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RAFFAELLE-VASARI, Descrizione delle Im- | RETZSCH'S OUTLINES TO SHAKSPEARE'S TEMPEST, 13 plates, with English Translation, 4to. 16s

magini dipinte da Raffaelle, nel Vaticano, e nella Farnesina 12mo. hf. bd. culf, 3s 6d Roma, 1751 RAPHAEL'S Leben und Werke, von G. C. Braun, 8vo. bds. 3s Wiesbaden, 1815 RATHGEBER(G.) Annalen der Niederländischen Malerei und Kupferstecherkunst, von Rubens bis Rembrandt, folio, bds. 7s 6d RAULIN, Vues d'Auvergne, folio, 16 lithographic Paris, 1820 plates, 5s READ'S (D. C.) Catalogue of Etchings after his own designs, 12mo. privately printed, hf. bd. 5s

Gotha, 1839

1832 RECUEIL D'ESTAMPES, gravées à l'Eau forte d'après les plus fameux Maitres d'Italie et Français, lesquelles se trouvent dans les Cabinets des Amateurs à Amsterdam, impl. folio, 27 etchings after old Masters, by L. Garreau, bds. £1. Is Paris, Basan, 1788 RELICS OF ANTIQUITY, or Remains of Ancient Structures, with other Vestiges of Early Times in Great Britain, with descriptive Sketches, (many of the subjects not figured in other collections), 4to. 47 plates after Prout and others, 1811 neat, 10s 6d REMBRANDT.-Daulby's Descriptive Catalogue of the Works of Rembrandt, and of his Scholars, Bol, Livens, and Van Vliet, 8vo. 1796 portraits, russia, 15s -See Baillie (Capt.)

RENVERSEMENT de la Morale Chretienne par

les désordres du Monachisme, 2 parts in 1 vol.
small 4to. with 51 very grotesque portraits of
Monks, finely engraved in rich mezzotinto, original
edition, neat, in old calf, £2. 5s

This very rare book was published in Holland, at the
end of the 17th Century; a copy produced at Caillard's
sale 140 francs. A new and much inferior edition was
afterwards published in Switzerland.
RENVERSEMENT de la Morale Chretienne, par
les désordres du Monachisme, en Hollandois, et
en François, 4to. embellished with 50 engravings,
bds. £1. 1s
Hollande, sine anno et loco.

This is a later edition of the preceding work, but with an entirely different set of engravings, and etchings instead of mezzotints. The figures are besides full length, while in the other they are half length. REPTON'S Designs for the Pavilion at Brighton,

to which is appended an Essay on the Intro-
duction of Hindoo Architecture in England,
impl. folio, illustrated by 13 coloured plates, and
accompanied by moveable slips, shewing the original
and proposed states of the building, (pub. at
£5.5s) bds. 15s
Bensley, 1808

on Landscape Gardening-See ARCHITECTURE. RERESBY'S (Sir John) Memoirs and Travels, in the time of Oliver Cromwell, royal 8vo. ILLUSTRATED with 40 portraits and views, many co1813 loured, red morocco, gilt edges, £2. 2:

An amusing work, for an account of which, see the Retrospective Review. RETZSCH'S OUTLINES TO SHAKSPEARE'S MACBETH, 13 plates, with Explanations in English, French, German, and Italian, 4to. 1833 cloth, 15s HAMLET, 13 plates, with Explanations, 4to.



ROMEO AND JULIET, 13 plates, with Text
in English and German, 4to. bds. 15s
KING LEAR, 13 plates, 4to. 15s


OTHELLO, 13 plates, with English Transla-
tion, 4to. 16s

-MERRY WIVES, 13 plates, with English
Translation, 4to. 16s

GOETHE'S FAUST, 26 beautiful outlines,
royal 4to. (pub. at £1. 1s)gilt cloth, 10s 6d
This edition contains a translation of the original
poem, with historical and descriptive notes.

(Song of the Bell), with German and English
Text and Explanations, 4to. 14s
FRIDOLIN'S Gang nach dem Eisenhammer
(Walk to the Forge), 8 plates, 4to. 5s
the Dragon), 16 plates, 4to. 9s

PEGASUS IM JOCHE (Pegasus in Harness), 10 plates, with German and English Text, and Explanations, 4to. 7s 6d

- BURGER'S BALLADS, (Leonora, etc.) 15 plates, with English Translations, bds. 14s -THE CHESS-PLAYER, 1 plate, with Text in English, German, and French, 5s 6d

- FANCIES AND TRUTHS (Phantasien und Wahrheiten), 6 plates, with Text, 7s

SHAKESPEARE, GOETHE, AND SCHILLER illustrated, oblong 16mo. containing 67 outline engravings, reduced from Retzsch by Audot, with descriptive letter-press, bds. 5s

REVILLE ET LAVALLEE, Vues Pittoresques et Perspectives des SALLES DU MUSÉE DES MONUMENTS FRANCAIS, et des ouvrages d'Architecture, de Sculpture et de Peinture sur Verre, atlas folio, 20 very fine line engravings, after the designs by Vauselle, with descriptive letterpress by Roquefort, PROOFS, (lettres grises), (pub. at 300 francs) hf. bd. calf, £3. 13s 6d

Paris, 1816 the same, atlas folio, PROOFS BEFORE THE letTERS, (pub. at 400 francs) bds. £4. 14s 6d ib. 1816 -the same, PROOFS BEFORE THE LETTERS, hf. bd. ib. 1816 red morocco extra, gilt edges, £6. 6s

This beautiful volume is a very desirable accompaniment to the Musée Français, Musée Napoleon, Musée des Antiques, and other engraved works of the French National Collection, as it shews the arrangement of all the Sculpture, the Halls, Gardens, &c. REVOLUTION FRANCAISE.-TABLEAUX HISTORIQUES DE LA RÉVOLUTION FRANÇAISE, avec des Discours par l'Abbé Fauchet, Chamfort, Ginguené, et Pagès, 3 vols. royal folio, with 222 beautiful engravings, of which 66 are Portraits, mostly by the celebrated Duplessi-Bertaux, fine early impressions, very neat in French calf, gilt edges, £10. 10s Paris, 1804

the same, russia extra, gilt edges, fine set, ib. 1804 £14. 148

the same, 3 vols. VELLUM PAPER, ENGRAVER'S PROOFS BEFORE THE LETTERS, in the original French binding, hf. red morocco, gilt edges, EXCFSib. 1804 SIVELY RARE, £31. 10s

The plates in this almost unique copy being in the artist's state, before all the letters, the inscriptions have been neatly added in pencil.

"On recherche surtout les exemplaires qui renferment les prémieres épreuves des gravures. Un exemplaire précieux, avant la lettre a été vendu 1003 francs." Brunet,

des Personnages qui ont le plus figuré dans la
Révolution Française, 18 parts, royal folio,
54 fine mezzotinto portraits, with vignette en-
gravings of scenes in the Revolution, by Duplessi-
Bertaux, (pub. at 108 francs) unbound, £2. 2s
Paris, 1800
the same, royal folio, 60 plates, hf. bd. russia,
£2. 10s
ib. 1800
HELMANN, Quinze Estampes sur les princi-
pales Journées de la Révolution, 15 fine large
plates of the principal scenes of the French Revolu-
tion, from 1789 to 1800, engraved by Helmann,
after Designs by MONNET, with descriptions in
English and French, impl. folio, hf. bd. £1.5s
Paris, (1801)

of, comprising original Anecdotes of his Contem-
poraries, a brief Analysis of his Discourses, and
varieties on Art, 4to. with portrait and fac-
similes, (pub. at £2. 12s 6d) bds. 10s 6d 1813
RHEINISCHE BILDER, herausgegeben von N.
Vogt, atlas folio, with 24 bold and fine Illustra-
tions of the popular Legends of the Rhine, hf. bd.
Frankfurt, 1821

See Napoleon-Portraits. REYNOLDS' (SIR JOSHUA) GRAPHIC WORKS, consisting of 300 beautiful copper-plate engravings of portraits and fancy subjects, after this delightful painter, engraved by S. W. Reynolds, 3 vols. folio, (pub. at £36.) elegantly hf. bd. morocco, full gilt backs, and gilt edges, £12. 12s

"In taste, in grace, in facility, in happy invention, and in the richness and harmony of colouring, he was equal to the greatest masters of the renowned ages. In portrait he went beyond them; for he communicated to that description of the art, in which English artists are most engaged, a variety, a fancy, and a dignity, derived from the higher branches, which even those who professed them in a superior manner did not always preserve when they delineated individual nature. His portraits remind the spectator of the invention and the amenity of landscape."-Burke. -Designs for the Celebrated Painted Window, in New College Chapel, at Oxford: A collec tion of Engravings taken from Reynolds' Oxford Window, with all its compartments, as the Seven Allegorical Figures of the Cardinal and Christian Virtues, the Nativity, etc. (engraved (on a large scale) by Facius, PROOFS BEFORE THE LETTERS, ETCHINGS, AND VARIATIONS, in all 32 plates, (some measuring 3 feet by 21) £2.2s Boydell, 1785 -LITERARY WORKS, containing his Discourses, Idlers, Journey to Flanders and Holland, Commentary on Du Fresnoy's Art of Painting; with Life by Malone, 2 vols. 4to. fine portrait, very neat, in calf, marbled edges, £1.4s 1797


-the same, second edition, 3 vols. 8vo. portrait,
calf gilt, 18s
the same, fourth edition, 3 vols. 8vo. calf gilt,
£1. 1s
LITERARY WORKS, comprising his Dis-
courses, delivered at the Royal Academy, on the
Theory and Practice of Painting, also his Jour-
ney to Flanders and Holland, with Criticisms
on Pictures-Du Fresnoy's Art of Painting, in
English Verse, with the original Latin texts,
subjoined, and Notes- A Tabular View of
Painters, from the revival of the Art to the begin-
ing of the last Century-To which is prefixed a
Memoir of the Author, with Remarks on his
Professional Character, illustrative of his Prin-
ciples and Practice, by HENRY WILLIAM
BELCHEY, 2 vols. fcap. 8vo. new edition, with
portrait, (pub. at 18s) gilt cioth, 10s


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DE CINQUANTE VUES DU RHINE, depuis Spire jusqu'à Dusseldorf, par L. Janscha, impl. folio, 50 fine large coloured plates, views on the Rhine from Speyer to Düsseldorf, with Descriptions in German and French, neatly hf. bd. £3. 13s 6d Wien, 1798

the same, richly hf. bd. morocco extra, gilt edges, £4. 14s 6d

Vues Pittoresques, &c. d'après les Dessins de General Howen, folio, containing 36 beautiful lithographic Views on the Rhine, from Francfort to Cologne, PROOFS ON INDIA PAPER, hf. bd. £1. 5s Paris, 1830

These plates are as highly finished as those in any similar work executed in this country.

-The Beauties of the Rhine, Drawn and Engraved by R. Mackreth, 3 parts, impl. 4to. containing 12 fine lithographic engravings, INDIA PROOFS, (pub. at £1. 11s 6d) 10s 6d RHINE.-See Boisserée - Gardnor Tombleson.


RHODES' (E.) PEAK SCENERY, or Excursions in Derbyshire, made chiefly for the purpose of Picturesque Observation, 4 parts, forming 2 vols. royal 4to. with 29 fine engravings, after designs by SIR FRANCIS CHANTREY, etched by G. and W. B. Cooke and Blore, PROOF IMPRESSIONS, (pub. at £6. 16s) old boards, £1. 16s


The Set of Plates separately, ORIGINAL INDIA PROOFS, on folio paper, (one of the Sets reserved by Sir Francis Chantrey for himself,) hf. bd. calf, £2.25


RICHARDSON'S Sketches in Italy, Switzerland, France, &c. impl. folio, 26 beautiful tinted plates, (pub. at £4. 4s) hf. bd. £2.15s RICHARDSON'S Book of Ceilings;-Architectural Remains;-See CLASS ARCHITECTURE. RICHARDSON'S ICONOLOGY.-See Emblems. RICRAFT'S (J.) Survey of England's Champions, (with a second title as "Civil Warres of England, collected by John Leicester"), 8vo. 20 portraits, (pub. at £1. 1s) bds. 7s

1647, (Reprinted, 1818) the same, LARGE PAPER, royal 8vo. (pub. at £1. 10s) bds. 9s

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A most extraordinary, and perhaps unique set
of the Works of this celebrated Artist, consist-
ing of 697 large and spirited Engravings of Ani-
mals, Wild Sports, Horsemanship, &c. original
and very fine impressions, also ONE FINE DRAWING,
mounted in 4 very large volumes, elephant
folio, hf. bd. green morocco, the backs emblemati-
cally gilt, £50.
Augsburg, 1738-70
Thirty various Plates, in folio and smaller
size, of Stag Hunting, Forest Animals, Eagles,
Ostriches, Fables, &c. £1. 1 ib. 1743, &c

RIDINGER.-Fables Morales, tirées du Royaume | ROBERTSON'S (A.) Topographical Survey of the des Animaux, folio, 12 fine large plates, with Descriptions in French, Latin, and German, sewed, 12s Augsburg, 1744

the same, folio, hf. bd. 15s

Représentation et Description de toutes les Leçons des Chevaux de Manége, et de la Campagne; avec les Remarques du Carousel, royal 4to. 62 fine plates, with Descriptions in German and French, hf. bd. uncut, £1. 10s ib. 1760 - Représentation des Animaux selon leur grande variété et leurs belles couleurs, 2 vols. in I, royal folio, 127 plates of Quadrupeds, and Reptiles, BEAUTIFULLY COLOURED, russia extra, rare, £8. 8s ib. (1768) "On trouve difficilement ce livre, dont les planches sont belles."-BRUNET.

RIDOLFI, Maraviglie dell' Arte, overo le Vite de gl' illustri Pittori Veneti, 2 vols. 4to. 36 fine portraits of Venetian Painters, hf. bd. vellum, (one sheet beautifully supplied in MSS.) 18s

Venetia, 1648 RIFAUD (J. J.) Voyage en Egypte, en Nubie, et lieux circonvoisins, 1805-27, parts 1 to 15, atlas folio, containing 65 plates of Monuments, Antiquities, Costume, and Natural History of Egypt, some finely coloured, (pub. at 120 francs) unbound, £1. 11s 6d Paris, 1830, &c. RIGAUD, Vues de Palais, Chateaux, et Maisons

Royales de Paris et de ses Environs, impl. folio, containing 121 fine large and curious plates of the old Palaces and Gardens of Paris and its environs, (Tuilleries, Luxembourg, Saint Germain, Fontainebleau, Rambouillet, Versailles, Marly, St. Cloud, Chantilly, Meudon, Chambord, Sceaux, etc. etc.) many of which no longer exist, (pub. at £8. 8s) hf. bd. red morocco, £4. 4s Paris, (1780) the same, 29 of the plates, fine impressions, old boards, £1. 1s RING, Vues Pittoresques des Vieux Chateaux de

l'Allemagne, (Grand Duché de Bade,) 3 parts, impl. folio, with 12 fine lithographic views of the old picturesque Castles of Baden, on India paper, 10s 6d Paris, 1829 RIPA, ICONOLOGIA.-See Emblems in Supplement. ROBERTS'S (D.) Picturesque Views in Spain

and Morocco, 4 parts, folio, 84 highly finished engravings, PROOFS, (pub. at £6. 6s) £1. 18s

1835-38 the same, INDIA PROOFS, (pub. at £10. 10s) £3.

PICTURESQUE SKETCHES IN SPAIN, taken during the years 1832-33, impl. folio, containing 26 beautiful lithographic engravings, finished in tints to resemble drawings, hf. bd. morocco, £3. 13s 6d 1837

the same, mounted on tinted card board, and finely coloured, in imitation of the original drawings, (pub. at £10. 10s) in a handsome half morocco portfolio, £7. 17s 6d

Sketches in the Holy Land, Syria, Idumea, Arabia, Egypt, and Nubia, lithographed by Louis Haghe, with Historical and Descriptive Notices, and an Introductory View of Jewish History, by the Rev. G. Croly, 20 parts, forming two vols. atlas folio, containing portrait and 120 highly finished lithographic engravings on tinted paper, Subscriber's copy, in boards, £18. 18s


Great Road from London to Bath and Bristol with Historical and Descriptive Accounts of the Country, Towns, Villages, and Gentlemen's Seats on and adjacent to it, 2 vols. royal 8vo. 65 aquatinta views, and 11 maps, very neat, in old gilt calf, 18s


the same, 2 vols. in 1, royal 8vo. very neat, 14s the same, 2 vols. 4to. LARGE PAPER, PROOFS, bds £1.4s

As the Bath Road passes through seven counties, this will be found a useful book for illustrating purposes.

ROBINSON'S Rural and Cottage Architecture, Italian Villas, and other Works.-See CLASS ARCHITECTURE.

ROBINSON'S Ruins and Scenery of South Wales, impl. 4to. 6 lithographic plates, (pub. at 12s) sd. 1830


the same,

sd. 6s

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6 plates, INDIA PROOFS, (pub. at 18s)

ROBSON'S (G. F.) Picturesque Views of English Cities, by Britton, 4 parts, royal 4to. complete, 32 extremely beautiful engravings, by the first artists, plain proofs, (pub. at £4. 4s) £1. 11s 6d 1828

another set, LARGE PAPER, INDIA PROOFS AND ETCHINGS, of which only 12 copies were executed, (pub. at £16. 16s) in a portfolio, £4. 4s 1828 another set, LARGEST PAPER, INDIA PROOFS, impl. folio, (pub. at £16. 16s) in a portfolio, £3. 13s 6d

ROBY'S TRADITIONS OF LANCASHIRE, 4 vols. royal 8vo. LARGE PAPER, numerous exquisitely beautiful plates, after Pickering, engraved by Finden and others, INDIA PROOFS AND ETCHINGS, £4. 4s


ROCCHEGGIANI'S Engravings of Roman and Etruscan Antiquities, oblong folio, containing 70 fine plates of Armour, Vases, Candelabra, Lamps, Masks, Tripods, Musical Instruments, &c.. hf. bd. russia, 18s Roma, 1804 ROGERS' COLLECTION OF 112 FAC-SIMILES OF THE FINEST DRAWINGS OF THE OLD MASTERS, with Biographical Sketches, and explanatory and critical Notices, 2 vols. impl.folio, fine copy, in old gilt russia, by Kalthoeber, £6. 6s 1778 - another copy, 2 vols. impl. folio, hf. bd. uncut, ROGERS' Italy and Poems, illustrated—See English £5.


ROKEWODE'S (J. Gage) Description of the Louterell Psalter, an illuminated Manuscript of the 14th Century, impl. folio, with 6 plates, bds. 15s ROLT'S Lives of the principal Reformers, both 1839 Englishmen and Foreigners, comprehending the general History of the Reformation, folio, with 21 beautiful mezzotinto portraits, fine impressions, bds. uncut, £1. 4s ROMANO (GIULIO) Opere, ed Istoria della sua


Vita, scritta da Carlo D'Arco, royal folio, with 63 beautiful engravings, crimson Turkey morocco, super-extra, borders and gilt edges, by Wright, £6. 6s Mantova, 1838

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Rome and its Environs-continued.



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BARTOLI Romanæ Magnitudinis Monumenta, quæ illam Urbem redivivam exhibent, oblong folio, containing 138 engravings of ancient Roman Buildings, Temples, Theatres, Baths, Circusses, Forums, Columns, Triumphal Arches, &c. old calf, £1.8s Roma, 1699

CIPRIANI Vedute principali e più interessanti di Roma, oblong 8vo. 69 pretty views, line engravings, vellum, 9s ib. 1799 Edifici Antichi e Moderni di Roma, 3 vols. obl. 8vo. containing 180 neat etchings of the Buildings in Rome and its environs, sd. 18s

ib. 1817

the same, 2 vols. in 1, oblong 8vo. 120 Etchings, hf. bd. uncut, 12s

ib. 1817

A very Large View of the Forum Romanum, a Restoration designed by COCKERELL, and engraved by CONEY, (measuring 3 ft. by 20 in.) 10s 6d


CRIES OF ROME. - Ritratto de quelli que vanno vendendo per Roma, 2 very small vols. (32mo.) containing 186 early and curious etchings of the Cries and Costume of the lower orders; mounted; olive morocco, gilt edges, by Lewis, extremely rare, if not UNIQUE, £2. 12s 6d

Rome, 1582 FALDA, Nuovo Teatro delle Fabriche et Edificii di Roma, 142 fine views of Rome and its vicinity, divided into 4 parts, viz. 1. Public Buildings; 2. Suburbs; 3. Churches; 4. Palaces-in 1 vol. oblong folio, old calf, £1. 11s 6d ib. 1665-99 the same, 4 vols. in 1, oblong folio, old red morocco, gilt edges, £1. 18s ib. 1665-99

the same, a selection of 81 of the plates, oblong folio, hf. bd. calf, 10s 6d

FONTANE DI ROMA, da Falda e Venturini, 107 fine engravings of the Fountains and Gardens of Rome and its suburbs, divided into 4 parts, viz. 1. Fountains of the Squares and public places; 2. Frascati, Tusculanum, &c; 3. Fountains of the Palaces and Gardens; 4. Fountains and Gardens of Tivoli-in 1 vol. oblong folio, old calf, £1. 16s Roma, 1691

LI GIARDINI DI ROMA, nuovamente date alle stampe da G. de SANDRART, royal oblong folio, 18 fine plates, old calf, 15s Norimbergæ FEA (Carlo) Nuova Descrizione di Roma, antica e moderna e de' suoi Contorni; sue Rarita, specialmente dopo le nuove scoperte cogli scavi, 3 vols. 12mo. plates, sd. 7s 6d

ib. 1820 FERRERIO E FALDA, Palazzi di Roma de più celebri Architetti, 2 vols. royal oblong folio, containing 105 fine Architectural Views (elevations and ground plans) of the Palaces of Rome, (including those designed by Michael Angelo, Raphael, Bramante, Giulio Romano, Vignola, &c.) half bound, russia, £1. 16s Roma, Rossi, 1665

the same, 105 plates-Giardini di Roma, da Falda, 21 large plates of Gardens, with ground plans; together 3 vols. in 1, containing 126 plates, old calf, £2. 28

ib. 1665

the same, 3 vols. in 1, neat in calf, £2. 8s FERRI (CIRO) Cupola della Chiesa di Sta. Agnese, Piazza Navona, in Roma, folio, 11 large folding plates of the fine series of Paintings on the Cupola of St. Agnes, engraved by Dorigny. old calf, £1. Is

Roma, 1695

Rome and its Environs-continued.


GIUNTOTARDI E TESTA, Raccolta delle Vedute Pittoresche di Roma e de' suoi Contorni, illustrate dal Prof. A. Nibby, atlas folio, part 1, containing 20 extremely beautiful line engravings of TIVOLI, its Gardens, Buildings, and Ornaments, 18s Roma, 1825 ROME TEMPLORUM Prospectus Exteriores Interioresque a celebrioribus Architectis inventi, nunc a Jo. Jac. Rubeis editi, royal folio, 72 plates of Temples, with plans, sections, and elevations, hf. bd. £1. Is ib. 1684 KILIAN (G. C.) Roma Antiqua, consisting of 60 double plates of the Ruins, Antiquities, and Sculpture of Rome, impl. oblong folio, hf. bd. russia, £1.58 Aug. Vind. (1770?) LABRUZZI, VIA APPIA ILLUSTRATA ab Urbe Roma ad Capuam, impl. folio, 24 fine large folding plates, with descriptions in Italian and English, (the frontispiece dedicated to SIR RICHARD COLT HOARE), half bound, very neat, £2. 2s Roma, (1800?)

the same, atlas folio, 12 plates, sd. 10s 6d` LEAR'S Views in Rome and its Environs, impl. folio, consisting of 25 fine lithographs, tinted, (pub. at £4. 4s) hf. bd. morocco, £2. 12s 6d


MEYER, l'Arte di restituire à Roma la tralasciata Navigatione del suo Tevere, folio, with 67 curious plates, vellum, 12s Roma, 1683-85 the same, old calf, 10s 6d

- MONTAGU, Nuova Raccolta delle più belle Vedute di Roma, oblong folio, containing 47 neat engravings by Montagu (an Englishman who engraved at Rome) bds. scarce, 15s Roma, 1761 NIBBY, Raccolta de' Monumenti più celebri di Roma Antica, 4to. 40 plates of the principal Buildings and Ruins, engraved by Parboni and Ruga, with descriptions in Italian and French, hf. bd. calf, 98 ib. 1818

NOLLI, Nuova Pianta di Roma. A complete and highly decorative Plan of Rome and its suburbs, on a very large scale, impl. folio, 14 folding plates, hf. bd. 12s ib. 1748 PALAZZI di Roma de più celebri Architetti, da Ferrerio, 40 plates-FONTANE di Roma, Tivoli e Frascati, 26 plates, comprising 43 engravings of Fountains-Obelischi et Colonne antiche di Roma, 11 plates, comprising 19 engravings of Obelisks and Columns-Antichità di Roma, Tivoli, Pozzuolo, &c. 50 picturesque representations of the Antiquities of Rome, &c. by Sadeler, -Antiquæ Statuæ Urbis Romæ, 18 plates, comprising 52 engravings of ancient Statues, by P. Thomassin-Piccioni's Engravings of BasReliefs on the Arch of Constantine, &c. 20 plates-Eighteen various Engravings by Rossi, representing Papal Processions, Gardens, &c. including 2 large plates of the Monument of Pope Urban VIII., in all 242 engravings, in 1 vol. oblong folio, old vellum, (from the Duke of Bedford's Library in 1736,) 18s

Roma, Rossi, 1651, &c. PIALE (St.) Vedute moderne di Roma e suoi Contorni, 4to. 24 neat Engravings, containing 48 Views, sd. 5s

ib. 1816


Rome and its Environs-continued.


ROME, a Series of Pleasing and Picturesque
Views in Rome and its Vicinity, 8vo. 27 engrav-
ings, fine impressions, bound in cloth, gilt edges,
and richly gilt sides, 7s 6d
PRONTI, Nuova Raccolta di Vedutine Antiche
della Città di Roma e sue Vicinanze, 170 small
Views, neatly engraved-PINELLI, Raccolta di
Quindici Costumi li più interessanti della Suiz-
zera, 16 fine etchings of the Costumes of Switzer-
land, 3 vols. in 1, 4to. hf. bd. 18s Roma, (1813)
ROISECCO, Roma antica e moderna, o sia
nuova Descrizione di tutti gl' Edificj antichi e
moderni, tanto sagri quanto profani, della Citta
di Roma, (compr. i lavori di Donati, Nardini,
ed altri), 3 thick vols. 12mo. with upwards of 200
ib. 1750
plates, neat vellum, 10s 6d
SADELER, Vestigi delle Antichità di Roma,
Tivoli, &c. oblong folio, 50 fine plates, German
boards, rare, 16s
Praga, 1606
the same, 4to. 44 plates, old calf neat, 9s

ih. 1606

SAMBER'S (R.) Roma Illustrata; a description of
the most beautiful pieces of Painting, Sculpture,
and Architecture, 12mo. neat, 2s 6d Lond. 1723
SCHENK (P.) Roma Eterna, sive Edificio-
rum Romanorum Conspectus Duplex, oblong
4to. 98 fine engravings of the Buildings, Ruins,
Amstel. (1700)
Gardens, &c. old calf, 10s 6d
- SILVESTRE (Israel) Profilo della Città di
Roma, four plates, forming a large panoramic
View, (about 9 feet by 3), 10s 6d

· THOMAS, UN AN AROME et dans ses En-
virons, folio, 72 extremely clever and humorous co-
loured sketches of the Pursuits, Amusements, Festi-
vals, Civil and Religious Ceremonies, and Costume
of all classes, (including the Carnivals, Masked
Balls, &c.) hf. bd. uncut, £4.4s Paris, Didot, 1823
TOFANELLI, Description des Objects de Sculp-
ture et de Peinture, qui se trouvent au Capi-
Roma, 1825
tole; 12mo. sd. 1s 6d
·UGGERI (Ang.) Edifices de Rome Ancienne;
Edifices de la Décadence; les trois Ordres
d'après les Monuments de Rome Antique;
Details des materiaux dont se servoient les An-
ciens pour la Construction de leurs Bâtiments;
avec Suppléments, 5 vols. oblong 4to. contain-
ing 94 Architectural plutes, chiefly ground plans,
ib. 1800-14
sewed, £2. 2$
più insigni Fabbriche di Roma Antica e sue
Adjacenze, con Osservazioni da VISCONTI, 7
parts-Colonna di Foca Imperatore-together
8 parts in 1, impl. folio, containing 63 fine engrav-
ings of plans, details and ornaments at large, (pub.
at £10.) neatly half bound, £5. 5s Roma, 1810-26

Contents of the 7 parts. I. Tempio di Antonino e
Faustina. II. Tempio della Sibilla in Tivoli. III. Tem-
pio di Vesta in Roma. IV. Tempio di Giove Statore.
V. Tempio di Giove Tonante. VI. Teatro di Marcello.
VII. Tempio di Marte Ultore.

- the same, part I. Tempio di Antonino e Faustina.
II. Tempio della Sibilla in Tivoli. IV. Tempio
di Giove Statore. VII. Tempio di Marte Ultore
-in 1 vol. atlas folio, 33 plates, bds. £1. 16s
ib. 1810-1822
ROMA, an extremely large and fine panoramic
View, measuring 8 feet by 31, mounted on canvass, in
ib. 1765
a handsome vellum case, £2. 12s 6d

Rome and its Environs-continued.

VASI, Itinerario Istruttivo di Roma, cont. le Descrizione di tutte le Antiche e Moderne Magnificenze, di Pittura, Scultura, etc. thick 12mo. Roma, 1777 many plates, sd. 3s - VUES PITTORESQUES DE L'ITALIE, dessinées d'après Nature et gravées à l'eau forte à Rome par trois Peintres Allemands, DIES, REINHART et MECHAU, impl. folio, containing 72 beautiful and very highly finished etchings of picturesque Italian Scenery, chiefly in the environs of Rome, calf gilt, £4. 4s (Nürnberg,) Rone, 1793-99

This is an artistical and beautiful volume. For other works on Rome. -See Barbault-Bartoli-Bellori-Cipriani-Cooke-Donatus-Fico

roni-Guattani― Lumisden-Nardini-Nibby — Overbeke-Pinelli-Piranesi —Rossi - Rossini

Sandrart-Scamozzi-Silvestre-Vasi-Vatican. ROMNEY'S Life.-See Hayley. ROQUEPLAIN, Album de Douze Dessins sur pierre, impl. 4to. 12 lithographic engravings of Monastic and Domestic Scenes, Landscapes, etc. Paris, 1830 7s 6d RoSASPINA.-See Pinacoteca-Pitture. ROSCOE'S (Th.) Wanderings and Excursions in North and South Wales, including the Scenery of the River Wye, 2 vols. royal 8vo. with 99 fine engravings by Radclyffe, from drawings by Cattermole, Cox, Creswick, etc. PROOFS, half bound, 1838-39 green morocco extra, gilt edges, £2.8s ROSELLINI, I MONUMENTI DELL' EGITTO e della Nubia, disegnati dalla spedizione scientificoletteraria Toscana in Egitto, 38 parts, elephant folio, containing 380 plates in outline, many beautifully coloured, with letter-press in 8 vols. 8vo. sewed, £39. 18s Pisa, 1832-41

This splendid work on Egyptian and Nubian Antiquities will, it is expected, shortly be completed, in 2 more parts of plates; and 2 vols. of the letterpress.

ROSINI (G.) STORIA DELLA PITTURA ITALIANA, esposta coi Monumenti, 49 parts of the plates, (containing 196) and 4 parts of letterpress in 8vo. ib. 1839-45 at 6s 6d each part

This work will be completed in about 55 parts, folio, and 6 vols. 8vo. in the course of the present year.

ROSSI, RACCOLTA DI STATUE antiche e moderne, colle sposizioni di Maffei, royal folio, with 163 very fine engravings of Statues, original impres Roma, 1704 sions, old calf, £3. 13s 6d

the same, original impressions, in stout old russia ib. 1704 binding, £5.

the same, original impressions, russia extra, full gilt on sides, leather joints and gilt edges, bound ib. 1704 by Staggemeier, £5. 15s 6d

"Recueil dont les Anciennes épreuves sont tres-

the same, second edition, 163 plates, old half
binding, uncut, (with the initials of Sir Francis
ib. 1704 (sed 1742)
Chantrey), £2. 12s 6d
RACCOLTA DI VASI diversi, da illustri Artefici
Antichi; e di varie TARGHE sopraposte alle
Fabbriche più insigne di Roma, da celebri
Architetti, royal oblong folio, containing 34 fine
plates of Vases, and 32 of Heraldic Shields and
Ornaments, old vellum, (from Horace Walpole's
ib. 1713
collection), £1. 16s

SCHERZI POETICI, e Pittorici, 8vo. 32 pleas-
ing compositions of emblematical subjects, colourea,
each accompanied by descriptive verses, 10s 6d
Parma, Bodoni, 1795

Gemme Antiche Figurate - See Gems.

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