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137 Clarendon (Earl of) History of the Rebellion and Civil Wars in England, 8 vol.; Life, written by Himself, 3 vol.; together 11 vol. russia, m. e. (one vol. broken) Oxford, 1826 138 Cochran-Patrick (R. W.) Records of the Coinage of Scotland from the earliest Period to the Union, 2 vol. plates, half morocco, t. e. g. 4to. Edinb. 1876 139 Coleridge (S. T.) Poetical and Dramatic Works, 3 vol. 1847; Biographia Literaria, 2 vol. 1847; Aids to Reflection, 3 vol. 1848; Lectures on Shakespeare, etc. 2 vol. 1849; The Friend, 3 vol. 1850; Essays on his Own Times, 3 vol. 1850; Notes on English Divines, 2 vol. 1853; and others by the same Author; together 22 vol. polished calf gilt, t. e. g. 1847-53 140 Collier (John Payne) History of English Dramatic Poetry and Annals of the Stage, 3 vol. brown morocco, uncut, t. e. g. 1831; The Poetical Decameron, 2 vol. uniform binding, 1820

5 vol. 141 Collier (J. P.) Illustrations of Old English Literature, 3 vol. green levant morocco, inside gilt borders, t. e. g. by Ramage 4to. Privately printed, 1866 142 Collier (J. P.) History of English Dramatic Poetry and Annals of the Stage, 3 vol. half morocco, uncut 4to. 1879 143 Collier (J. P.) Reprints of Rare Poetical and Prose Pieces of Early English Literature, 1567-1632, in 9 vol. levant morocco, inside gilt borders, t. e. g. by Ramage 4to. v. y.

144 Collier (J. P.) An Old Man's Diary Forty Years Ago, printed for Private Circulation, 2 vol. red levant morocco, inside gilt borders, t. e. g. by Ramage

4to. 1871 145 Combe (Wm.) English Dance of Death, with metrical Illustrations, 2 vol. coloured illustrations by T. Rowlandson, cloth gilt, t. e. g. roy. 8vo. 1815 146 Corneille (P.) Œuvres, précédées d'une Notice sur sa Vie et ses Ouvrages par Fontenelle, 2 vol. portrait and plates, half morocco, uncut, t. e. g. Paris, n. d. — Racine (J.) Œuvres, précédées d'une Notice sur sa Vie et ses Ouvrages par L. S. Auger, 2 vol. portrait and plates, half morocco, uncut, t. e. g. Paris, 1869

4 vol.

147 Cowper (Wm.) Works, with Life of the Author by Robert Southey, 8 vol. portrait and plates after Harvey, calf gilt,

g. e.

1853 148 Cripps (W. J.) Old English Plate, Ecclesiastical, Decorative and Domestic, its Makers and Marks, illustrations 1878 149 Cruikshank. Twenty Etchings by G. Cruikshank illustrating the Life of Sir John Falstaffe as drawn by William Shakspeare

[blocks in formation]

150 Cunningham (Allan) Songs of Scotland, Ancient and Modern, with Introduction and Notes Historical and Critical, 4 vol. half morocco, t. e. g.


151 Cuvier (Baron) The Animal Kingdom, with additions by S. Griffith, 16 vol. with Index, etc. numerous plates, india proofs, half russia, g. e. some vol. broken 4to. 1827-35

152 Daniel (Geo.) Merrie England in the Olden Time, 2 vol. portrait, plates by Leech and woodcuts, half morocco, t. e. g. 1842 153 Daniel (W. B.) Rural Sports, FIRST EDITION, 2 vol. engravings by Scott, green morocco, g. e. 4to. 1801-2

154 Dante. Divine Comedy, translated by H. W. Longfellow, 3 vol. portrait, half roan, t. e. g. 4to. 1867

155 Darcie (A.) Historie of the Life and Reigne of the famous Princesse Elizabeth, with Appendix, calf 4to. Oxford, 1629

156 Darwin (C.) Variation of Animals and Plants under Domestication, 2 vol. illustrations, 1868; Descent of Man, 2 vol. illustrations, 1871; Origin of Species, 1861; Naturalist's Voyage round the World, 1860; and others by the same Author 12 vol. Dennis (Geo.) Cities and Cemeteries of Etruria, 2 vol. map, plans and illustrations 1878 158 De Quincey (Thos.) Works, including his Contributions to Periodical Literature, 15 vol. portrait, calf gilt, m. e.


1853-63 159 Dibdin (T. F.) Bibliotheca Spenceriana, or Descriptive Catalogue of the Library of Earl Spencer, 4 vol. portraits, facsimiles, etc. russia, g. e. binding broken

imp. 8vo.


160 Dibdin (T. F.) Bibliographical, Antiquarian and Picturesque Tour in France and Germany, 3 vol. plates, including Lewes' groups illustrating the People, india proofs, russia, t. e. g. broken roy. 8vo. 1821 Dibdin (T. F.) Bibliographical Decameron, 3 vol. plates and woodcuts, red morocco gilt, tooled borders, g. e.



roy. 8vo. 1817 162 Dibdin (T. F.) Bibliographical, Antiquarian and Picturesque Tour in England and Scotland, 2 vol. plates, uncut roy. 8vo. 1838 163 Dibdin (T. F.) Bibliomania, or Book Madness, woodcuts, some extra portraits, etc. added, morocco, g. e. Autograph Letter of the author inserted Note on fly-leaf in the handwriting of L. Maidment: "The present copy of Dibdin's Bibliomania formerly belonged to Joseph Bain, Esq. younger, of Morriston. The MS. key is in his handwriting; the very scarce attack by Gardiner the Bookseller on the Revd. Doctor also belonged to Mr. Bain. The additional portraits and bibliographical scraps were added by myself.-L. M."


164 Dibdin (T. F.) Bibliomania; another edition, LARGE PAPER,


roy. 8vo.


165 Dibdin (T. F.) Reminiscences of a Literary Life, portraits and plates, half morocco, t. e. g.

166 Dibdin.

1836 Edes Althorpianæ, or Account of the Mansion, Books and Pictures at Althorp, to which is added a Supplement to the Bibliotheca Spenceriana, 2 vol. portraits, facsimiles, etc. half morocco, t. e. g. imp. 8vo. 1822

167 Dickens (Charles) Works, Library edition, 24 vol. illustrations by "Phiz," G. Cruikshank, etc. red cloth 1861-3

168 Dickens (C.) Life, by John Forster, 3 vol. portraits, etc. 1872; Letters, edited by his Sister-in-law and Daughter, 3 vol. 1880

6 vol. 169 Disraeli (I.) Curiosities of Literature, with Memoir and Notes, 3 vol. portrait; Amenities of Literature, 2 vol. frontispiece; Literary Character; Calamities and Quarrels of Authors; together 7 vol. 1859-Tennyson (A.) Enoch Arden, etc. 9 vol. 1864; etc.

16 vol. 170 Dodsley (R.) Select Collection of Old Plays, with Notes and Corrections, 12 vol. calf gilt, two vol. broken 1825-7 171 Dorat (J.) Fables ou Allegories Philosophiques, FIRST EDITION, LARGE PAPER, frontispiece, plate and vignette by Marillier, old calf gilt, g. e. La Haye, 1772

172 Doyle (Jas. E.) Chronicle of England, B.C. 55-A.D. 1485, coloured illustrations, cloth gilt, g. e. 4to. 1864 173 Dramatists of the Restoration (Davenant, Crowne, Wilson, Lacy, Marmion and Cokain), 13 vol. polished calf gilt, t. e. g.

1872, etc. 174 Drummond (James) Highland Targets and other Shields, plates, half bound, Edinb. 1873 - Montrose (Marquis of) Original Portraits and of some of his Friends, india proofs, half morocco, t. e. g. ib. 1856 Williamson (Geo.) Memorials of James Wall, portraits, illustrations, etc. 1856 4to. 3 vol. 175 Drummond (J.) Old Edinburgh, reproductions in facsimile from his original drawings, half morocco, t. e. g. imp. folio. 1879 176 Dürer (A.) La Vie de la Sainte Vierge Marie, Reproduction avec une Introduction de Ch. Ruelens, 20 engravings, uncut 4to. Utrecht, n. d. 177 Dyer (T. H.) The Ruins of Pompeii, photographic illustrations, 1867-Cusack (M. F.) Life of St. Patrick, borders and illustrations, 1871; etc. 4to. 3 vol.

178 Early English Prose Romances, with Bibliographical and Historical Introductions, edited by W. J. Thoms, 3 vol. half morocco, 1858 — Irving (David) Lives of Scotch Writers, 2 vol. calf, Edinb. 1839; etc. 7 vol.

179 Edwards (Edward) Memoirs of Libraries, including a Handbook of Library Economy, 2 vol. plates, half morocco gilt, g. e.


180 Edwards (Jonathan) Account of the Life of David Brainerd, Missionary to the Indians and Pastor of a Church of Christian Indians in New Jersey, who died at Northampton in New England, Octob. 9th, 1747, calf antique Boston, 1749 181 Ellis (Geo.) Specimens of Early English Metrical Romances, 3 vol. morocco, g. e. 1805; Specimens of Early English Poets, 3 vol. morocco, g. e. 1801-Old Plays, edited with Notes by J. Payne Collier; in 1 vol. calf gilt, 1828; etc. 9 vol. 182 Ellis (Henry) Original Letters, illustrative of English History, with Notes and Illustrations, Four Series, 11 vol. frontispieces, half morocco, t. e. g.


183 Erasmus. Éloge de la Folie d'Erasme, traduit par Victor Develey, designs by H. Holbein, green levant morocco, inside gilt borders, uncut, t. e. g. roy. 8vo. Paris, 1872 184 Erasmus. Paraphrase on the Newe Testamente, black letter, 2 vol. engraved titles, that of vol. I inlaid, brown morocco, folio. At London by E. Whitchurche, 1548-9 *** This copy is stated to have been given to an ancestor of the late Mr. Bromley of Beginton by John Jewell, Bishop of Salisbury,

g. e.

185 Etching Club. Collection of Twenty-one Etchings after Ansdell, Cope, Heseltine, Horsley, Holman Hunt, Millais, S. Palmer, Pettie, Redgrave, etc. proofs, mounted on cardboard, in a portfolio folio. 1879 186 Evans (Thos.) Old Ballads, Historical and Narrative, revised by R. H. Evans, 4 vol. frontispiece, half red morocco, t.e.g. 1810 187 Evelyn (John) Memoirs and Correspondence, edited by William Bray, 5 vol. portrait and plates, tree-calf gilt, m. e. 1827 188 Fairbairn (J.) Crests of the Families of Great Britain and Ireland, revised by L. Butters, 2 vol. plates, half morocco, g. e.

roy. 8vo. n. d. 189 Fergusson (Jas.) Rude Stone Monuments in all Countries, their Age and Uses, 234 illustrations 1872 190 Fielding (H.) Works, with Life of the Author, by A. Murphy, 10 vol. portrait and frontispieces, calf gilt, y. e.


191 Forbes and Hanley. History of British Mollusca and their Shells, 4 vol. coloured plates roy. 8vo. 1853 192 Foucquet (Jehan) Œuvre; Heures de Maistre Estienne Chevalier, texte restitué par l'Abbé Delaunay, 2 vol. printed within coloured and illuminated borders, coloured plates heightened in gold, miniatures in facsimile, etc. red morocco, inside gilt borders, silk linings, g. e. imp. 8vo. Paris, 1866

193 Fraser (Sir Wm.) The Stirlings of Keir and their Family Papers, only 150 copies privately printed, numerous illustrations, half morocco, t. e. g. 4to. Edinb. 1858

* * One of the rarest of Fraser's books.


194 Fraser (Sir W.) Memoirs of the Maxwells of Pollok, only 150 copies privately printed, 2 vol. numerous illustrations, green cloth, t. e. g. 4to. Edinb. 1863 195 Froude (J. A.) History of England, from the Fall of Wolsey to the Defeat of the Spanish Armada, LIBRARY EDITION, 12 vol. tree-calf gilt, m. e. 1856-70

196 Froude (J. A.) English in Ireland in the Eighteenth Century, 3 vol. 1872-4-Reid (Thos.) Works, with Notes and Dissertations by Sir William Hamilton, 2 vol. half calf, r. e. Edinb. 1863; etc.

6 vol.

197 Gainsborough (Tho.) Collection of Prints illustrative of English Scenery, tinted plates, morocco, g. e. folio. n. d.

198 Gallery of Portraits, with Memoirs, 7 vol. portraits, green morocco, g. e. imp. 8vo. C. Knight, 1833

199 Gay (John) Fables, with Life of the Author, "Stockdale's Edition," 2 vol. 70 plates, calf gilt, g. e.

imp. 8vo.

1793 200 Geikie (J.) Great Ice Age, and its Relation to the Antiquity of Man, illustrations, 1877-Buckland (F.) Log-Book of a Fisherman and Zoologist, illustrations, 1875-Jefferies (R.) Wild Life in a Southern Country, 1879

3 vol.

201 Gell and Gandy. Pompeiana: Topography, Edifices and Ornaments of Pompeii, numerous plates, calf gilt, m. e.

roy. 8vo. 1852 202 Gesta Romanorum, or Entertaining Stories invented by the Monks as a Fireside Recreation, translated by Chas. Swan, edited with an Introduction by Thomas Wright, 2 vol. half morocco, t. e. g.

n. d. 203 Gibbon (E.) Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, with Notes by Milman and Guizot, edited by Wm. Smith, 8 vol. portrait and maps, polished calf gilt, t. e. g.


204 Goldfinch (The), or New Modern Songster, being a Select Collection of most admired and favourite Scots and English Songs, Cantatas, etc. frontispiece, half morocco, t. e. g. Glasgow, [1753]

205 Gordon (Major-Gen. C. G.) Journals at Khartoum, with Introduction and Notes by A. Egmont Hake, portrait, 2 maps and 30 illustrations, 1885-Gordon (H. W.) Events in the Life. of Charles George Gordon, 1886-Todd (H. J.) Illustrations of the Lives and Writings of Gower and Chaucer, frontispiece, 1810; etc. 6 vol.

206 GOULD (JOHN) BIRDS OF GREAT BRITAIN, 5 vol. fine coloured plates, half red morocco gilt, g. e. imp. folio. 1873

207 Gower (John) Confessio Amantis: Confession of a Lover, edited and collated with the best Manuscripts, by Dr. Reinhold Pauli, 3 vol. calf gilt, y. e.


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