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Paris, 1784

EDMONSON'S Complete Body of Heraldry, 2 | GENEALOGIE de la Maison de Montesquiouvols. folio, plates, very neat, £5. 5s Fezensac, suivie de ses Preuves, (par Cherin GIBBONI (Johannis) Introductio ad Latinam et Vergès) 4to. calf, 15s Blasoniam, or, an Essay to a more correct Blason in Latine than formerly had been used, sm. 12mo. cuts, calf, 7s

the same, LARGE PAPER, 2 vols. royal folio, plates, very neat in russia, gilt edges, £6.6s 1780 the same, LARGE PAPER, 2 vols. a remarkably beautiful copy in old red morocco, broad tooled borders, gilt edges, by Montague, £10. 10s 1780 Present Peerages, with Plates of Arms, and an Introduction to Heraldry, 8vo. with 86 plates, neat, 7s 1785

EGLINTON FAMILY, Account of the, and of the Tournament in 1839, royal 4to. with 5 plates, cloth, 58 1839 ELORZA Y RADA, Nobiliario de el Valle de la Valdorba, illustrada con los Escudos de Armas de sus Palacios y Casas Nobles, sm. 4to. with 200 Coats of Arms and Vignettes, limp vellum, 10s 6d Pamplona, 1714 ENDERBIE'S Cambria Triumphans-See Engl. Books. ENGLISH BARONETS, being a Genealogical and


Historical Account of their Families, 3 thick vols. 16mo. with numerous engraved Coats of Arms, very neat, 7s 6d ERATH, Conspectus Historia Brunsvico-Luneburgica Universalis in Tabulas chronologicas et genealogicas divisus, royal folio, neat, from the library of the Duke of Sussex, 10s 6d Brunsv. 1745 FAVINE'S Theater of Honour and Knighthood, (including the Orders of England, Scotland, and Ireland), vols. in 1, folio, numerous cuts, old calf, £1.8s


"The most valuable treatise we have in English upon the Foreign Orders of Knighthood."-Moule. FRANCKENAU Bibliotheca Hispanica HistoricoGenealogico-Heraldica, sm. 4to. old calf, 5s Lipsia, 1724 ib. 1724

the same, 4to. vellum, 7s

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Containing the fullest information respecting the Heraldic writers of Spain."-MOULE. GALE, Reg. Honoris de Richmond-See English Hist. GAUS, Arboretum Genealogicum, exhibens omnes

fere Imperii, Principes, et Europa hodie Reges, linea recta descendentes a Rudolpho 1. Imp. sm. folio, 15 finely engraved Genealogical Tables of the House of Austria, calf, neat, from the Duke of Sussex's Library, 18s Colonia, 1638 GARIBAY, Illustraciones Genealogicas de los Catholicos Reyes de les Españas, y de los Christianissimos de Francia, y de los Imperadores de Constantinopla, folio, portrait, Couts of Arms, and 130 Genealogical Tables, engraved on wood, very neat, rare, £2. 8s Madrid, 1596 GEBHARDI Genealogische Geschichte der Erb

lichen Reichs-Stände in Teutschland (Genealogical History of the Hereditary Nobility and Gentry in Germany), 3 vols. 4to. plates of Armoury and numerous genealogical Tables, hf. bd. calf, £1. 10s Halle, 1777-85 GELBRE's Orders of Knighthood-See page 297. GENEALOGICAL and Historical Tables: schicht en Geslagtkundige Aanmerkingen aantoonende, royal folio, 22 large and finely engraved genealogical trees of the Royal Houses of Europe, including English lines, hf. bd. 18s Haarlem, 1745


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the same, 12mo. russia, gilt edges, 10s 6d 1682 GOUSSANCOURT, Martyrologie des Chevaliers de St. Jean de Hierusalem, dits de Malte, contenant-leurs Eloges, Armes, Blasons, Preuves de Chevalerie, etc. 2 vols. in 1, folio, upwards of 600 finely engraved Heraldic Coats, old French calf, from the Duke of Sussex's Library, £1.8s Paris, 1643

ib. 1654

the same, 2 vols. in 1, folio, fine copy, very neat GREGSON'S LANCASHIRE-See English Books. in vellum, £1. 16s GRIMALDI (Stacey) Origines Genealogica: published expressly for the Assistance of Claimants to hereditary Titles, Honours, or Estates, 4to. (pub. at £3. 3s) bds. £2. 1828

the same, with the autograph of Robert Southey, and an autograph letter from the Author, £2. 10s

"A very useful collection of references to evidence for proving pedigrees."-- Lowndes. GUICHENON, Histoire Généalogique de la Royale Maison de Savoye, 2 large vols. folio, with Portraits and many engravings of Arms, Coins, Monuments, etc. by Thurneysen, old calf, russia backs, £2.8s Lyon, 1660

the same, 2 vols. folio, fine copy in French marbled calf, very neat, £3. 3s

ib. 1660 the same, 2 vols. in 3, folio, old calf, £2. 8s ib. 1660

"Cet ouvrage est rare et estimé."-Du Fresnoy.-"Rare."-Moule.

"Ouvrave pen commun. Il y a une nouvelle édition moins belle et qui ne va aussi que jusqu'en 1660."-Brunet.

GUILLIM'S DISPLAY OF HERALDRY, folio, plates, best edition, old culf, £3. 13s 6d


the same, russia extra, gilt edges, by Clarke, fine copy, £5. 5s

GUTHRIE'S History of English Peerage, Vol. II. 3 parts, (all published of this volume, which is HALLIDAY'S (Sir A.) Genealogical History of scarce) 4to. plates, unbound, 10s 6d 1742-43 the House Guelph, 4to. with the Armorial Bearings of Henry the Lion, (pub. at £2. 10s)

bds. 15s


HARO (Lopez de). Nobiliario genealogico de los
Reyes y Titulos de España, 2 vols. in 1, folio,
coats of arms and genealogical tables, neat in calf,
rare, £1. 16s
Madrid, 1622

HOUSE OF SAVOY-See page 173.
HENNINGES, Theatrum Genealogicum ostentans

omnes omnium Etatum Familias: Monarch-
arum, Regum, Ducum, Marchionum, Princi-
pum, Comitum, atque illustrium Heroum et
Heroinarum, 7 parts bound in 5 vols. folio,
vellum, rare, £5, 5s
Magdeburgi, 1598

HEYLYN'S Help to English History, containing a | succession of all the Kings of England, of all the Dukes, Marquesses, Earls, Bishops, Barons 1670 and Baronets, 12mo. calf, gilt edges, 3s

the same, with a continuation and large additions, by Wright, with the Coats of Arms of the Nobility, and of all the Lord Mayors of London, 8vo. best edition, neat, 12s


89. HISTOIRE des Ordres Militaires-See page HOEPINGI de Insignium sive Armorum prisco et novo Jure Tractatus, thick folio, calf, from Canon Newling's library, rare, £2. 2s Noriberga, 1642 "Ce traité n'est pas commun en France."-BRUNET. HOLMES' (Randle) Academy of Armory, or a Storehouse of Armory and Blazon, folio, all the parts, quite complete, with the Index, plates, morocco, gilt edges, fine copy, £9. 9s Chester, 1688 the same, an imperfect copy, wanting the title and dedication, and pages 193 to 224 in part 3, (but it has the Inder) folio, calf gilt, £2. 25 Index of the Names, folio, unbound, 10s 6d 1821 HOWARD FAMILY, Memorials and Monuments ofSee page 127-also Tierney's Arundel page 198. HUNTINGDON PEERAGE, comprising a detailed Account of the Evidence and Proceedings connected with the recent Restoration of the Earldom, to which is prefixed a Genealogical and Biographical History of the Illustrious House of Hastings, by H. N. Bell, 4to. with 2 portraits, (pub. at £2. 2s in bds.) hf. bd. 1820 morocco, uncut, 10s 6d IMHOFF, Historia Genealogica Magnæ Britanniæ qua in illa familiarum Origines, Stemmata, et Res memorabiles recensentur atque explicantur, folio, with plates and genealogical tables, by Norimb. 1690 Sandrart, neat, 16s

the same, folio, very neat, (from the Duke of
ib. 1690
Sussex's library) 188
Excellentium Familiarum in Gallia Genealo-
ib. 1687
gi, folio, neat, 18s
Stemma Regium Lusitanicum sive Historia
Genealogica Familiæ Regiæ Portugallica, folio,
Amstelodami, 1708
Genealogiæ Illustrium in Hispania Familiarum,
folio, plates of Arms, neat vellum, 15s


Lipsia, 1712 Notitia Heraldico-genealogica Germanici Imperii Procerum, tam Ecclesiasticorum quàm Secularium, folio, very neat, (from the Duke of Sussex's library) 15s Stutgard, 1699 JACOB'S ENGLISH PEERAGE, WITH A MANUSCRIPT CONTINUATION, apparently by some able Herald; prefixed is a History of the Houses of Brunswick, Brandenburgh, Saxe-Gotha, and Mecklenburgh, 4 parts complete in 2 stout vols. folio, numerous plutes, and Genealogical Tables, calf 1766-70 gilt, by Clarke, £3. 13s 6d JURISPRUDENTIA HEROICA, sive de Jure Belgarum circa Nobilitatem et Insignia, (authore J. B. Christinæo) 2 vols. in 1, folio, (complete, with the Corollarium') several hundred couts of Arms, very neat in calf, £1. 11s 6d. Brux. 1668 "Ouvrage excellent, principalement pour connoître la haute Noblesse des Pays Bas."-Du Fresnoy.

KENNEDY'S (Matthew) Chronological, Genealogical and Historical Dissertation of the Royal Family of the Stuarts, beginning with Milesius, the stock of those they call the Milesian Irish, and of the old Scottish Race; and ending with his present Majesty King James the Third of England and Ireland, and of Scotland the Eighth, (i. e. the Pretender) sm. 8vo. green morocco, fine copy, very rare, £2.2s Paris, 1705 KENNEDY FAMILY. Historical and Genealogical Account of the Principal Families of the Name of Kennedy, from an Original Manuscript, with Notes and Illustrations by R. Pitcairn, 4to. richly bound in green morocco, gilt edges, £1. 11s 6d Edinburgh, 1830 KIMBER AND JOHNSON'S Baronetage of England, containing a Genealogical and Historical Account of all the English Baronets, with their Coats of Arms, 3 vols. 8vo. old calf, bright gilt backs, £1.1s


KOCH, Tables Généalogiques des Maisons Souveraines de l'Europe, royal 4to. very neat in calf, £1. Is Strassburg, 1782 Ouvrage peu commun."-Brunet. LA FEUILLE (De) l'Art du Blason ou la Science des Nobles. sm. 4to. with 47 plates of Arms, Crests, Shields, Flags, etc. rough calf, 7s

Amsterdam, 1695 LAVANA (Juan B.) NOBILARIO DE DON PEDRO, Conde de Bracelos, Hijo del Rey Dionis de Portugal, folio, large paper, (damaged and much mended) in old red morocco, very neat, 15s

Roma, Estevan Paolinio, 1640

The earliest book upon Spanish Heraldry; written in the begining of the 14th Century.

LE LABOUREUR, les Tombeaux des Personnes illustres, avec leurs Généalogies, Armes et Devises, folio, upwards of 100 coats of Arms, chiefly French, but including those of the Duchess of Bedford, the Stuarts, from Churches and Chapels in Paris, old calf, 15s Paris, 1679 Tableaux Généalogiques, ou les seize Quartiers de tous les Rois de France, depuis Saint-Louis jusqu'à present, folio, with several hundred coats ib. 1683 of Arms, calf, rare, £2. 8s CLERC, Généalogie et Descente des Roys de France depuis Pharamond I. jusques à Henry III. royal folio, consisting of 18 very large and curious woodcuts of Battles, Portraits, and Genealogies, unbound, rare, £1. 1s


ib. 1583

LEGH'S (Gerard) Accedens of Armory, 12mo.
THE ARMS EMBLAZONED, neat in calf, fine copy,
£1. 1s
R. Tottill, 1562
LESPINOY, (Ph. de) Recherche des Antiquitez et
Noblesse de Flandres, contenant l'Histoire
Généalogique des Comtes de Flandres, thick
folio, upwards of 1000 coats of Arms, old calf,
Canon Newling's copy, £1. 5s
Dovay, 1631

"Vendu, 54 fr. La Vallière."-Brunet. LIMIERS, ANNALES DE LA MONARCHIE FRANÇOISE, depuis Pharamond jusqu'à Louis XV. 3 vols. in 1, royal folio, large paper, containing many large engraved Genealogical Tables, with Arms and 64 plates of French Palaces, Gardens, Fortresses, &c. surrounded by 630 Medals, all illustrative of French History, finely engraved by Picart, French calf gilt and marbled edges, fine copy, £2. 2s Amsterdam, 1724

LITTA, FAMIGLIE CELEBRI ITALIANE, | MAURICE, Le Blason des Armoiries de tous 103, parts, royal folio, numerous portraits and plates, many of which are illuminated, £55. Milano, 1819-46 the same, the first 16 parts, containing among others the following Families:-Sforza, Simonetta, Trivulzio, Cesi, Castiglione, Visconti, Pico della Mirandola, Pio di Carpè, Valori, Scaligeri, Correggio, (these cost £12.) sd. £5. ib. 1819-25

A very important work, containing Genealogical Tables of the most celebrated Italian families, accompanied by numerous engravings of Portraits, Monumental Effigies, Medals, Coats of Arms, Statues, &c. many of which are beautifully coloured. LODGE'S Peerage of Ireland, revised, enlarged,

and continued to the present Time, by M. Archdall, 7 vols. 8vo. numerous engravings of coats of Arms, hf. bd. calf, £2.8s Dublin, 1789 the same, 7 vols. 8vo. calf neat, £2. 15s ib. 1789 the same, 7 vols. 8vo. very neat in calf gilt, ib. 1789 fine copy, £3. 8s

Peerage of the British Empire, royal 8vo. numerous coats of Arms, bds. £1. 11's 6d

1846 Genealogy of the existing British Peerage, with brief Sketches of the Family Histories of the Nobility, 8vo. numerous engravings of coats of Arms, (pub. at 16s) cloth bds. 8s



GENEALOGY OF SIR JULIUS CAESAR-See p. 138. LOWHEN'S Analysis of Nobility, in its Origin, etc. with curious Monuments of History, relating to laws of Chivalry, Creations, Degradations, Justs, Tournaments, Combats, etc. sm. 8vo. WITH MANY CURIOUS MS. notes by the DUKE OF SUSSEX, hf. bd. 15s LOYENS, Recueil Heraldique des Bourguemestres de la noble Cité de Liege, folio, numerous coats of Arms, very neat, 14s Liege, 1720 the same, LARGE PAPER, very neat in Dutch calf, fine copy, from the Rindorp collection, and since from Canon Newling's) £1. 1s LYNDSAY (SIR DAVID), Fac-simile of an

ancient Manuscript emblazoned by Sir David Lyndsay, of the Mount, Lyon King of Armes, 1542; folio, with 133 coloured plates of Arms, and an alphabetical Index, hf. hd. morocco, uncut, £5.

1822 Only 100 copies printed by subscription, now very


MACEDO, Eulaces Genealogicos de las Augustas Casas de Bourbon, y Austria, (consisting entirely of Genealogical Tables), folio, hf. bd. calf, from the Duke of Sussex's Library, 14s

Valencia, 1765 MACKAY'S (ROB.) History of the House and Clan of Mackay; (from 1180 to 1797) containing Accounts of other Scottish Families; with a Genealogical Table, 4to. elegantly hf. bd. russia, gilt edges, 18s Edinburgh, 1829 MADOX'S Baronia Anglica, an History of Land-Honors and Baronies, and of Tenure in Capite, verified by Records, folio, very neat, £1.4s MARKHAM'S Booke of Honour (of the Excellencie of Honour; the several sorts of Honour; the Order of Knighthood; Great Officers; Blood Royal; and other curious and interesting matters), folio, fine copy, neat, 10s 6d 1625


les Chevaliers de l'Ordre de la Toison d'Or, depuis la première Institution, avec leurs Eloges, etc. folio, numerous coats of Arms, old calf, £3. 3s La Haye, 1667 MICHELI Y MARQUES, Tesoro militar de Cavalleria Antiguo y moderno, folio, numerous fulllength wood-cut portraits of Knights in full costume, including St. George of England, fine copy, limp vellum, scarce, 15s Madrid, 1642 MILLES' Catalogue of Honour, folio, with most of the Arms emblazoned, very neat in calf, £3. 3s 1610

This copy has the SUPPRESSED PASSAGE relating to the Natural Children of Charles Blount, Earl of Devonshire, (at page 493,) which is almost invariably cancelled.

Nobilitas Politica vel Civilis, folio, LARGE PAPER, with plates of the Costumes of the Peers, and a representation of Queen Elizabeth in ParLond. 1608 liament, limp vellum, 10s 6d

MOLINA Nobleza del Andaluzia, folio, with nume-
rous coats of Arms, old calf, £1. 11s 6d
Sevilla, 1588
MONTALBANO (Marco de la Frata et) Ragio-
namenti di Nobilita, 12mo. with the Autograph
of Sir Kenelme Digby, old calf, 15s

Fiorenza, Torrentino, 1548

This rare book is dedicated to Casino Medici.

MONTMORENCY (les) de France, et les Montmorency d'Irlande précis historique, 4to. with 17 plates of Castles, Tombs, Antiquities, coats of Arms, Genealogical Tables, etc. hf. bd. £1. 10s Paris, 1828

See Desormeaur. MORENO DE VARGAS, Discursos de la Nobleza de España, small 4to. wants title, vellum, 3s Madrid, 1836 MORGAN'S Sphere of Gentry, an Historical and Genealogical Work of Arms and Blazon, folio, many plates of Arms, with the two additional leaves of the Howard Pedigree, (but not the Table), fine copy, calf, gilt edges, £2. 5s


the same, with the two additional leaves; also 44 pages of MS. additions, containing about 500 1661 arms in trick, old rough calf, £2. 2s

"This work (Morgan's Sphere of Gentry) though written in a pedantic style, contains much curious matter."-Lowndes. "The Sphere of Gentry, when perfect, is one of the most rare of heraldic books, and is valued accordingly from eight to ten guineas." Moule.

MOULE'S (T.) Bibliotheca Heraldica Magnæ Britanniæ, an Analytical Catalogue of Books on Genealogy, Heraldry, Nobility, Knighthood, and Ceremonies, with a List of Provincial Visitations, Pedigrees, Collections of Arms, and other Manuscripts, and a Supplement enumerating the principal Foreign Genealogical Works, royal 8vo. (pub. at £1. 16s) cloth bds. 15s


the same, royal 4to. LARGE PAPER, (pub. at £3. 3s) russia extra, gilt edges, £2. 2s ib. 1822 the same, red morocco, full gilt backs, and gilt ib. 1822 edges, £2. 5s MOULE'S Heraldry of Fish, 8vo. numerous beautiful wood-cuts, (pub. at £1. 1s) cloth, 15s


Practical; with suitable examples of Armorial
Figures and Achievements of the most con-
siderable Families in Scotland, 2 vols. folio,
original edition, numerous coats of Arms, neat
in old calf, £3. 3s
Edinb. 1722-42

MUSHARDI Monumenta Nobilitatis Antiquæ, NISBET'S SYSTEM OF HERALDRY, Speculative and Familiarum Illustrium, imprimis Ordinis Equestris in Ducatibus Bremensi et Verdensi, folio, numerous engravings of Coats of Arms, hf. bd. calf, from the Duke of Sussex's Library, 15s Bremen, 1708 NABERAT, Sommaire des Privileges octroyez à l'ordre de S. Jean, tant en Hierusalem, Cypre, Rhodes, qu'à Malte; avec les Vies de tous les Grands Maistres, &c. royal folio, LARGE PAPER, nearly 60 fine portraits and plates, limp vellum, from the Duke of Sussex's Library, rare, £1. 1s 1627-9

NICOLAS'S (SIR HARRIS) History of the
Orders of Knighthood of the British Empire:
with an Account of the Medals, Crosses, and
Clasps, which have been conferred for Naval
and Military Services; together with a History
of the Order of the Guelphs of Hanover, 4 vols.
imperial 4to. splendidly printed and illustrated
by numerous fine wood-cuts of Badges, Crosses,
Collars, Stars, Medals, Ribbands, Clasps, etc.
and many large plates, ILLUMINATED IN GOLD AND
BRIDGE AND SUSSEX, (pub. at £14. 14s) strongly
boarded in cloth, with morocco backs, £7. 7s 1842
the same, richly half bound morocco, full gilt
backs and gilt edges, £9.9s

the same, with the plates richly coloured but not
illuminated, and without the extra portraits, extra
cloth, £4. 14s 6d


"Sir Harris Nicolas has produced the first comprehensive History of the British Orders of Knighthood; and it is one of the most elaborately prepared and splendidly printed works that ever issued from the press. The Author appears to us to have neglected no sources of information, and to have exhausted them, as far as regards the general scope and purpose of the inquiry. The Graphical illustrations are such as become a work of this character upon such a subject; at, of course, a lavish cost. The resources of the recently revived art of wood-engraving have been combined with the new art of printing in colours, so as to produce a rich effect, almost rivalling that of the monastic illuminations. Such a book is sure of a place in every great library. It contains matter calculated to interest extensive classes of readers, and we hope by our specimen to excite their curiosity."

Quarterly Review. SIEGE OF CARLA VEROCK, by King Edward I., A.D. MCCC., a Norman French Poem, with the Arms of the Earls, Barons, and Knights who were present on the occasion; 4to. illustrated by upwards of two hundred armorial bearings, (pub. at £2. 2s) cloth, £1. ls 1828

the same, WITH ALL THE ARMS MOST BEAUTI. FULLY ILLUMINATED BY MR. DowSE, THE HERALD PAINTER, 4to. hf. bd. morocco extra, uncut, £4. 4s NOBILIAIRE DES PAYS BAS et du Comté de

Bourgogne, (par J. C. de Visiano Seigneur de Hoove). Louvain, 1760, 2 vols.-Le vrai Supplément, ib. 1774-Supplément et Suite, de 1420 jusqu'à 1762, ib. 1775-9, 6 vols.-Corrections (par Dumont), Louvain, 1772-together, 10 vols. 12mo. hf. bd. calf, £1. 4s

This copy belonged to Alexander Chalmers, who has written inside, "In 1802, Ritson borrowed this work, as he could not then get an ordinary copy of the two volumes for less than 19 guineas."

the same, 2 vols. folio, a fac-simile reprint of the original edition, with all the plates, (pub. at £7.7s) bds. £2. 12s 6d ib. 1816

"A work universally acknowledged to be of the highest value and authority."

NOBLE'S History of the College of Arms, and Lives of all the Kings, Heralds, and Pursuivants, with a Dissertation on the different Orders in England, 4to. with 4 portraits, viz. Brooke, Anstis, Leake, and Bigland, (pub. at £1. 11s 6d) bds. 7s


GELBKE, Ritterorden und Ehrenzeichen, ou De-
scription des Ordres de Chevalerie, Croix de
Mérite et autres Marques de Distinction en
usage chez toutes les Maisons Souveraines et
autres Gouvernemens, (French and German)
atlas folio, illustrated with twenty-four plates,
splendidly illuminated in gold, silver, and colours,
each plate containing numerous orders; richly
bound in red morocco, broad borders, joints and gilt
edges, £15. 15s
Berlin, 1832

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the same, unbound, £12. 12s

ib. 1832 This magnificent volume has all the brilliancy of a finely executed Missal. It was published with the assistance of the crown, and only a very limited number of copies illuminated.

DANISH ORDER OF THE ELEPHANT; Bircherodii Breviarium de Equestri Ordine Elephantino, folio, LARGE PAPER, portrait of Christian V., and 26 plates, bds. from the library of the Duke of Sussex, 14s Hauniæ, 1704

Henry VIII. and James IV. were Knights of this Order.

ORDER OF THE BATH; Dithmari, Commentatio de Honoratissimo Ordine Militari de Balneo, small folio, with numerous Coats of Arms, fine paper, calf extra, broad borders, (from the Duke of Sussex's library), 18s Francofurti, 1729

- HANOVERIAN ORDER OF THE GUELPHS, an account of, (in German) by Schædtler, folio, 15 plates, sewed, 5s Hanover, 1816 WINZINGERODA, de Ordine Equitum S. Georgii et Periscelidis Coeruleæ in Anglia, 2 parts, Jena, 1701 et 1740, plate of Costume-Chifletii Breviarium Ordinis Velleris Aurei, Antv. 1652 -in 1 vol. small 4to. hf. bd. 5s

ORDINE de Cavalieri del Tosone, (Golden Fleece) da Sansovino, small 4to. hf. bd. 5s

Acad. Venet. Aldo, 1558 the same, small 4to. calf ertra, (from Butler's library) 7s 6d STATUTI, etc. de Cavalieri Aug. di San Giorgio Martire, small 4to. cuts, rare, 10s 6d Bologna, 1621 MIRAI Origines Equestrium sive Militarium Ordinum, Antv. 1609-Baldi de Lingua He. trusca, etc. Aug. Vind. 1613-Episcoporum, Aug. Vindel. Catalogus, 1614-Eugippii Vita S. Severini, Galilei (Gal.) Sidereus Nuncius; first edition, Venet. 1610-in 1 vol. 4to. neat in calf, 7s


HENRY G. BOHN, YORK PAGEANTS, Tournaments & Processions-See p. 159. PARADIN (Claude) Alliances Généalogiques des Rois et Princes de Gaule, folio, upwards of 1000 Coats of Arms, old calf, 15s Lion, 1561 PARADIN (Guill.) Chronique de Savoye, avec les Figures de toutes les Alliances des mariages qui se sont faicts en la Maison de Savoye, folio, numerous Heraldic and Genealogical engravings, calf gilt, fine copy, (from the Duke of Susser's Library), £1. 10s ib. 1561 PAZ (DU) Histoire Généalogique de plusieurs Maisons Illustres de Bretagne, thick folio, with numerous Coats of Arms, and Genealogical Tables, neat in old calf, £1. 16s Paris, 1619 This contains the origin of several of our great

English families. PETRA-SANCTÆ Tessera Gentilitiæ, ex legibus Fecialium descriptæ, folio, with several thousand engravings of Coats of Arms, arranged in common places, stained, poor calf binding, 18s Roma, 1638 This is an Ordinary of Arms, and is probably the earliest of the printed ones. PHILIPPS' (H.) Grandeur of the Law, or an exact Collection of the Nobility and Gentry of this Kingdom, whose Honours and Estates have by some of their Ancestors been acquired or augmented by the Practice of the Law, 18mo. portrait of Lord Keeper Guildford, interleaved with a few Manuscript additions, bound in 1 vol. small 4to. very neatly hf. bd. russia, marbled edges, 7s 6d 1684 PHILLIPPS' Visitatio Heraldica comitatus Wiltoniæ, 1623, folio, bds. £3. 3s

Medio-Mont. 1828 Visitation of Somerset, 1623, folio, sewed, 15s Oxfordshire Pedigrees, and Parochial Collections to 1784, edited from various MSS., folio, bds. £1. 11s 6d

The above three volumes were privately printed, and presentation copies to the Duke of Sussex. For other publications by the author, see English Books and Bibliography.

PINE'S ORDER OF THE BATH-See page 166. PINEDA'S Synopsis of the Genealogy of the Family of the Brigantes or Douglas, Spanish and English, 8vo. with a large Genealogical Table, neat in calf, 10s 6d

1754 PLAYFAIR'S Folio Atlas of Charts to his British Family Antiquity, coloured, 11 sheets, unbound, £1. 1s


Address to the British Nobility on Hereditary Rank and Title, 2 parts in I vol. 8vo. red morocco, gilt edges, 5s PORNY'S Elements of Heraldry, 8vo. 24 plates, 1809 very neat, 7s 6d 1771 RADES Y ANDRADA, Chronica de las tres Ordenes y Cavallerias de Sanctiago, Calatrava, y Alcantara, folio, very neat, £1. Toledo, 1572

Mr. Hanrott's copy sold for £2. 10s. REDEN, Tableaux Généalogiques et Historiques de l'Empire Brittannique, accompagnés de Notes critiques, et de quatre Dissertations historiques critiques, royal folio, numerous charts of the various Dynasties and the Peerage, (pub. at £4.) bds. £1. 1s Hannovre, 1830

ROBSON'S BRITISH HERALD, an enlarged Diction
ary of Armorial Bearings of the Nobility and
Gentry of Great Britain and Ireland, from the
Earliest to the Present Time; 3 vols. 4to. with
numerous plates, (pub. at £10.) extra cloth bds.
£3. 10s
History of Heraldry, with a Complete Glos-
sary of Terms, 4to. 31 plates, bds. 15s

ROSIERES Stemmatum Lotharingiæ ac Barri Du-
Sunderland, 1830
cum Tomi Septem, in quibus præterea habes
totius Orbis nobiliorum Familiarum, ac Rerum
ubique Gentium præclare gestarum a Pontifici-
bus, Imperatoribus Orientis et Occidentis,
SALAZAR Y CASTRO, Historia genealogica de
Regibus, Ducibus, etc. mirabile Theatrum,
folio, neat, 12s
Paris, 1580
la Casa de Silva, 2 vols. sm. folio, with Pedigrees,
SALICI Historia della Famiglia Conti di Padova,
Spanish binding, £1. 5s
Madrid, 1635
SANDFORD'S Genealogical History of the Kings
etc. small 4to. sewed, 4s
Vicenza, 1605
and Queens of England, from the Conquest to
the year 1677, folio, fine plates by Hollar, old
calf neat, £3. 3s


the same, with many Additions, and a Continuation to the year 1707, by Stebbing, folio, plates, BEST EDITION, red morocco, gilt in the old style, with tooled borders, by Clarke, fine copy, £8. 18s 6d

the same, £7. 10s


folio, very neat in old russia, gilt back,

1707 "Sandford has shewn very superior genealogical skill in his account of the Royal Family and the cor rections of its collateral branches. The whole arrange ment is well concerted, and the notes and marginal references abound in curious information; to which are added, many engravings of seals and funeral monuments."--Dallaway.

Coronation of James II.-See page 186. Genealogical History of the Kings of Portugal, sm. folio, plates, old calf, fine copy, with the autograph of Narcissus Lutterell, £1. 10s


This work was published in compliment to Catherine of Braganza, and is dedicated to Charles II. SARMENTO, Collecção de Genealogias Reaes de Portugal, do Rei João I. ate o R. Jose I. folio, containing 101 Genealogical Tables, calf, £1. 10s SCHROEDER, Repertorio Genealogico delle FaLisboa, 1754 miglie Conformate Nobili, e dei Titolali Nobili, esistenti nelle Provincie Venete, 2 vols. 8vo. SCHWARZ, Reichs Erz- Schild- Herrn- Amt hf. bd. calf gilt, £1. Is Venesia, 1830-31 (Treatise on the office of Shield-bearer at the SCRIPTURE GENEALOGIES, containing 38 Court of the Emperor of Germany) sm. 4to. 2 curious plates, bds. 5s Altdorff, 1739 beautifully executed Lithographic Drawings, of all the Genealogies recorded in the Sacred Scriptures, according to every Family and Tribe; with the Line of our Saviour Jesus Christ observed from Adam to the Virgin Mary, by J. P. Morris, Esq. royal 4to. (pub. at £1. 11s 6d) extra cloth, gilt on sides, 7s 6d

This elegant work will be found curious and interesting to the theological reader. It not only contains tastefully engraved plates of every genealogy, family, tribe, etc. mentioned in the Holy Scriptures, but also drawings of the tabernacle, and plans of the Camp of the Israelites, and City of Jerusalem, with explanations. An edition of only 500 cost the author upwards of 500 guineas getting up, and although printed several years ago, it has not hitherto been published.

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