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wynad chetty

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Nagavamsam caste in andhra region is nothing but nagavanshi's of north india. Migrated to south as Nagavamsam, Nagavamsam(nagavanshi's ) are ancient Indian clans.,which is sub-family of Rajputs, according to sources from standard reference books on history and culture of ancient India.

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nagavamsam is one of the ancient kshatriya tribes of india...they are people with mastered war techniques and served mainly as warriors for various dynasities in ancient india..they have descended from north probabily central asian origin...on the present day their population spreads in the states of orissa,andhra,tulu and kerala 

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this statement is surely a conflict. Nagavamsam caste of andhra pradesh has no connection with nagavasamu and nagavasulu terms. Looks like author have gone without proper research within the context of terms.

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