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BOOKS Printed and Sold by the Afsigns of J. Sowle, in White-Hart-Court in Gracious-ftreet.


Acred Hiftory; or the Hiftorical Part of the Holy Scriptures of the OLD Teftament, digefted into due Method, with respect to Order of Time and Place; with fome Obfervations, tending to Illuftrate the lame; with a Table to the whole, by Thomas Ellwood, Price 10 s. Sacred Hiftory; or the Hiftorical Part of the Holy Scriptures of the NEW Teftament, digefted into due Method, with respect to Order of Time and Place; with fome Obfervations, tending to Illuftrate the fame; with a Table to the whole, by Thomas Ellwood, Price 9 s.

Davideis. the Life of David King of Ifrael: A Sacred Poem. In Five Books. by Thomas Ellwood. price 2s. 6d.

A Journal, or Hiftorical Account of the Life, Travels, Sufferings, Chriftian Experiences, and Labour of Love in the Work of the Miniftry, of that Ancient, Eminent and Faithful Servant of Jefus Christ, George Fox. the fecond Edition in two Volumes Price 10 s.

A Collection of many Select and Chriftian Epiftles, Letters and Teftimonies, written on fundry Occafions, by that Ancient, Eminent, Faithful Friend and Minifter of Jesus Chrift, George Fox. Price 115.

Gofpel Truth Demonftrated, in a Collection of Doctrinal Books, Containing Principles, Effential to Chriftianity and Salvation, held amongst the People called Quakers, given forth by that Faithful Minister of Jesus Chrift, George Fox, Price 18 s.

The Enormous Sin of Covetousness detected; witrits Branches: Fraud Oppreffion, Lying, Ingratitude, &c. And fome Proposals how to escape thefe Dangerous and Deftructive Evils. by william Crouch Price 2 s.

Poft buma Chriftiana; Or, a Collection of fome Papers of William Crouch. Being a brief Historical Account, under his own Hand, of his Convincement of, and Early Sufferings for the Truth. with Remarks on fundry memorable Tranfactions, relating to the People call'd Quakers p. 15.6d. Scripture-Inftruction; digefted into feveral Sections, by way of Quefti. on and Answer. In order to Promote Piety and Virtue, and Difcou rage Vice and Immorality. With a Preface relating to Education. By John Freame. price 1 s.

A Treatise concerning the Fear of God; Scripturally recommended unto all People, from the Example of the Patriarchs, Prophets, Kings, and Judg es, &c. With an Hiftorical Account, briefly relating the many Advantages which they received, who lived therein. price 15.

Scripture Truth demonftrated, in 32 Sermons, or Declarations of Stephen Crifp, late of Colchester in Effex, two of them not before Printed in his other three Vol. now all done in one Vol. on a larger Caracter P. 38 The Works of William Dell, Minifter of the Gospel, and Mafter of Gonvil and Caius Colledge in Cambridge. All Reprinted in 1 Vol. pr. 5 s. A Treatife concerning Baptifm, and the Supper. Shewing, that the One Baptifm of the Spirit, and Spiritual Supper of the Lord, are only and alone, Effential, and Neceflary to Salvation. Wherein, the Strongeft Arguments for the use of the Outward Baptifm and Supper are Confider ed, the People called Quakers Vindicated: and the greatest Objections againft them, for their difufe of thefe Outward Signs are Answered, by Jofeph Pike. price bound 18.6 d..


Primitive Chriftianity Revived, in the Faith and Practice of the People called Quakers. Written in Teftimony to the prefent Dispensation of God, through them to the World; that Prejudices may be removed, the Simple informed, the Well-inclined encouraged, and the Truth and its Innocent Friends rightly represented. by VV. Penn. Price i s.

An Account of VV. Penns Travels in Holland and Germany, for the Service of the Gofpel of Chrift; by way of Journal. Containing allo divers Letters and Epiftles, writ to feveral great and Eminent perfons whilst there; the third Impreffion. Corrected by the Author's own Copy; with fome Anfwers not Printed in the Firft. To which is now added Two Epiftles, formerly Printed in Dutch, but never in Eng ifb, till this third Edition. price 2s.

VV. Penns Key in English price 3 d.

French 4 d.

England's prefent Intereft confidered, with Honour to the Prince, and fafety to the People, In Anfwer to this one Question, VVbat is moft Fit, Eafie, and Safe to be done, for allaying the Heat of contrary Interests, and making them Confiftent with the Profperity of the Kingdom; Submitted to the Confideration of our Superiours. by VV. Penn. price I s.

More Fruits of Solitude; being the fecond part of Reflections and Maxims relating to the Conduct of Humane Life. by the Author of the former. pr. 9 d. The Harmony of Divine and Heavenly Doctrines, demonstrated in fundry Declarations, on Variety of Subjects. Preached at the Quakers Meetings in London, by Mr. VV. Penn. Mr. G. VV bitehead. Mr. S. VValdenfield. Mr. B. Cole. taken in Short-hand, as it was delivered by them, and now Faithfully tranfcribed and publifhed for the Information of those, who by reafon of Ignorance, may have received a prejudice against them. by a Lover of that people. price 1 s. 6 d.


No Crofs, No Crown. A Difcourfe fhewing the Nature and Discipline of the Holy Cross of Chrift; and that the Denyal of Self, and daily bearing of Chrift's Crofs, is the alone way to the Ret and Kingdom of God. which is added, the living and dying Teftimonies of divers Perfons of Fame and Learning, in Favour of the Vertue and temperance recomended in this Treatife. by W. Penn. the Sixth Eddi ion. price 3 s..

The Harmony of the Old and New Teftament, and the fullfilling of the Prophets, concerning our Lord and Saviour Jefus Chrift, and bis Kingdom and Glory in the latter Days; with a Brief Concordance of the Names and Attributes, &c. given unto Chrift: and fome Texts of Scripture colleded, concerning Chrift's Humiliation and Sufferings, alfo bis Excellent Dignity and Glorification. Publifhed for the benefit of Chriftians and Jews by John To.kins. with an Appendix to the Jews, by W. Penn. the 3 d Edit. with Additions. price is..

The VVorks of the Long Mournful and Sorely Diftreffed Ifaac Pennington, whom the Lord in his tender Mercy at length, vifited and relieved, by the Miniftry of that Defpifed People, called Quakers; and in the fpringings of that Light, Life and Holy power in him, which they had truly and faithfully telified of, and directed bis Mind to, were these things written, and now publifhed as a thankful testimony of the goodness of the Lord to him, and for the Benefit of others. In to Paris. price 12 s.

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The Works of that memorable and ancient Servant of Christ, Stephen

Crifp; containing also a lournal of his Life, giving an Account of his Con vincement, Travels, Labours and Sufferings in and for the Truth. price 5 s. Truth's Innocency and Simplicity fhining, through the Conversion, Gofpel-Miniftry, Labours, Epiftles of Love, Teftimonies and Warnings, to Profeffors and Profane (with the Long and Patient Suffer. ings) of that Ancient and Faithful Minifter and Servant of Jefus Chrift, Thomas Taylor. price bound 5 s.

The Memory of the Righteous revived, being a Collection of the Books and written Epiftles of #ohn Camm and Fohn Audland; together with feveral Teftimonies relating to thofe two faithful Labourers. P, 25.

The defign of Christianity teftified, in the Books, Epiftles, and Manufcripts, of that Ancient and faithful Servant of Chrift Jefus, Fobn Crook, who departed this Life the 26 th Day of the 2d Month, 1699. in the Eighty-fecond Year of his age. price 3. s. 6 d.

A Collection of the writings and Epiftles of our ancient deceased Friend John VVbitehead, price 3s.

Sion's Travellers comforted, and the Difobedient Warned. In a Collection of Books and Epiftles of that Faithful Minifter of Jefus Chrift Charles Marshal, price 3 s.

A Collection of the Chriftian writings Labours, Travels and Sufferings, of that faithful and approved Minister of Jefus Chrift, Roger Hadock. with an account of his Death and Burial. price bound is. 94.

An Apology for the true Chriftian Divinity, as the fame is held Forth and Preached by the People, called in Scorn Quakers; Being a Full Examination and Vindication of their Principle and Doctrines, by many arguments, deduced from Scripture and right Reason, and the Teftimonies of Famous Authors, both ancient and Modern, with a full Answer to the frongeft Objections ufually made against them. By Robert Barclay. the Fifth Edition in English. price bound 4 s.

Robert Barclay's Apology Translated into French, and Spanish, for the Information of Strangers. prices.

New England Judged, In two Parts. First, Containing a Brief Relation of the Sufferings of the People called Quakers in New England, from the Time of their firft Arrival there, in the Year 1656, to the Year 1660. Wherein their Mercilefs Whippings, Chainings, Finings, Imprisonings, Starvings, Burning in the Hand, Cutting off Ears, and putting to Death, with divers other Cruelties, inflicted upon the Bodies of Innocent Men and Women, only for Confcience-fake, are briefly defcribed. Second Part, being a farther Relation of the cruel Sufferings of the People called Quakers in New England, continued from Anno 1660, to Anno 1665. Beginning with the Sufferings of william Leddra, whom they put to Death. Published by George BiShop, in Anno 1661 and 1667. and now fome-what abreviated. an Appendix, containing the Writings of feveral of the Sufferers; with fome Notes, fhewing the Accomplishment of their Prophecies, and a Poftscript of the Judgments of God, that have befallen divers of their Perfecutors. Also, an Answer to Cotton Mather's abufes of the faid People, in his late Hift ry of New England, printed anno 1702. prices. Vindicia Veritatis: Or an Occafional Defence of the Principles and

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Pradices of the People called Quakers: In Answer to a Treatife of John Stillingfleet's, mifcalled, Seasonable Advice concerning Quakerifm, o. By Daniel Phillips, M. D. price I s. 6d.

A Differtation concerning the Lords Supper. The fecond part, by the Author of the First part. Price 3 d.

An Encouragement early to Seek the Lord: And be Faithful to him: In an Account of the LIFE and Services of that Ancient Servant of God, 1bomas Thompson. Price 6 d.

The Chriftian-Quaker, and his divine Teftimony, ftated and vindi. cated, from Scripture, Reafon and Authority. by W. Penn. Price 2 s. Two Treatifes of Thomas Lawfon's Deceased. The First A Mite into the Treafury, being a word to Artifts, especially Heptatechnifts, the Profeffors af the Seven Liberal Arts: Shewing what is therein owned by the People call'd Quakers, and what is denied by them: with feveral other things toueb ing the Divinity of the Heathen, and School-titles, Habits, Degrees, &c. The Second, a Treatife relating to the Call, Work and Wages of the Minifters of Chrift and Antichrift. price 1 s. 6 d

Piety Promoted, in a Collection of the Dying Sayings of many of the People called Quakers. with a Brief account of fome of their Labours in the Gospel, and fufferings for the fame. In three Parts by John Tomkins. price

bound I s. each Part.

A Catechifm and Confeffion of Faith. by Robert Barclay. price 9d. Fruits of Retirement; or Miscellaneous Poems, Moral and Divine: Being fome Letters, Contemplations, &c. written on Variety of Subjects; By M. Mollineux, late of Leverpool, deceased. price 1 s. 6 d.

A Light Shining out of Darkness: Or, Occafional Queries, fubmitted to the Fudgment of fuch as would enquire into the true State of things in our Times. the whole Work revifed by the Author, the Proof's Englished and augmented, with fundry Material Discourses concerning the Ministry, Separ tion, Infpiration, Scriptures, Humane Learning, Oaths, Tithes, &c. with a brief Apology for the Quakers, that they are not Inconfiftent with Magiftracy. by an indifferent but Learned Hand. the 3d. Edit. pr. 1s. 6d. God's Protecting Providence, Man's fureft Help and Defence, in Times of the greatest Difficulty, and most eminent Danger, Evidenced in the Remarkable Deliverance of Robert Barrow, with divers other Perfons, from the devouring Waves of the Sea, among which they fuffered Shipwrack: and alfo, from the cruel Devouring Faws of the Inhumane Canibals of Florida. Faithfully related by one of the Perfons concerned therein, J. Dickenson. 8d.

A Scripture Catchifm for Children, by Ambrofe Rigge. price B. 6 d. Truth's Vindication; or, a gentle Stroke to wipe off the foul Afperfions, faile Accufations and Mifreprefentations, caft upon the People of God, called Quakers, both with refpect to their Principle, and their way of profelyting people over to them. by E. Bathurst. price 1 s.

A brief Teftimony to the great Duty of Prayer; fhewing the Nature and Benefit thereof; to which is added, many Eminent and Select Inftances of God's Answer to Prayer: Collected out of the Record of Holy Scriptures, by F.Tomkins, one of the People called Quakers. With a Postscript by F. F. The Second Edition, with Additions. price 6 d.


The Poor Mechanick's Plea, against the Rich Clergy's Oppreffion Jhewing Tithes are no Gospel-Minifters Maintenance: in a bri f and Plain Method, bow that Tithes, (as now paid) are both Inconsistent with the Defpenfation of the Law, and Difpenfation of the Gospel. also how they were brought into the Church many Hundred Years after Chrift, and teftified a gainst by feveral ancient Chriftians and Martyrs. with feveral fober Reasons against the payment of them, By J. Bockett. price 3 d

Academia Cceleitis: The Heavenly University; or, the Higbeft School, where alone is that Highest teaching, the teaching of the Heart. By Francis Roule, fome time Provolt of Eaton Colledge. A Treatile written above 60 Tears fince. the third Edition, Revised and Compared with the Latin, p. 15. A Differtation of the Small Pox, by Daniel Phillips, at his Commencing Doctor of Phyfick in the University of Leyden in Holland, in the Year 1696. tranflated by T. E. price 9 d

Mercy covering the Judgment Seat; and Life and Light Triumphing over Death and Darkness: In the Lord's Tender Vifitation, and Wonderful Deliverance, of One 'that Sat in Darkness, and in the Region and Shadow of Death. Witneffed unto in certain Epiftles and Papers of living Experience. by Richard Claridge. price 6 d.

Lux Evangelica Atteftata. Or a further Teftimony to the fufficiency of the Light within. Being a Reply to George Keith's Cenfure, in his Book, intitul d. An account of the Quakers Politicks, upon certain paffages in my Book, intituled, Mercy covering the Judgment-leat, &c. For the clearing of Truth from G. K's Mifreprefentations, and fatisfying of fober Enquirers into the true fate of the Controverfie betroeen us. by R. Claridge. 15. Anguis Flagellatus; or a Switch for the Snake. Being an answer to the third and lift Edition of the Snake in the Grafs, wherein the Author's Injustice and Falfhood, both in Quotation and Story, are discovered and obviated; and the Truth Doctrinally delivered by us, fated and maintained, in oppofition to his Mifrepresentation and Perversion. By Jofeph Wyeth, 10 which is added, A Supplement, by G. W. price 4 s.

The Clergy-Man's Pretence of Divine Right to Tithes, Examined and Refuted. Being a full answer to W. W's Fourth Letter, in his Book, Intituled, The Clergy s Legal Right to Tithes aflerted. By J. Gratton. 6d.

A Treatise concerning Baptifm and the Lord's Supper. Shewing that the true Difcipl's of Chrift are fent to Baptife Men into the Name of the Father, Son, and Holy Ghoft; for the carrying on of which, Chrift is with them, and will be, to the End of the World. alfo a few words concerning the Lord's Supper fhewing, that those that Sup with him, are in his Kingdom. By John Gratton price 9 d.

A Brief Concordance of the Names and attributes with fundry Texts, Relating unto our Bleffed Lord and Saviour Fefus Chrift. Collected out of the Scriptures. by John Tomkins. price 4 d.

A brief Apology in behalf of the People called Quakers. written for the Information of our fober and well-inclined Neighbours in and about the town of Warminster in the county of Wilts. By W. Chandler. A. Pyot. J. Hodges. and fome others. price 6 d.

The Saints Travel to Spiritual Canaan; wherein are discovered feveral falfe Refts, fhort of the true Spiritual coming of Cbrift in his People, with


a brief

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