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ENCYCLOPEDIE METHODIQUE: Vers, Coquilles Mollusques et Zoophytes, par Bruguière, Lamouroux, Bory de St. Vincent et Deslongchamps, 7 vols. 4to. with 488 plates of Shells, Zoophytes, etc. complete, (4 vols. of letter press and 3 of plates,) calf gilt, fine set, £9. 9s

Paris, 1792-1832 the same, with the 488 plates, and letterpress to the end of E, in 4 vols. 4to. half bound, £4. 4s

the same, plates 96 to 189, containing all the Echini, Chitons, Multivalves, &c. 4to. boards, 15s

ICHTHYOLOGIE, par Bonnaterre, 102 plates; Dictionnaire des Poissons; Dictionnaire de toutes les espèces de Pèches, 114 plates, together 3 vols. 4to. with 210 plates, calf gilt, fine set, £3. 3s Par. 1787-96

ICHTHYOLOGIE par l'Abbé Bonnaterre et Dictionnaire des Poissons, par M. D'Aubenton, 2 vols. 4to. with 102 plates, containing 413 figures of Sea and River Fish, half bound, £1. 5s

REPTILES, BALEINES, etc. sous les titres, Erpetologie; Cetologie; Ophiologie; 3 parts in 1 vol. 4to. containing 81 plates of Whales, Frogs, Lizards, Tortoises, Serpents, &c. russia, marbled leaves, £1. 16s ib. 1789 Recueil des Planches du Dictionnaire de Chimie et de Métallurgie; 1re partie; Chimie, royal 4to. 31 plates, boards, 7s 6d ib. 1813

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the same, without plates, sewed, 5s ENGELHARDT (M.) das Felsgebäude Russlands, Part 1, containing a geological Treatise on Finland, folio, with 4 large coloured plates, sewed, 7s Berlin, 1820 ESPER (E. I. C.) Die Pflanzenthiere, i. e. the Zoophytes represented and described after Nature, with all the Supplements, bound in 7 vols. 4to. containing 442 fine coloured plates, (pub. at upwards of £16. 16s) cloth boards, £7.7s Nürnberg, 1791, &c. FAIRHOLME'S (Geo.) General View of the Geology of the Deluge and Scripture, 8vo. boards, 1833 FAUJAS St. Fond (B.) Essais de Géologie, ou Mémoires pour servir à l'Histoire Naturelle du Globe, 2 vols. in 3, 8vo. with 29 plates, french calf, marbled edges, 15s Paris, 1805-9 FERBER'S Travels through Italy, in the years 1771 and 1772, described in a Series of Letters to Baron Born, on the Natural History, particularly the Mountains and Volcanos of that Country, 8vo. very neat, 5s 1776 FERUSSAC (Daud. de) Essai d'une Méthode Conchyliologique, 8vo. calf, neat, 5s Paris, 1807 FISHERIES. A Volume containing 8 Tracts, relating to the English, Scotch and Dutch Fisheries, Natural History of the Herring, &c. mostly printed between 1750 and 1800, thick 8vo. half bound, morocco extra, gilt edges, contents lettered, 10s 6d FISHING-Duhamel du Monceau, Traité général

des Pêches et Histoire des Poissons qu'elles fournissent, tant pour la Subsistance des Hommes que pour plusieurs autres Usages, qui ont rapport aux Arts et au Commerce, 4 vols. in 3, folio, with 250 plates, illustrating all the modes of River and Sea fishing, y net, angle, spearing, &c. in different parts of the world, £2. 12s 6d Paris, 1769-82

FORSTER (Westgarth) on a Section of the Strata from Newcastle upon Tyne to the Mountain of Cross Fell, with Remarks on Mineral Veins, royal 8vo. 14 plates, bds. 16s Alston, 1821 FOSSILIA.-Fougt Corallia Baltica, Upsal. 1745 -J. J. Baieri Sciagraphia Musei sui, acced. Supplementa Oryctographia Norica. Norimb. 1730-A. J. D. Dargenville Fossilia Galliæ, Paris, 1751-Tubuli Marini, sec. Dispos. Musei Kleiniani; item de Pilis Marinis, Gedani, 1731-J. J. Bajer de Foss. et Min. Norimb. Norimb. 1708, in 1 vol. 4to. with many plates, half bound, 10s 6d

GEOFFROY (E. T.) Traité des Coquilles qui se trouvent aux Environs de Paris, with 3 plates, Paris, 1767-Histoire des Coquilles qui vivent aux Environs de Paris par Brard; with 10 fine coloured plates, together in 1 vol. 12mo. calf gilt, 10s 6d Paris, 1815 GEOLOGICAL SOCIETY'S TRANSACTIONS, First Series, 5 vols. in 9 parts, completeSecond Series, 6 vols. in 15 parts, together 11 vols. in 24 parts, 4to. maps and plates, boards, £26. 5s the same, First Series, complete in 5 vols. -Second Series, Vols. 1, 2, 3, together 8 vols. 4to. calf, £16. 16s 1811-32


the same, First Series, Vols. 1 to 3, hf, bd. russia, 1811-16-Second Series, Vols. 1; 2. part 1; 3, part 1; 5, part 1, 1824-37-together 7 vols. 4to. plates

the same, First Series, vol. 1, 4to. with 24 plates, boards, £1. 1s


the same, Second Series, vol. 1 part 2, 4to. plates, £1. 5s 1824 GINANNI (Gius.) Opere Postume conteng. cento quattordici Pianti che vegetano nel Mare Adriatico, e Testacei Marittimi Paludosi e Terrestri dell' Adriatico e del Territorio di Ravenna, 2 vols. 4to. with 92 plates of Fuci and Shells, half bound, £2. 12s 6d Venez. 1757 GOEPPERT (H. R.) die Fossilen Farrnkräuter, 4to. with 44 plates, cont. numerous fossil plants, sewed, £2.2s Breslau, 1836 GOEZE (J. A. E.) Naturgeschichte der Eingeweidewürmer mit Nachtrag, 2 vols. with 50 plates of intestinal Worms, neatly half bound, calf, £1. 5s Blank. et Leip. 1782-1800 GOLDFUSS, Petrefacta Musei Universitatis regiæ Borussica, Rhenanæ Bonnensis, nec non Hoeninghusiani Crefeldensis, Iconibus et Descriptionibus illustratæ, 6 parts, folio, with 146 plates, £8. Dusseld. 1826-35 This work will be completed in one more part, price £2. GRONOVII (L. T.) Museum Ichthyologicum, acce

dunt nonnullorum Exoticorum Piscium icones et Amphibiorum animalium Historia Zoologica, roy. folio, 7 plates, calf, 15s Lugd. Bat. 1754-56 GROUNER, Histoire naturelle des Glaciers de Suisse, trad. par Keralio, 4to. 21 plates, calf, very neat, 10s 6d Paris, 1770 GRUBE (A. E.) de Pleione Carunculata, Dissertatio Zootomica, 4to. with 1 plate, sewed, 2s 6d GUALTIERI INDEX TESTARUM CONCHYLIORUM, Region. 1837 royal folio, with 110 large plates, exhibiting above OF SHELLS, sewed,


£1. 16s

Florent. 1742 plates, vellum,

ib. 1742

the same, royal folio, Horace Walpole's copy, £2. 5s Cuvier says of this work "les figures en sont nom breuses et exactes."

GUERIN (F.E.) Magasin de Zoologie, Section contenant les Mollusques, &c. 8vo. with 99 beautiful coloured plates of Shells, Zoophytes, Snails, etc. unbound and arranged by the late Dr. Goodall, Paris, 1832 HAMILTON'S (Francis Buchanan) Account of the Fishes found in the River Ganges and its Branches, 4to. with oblong folio atlas of 39 beautiful engravings, (pub. at £5. 5s) bds. 18s

KARSTEN'S Grundriss der Metallurgie und der metallurgischen Hüttenkunde, 8vo. (pub. at 10s unbound) neat, 3s 6d Breslau, 1818


Edinb. 1822 HAMILTON'S (Sir W.) Observations on Mount Vesuvius, Mount Etna, and other Volcanos, 8vo. plates, neat, 4s 6d 1772 HARTMANN'S (I. D. W.) Erdwasser-und-Süsswasser-Gasteropoden, 4 parts in 3, royal 8vo. with 36 tinted plates, (pub. at £1. 8s) sewed, 12s St. Gallen, 1840

the same, 4 parts, royal 8vo. with beautifully coloured plates, (pub. at £3.) sewed, £1. 4s HAWKINS' (Th.) Memoirs of Ichthyosauri and Plesiosauri, extinct Monsters of the Ancient Earth, imp. fol. 28 plates of Fossil Organic Remains, (pub. at £2. 10s) cloth, £1. 1s HOLMES (J. H. H.) on the Coal Mines of Durham


and Northumberland, 8vo. 6 plates, bds. 4s 1816 HUEBER (G. L.) Lithographia Wirceburgensis,


ducentis Lapidum figuratorum, a potiori Insectiformium, specimen primum, folio, 22 plates of fossils, calf, 15s Wire. N. D. HUMBOLDT (Alex. de) Geonostical Essay on the Superposition of Rocks in both Hemispheres, 8vo. cloth bds. 6s HUTTON'S (James) Theory of the Earth, with Proofs and Illustrations, 2 vols. 8vo. plates, neat in calf, scarce, £1. 8s Edinb. 1795 JAMIESON'S Mineralogy of the Scottish Isles, (the Hebrides, Orkneys, Shetland, &c.) 2 vols. 4to. plates and maps, (pub. at £1. 16s) boards, 148 Edinb. 1800

the same, 2 vols. 4to. calf gilt, £1. 1s the same, 2 vols. in 1, 4to. neat in calf, 17s JARDINE'S NATURALISTS' LIBRARY ICHTHYOLOGY, viz. PERCH FAMILY, also the Nature, Structure, and Economical Uses of Fishes by Bushnan, 2 vols. 12mo. 65 coloured plates, with Portraits of Sir J. Banks and Salviani, cloth, 10s Edinb. 1835 AMPHIBIOUS CARNIVORA, (Walrus, Seals, &c.) 33 coloured plates, with Portrait of F. Peron, cloth, 5s ib. 1839 FISHES OF GUIANA, 2 vols. 12mo. 68 coloured plates, with Portrait of Schomburgk, cloth, 10s ib. 1841 BRITISH FISHES, by R. Hamilton, 2 vols. 12mo. 68 coloured plates, with portraits of Rondelet and Humboldt, cloth, 10s ib. 1843 JARS, Voyages Métallurgiques, ou Recherches et Observations sur les Mines et Forges de Fer, faites en Allemagne, Suède, Norwège, Angleterre, et Ecosse, 3 vols. 4to. plates, very neat, £1. 4s Lyon, 1774-77 “Ouvrage très estimé, et dont l'edition est épuisée."


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KIDD'S (Dr. J.) Outlines of Mineralogy, 2 vols. 8vo bds. 7s


KIRCHNER (T. W.) die Versteinerungen und Fossilien bei Sorau gefunden, 4to. 2 plates of fossils, sewed, 2s 6d Sorau, 1834 KIRWAN'S (R.) Elements of Mineralogy, 2nd edition, improved, 2 vols. 8vo. calf gilt, 10s 6d


1794-96 KIRWAN'S Geological Essays 8vo. calf, neat, 6s KLAPROTH'S (M. X.) Essays on Chemical Knowledge of Mineral Substances, 2 vols. 8vo. bds. scarce, £1. 5s 1801-4 the same, 2 vols. 8vo. hf. bd. calf, £1. 7s KLEIN (Jac. Theod.) Methodus Östracologica, sive Dispositio Naturalis Cochlidum et Concharum, 4to. 12 plates, containing several hundred specimens of shells, calf gilt, 15s Lug. Bat. 1753 KLEIN Specimen Descriptionis Petrefactorum Gedanensium, folio, with 24 finely coloured plates of petrifactions in the neighbourhood of Dantzig, calf, scarce, £1. 10s

Nurnberg, 1770 KLEIN Ichthyologia, seu Historia Piscium Naturalis, 5 parts in 1 vol. roy. 4to. LARGE PAPER, with portrait and 53 plates, hf. bd. 10s 6d Gedani, 1740-49 Idem, editio secunda, edidit J. J. Walbaum, royal 4to. LARGE PAPER, with portrait and 53 plates, calf extru, 15s Lips. 1802 KLEIN Summa dubiorum circa classes Quadrupedum et Amphibiorum in Linnæi systemate naturæ, 2 plates, Lips. 1743-A. Scilla de corporibus Marinis Lapidescentibus, 30 plates, Rom. 1747--J. B. Bohadsch de quibusdam animalibus Marinis, 12 plates, Dresd. 1761 -together in 1 vol. 4to. calf extra, marbled edges, 16s

KNORR (G. W.) Les Délices des Yeux et de l'Esprit, ou Collection des différentes Espèces de Coquillages que la Mer renferme, 6 vols. in 3, 4to. 190 beautifully coloured plates of shells, with descriptive text, remarkably fine original copy in old russia, bright gilt backs and borders, gilt edges, Fonthill binding, £7. 17s 6d

Nuremb. 1760-73 KNORR et WALCH, Recueil des Monumens des Catastrophes que le Globe de la Terre a essuyées, contenant des Pétrifications et d'autres Pierres curieuses, avec Tables systematiques et alphabetiques, 4 vols. in 5, fol. with portrait and 272 coloured plates, very neat in calf, £13. 13s ib. 1768-78 the same, with the "Tables" complete, 4 vols. folio, coloured plates, russia extra, gilt edges, very fine set, £16. 16s ib. 1768-78 the same, without the "Tables," 4 vols. folio, coloured plates, calf, very neat, £10. 10s ib 1768-78

LACEPEDE, Histoire Naturelle des Poissons, 5 vols. in 6, 116 plates-Cetacées, 1 vol. 14 plates -together 7 vols. 4to. bds. uncut, £4. 4s Paris, 1798-1804 LAMARCK, Histoire Naturelle des Animaux sans Vertèbres, 7 vols. 8vo. calf, very neat, £3. Paris, 1815-22 LAMARCK'S Arrangement of Testacea, (An Epitome of) by Charles Dubois, 12mo. bds. 5s 1824


Translation of his Descriptions of both the recent and Fossil Genera, illustrated by 22 highly-finished Lithographic Plates, comprising nearly 400 accurate Figures of Shells drawn by J. Mawe, edited by EDMUND A. CROUCH, F.L.S., roy. 4to. (pub. at £1. 11s 6d) in extra cloth bds. 10s 6d 1827 the same, WITH THE PLATES BEAUTIFULLY COLOURED, (pub. at £3. 3s) elegantly bound in gilt cloth, £1. 11s 6d

"This work will be found admirably adapted for the purpose for which it is intended, viz. to introduce to the student the improved system of Conchology, founded by the celebrated French naturalist Lamarck, which is done in a clear and concise manner, by giving a short adequate description of the various classes, orders, families, and genera, composing the system; accompanied with illustrations of characteristic and generally well known species, drawn from nature. We can strongly recommend it to the attention of all those who feel interested in this department of natural history. The plates, twenty-two in number, are thickly though not confusedly studded with figures-indeed, considerable taste is displayed in their arrangement; they are beautifully coloured, and have more the appearance of highly-finished drawings than merely tinted engravings, and on the whole, it reflects great credit upon the artist-anthor." Literary Gazette. LAMARCK, Memoires des Fossiles des Environs de Paris, 4to. (284 pages, without title, being a portion of the Annales du Museum) bds. 7s 6d Paris, 1802 LAMOUROUX (J. V. F.) Histoire des Polypiers Coralligènes Flexibles, vulgairement nommé Zoophytes, 8vo. with 19 plates, bds. 14s

Caen, 1816 LAMOUROUX'S Corallina, or a Classical Arrangement of Flexible Coralline Polypidoms, 8vo. 19 plates, bds. 10s 6d 1824 LAMOUROUX Exposition Méthodique des Genres de l'Ordre des Polypiers, 4to. 84 plates, calf extra, marb. edges, £2. 5s Paris, 1821 LEA'S (Isaac) Observations on the Genus Unio, Vol. II. 4to. with 24 beautifully coloured plates of shells, bds. 18s Philadelphia, 1838 LEACH, Malacostraca Podophthalma Britanniæ ; or a Monograph of the British Crabs, Lobsters, Prawns, and other Crustacea, with pedunculated Eyes, 17 parts, 4to. complete, coloured plates, (pub. at £6. 7s 6d) £4. 4s 1817-20

the same, 4to cloth boards, lettered, £4. 4s LICE-Eleven Plates, comprehending 70 coloured Microscopic figures of Lice, 4to. 10s 6d LIEBKNECHT (I. G.) Hassiae Subterraneæ specimen clarissima testimonia Diluvii Universalis, 4to. with 16 folding plates, hf. bd. vellum, 8s Francof. 1759 LINDLEY and Hutton's Fossil Flora of Great Britain, or Figures and Descriptions of the Vegetable Remains found in a fossil state in this country, 24 parts, forming 3 vols. 8vo. 230 plates, complete as far as published, £6. 1831-37 LISTERI (M.) Historia Animalium Angliæ Tractatus

tres: 1. de Araneis. 2. de Cochleis ter. et Fluv. 3. de Cochleis Marinis, 4to. 9 plates, old calf, rare, 10s 6d Lond. 1678 LISTERI Exercitatio Anatomica altera in qua de Buccinis, Fluv. et Marinis, etc. 8vo. 5 plates of shells, calf, 4s 6d LISTERI Conchyliorum Bivalvium utriusque Aquæ Exercitatio Anatomica tertia, etc., 4to. with 10 plates, culf, 5s



CHYLIORUM, recensuit et Indice locupletissimo instruxit L. W. Dillwyn, 2 vols. folio, 108 plates, russia, neat, (the Index half bound russia, uniform,) £6. 16s 6d Oxon. Typ. Clar. 1770-1823 To a Conchologist, this is a very interesting copy, having many references and remarks in the beautiful handwriting of Dr. Goodall, the late Provost of Eton. LUIDII (E.) Lithophylacii Britannici Ichnographia, sive Lapidum aliorumque, Fossilium Britannicorum singulari figura insignium, Distributio classica, edidit Huddesford, 8vo. 25 plates, best edition, fine copy in calf, scarce, 9s Oxon. 1760 LYELL'S Principles of Geology, being an attempt to explain the former Changes of the Earth's Surface, 3 vols. 8vo. 3 plates and wood-cuts, bds. £1. 10s 1830-33 the same, 3 vols. 12mo. sixth edition, bds. £1. Is 1840 LYELL'S Elements of Geology, for the use of Beginners, 12mo. 300 wood-cuts, bds. 6s 1838 the same, second edition, enlarged, 2 vols. 12mo. woodcuts, bds. 16s MACCULLOCH'S (Dr. John) Description of the Western Islands of Scotland, including the Isle of Man, comprising an Account of their Geological Structure, with Remarks on their Agriculture, Scenery, and Antiquities, 2 vols. 8vo. and 4to. atlas of 43 maps and plates with explanations, (pub. at £3. 3s) hds. scarce, £2. 5s 1819

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the same, 2 vols. 8vo. and 4to. atlas, half bound, calf, £2. 5s

the same, calf extra, £2. 12s 6d "Although, as might be expected from the pursuits of the Author, mineralogy and geology are particularly attended to, yet this work is valuable and instructive also on the subjects of the agriculture, scenery, antiquities, and economy of these islands, and is, indeed, a work of great merit "-Stevenson. MACCULLOCH'S System of Geology, with a Theory of the Earth, and an Explanation of its Connection with the Sacred Records, 2 vols. 8vo. calf extra, marbled edges, bds. £1. 10s 1831 MACGILLIVRAY'S History of the Molluscous and Cirripedal Animals of Scotland, particularly as found in the North Eastern Shires, second edition, 12mo. (pub. at 8s) bds. 4s

1844 MANTELL'S Fossils of the South Downs, or Illustrations of the Geology of Sussex, 4to. with 1822 42 plates, (pub. at £3. 3s) bds. £2. 2s "My attention was first drawn to these remains by Mr. Mantell, who has illustrated the subject in his excellent work on the Fossils of the South Downs." Parkinson's Organic Remains. "For the detailed history of the Organic Remains of the Wealden formation, see Mr. Mantell's highly instructive and accurate volume on the Geology of Sussex."-Buckland's Bridgewater Treatise.


MANTELL'S Geology of the South East of England, 8vo. 75 plates, boards, 18s MANTELL'S (Dr. Gideon) Wonders of Geology, or a Familiar Exposition of Geological Phenomena, 4th edition, illustrated by a beautiful frontispiece by John Martin, coloured plates, and upwards of 150 wood-cuts, 2 vols. fcap. 8vo. (pub. at 18s) extra cloth bds. 14s 1840

the same, LARGE paper, (printed to correspond in size and appearance with the Bridgewater Treatises) 2 vols. 8vo. (pub. at £1. 8s) extra cloth, £1. Is

"Of this work it is scarcely possible to speak in terms of too high commendation. It is, in fact such a work, as but few living authors could have

written. It forms an admirable Manual of Geology, comprised in a series of lectures, commencing with the most recent formations, down to the primary rocks. The whole of these extensive and varied subjects are arranged with a perspicnity, and treated with a talent peculiar to their highly gifted author, whose method and style are as clear, eloquent, and attractive, as his scientific attainments are accurate and profound."

"For the proficient in this branch of knowledge Dr. Mantell's work provides an accurate and complete hand-book wherein the chief points of the science are classified and laid down; and for the general reader the style of the book is so agreeable, the explanation so clear, and, above all, the subjects so extraordinarily interesting, that he cannot do better than purchase and study it, we cannot, we think, do him a greater service than most earnestly to recommend him to read it."-Times.

"The WONDERS OF GEOLOGY,' by Dr. Mantell, present the substance of the Geological Lectures delivered by him at Brighton. It contains, indeed, the principal WONDERS of the science; but it would be great injustice to consider it as a mere collection of mirabilia. It embraces a regular system of Geology, exhibiting its leading facts, and clearly elucidating its philosophy; the latter being the great object of the work. In point of science it is precise, accurate, condensed, and commendative in proof, conducting the pupil forward by a series of steps, grateful in the progress, and conclusive in the result; no important facts are omitted, and none are unduly expounded. The style is lucid and flowing, but simple and elevated, while the figures render every thing intelligible even to the unscientific reader. The introduction which precedes, and the retrospect which closes each lecture, afford an admirable summary both of facts and doctrine; and are distinguished for graphic power, eloqnent diction, and comprehensive views. The greatest excellence of Dr. Mantell's work, however, is that it forms an excellent pioneer and conductor for the pupil attending a course of lectures; and even for the private student, who has to work his way without a guide. In both these respects it is superior to any book with which we are acquainted: it is a work of delightful entertainment, as well as of instruction."Medical Journal of Science.

"The admirable volumes before us exhibit the most prominent of the facts which the labours of the geologist have already disclosed; and amongst the most successful of these scientific labourers is the author himself. The Wonders of Geology' contain within them those materials which are calculated to engage the highest qualities of the understanding, and to induce a train of reflection and habits which may be productive of the greatest possible moral and intel· lectual advantages, not only to young persons of both sexes, but to individuals of mature years and cultivated minds; we strongly recommend them to all classes of our readers."-The Lancet.

MANTELL'S (DR. GIDEON) THOHGHTS ON A PEBBLE, or a First Lesson in Geology, sixth edition, square 12mo. coloured plates, gilt cloth, 2$ 1842

DR. MANTELL'S NEW WORK. In the Press, and speedily will be published, in two volumes, fcap. 8vo. uniform with the WONDERS OF GEOLOGY, by the same author,


REMAINS, by Gideon Algernon Mantell, LL,D.,
F.R.S, &c. with coloured plates, and numerous
wood-cuts of Organic Remains.

This work is intended to supply, what has long been felt as a desideratum, an easy introduction to the study of Fossils. It will comprise Fossil Botany and Zoology, with simple directions for the collection, developement, and microscopical examination of Organic Remains; and Narratives of Geological Excursions to various places in England, in illustration of the mode of investigating geological phenomena, and of collecting specimens; namely, to the Isle of Sheppey, Brighton, Lewes, Tilgate Forest, Faringdon, Swindon, Calne, Bath, Bristol, Matlock, Crich Hil, &c.

MARSILLI (Louis Ferd. Comte de) Histoire Physique de la Mer, folio, with 40 fine coloured plates of Corallines, and other Marine productions, also a duplicate set of plates uncoloured, remarkably fine copy, in old french morocco, gilt edges, £1. 18s Amst. 1725 MARTIN'S (W.) Figures and Descriptions of Petrifactions collected in Derbyshire, 4to. 52 coloured plates, boards, £1. 11s 6d Wigan, 1809 the same, 4to. calf extra, marbled edges,


£1. 16s MARTINI und CHEMNITZ, Neues Systematisches Conchylien-Cabinet, 11 vols. 4to. 406 finely coloured plates of Shells, hf. bd. calf gilt, marbled edges; including the printed Index; also an additional Index in Manuscript, arranged after Gmelin's Linnæus-together 12 vols. fine original set, £22. Nürnberg, 1769.95

This is the grandest work on Conchology ever produced in Germany; it was published at 210 rix dollars, and is now considered very scarce. The present is a very fine original set, coloured during the lifetime of the authors.

MARTYN'S UNIVERSAL CONCHOLOGIST, exhibiting the Figure of every known Shell, many of them nondescript, from the South Seas, all accurately drawn, and painted after Nature; with a new systematic Arrangement (in English and French,) 4 vols. atlas 4to. 161 plates, comprising 322 figures of Shells most exquisitely coloured by the author himself, very fine copy, lately from the choice collection of Mr. Gray of Harringay Park, and formerly from the Collection of Sir Wm. Hamilton, 4 vols. atlas 4to. 161 plutes, exquisitely coloured, and mounted on stout blue paper, neatly bound, £18. 18s

rarest occurrence.


Complete copies of this beautiful work are of the Sir Joseph Banks could never obtain more than about half the work. The present choice copy is accompanied by a very interesting autograph letter of the author to Sir William Hamilton, for whom, it appears, this copy was expressly coloured, by Martyn himself, as a permanent evidence of the perfection and extent of his Conchological labours.

the same work, the first 2 vols. only, containing 80 plates, chiefly of the South Sea shells, which were published separately, all exquisitely coloured like drawings, mounted on blue paper, vols. atlas 4to. red morocco, gilt edges, £6. 6s

These make very fine drawing room volumes, there being nothing so beautiful in Conchology. MEIDINGER, Icones Piscium Austria Indigenorum, folio, with 40 coloured plates, hf. bd. uncut, scarce, £2. 2s Vienna, 1785-90 MEYER (Herm.) die Fossilen Zähne und Knochen, und ihre Ablagerung in Bayern, 4to. 14 plates, of fossil teeth and bones, sewed, 10s 6d

Frankf. 1834 MILLER'S (J. S.) Natural History of the Crinoidea, or Lily-Shaped Animals; with Observations on the Genera Asteria, Euryale, Comatula, and Marsupites, royal 4to. with 50 coloured plates, boards, £2.5s Bristol, 1821

the same, 4to. coloured plates, calf, very neat, £2.8s ib. 1821 MISCELLANIES.-Leach's (W. E.) Observations on the Genus Ocythoë of Rafinesque (a Parasite of the Naute'us,) 1817, plates-On the Mammoth or Fossil Elephant, found in Siberia, 1819, with plates-Ferussac, Concordance Sys

tematiques pour les Mollusques Terrestres et Fluviatiles de la Grande Bretagne-Anatomie et Monographie du Genre Dentale par M. G. P. DESHAYES, 1825, plates-Sowerby's Remarks on the Genera Orbicula and Crania, 1818, coloured plate-Jeffrey's Synopsis of the Testaceous Pneumonobranchous Mollusca of Great Britain, 1828, and various other similar Tracts, in 1 vol. 4to. calf extra, £1. 4s MONRO'S Structure and Physiology of Fishes explained, and compared with those of Man and other Animals, folio, 44 plates, Dr. W. Hunter's copy, with his Autograph, neat, 10s 6d Edinb.1785 MONTAGU'S (GEORGE) TESTACEA BRITANNICA, or Natural History of British Shells, Marine, Land, and Fresh-Water, including the most minute; systematically arranged; 3 vols. 4to. including the Supplement; coloured plates, very 1803-8 neat in calf gilt, £18. 188

THIS COPY IS SINGULARLY VALUABLE TO THE BRITISH CONCHOLOGIST, AND OUGHT MOST UNQUESTIONABLY TO BE PLACED IN SOME PUBLIC LIBRARY. IT CONTAINS VERY EXTENSIVE ADDITIONS, CORRECTIONS, TRACINGS OF SHELLS, &c. BY THE LATE REV. DR. GOODALL, Provost of Eton, of whose persevering industry and devotion to science, illustrative of the natural productions of his native country, every page bears the fullest testimony. The additions are at least equal to, if not more, than the work itself, and are written in his peculiarly beautiful, small, and distinct style. The great quantity of additional matter as well as additional plates, which these volumes contain, would render a new edition of this valuable work very complete. MONTFORT (Denys de) Histoire Naturelle des Mollusques, Animaux sans Vertèbres et à Sang Blanc, continuée par F. de Roissy, 6 vols. in 3, 8vo. with 72 plates, hf. bd. calf, 18s Paris, 1802-5 MONTFORT (Denys de) Conchyliologie Systématique et Classification méthodique des Coquilles (Univalves), 2 vols. 8vo. with numerous cuts of the Shells, coloured, calf extra, marbled edges, £1.8s ib. 1808 MONTPEREUX (F. du Bois de) Conchiologie Fossile, et aperçu Géognostique des formations du plateau Wolhyni-Podolien, 4to. VELLUM PAPER, map and 8 fine plates, containing numerous figures, bds. gilt edges, 14s Berlin, 1831 MUELLER'S (O. F.) Entomostraca seu Insecta

Testacea in aquis Daniæ et Norvegia, 4to. with 21 coloured plates, hf. bd. neat, 188 Lips. 1785 MUELLER'S (O.F.) Animalcula Infusoria fluviatilia et marina, cura O. Fabricii, 4to. with 50 coloured plates, very neat in russia, £2. 2s Hauniæ, 1786 This fine copy belonged to the late Dr. Goodall, Provost of Eton, who has filled in the names of each subject on the plates, with references to Lamarck and others, in his beautiful handwriting. MUELLER (Th.) Synopsis novorum Generum, Specierum et var. Testaceorum viventium, 8vo. hf. bd. calf gilt, 12s Berol. 1836 MURCHISON'S Silurian System, founded on Geological Researches, in the Counties of Salop, Hereford, Radnor, Montgomery, Caermarthen, Brecon, Pembroke, Monmouth, Gloucester, Worcester, and Stafford; with Descriptions of the Coal Fields, and Overlying Formations, 2 vols. royal 4to. illustrated by five large Geological Maps, coloured to represent the various Strata, 166 plates of Fossils, and fine woodcuts, (pub. at £8. 8s) sewed, £6. 6s 1839

Of this extremely valuable work but very few copies remain for sale.-The large Map in this splendid work alone cost Fifteen Hundred Pounds.

"Mr. Murchison is well known at hoine as one of the leading founders and honorary officers of the

Geological Society; and the eminent position which that society at present occupies in public estimation is in a great degree attributable to his exertions. But he is equally known to all European Geologists as one of the most indefatigable votaries of the science; and the examination which for many years past he has been engaged in prosecuting, of the border counties of Wales and England, (the Siluria of Caractacus,) has long been looked to by British and continental geologists with great interest. His work is a contribution to our knowledge of the mineral character and geological history of these important districts-indeed, of a considerable area of Great Britain-the value of which cannot but be gratefully acknowledged by the public. We know, indeed, of no mode in which an individual of competent fortune and acquirements could render a greater service to the community than that which has been adopted in this instance. We say of competent fortune-because it will be obvious to any one who merely glances over the pages of this voluminous and magnificently illustrated work, that without reckoning the years of active and industrious research required for the collection and arrangement of its details, the mere publication could never have been undertaken but in a spirit of total disregard to pounds, shillings, and pence. This work, indeed, presents a singular example of the perfection to which the art of illustrating scientific memoirs has attained in this country, and an equally remarkable monument of the accomplished writer's zeal, industry, and munificent devotion to science. The interest of our author's book is by no means confined to the description of venerable depo. sits the earliest known records of animated existence. It comprehends, likewise, a most complete survey of the entire geology of that large and important division of the island in which these rocks occur, the greater part of which bad either not been described at all, or had been laid down very imperfecly by preceding writers, and without a clear appreciation of the true relations and structure of the several groups of stratified and intrusive rocks which constitute that region. To the inhabitants of this district, and espe cially the owners of its soil, and those whose capital is embarked in the working of its mineral resources, it is evident that Mr. Murchison's work must present matter of the deepest interest, containing as it does the amplest detail, both descriptive and illustrative, of the mineral structure of the country, upwards of a hundred highly finished and coloured sections, numerous pictorial views, a complete atlas of plates representing organic remains, and finally, a map of large dimensions, coloured geologically, and executed with a precision and effect that had certainly never been equalled in any previous scientific publication. Included in the work is a description and catalogue of organic remains. Elaborate engravings are given of about 350 species, three-fourths of which are new to the scientific world. And it is upon this that the chief merit of our author's labours is based, since he demonstrates that, independently of all local or mineral distinctions, these Silurian rocks contain vast quantities of organic remains-a fauna of their owntotally distinct, except in a very few individual instances, from the fossils of the overlying systems."— Quarterly Review.

"This is a very important work, and one which ought to be found in every scientific library both at home and abroad, in the old world and in the new In whichever point of view we consider it, it is alike honourable to its author. As a contribution to geolo gical science, any effort to classify and systematise the older rocks and their organic remains must have deserved a very high eulogium; but when we see this done for the first time, after so vart a field of labour, and with so much skill and ability we know not in what terms sufficiently laudatory to express the obligation of the public, and of geoloists in particular, for the producing of so truly valuable a work. must contribute largely to the advancement of geology; and is, indeed, in our judgment, not only a credit to the individual, but to the national character. These illustrations are not beautiful, they are magnificent; and the map is one of extraordinary completeness and scientific interest."-Literary Gazette.


NORTH'S (Hon. Roger) Discourse of Fish and 1714 Fish-Ponds, 12mo. neat, 6s

the same, new editioa, imp. 4to. with 18 coloured plates by Ebenezer Albin, hf. bd. calf', gilt edges, 18s Goodwin, N. D.

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