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the front drawing-room, where her papa met By-and-bye, looking up into her face, she perher, and taking her by the hand, introduced herceived that she was crying. to such of the visitors as she had not before seen. “ What is the matter, nurse ?” asked the little At length he led her to a sofa in a recess, where girl. “ What makes you sorry?”. a beautiful but very pale lady was sitting all “Ah, my darling! and have they told you alone. She smiled when she saw Eva, and held nothing ?” sobbed the old woman, throwing her out her hand; and the little girl was soon nestled arms around her, and passing at once from by her side in the corner of the sofa, looking up quietness to passion, Don't you know that into her gentle countenance, and hearkening to your papa has got married unknown to any one, her conversation with her papa. She was sur- and that you are going to have a nasty, cruel prised to find that this turned upon herself. step-mother pa

"My little Eva has been rather neglected of A step-mother, nurse?" And Eva began late,” Mr. Lyman said.

to cry bitterly. “Who is it, nurse? Is she " Ah!" sighed the lady; "children know not here now? I won't have a step-mother." what they lose in losing a mother. But Eva Yes, she is here, and your papa's own shall suffer from her loss no longer. I bave no servants knew nothing of what had happened fear if I can only gain her affection. Will you until an hour ago. She is very pale, and bestow it upon me, my little girl ?" she con- dressed all in blue. Your own mamma, that tinued, turning to Eva.' “I am coming to live you're the picture of, had cheeks like roses. with you and take care of you. Will you en- Oh dear! mercy me! how soon the dead are deavour to obey me, and attend to all that I tell forgotten !" continued the old woman, rocking you for your own good ?”

herself backwards and forwards. " Are you to be my governess then?” asked “ I know who it is, nurse," said Eva, wbilo Eva wonderingly.

her brighteyes sparkled with indignation through The lady's marble cheek became slightly suf- her tears, and her rosy cheeks glowed. « I fused, and she turned to Eva's papa, as if em- know who it is, and I will go this minute, and barrassed for a reply:

tell papa before her face that I won't have a “I will answer that question another time, step-mother, instead of my own dear mamma.” Eva,” said Mr. Lyman gently. "You are wanted Ånd before the nurse, now repenting, of now to make up a quadrille. Go, my darling, her interference, could prevent her, the child and let me see you do your best.”

bounded out of the room, all undressed and in So Eva went and danced in her best style, disorder as she was, and rushed down stairs though she could not help thinking continually into the drawing-room. There were only a few about her papa's mysterious manner, and the grown-up visitors now remaining, and these strange lady who was to live with them. She were gathered in a cluster round her papa and did not take half so much pleasure in the ball as the pale lady: dashing into the midst of them, she had expected, because of these engrossing Eva fell at her papa's feet, and clasped his thoughts, which made her even forget to admire knees. the transparent folds of her Honiton lace dress, Papa ! Papa !" she sobbed, “ I won't have and the glitter of the silver sash that bound a stepmother. Send the pretty pale lady away, it . Besides, she overheard one old lady say to she has no business here. She is a step-mother, another, “Susan Fairbairn dances much better and she will scold me and beat me." than Miss Lyman, and is altogether more pleas- Mrs. Lyman, at the beginning of this address, ing and correct in manner." Eva's vanity was had drawn near to soothe the child, but Eva sorely wounded by this remark, and it was in pushed her hand violently away. the hope of having it soothed that she hastened “ Hush | my child," said her papa, placing up to the pale lady as soon as the dance was his hand upon her mouth, “ there are no cruel concluded, and asked coaxingly, “ Have you step-mothers here, only a kind lady, who has a seen me dance?"

little boy of her own, and will love my Eva as "Yes, my dear," was the simple reply. Eva her own dear mother used to do. Nurse,” he was inclined to be exceedingly mortified at the continued, sternly addressing the old woman, absence of the desired commendation, but she who had stopped trembling at the door, this thought to herself, “Governesses never praise is the effect of your folly. You may consider like other people.”

yourself at liberty to quit my service." The evening wore on, and refreshments were “ Wait, my love," said his wife ; " allow me handed round, and little boys began to look to speak to nurse.” sleepy, and little_girls' ringlets became un- Mrs. Lyman's gentle voice was heard speaking curled ; and even Eva herself, the queen of the for some time to nurse in the passage. What day, wished it was all over, that she might close she said did not transpire ; but certain it is that her eyes, and be quiet. At length the juniors from that time the old woman, whatever she dispersed to their several homes, and nurse might think within herself, was careful not to came to the door of the drawing-room for prejudice Eva any further against her new

mamma. Eva thought the old woman was unusually But the little girl herself was not to be so quiet while she took off her silver sash and lace easily managed: the foolish words of her nurse frock, and throwing a little dressing-gown over had sunk deep into her memory, and ever on the her shoulders, began to brush out her curls. look-out for iu-will from Mrs. Lyman, the entire


absence of the “scoldings and beatings” she I vision, of tender arms that had supported her so much dreaded did not suffice to reassure her. many times during her delirium, and of a kind The slightest remonstrance against any idleness shoulder that had cradled her aching bead; or carelessness—and in both these respects Eva wbile her parched lips were moistened with was abundantly faulty—was sufficient to excite something deliciously cool and refreshing. the determined rebellion of the latter against the Making a feeble endeavour to stretch out her “ step-mother :” and Mrs. Lyman's extreme arms, she murmured “Mamma, dear mamma!" care to avoid nurturing a vanity already ridicu- All prejudice now at once disappeared : Era Jously intense, was set down in the child's mind was convinced that step-mothers are not the to a want of affection for one who was not her selfish, cruel beings that common report too own little girl. The gentle lady began almost often represents them to be. She endeavoured, to despair of effecting any good in so apparently as day by day her health and strength returned, hopeless a case.

to show her gratitude for the tender care of her While affairs were in this state, Eva was taken "new mamma,” as she still sometimes called dangerously ill. The disease turned out to be Mrs. Lyman, in the very best way; that is, by fever, and for a fortnight the little girl lay insen- attending to her counsels, and becoming consible to everything that passed around her, tinually more gentle, humble, and painstaking: raving of her "step-mother.” Awaking at So great was the improvement, that even ber old length as from a horrible dream, her dim, but nurse at length openly confessed her error in perfectly rational gaze rested on the mild face of thinking so badly of step-mothers, affirming that Mrs. Lyman, paler than ever from watching and she did not believe her own mother, if she anxiety. Eva at once comprehended all the ten- had lived, could have brought up Miss Eva any derness of care of which she had been the ob- better or more tenderly.” ject; for she had a faint remembrance, as in a


GENTLEMAN'S PURS E. MATERIALS.—4 skeins of emerald green silk, 6 skeins of white sewing silk; a bunch of transparent

white glass beads, a hank of each of the following :-Gold, steel, blue steel, all No. 5. Steel garnitures. W. Boulton and Son's Crochet-hook, No. 12.

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Thread the steel beads on the green silk, and the glass, gold, and blue steel on the white allowing half the quantity on each of two skeins; silk. With the green silk make a chain of 120 stitches; form it into a round, and work one 12th round. x 3 green, 1 steel, 1 green, 4 round of sc.

steel, 4 green, 1 steel, 3 white, 1 gold, 3 white, 1st pattern round. x 6 green, 1 steel, 121 gold, 3 white, 1 steel, 4 green, X 4 times. green, 6 steel, 5 green, X 4 times.

13th round. x 5 green, 5 steel, 2. green, 1 2nd round. x 5 green, 3 steel, 1 green, 3 steel, 2 white, 1 gold, 1 white, 5 gold, 2 white, steel, 5 green, 2 steel, 6 white, 1 steel, 4 green, 1 steel, 5 green, X 4 mes. X 4 times.

14th round. X 1 steel, 4 green, 2 steel, 2 3rd round. x 6 green, 1 steel, 1 green, 2 green, 1 steel, 2 green, 1 steel, 1 white, 2 gold, steel, 2 green, I steel, 3 green, 1 steel, 4 white, 2 white, 3 gold, 2 white, 1 steel, 6 green, x 4 3 gold, 2 white, 1 steel, 3 green, X 4 times.

times. 4th round. x 8 green, 1 steel, 3 green, 1

15th round. x 2 steel, 3 green, 2 steel, 4 steel, 2 green, 1 steel, 8 white, 2 gold, i white, i green, 1 steel, 2 white, 2 gold, 5 white, 2 steel, steel, 2 green, X 4 times.

6 green, 1 steel, X 4 times. 5th round. x 8 green, 1 steel, 3 green, 1 steel,

16th round. X 1 steel, 5 green, 5 steel, 2 green, 1 steel, 1 white, 5 gold, 1 white, 1 gold, gold, 5 white, 1 steel, 9 green, X 4 times. 3 white, 1 steel, 2 green, X 4 times.

17th round. x 7 green, 2 steel, 8 white, 3 6th round. X 1 stee

11 green, 1 steel, i steel, 10 green, x 4 times. green, 1 steel, 2 white, 1 gold, 5 blue steel, 1

18th round. x 9 green, 8 steel, 13 green, X white, 1 gold, 2 white, I steel, 2 green, X 4

3 times, 9 green, 8 steel, 21 green. times,

Now begin again by a plain round, and re7th round. x 2 steel, 9 green, 1 steel, 2 peat the pattern, when the pines will fall between green, 1 steel, 1 white, 1 gold, 2 blue steel, 3 every two of the last set, in consequence of the

21 stitches instead of 13, which were done at the white, 2 blue steel, I wbite, 2 gold, 1 white, I

end of the 15th round. steel, 1 green, 1 steel, X 4 times.

The 36th round is to be done in the same 8th round. X 1 steel, 7 green, 4 steel, 2 green, way, which will throw the third set of pines be1 steel, 2 white, 2 blue steel, 2 white, 2 blue twveen the second set. Doone round of sc, then steel, i gold, 1 white, 1 gold, i white, 1 steel, 2 for the centre x 2 dc, 2 ch, miss 2, X all round. green, X 4 times.

Turn, 5 ch, X 2 dc under 2 ch, 2 ch x end 9th round. X 7 green, 4 steel, 2 green, 1 with 2 ch, 1 dc. steel, 3 white, 7 blue steel, 2 white, 1 steel, 3 Continue working backwards and forwards green, X 4 times.

like the last, until 35 rows are done. 10th round. x 3 green, 1 steel, 2 green, 4 Work another end to correspond with the steel, 3 green, 1 steel, 4 white, 2 blue steel, 1 first, and crochet it to the middle, having prewhite, 2 blue steel, 3 white, 1 steel, 3 green, x viously slipped on the rings. 4 times.

TO CLOSE The Ends:-Work a round of 11th round. x 2 green, 3 steel, 1 green, 2 open square crochet; then hold the sides tosteel, 5 green, 1 steel, 1 white, 3 gold, 7 white, gether, and sc closely under both chains. 1 steel, 4 green, x 4 times. Fasten off blue Trim with steel garnitures. steel silk.




MATERIÁLB.-W. Evans and Co’s. Point Lace Cottons, and No. 7 French white cotton braid. We give the patterns for the stomacher of an Point d'Alençon (No. 4), Mecklenburgh 120. infant's dress of the full size, that our friends

Cordovan lace (No. 5), Boar's Head, No. may be able to cut the leaf out, and work on it.

150. A piece of linen should be pasted on the wrong side, and the edges turned over, to prevent the

English lace (No. 6), Boar’s Head, No. 90. paper from being torn. We shall next month English rosettes (No. 7), Mecklenburgh No. give a trimming for the sleeve, and an edging 100. which may also be worked on the paper. The braiding, with the exception of the two parallel

Mechlin wheel (No. 8), Boar's Head, No.

100, lines forming the border, is done in one piece. The engraving gives the various stitches so Raleigh bars, forming the ground (No. 9), clearly, that they cannot be mistaken, and it Mecklenburgh No. 100. only remains for us to specify the cottons to be Venetian bars (No. 10), the same thread. employed for them :

All these threads and cottons are contained Brussels edging and Brussels lace (Nos. 1 and 3). W. Evans and Co.'s Boar's Head in W. Evans and Co.'s (of Derby) Point Lace Cotton, No. 70.

Cotton-boxes. English bars (No. 2), Mecklenburgh 100.


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FLOWER MA T. MATERIALS.—Two skeins of green crystal wool, one dark and one light; one skein of white ditto; one of lilac ditto. A piece of white satin. Three yards of stout wire. A bone mesh f-inch wide, and one 14-inch wide, also six silvered beads.

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The centre of this mat is of white satin, the point, then taking an overcast stitch at the covered with netting. The latter is done thus : end, and slipping the needle down the centre. -On a foundation make, with the lilac wool, Six petals must be tied together, in the form of 14 stitches, using the narrowest mesh. Do two a flower, and the points bent. A silvered bead plain rows.

is sewed in the centre of each. 3rd row. Miss the first stitch, net the second,

For the Moss.- Bend the wire into a round, then the first; continuing this for all the four- exactly the size of the rim of the mat. Bind the teen stitches.

ends with wool for greater security. Take a 4th and 5th rows. Plain netting.

coarse rug needle, and thread it with a very long 6th. Like 3rd.

thread of each of the green wools. Work on

the wire in button-hole stitch, over the large Do altogether fourteen rows, which will make

mesh, taking the stitches as close together as a square piece.

possible, to make a very full fringe. Work all Cover a round of card-board with satin on the wire round in this way. Make another circle, one side, and calico on the other. Tack this somewhat smaller, and cover it with moss fringe square over the satin.

also. Sew the large round at the edge of the The flowers are alternately white and lilac. mat, and the other just within it, and set the Each one has six petals, which are made by flowers, at equal distances, between the two bending a piece of wire in the form of a leaf, borders. and darning them closely (from edge to edge),

AIGUILLETTE. beginning at the base of each petal, darning to

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