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The sale by auction of the Menzies library of rare and most valuable books, manuscripts and engravings, which by competent judges has been pronounced the finest in the United States, commenced yesterday at the sales-rooms of Messrs. Leavitt & Co., Clinton Hall. The high reputation

of the collection drew together a great number of book dealers and book collectors trom different parts of the State. There was keen competition for some of the more rare old American works. From the article which appeared in THE TIMES on Saturday the public were enabled to form an approximate idea of the extraordinary value of the collection as a whole. Many of the more valuable works did not bring high prices, and in very few cases did the price reach the original cost. Appended are the titles and prices of a number of the more valuable. works sold yesterday. It should be stated that where there is more than one volume in the edition of any work sold the price quoted is per volume:

A Costa, (J.,) "Naturall and Morall Historie of the East and West Indies," &c., London, 1604. $14 25 cents. Acrelius. (J.,) A Sermon Explaining the Duties of Christian Subjects," &c., Philadelphia; printed by B. Franklin, 1756. $7. A. Cissna, (C. de,) "Voyages and Discoveries in Sonth America," &c., Loudon, S. Bulkley, 1698. $15. Adair, (J.,) "History of American Indians," &c., Londor, 1775. 815 50 cents. Adams. (H.;) "Summary History of New-England; " London, 1799, $6. 25 cents. Adam (1) "Works of John Adams," Boston, 1850-56, 10 volumes, large paper copy $550. Ady, (T.) A Candle in the Dark," &c. London, 1756. $12.50. son, "The Fables of Esop. Stockdale's edition, 1793. Two volumes. $10 25. Aitken, (L.) "Justification of himself." London, 1777. $11. Allen, (E.,) "Narrative of Col Ethan Allen's Captivity," &c.; original edition. Philadelphia, 1779. $62. Allen, (G.) "The Life of Philidor," Philadelphia, 1803. First book ever printed on vellam in America. $60. Ailibone, (S. A.,) "Dictionary of English Litera ture," Philadelphia, 1871, 3 volumes, uncut, $10 25. Almon, (John,) The Remembrancer," &c., London, 1766, 22 volumes, $9. Ambrose, (L.) "Death's Arrest," &c., New-York, 1733, one of Bradford's imprints $15 50. "Analectic Press Series," printed for private circulation and first set in four volumes ever offered for sale. Anbury, (Thomas.) "Travels," London, 1789, two volumes; new edition of same, 1791, $10. André, (Major John,)" The Cow Chase;" the first edition, never before offered for Bale: New-York, 1780; $23. André, "Proceedings of a Board General Officers;" Philadelphia, 1780, a copy of the original edition, $63. A fac-simile of the above, privately printed in 1867, with the print of "The Unfortunate Death of Major André," uncut copy, $6. "Annual Register, 1758 to 1792," London, Dodsley, 1759-92; thirty-five volumes, which cover he entire period of the American Revolution. $1. "Antiquity, Honor, and Dignity of Trade," by a Peer of England, Westminster, 1813; verv rare copy of this most scarce work, $7 50. Aquinas, (Thomas,) "Summa de Articulis Fidel et Ecclesiæ Sacramentis," Guttenberg, 1460; ono of the scarcest books in world. This magnificent specimen of blackletter typography was put up at $25, and rapidly run up, a great number of gentlemen being evidently anxious to secure it. Col Hawkins bid steadily on, and finally secured the book for $162. Aquinas, (Thomas,) Incipit Primi Pars Secunde," &c., 1471; from the press of Peter Schoiffer, the inventor of movable types, $75. Argenaola, (B. L.,) The Discovery and Conquest of the


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