 lines of verse to a full page, rubricated, Daventrie, impressum in platea episcopi, 1492—Sabellicus (M. A.) In natalem diem dive Virginis Mariae, lit. goth. 28 lines of verse to a full page, rubricated, ib. 1490; in 1 vol. contemporary oak boards covered stamped calf, ALL FINE COPIES 4 to

733 Prudentius. Opera, Venetiis, apud Aldum, 1501-Joannes Damascenus Opera (Lat. et Gr.) n. pl. or d. (Venice, Aldus, 1501); in

1 vol. old red morocco gilt, broad tooled borders, g.e. with arms of J. E. Millard in gold on upper cover


4734 Prudentius; Prosper; Joannes Damascenus; Cosmos Hierosolymitana, etc. olive morocco extra, g. e. absque ulla nota-Homer: Ilias, portrait inserted, blue morocco, gilt line borders, g. e. Parisiis, 1553-Plinius: Epistolae, green morocco extra, gilt dotted line borders, g. e. (Payne), 1790; and another 8vo. 4 vol.

4735 Psalms. Le CL Pseaumes de David mis en vers François par P. DesPortes, Abbé de Tiron, ruled in red, engraved title, Paris, 1603— Prières et Meditations Chrestiennes par P. Des-Portes, red ruled, ib. 1603; in 1 vol. old dark red morocco, gilt line frame borders on sides, g. e. 8vo

4736 Psalterium Davidis, cum Cantica et Hymni, lit. goth. magna, printed in red and black, title within a woodcut border, large engraving of musicians, and large woodcut initials, oak boards covered with stamped pig-skin, with clasps 4to. n. pl. R. Beck, 1520

4737 Psalterium Davidis, et Libri Sapientales, juxta editionem vulgatam Sixti V jussu editam, engraved title, red morocco gilt extra, inside dentelle borders, g. e. 12mo. Lugduni, apud Elzevirios, 1653

4738 Psalterium Quincuplex, Gallicum, Rhomanium, Hebraicum Vetus, Conciliatum; Epistola, Prologi, etc. Secunda emissio, printed in red and black, woodcut title, coloured by hand, russia gilt, y. e. with arms in gold on upper cover, wormed slightly

folio. Paris. H. Stephanus, 1513 Ptolomaeus. Cosmographia, roman letter, long lines, 40 to a full page, woodcut diagrams, MS. marginal notes in red, several leaves defective in the margins and mended, modern calf extra [Proctor, 7139] folio. Vicenza, H. Lichtenstein, 1475

4740 Ptolomæus. Geographia Universalis interprete B. Pirckheimheri, woodcut maps, old stamped calf folio. Basilea, 1545

4741 Ptolomæus. Magnæ Constructionis id est Perfectæ Cœlestium Motuum pertractationis lib. XIII (Greek text), EDITIO PRINCEPS, woodcut diagrams, contemporary Venetian red morocco, sides covered with elaborate scroll tooling in gold in compartments, with the arms and name of Pope Pius V on sides, brass bosses at corners, metal clasps, gilt and gauffred edges (back repaired), autograph of I. Casaubon on title folio. ib. 1538

4742 Purcell (H.) Orpheus Britannicus; a Collection of Songs, with the music, portrait, old panelled calf

folio. 1721

4743 PURCHAS (Samuel) HAKLUYTVS POSTHUMUS, OR PURCHAS HIS PILGRIMS, containing a History of the World, 5 vol. engraved title in compartments, with portrait of Purchas, 7 large sheet maps (wanting map of the Mogul Empire, maps of Virginia and North America are in facsimile), numerous engraved maps in the text, and woodcuts, small rust-holes in 3 leaves of vol. III, and 2 leaves of vol. IV, leaf V uuuu 3 (vol. IV) has a small portion of text (recto) rubbed, a few blank margins repaired, otherwise A FINE TALL COPY, olive morocco gilt, tooled floral borders, full gilt back, g. on m. e. by J. Clarke folio. W. Stansby, for H. Fetherstone, 1625-26 4744 Puteo (Francisco de) Cathena Aurea super Psalmos, lit. goth. printed in red and black, double columns, title mended, oak boards covered stamped calf (repaired), with clasps sm.folio. Parisiis, 1520

4745 Puttenham (George) etc. Arte of English Poesie, by G. P., Gascoigne, Harvey, Spenser, K. James, Campion, etc. 1589, etc. edited by J. Haslewood, only 200 copies printed, woodcuts, presentation copy to Dr. Philip Bliss, from the editor, with his autograph inscription, and a note of the former on the work on the fly-leaf, with portraits, cancel leaves and specimen pages added, half calf, g.t. uncut 4to. 1811, '15

4746 Pythagoras. Opus aureum, in quo continentur Pythagoræ Carmina aurea, Phocylidis, Theognidis & aliorum poemata, studio & cura M. Neandri, 2 parts in 1 vol. LARGE PAPER, brown morocco extra, inside gilt borders, g. e. by J. Clarke, arms of Rev. T. Williams in gold on sides 8vo. Lipsia, n. d.

4747 Pythagoras. Poemata Pythagoræ et Phocylidis Græca, cum duplici

interpretatione Viti Amerbachii, Argentorati, 1539-Prolegomena Ioannis Hartingi in tres priores Odysseæ Homeri rapsodias. Francofurti, 1539-Hesiodi Opera et Dies, Hagonoœ, 1534; in 1 vol. contemporary stamped calf 16mo

4748 Quarles (John) Fons Lachrymarum, or a Fountain of Tears, engraved title and portrait (both remargined), calf, blind tooled, r. e. with book-plate of Francis Freeling 12mo. 1677

4749 Quillinan (Edward) The King; the Lay of "a Papist," portrait inserted, . with corrections in the author's hand, n. d. (? 1830); Sacrifice of Isabel, a Poem, n. d. (1830)-Account of the Works printed at the Private Press at Lee Priory, Kent (1816), in 1 vol. green morocco extra, g. e. presentation copy "To Mrs. Callander with the respects of the author, March 23, 1830," with poem signed E. Q. 8vo

4750 Quintilianus. Institutiones Oratoriæ, cum Commento, roman letter, long lines, 46 to a page, Commentary 61 lines, some leaves stained, old red morocco, sides tooled and gilt in the Harleian style [Proctor, 5045] folio. Venice, Bonetus Locatellus, 1493

4751 Quintilianus. Institutiones Oratoriæ, cum annotationibus Raphaelis Regii, title within a woodcut arabesque border, small woodcut of St. George and the dragon below title, original oak boards with modern half brown morocco, blind tooled, clasps

folio. Venetiis, 1512

4752 Quintilianus. Quintiliani De Institutione Oratoria libri duodecim, recensuit G. L. Spalding, 4 vol. LARGE PAPER, purple morocco extra, inside borders gilt, joints, g.e. by Clarke, arms and initials of Rev. T. Williams in gold on sides Svo. Lipsiae, 1798-1816

4753 Quintus Calaber. Prætermissorum ab Homero libri XIV, Græcè, curante J. C. de Pauw, green morocco extra, gilt inside borders, joints, g. e. with arms of Rev. T. Williams in gold on sides 8vo. Lugd. Bat. 1734

4754 Quintus Smyrnaeus. Posthomericorum libri XIV, recensuit T. C.
Tychsen, LARGE VELLUM PAPER, red morocco extra, gilt inside
borders, joints, g. e. arms of Rev. T. Williams in gold on sides
8vo. Argentorati, 1807

Rabelais (F.) Works, translated by Sir T. Urquhart, revised by Mr.
Ozell, 5 vol. portrait and plates, old calf gilt

8vo. 1750

4756 Rabelais (F.) Works, illustrated by G. Doré, uncut, n.d.-Bibliothèque de Carabas: Fables of Æsop, as printed by Caxton, edited by J. Jacobs, 4 vol. wrappers as issued, Nutt, 1889; and others 8vo. 12 vol.

4757 Raczynski. Histoire de l'Art Moderne en Allemagne, plates only, with portrait, half green morocco, g. e.

imp. folio. n. d.

4758 Raderus (M.) Bavaria Sancta, engraved title and 57 fine plates (only), engraved by Raphael Sadeler (some cropped in the margins and mounted), old marbled calf, r. e. folio. Monaci, 1615

4759 Raleigh (Sir Walter) Marrow of Historie, abreviated by A. R. portrait, old calf gilt, r. e. 1650; Maxims of State, portrait, 1651; Sceptick, portrait, 1651; in 1 vol. modern calf extra-Crostelow (W.) Charls Stuart and Oliver Cromwell united, divinity calf, r. e. 1655 8vo. 3 vol.

.4760 Raleigh (Sir W.) Poems, with Introduction by Sir E. Brydges, 1813; Breton's Longing of a Blessed Heart, 1814; A Few Sonnets attempted from Petrarch in early Life, 1817; in 1 vol. 100 copies only printed of each, half calf, r. e.


4to. Lee Priory Private Press, 1813-17

Ramelli (A.) Le Diverse et Artificiose Machine, engraved title and numerous illustrations by L. Gaultier, calf gilt


folio. Parigi, 1588

4762 Ramiro (Érastène) Felicien Rops, plates and illustrations, original 4to. Paris, n. d. 4763 Ramsay (A. C.) Geological Map of the British Isles, coloured, mounted on linen and folded, in a slip case, Stanford, n. d.Hall (E.) Mineralogical and Geological Map of the Coalfield of Lancashire, 2 parts, mounted on linen, folded, in slip cases, n. d. ; and others (6)

4764 Rannusio (Paolo) Della Guerra di Costantinopoli, vellum, uncut, Venetia, 1604 — Cicero: Epistolae ad Titum Pomponium, S. Corradi interpretationibus illustratæ, ornamental woodcut initials, vellum, Venetiis, 1544-Valle (L. de) De Lingua Latina libri sex, lit. goth. double columns, wormed slightly, vellum, Parrhisiis (1505); and others folio. 6 vol.

4765 Raoul-Rochette (D.) Monumens inédits d'Antiquité figurée grecque, étrusque, et romaine, première partie, Cycle héroique (ALL PUBLISHED), plates, half green morocco, g. t. folio. Paris, 1823

4766 Raphael. Parerga atque ornamenta ex Raphaelis Sanctii prototypis a Nannio in Vaticani palatii xystis expressa; edidit J. J. de Rubeis, delineavit S. Bartolus, 73 plates, including title, old marbled calf obl. 4to. Romae, n. d.

4767 Raphael. Peintures de la Fable de Psyché, 10 plates-Peintures de la Villa Lante, 16 plates-Peintures de la Sala Borgia au Vatican, 12 plates-Peintures du Cabinet de Jules II au Vatican, 14 plates; in 1 vol. calf gilt, tooled borders on sides, full gilt back, g.e.

folio. Rome, T. Piroli, n. d.

4768 Raphael. Psyches et Amoris Nuptiæ ac Fabula, 12 plates including title, engraved by N. Dorigny, half morocco

oblong folio. Roma, 1693


4769 Raphael. Reproductions of the Drawings by Raffaelle in the
University Galleries, Oxford, drawn on stone by J. Fisher, no. 36
of 100 copies printed, 180 plates, preserved in a blue morocco book
box with clasp
8vo. Oxford, 1894
4770 Raulinus (J.) Epistolae, old dark blue morocco gilt, g. on m. e.
4to. Lutecia, J. Petit (1521)
4771 Recueil de Pièces Curieuses et Nouvelles tant en prose qu'en vers,
5 vol. red morocco extra, small gilt ornaments in corners, g. e.
12mo. La Haye, 1694-96
4772 Recueil de quelques pièces nouvelles et galantes, tant en prose qu'en
vers, 2 vol. in 1, red morocco extra, gilt lines, inside dentelle
borders, g. on m. e.
12mo. Cologne, P. du Marteau, 1667
4773 Recueil des Antiquités Égyptiennes, Étrusques, Grecques, Romaines et
Gauloises, 7 vol. numerous plates, old calf gilt, g. e.

4to. Paris, 1752-67 4774 Reeve (L.) Conchologia systematica, or a Complete system of Conchology, 2 vol. fine coloured plates, marone morocco extra, gilt lines and blind tooled scrolls on sides, inside borders gilt, g. e.


4to. 1841-2 4775 REEVE (L.) and G. B. SOWERBY. CONCHOLOGIA ICONICA, a Complete Repertory of Species, 12 vol. only, coloured plates, presumed to be perfect, but sold not subject to collation, half marone morocco, g. t. FINE COPY 1843-60 4776 Reformacion des Statuten und Gesetze der Statt Nuremberg; Register der Gesetze, 2 parts in 1 vol. lit. goth. long lines, 41 to a full page, woodcut titles with coats-of-arms and the figures of St. Laurence and another Saint, the second title has also a view of Nürnberg, all coloured by a contemporary hand, oak boards, covered calf, blind stamped with Tudor roses and other floral ornafolio. Augsburg, Hans Schönsperger, 1498


4777 Regiomontanus (J. de) Epytoma in Almagestum Ptolomei, lit. goth. long lines, 49 to a full page, numerous woodcut diagrams on the margins, a full page woodcut of a globe, with portraits below of Ptolemy and Monte Regio (small hole in border), large and small ornamental woodcut initials, brown levant morocco extra, blind tooled frame borders, by Leighton [Proctor, 5197]

folio. Venice, J. Hamman or Herzog, 1496
dark green

4778 Reiset (F.) Niccolo dell' Abate, plates on india paper,
morocco gilt, inside dentelle borders, g. e. by J. Canapé

8vo. Paris, 1859

4779 Rembrandt. Descriptive Catalogue of the Prints of Rembrandt by
an Amateur (T. Wilson), LARGE PAPER, with marginal pencil
notes, half russia, g. t. uncut
8vo. 1836

4780 Rembrandt. Photogravuren nach Gemälden von Rembrandt in der
Galerie zu Berlin, 18 fine plates in a portfolio

imp. folio. Berlin, n. d.

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