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LOUDON'S Suburban Gardener and Villa Companion, comprising the Choice of a Suburban or Villa Residence, or of a Situation on which to form one; the Arrangement and Furnishing of the House; and the Laying Out, Planting, and General Arrangement of the Gardens and Grounds, thick 8vo. (752 pp.) with numerous il1838 lustrations, cloth bds. 18s LOUDON'S Encyclopædia of Agriculture; comprising the Theory and Practice of the Valuation, Transfer, Laying out, Improvement, and Management of Landed Property; and the Cultivation and Economy of the Animal and Vegetable Productions of Agriculture, including the latest Improvements, &c. one large vol. 8vo. last edition, with nearly 1300 woodcuts, bds. £2. 10s


LOUDON'S Encyclopedia of Trees and Shrubs, being the Arboretum et Fruticetum Britannicum abridged, containing the hardy Trees and Shrubs of Britain, Native and Foreign, scientifically and popularly described, thick 8vo. with 2109 woodcuts, cloth bds. £2. 8s LOUREIRO (Jo. de) Flora Cochinchinensis, sec. Systema Linnæanum, cum Notis C. L. Willdenow, 2 vols. 8vo. sewed, 128 Berol. 1793 MACGILLIVRAY'S Manual of Botany, comprising Vegetable Anatomy and Physiology, or the Structure and Functions of Plants, foolscap 8vo. numerous woodcuts, (pub. at 4s 6d) extra cloth

bds. 3s


"The student of Botany will find every thing so methodized, classified, and explained in this book, that it may be called a rail-road conveyance to the science."Bath Herald.

MACINTOSH'S (Ch.) Flora and Pomona; or the

British Fruit and Flower Garden, 4to. with 71 beautifully coloured plates, (pub. at £4.4s) hf. bd. russia uncut, £1. 11s 6d 1829 MADDOCK'S (J.) Florist's Directory, a Treatise on the Culture of Flowers; to which is added, Supplementary Dissertation on Soils, Manures, c. new edition, improved by S. Curtis, 8vo. O coloured plates, (pub. at £1.) bds. 9s 1822 MAIN'S (Jas.) Village and Cottage Florist's Directory, being a familiar Treatise on Floriculture, particularly in the Management of the best Stage, Bed, and Border Flowers, usually cultivated in Britain; to which are added, Directions for the Management of the Greenhouse, Hothouse and Conservatory; with the different Modes of raising and propagating Exotic Plants. Interspersed with many new Physiological Observations, and various useful Lists. Second edition, foolscap 8vo. (pub. at 6s) cloth bds. 3s


"When gardeners are botanists they are always worth being attended to, and Mr. Main's precepts are all founded in true science. We strongly recommend the work."-Atlas.

"This is a useful and concise compendium of the florist's art."-Gent.'s Mag. MARTIUS (C. F. P.) Genera et Species Palmarum,

quas in Itinere per Brasiliam annis 1817-1820 collegit, descripsit et Iconibus illustravit, 7 parts, folio, 180 beautifully coloured plates, unbound in two portfolios, £37. 16s

Monach. 1824-39

This most splendid work is published at about fifty rix dollars per part, equivalent here, in all, to nearly SEVENTY GUINEAS.

MARTYN (Joannis) Historia Plantarum Rariorum, imperial folio, with 50 large coloured plates, hf. bd. London, 1728 uncut, £1. 1s

MARTYN (T.) Catalogus Horti Botanici Cantabrigiensis, 8vo. hf. bd. 2s

Cant. 1771 idem et Mantissa Plantarum Horti Botanici Cantab. 2 vols. in 1, 8vo. portrait and large folding plan of the Garden, hf. bd. 5s ib. 1772 MASSON (F.) Stapelia Nove; or a Collection of several new Species of that Genus discovered in the Interior of Africa, 4 parts, folio, complete, 41 coloured plates, and two additional drawings, £1. 16s 1796

MATTHIOLI (P. A.) Herbarium, seu Commentarii in sex libros Pedacii Dioscoridis Anazarbei de Medica Materia, complete in 1 very thick volume, folio, with upwards of 1500 fine large woodcuts of Plants, Fruits, Animals, &c. fine copy in old red morocco, gilt edges, £1. 16s Venet. 1565

the same in Italian, 2 vols. folio, with all the woodcuts, neat in vellum, £1. 8s ib. 1568 MATTUSCHKA (H. G.) Enumeratio Stirpium in Silesia sponte crescentium, 8vo. sewed, 4s 6d Vratisl. 1779

MAUND'S (B.) Botanic Garden, consisting of Representations of hardy Ornamental Flowering Plants, cultivated in Great Britain, 5 vols. 4to. 120 finely coloured plates, containing 480 figures, (pub. at £9.) cloth bds. £4. 4s


MAVOR'S (W.) Botanical Pocket Book, adapted to Withering's Arrangement of British Plants, 12mo. plates, bds. 2s 6d


MAYER (Jean) Pomona Franconica: Description des Arbres Fruitiers, les plus connus et les plus estimés en Europe, qui se cultivent maintenant au Jardin de la Cour de Wurzbourg, (Fr. et Allem.) vols. in 1, 4to. with 73 finely coloured MEDICAL Plants of South America-Plantes plates of Fruits, neat, 12s Nurem. 1776 Médicinales qui sont le plus en usage aux Royaumes du Perou et du Chily, par le P. Feuillée, 4to. containing 100 coloured plates, MEMOIRS of the Caledonian Horticultural Society, calf, very neat, 16s (Nuremb. 1756) 4 vols. 8vo. plates, £1. 16s Edinb. 1819-29 MENTZELII (Christ.) Index Nominum Plantarum multilinguis, Europ. Asiat. Afric. et Amer., folio, 11 plates, vellum, £1. 11s 6d Berol. 1682 This curious and singularly laborious Polyglott Dictionary of Botanical terms, extends to upwards of 30 different languages. It is extremely rare. MERIANI (M.) Florilegium Renovatum et Auctum, Flora sive Florum Cultura, folio, 142 plates, calf, 16s Franckfurt, 1641 Florilegium Renovatum, 142 plates, Francof. 1641-Falck (J.) Novæ et exquisitæ Florum Icones, 29 plates, Hamburg, 1662together in 1 vol. folio, very neat in calf, fine copy, £1.8s

MICHAUX (André) Histoire des Chênes de l'Amerique, folio, with 36 plates, and 14 FINE COLOURED DRAWINGS of Oaks, undescribed in the work, but with names and short descriptions by the late A. B. Lambert, Esq. hf. bd. cf. £2. 12s 6d Paris, 1801 MICHAUX Flora Boreali-Americana, 2 vols. 4to. LARGE PAPER, 50 plates, hf. bd. mor. £1. 10s

ib. 1803 the same, 2 vols. 4to. LARGE PAPER, 51 plates, russia extra, marbled edges, £2. 8s ib. 1803 the same, 2 vols. 4to. LARGE PAPER, 51 plates, morocco extra, gilt edges, by Lewis, £3. 3 MICHAUX'S North American Sylva, translated into English by Aug. L. Hillhouse, 3 vols. royal 8vo. with 156 coloured engravings, french boards, fine copy, rare, £12. 123

ib. 1819

MICHELII (C. P. A.) Catalogus Plantarum Horti | NECKER (N. J. de) Elementa Botanica, secundum Caesarei Florentini, 4to. half bound, 9s

Flor. 1748 MILLER'S (Philip) Gardener's and Botanist's Dictionary, thick folio, very neat in bright old russia, gilt, 18s 1768

the same, enlarged by Martyn, 4 vols. folio, last and best edition, (pub. at £14. 14s in bds.) very neat in calf, £3. 10s 1807

This edition of Millers Gardener's Dictionary includes a complete and accurate translation of the

Genera Plantarum of Linnæus; the exact enumeration

of the several species belonging to each genus with their respective specific characters, accompanied by their various synonymes, as well as by the particular history or account of each individual species; with its medicinal, economical, and other qualities."

Brit. Crit.

MILLER'S Figures of the most beautiful, useful, and uncommon Plants, described in the Gardener's Dictionary, 2 vols. folio, containing 300 coloured plates, an original copy, from Mr. Lambert's Library, neat in calf, £3. 3s 1771

another copy, 2 vols. in 1, containing 276 coloured plates, (the title wanting) half bound, £1.16$


MILLER'S (John) Illustration of the Sexual System of Linnæus, with 104 plates, 1779-Miller's Illustrations of the Termini Botanici of Linnæus, 85 plates, 1789-together 2 vols. 8vo. 189 plates, half bound, uncut, £1. 1s MILNE'S (Colin) Botanical Dictionary, 8vo. third enlarged edition, 25 finely coloured plates, calf gilt, 12s MISCELLANEOUS.-J. G. Mülleri Species Plantarum, Decas prima, 10 plates, Berol. 1757Meerburgh (N.) Afbeeldingen van Zeldzaam Gewassen, 54 finely coloured plates of rare plants, with the butterflies which feed upon them, Leyden, 1775-Jo. Burmanni Wachendorfia, plate, Amst. 1757-C. F. Rottböll Descriptiones et Icones rariorum et novarum Plantarum, 21 plates, Hauniæ, 1786-Le Porte-feuille du Botaniste (un Prospectus), with one plate-Jo. Burmanni Indices duæ ad Hortum Malabaricum et Herbarium Amboinense, Amst. 1769together in 1 vol. folio, calf, neat, £2. 2s MOHL (Hugo) Ueber die Poren des PflanzenZellgewebes, 4to. 4 plates of plants, 2s 6d

Tub. 1828 MORISONI (Rob.) Plantarum Historia Universalis Oxoniensis, seu Herbarum Distributio nova, 2 vols. folio, with the Supplementary portion, entitled "Planta Umbellifera," portrait, and a profusion of engravings of plants, COLOURED; with the arms of the persons to whom each plate is dedicated, EMBLAZONED, half bound, calf gilt, rare, £5. 5s Oxon. 1672-99 Coloured copies of this highly esteemed work are

very rare.

the same, 3 vols. folio, plain plates, broken binding, 15s ib. 1672-99 the same, 3 vols. folio, plain plates, old calf, neat and gilt, £1. 11s 6d ib. 1672-99 MORRIS (R.) and W. Clark's Flora Conspicua:

a Selection of the most Ornamental Flowering, Hardy, Exotic, and Indigenous Trees, Shrubs, and Herbaceous Plants, for embellishing FlowerGardens and Pleasure Grounds, 8vo. 60 finely coloured plates, (pub. at £2. 2s unbound) hal bound morocco, gilt edges, uncut, £l. 4s 1826

Systema Omologicum seu Naturale, 3 vols. 8vo. portrait and 54 plates, calf, neat, 10s

Neow ad Rhenum, 1790 NESTLER (C. G.) Monographia de Potentilla, præmissis nonnullis Observationibus circa Familiam Rosacearum, 12 plates, Paris, 1816--Colladon (F.) Histoire des Casses et particulièrement de la Casse et des Sénés, employés en Médecine, 20 plates, Montp. 1816. in 1 vol. 4to. calf, neat, 18s


NEWMAN'S (Edw.) History of British Ferns, 8vo. with wood-cuts, bds. 10s PALISOT de Beauvois, Essai d'une nouvelle Agrostographie, ou nouveaux genres des Graminées, 8vo. with an Atlas in 4to. 25 plates, containing many figures, hf bd. green mor. 18s Paris, 1812 PALLAS (P. S.) Flora Rossica, seu Stirpium Imperii Rossici per Europam et Asiam indigenarum descriptiones, 2 parts in 1 vol. royal folio, 100 finely coloured plates, russia extra, with gold borders, tooled joints and gilt edges, arms on sides, £3. 13s 6d Petrop. 1784-88

Idem, Vol. II. pars 1, sub titulo: Illustrationes Plantarum imperfecte vel nondum cognitarum, royal folio, 84 fine coloured plates, hf. bd. calf, (from the library of Mr. Lambert,) £3. 3s

Berol. et Lips. 1803-15

This volume should have only 59 plates.-(See Brunet, who says these are published at 140 francs.) The present copy, however, has 25 additional unpublished plates of the same series, evidently intended for the succeeding part, which has not yet been printed.

PALLAS Species Astragalorum, cum Appendice, royal folio, 91 fine coloured plates, calf, neat, £3.3s Lips. 1800

From Mr. Lambert's library, who has added Synonymes in pencil. Valued at 250 francs by Brunet

PARKINSON'S (John) Theatrum Botanicum: the Theater of Plants, or an Herbal of a large Extent, thick folio, frontispiece by Marshall, and several thousand cuts of Plants, old calf, £1. 1s Lond. 1640

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the same, folio, very neat, £1. 8s the same, bound in 2 vols. folio, calf, neat, £1.8s 1640 PAULLI (Sim.) Comment. de usu et Abusu Tabaci et Herbæ Theé, 4to. with plates, calf extra, gilt edges, 15s Argent. 1665 PENA (P.) et Mat. de Lobel Stirpium Adver saria nova, folio, with numerous wood-cuts of plants, russia, neat, 18s Lond. T. Purfoot, 1571

Dedicated to Queen Elizabeth, the title-page is ainong the earliest copper-plate engravings in England.

PERSOON (C. H.) Icones et Descriptiones Fungorum minus cognitorum, 2 parts, 4to. (all published) with 14 coloured plates, (sells at 30s) 12s Lips. 1798 PERSOON, Synopsis Methodica Fungorum, cum Indice, 3 parts in 1 vol. 12mo. 5 plates, calf extra, gilt edges, 10s 6d Gottinga, 1801 PETIT-THOUARS (A. A. du) Recueil de Rapports et de Mémoires sur la Culture des Arbres Fruitiers, 8vo. with plates, neat, 5s Paris, 1815 PHILIBERT (J. C.) Exercices de Botanique, à l'Usage des Commençans, 2 vols. 157 coloured plates, Paris, 1806-Dictionnaire Abrégé de Botanique, faisant suite aux Exercices de Botanique, 24 engravings, ib. 1806—together 3 vols. 8vo. uniform in calf extra, gilt leaves, £1. Is

An Introduction to Botany, on the Systems of Linnæus, Jussieu, and Tournefort.

Linnæus, 8vo. bds. 2s 6d


RAII (Jo.) Historia Plantarum, Species hactenus editas aliasque insuper multas noviter inventas et descriptas complectens, 3 vols. folio, very neat in calf, £1. Is 1686-1704

RAII Stirpium Europæarum extra Britannias nascentium Sylloge, 8vo. vellum, 3s


PHILLIPS'S (H.) Floral Emblems, or the Lan- | PULTENEY'S (Rich.) View of the Writings of guage of Flowers exemplified, addressed to Poets and Painters, 8vo. 20 coloured plates, 1825 (pub. at £1. 10s in bds.) calf gilt, 12s PIERI (M. T.) della Corcirese Flora, ossia Storia di Piante trecento, appartenenti al Suolo dell' Isola di Corfu, fol. bds. rare, £1. 5s Corfu, 1814 PISONIS (Gul.) Historia Naturalis Brasilia; Liber de Arboribus, Fructibus, et Herbis Medicinalibus ac Alimentosis, in Brasilia et circumj. Indiæ Orient. Regionibus nascentibus, folio, numerous wood-cuts, interleaved with a great number of interesting MS. notes, in three different handwritings, one by some English Resident in Brazil, the others probably by Peter Collinson and A. B. Lambert, Esqrs. hf. bd. calf, £1. 1s PLENCK (J. J.) Icones Plantarum Medicinalium, sec. Systema Linnæi, cum Enumeratione Virium et Usus Medici, Chirurgici, atque Dietetici, the first 3 vols. or Centuriæ, imperial folio, with 300 plates, finely coloured, neat in calf, £2 12s 6d Vienna, 1788-90

the same, the first three vols. or Centuriæ, also Vol. 5, three-fourths of Vol. 6, and the first part of Vol. 7, in all 20 parts, containing 500 finely coloured plates, £4. 14s 6d PLENK Elementa Terminologiæ Botanicæ ac Systematis Sexualis Plantarum, 8vo. sewed, 3s ib. 1796 PLUKENETII Opera Omnia Botanica, cum Indicibus totius operis, 6 vols. in 4, small folio, 454 plates, neat in old calf, Lond. 1691-1720Index Linnæanus in Plukenetii Opera, auctore P. D. Giseke, Hamb. 1779, £1. 11s 6d

idem, cum Indicibus totius Operis, et Indice Linneano, Giseke, 6 vols. in 4, 4to. 454 plates, very neat in bright old gilt calf, £2. 2s

idem, cum Indicibus, 6 vols. in 4, 4to. 454 plates, bds. uncut, £1. 4s PLUMIER (P. C.) Description des Plantes de l'Amérique, folio, 108 coloured plates, calf, £2. 12s 6d Paris, 1693

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Coloured copies are extremely rare. PLUMIER Nova Plantarum Americanarum Genera, 4tc 40 plates, calf, 10s 6d Paris, 1703 POHL (J. E.) Plantarum Brasilia Icones et Descriptiones, Vol. 1, imperial folio, with 100 beautifully coloured plates, hf. bd. russia, £6. 6s Vindob. 1827

This magnificent work is published in Fasciculi, at five guineas each, four of which are contained in the present volume, which appears to have cost its late possessor, A. B. Lambert, Esq., 20 guineas. PONA (Jo) Plantæ quæ in Baldo Monte et in Via ab Verona ad Baldum reperiuntur; item Nic. Maronea de Amomo veterum, 4to. with neat wood-cuts, calf, 5s Basil, 1608 PONTEDERÆ (Jul.) Compendium tabularum Botanicarum, in quo Plantæ 272, ab eo in Italia nuper detectæ, recensentur; Ejusdem Anthologia, sive de Floris Natura, acced. ejusd. Dissertationes Botanica XI. in 1 thick vol. 4to. 12 folding plates, bds. 7s 6d Patav. 1718-20 PURSH'S Flora America Septentrionalis; or a Systematic Arrangement and Description of the Plants of North America; containing, besides what have been described by preceding Authors, many new and rare species, collected during twelve years' travel and residence in that country, 2 vols. 8vo. with 24 plates, (pub. at £1. 16s) cloth, 14s 1814 the same, with the plates coloured, (pub. at £2. 12s 6d) cloth, £1. Is 1814

RAY'S (John) Travels through the Low Countries, Germany, Italy, and France. Also a Catalogue of Plants spontaneously growing in those parts, and their virtues. To which are added F. Willughby's Travels through Spain; and Rauwolf's Travels in the Eastern Countries, &c. 1738 2 vols. 8vo. plates, bds. uncut, 14s

"Valuable for its Botanical researches."-Stevenson.

REDOUTE, LES LILIACEES, 8 vols. atlas folio

portfolios, with gilt labels, £31.10s Paris, 1803-16
The most magnificent Botanical work ever published.
Only 20 copies were taken off on LARGE PAPER (mea-
suring 25 inches by 19), all of which have the plates
carefully retouched by the artist, and were purchased
by the French Government under Napoleon, as presents
to crowned heads and eminent Naturaliste," pour donner
à l'étranger une juste opinion de la superiorité de l'école
Française." The present copy belonged to Redouté
himself, and was sometime since marked £225. in a
London catalogue-the published price being 6400

REDOUTE, LES ROSES, avec le Texte par Thory, 3 vols. small folio, VELLUM PAPER, portrait, and 160 exquisitely coloured plates, hf. bd. red morocco, ib. 1817-24 uncut, £15. 15s

the same, 3 vols. small folio, VELLUM PAPER, green morocco extra, broad gold borders, gilt and marbled edges, £18. 18s ib. 1817-24

Ouvrage de la plus grande beauté et qui a mis le comble à la réputation de l'auteur. Il s'est publié en 30 livraisons, au prix de 600 francs.-Brunet.

ib. 1824-26

Les Roses, new edition, being the same work as the preceding on a reduced scale, complete in 40 parts, forming 3 vols. royal 8vo. 160 beautifully coloured plates, (pub. at £8. 8s) sewed, £5. 5s REDOUTE, CHOIX DES PLUS BELLES FLEURS, prises dans différentes familles du Règne Végétal, et de quelques des plus beaux Fruits, groupées et souvent animées par des Insectes et des Papillons, complete in 36 parts, imperial 4to. containing 144 exquisitely beautiful coloured plates, (pub. at 432 francs, equivalent to £21. 12s) sewed, £7. 7s ib. 1827-33

the same, imperial 4to. splendid copy in green morocco extra, gilt edges, £8. 8s

There is no work of flowers equal to this in drawing, grouping, and exquisite finish REICHENBACH (L.) Hortus Botanicus, Hortorum vivorum siccorumque novitates illustrans, 20 various parts, 4to. 200 plates, of which 150 are coloured, (pub. at £8. 8s) £1. 10s Lips. 1824-30 REICHENBACH Icones Plantarum Rariorum et minus rite cognitarum Indigenarum Exoticarumque, letter-press and coloured plates, 241 to 400, and 701 to 720, with Index, £1. 1s Leipzig, 1825, &c. This portion is published at upwards of £5. REID'S (Eliz.) Historical and Literary Botany; Trees, Plants, and Flowers, mentioned in Sacred and Profane History, 3 vols. 12mo. bds. 9s Windsor, 1826

REIDER'S Abbildung und Beschreibung der neuesten und merkwürdigsten Pelargonien, 2 vols. 8vo. with 50 finely coloured plates of Geraniums, (pub. at £2.) sewed, £1.5s

Nürnberg, 1829-30 RELHAN (R.) Flora Cantabrigiensis, cum tribus Supplementis, 8vo. plates, neat in calf, 38 6d Catab. 1785-93 idem, editio altera, 8vo. hf. bd. 3s ib. 1802 idem, 8vo. calf extra, 4s 1802 RICHARD (A.) Nouveaux Elemens de Botanique, et de Physiologie Végétale, Quatrième Edition augmentée, 8vo. 8 plates, calf extra, marbled edges, by Lewis, 10s 6d Paris, 1828 RICHARD (L. C. et A.) Commentatio Botanica de Conifereis et Cycadeis: Mémoires sur les Conifères et les Cycadées, imp. 4to. 30 beautiful plutes of Pines, comprehending magnified dissections of the parts, &c. (pub. at £3. 3s) bds. £1. 1s Stuttg. 1826 ROBERT, BOSSE, ET CHATILLON, RECUEil de PLANTES, DESSINÉES ET GRAVÉES PAR ORDRE DU ROI, (LOUIS XIV.) 3 vols. atlas folio, with the "Table des Matières," containing 319 beautiful engravings, old French red morocco, gilt edges, by De Rome, a remarkably beautiful copy, from the Library of the Duchess of Berry, £10. 10s

This is the most beautifully engraved, and the most splendid and accurate Botanical work of the olden time. Complete copies, with fine impressions of the plates, and the Table, in presentation binding, like the present, used formerly to produce upwards of fifty


the same work, the 312 plates bound in 1 very stout volume, folio. It has not the rare printed "Table des Matières," but Mr. Lambert has substituted a manuscript list of the plates. Bound in old French calf, gilt edges, £3. 3s

"Recueil parfaitement exécuté, et dont on recherche les anciennes preuves."-Brunet.

ROESSIG (D.) Les Roses, dessinées et enluminées d'après Nature; avec une courte Description botanique, (Fr. et Allem.) imp. 4to. 55 coloured plates (all that has appeared; pub. at £5. 10s) cloth bds. £1.5s Leipsic, 1801-20 ROHDE (Mich.) Monographiæ Cinchoniæ Generis Tentamen, 8vo. sewed, 3s 6d Gott. 1804 ROMER (J. J.) Scriptores de Plantis Hispanicis, Lusitanicis, Brasiliensibus, 8vo. bds. 3s 6d Norimb. 1796 ROQUES (Jos.) Phytographie Médicale; Histoire des Substances Héroiques et des Poisons tirés du Règne Végétal; nouvelle edition entièrement refondu, 3 vols. 8vo. with a 4to. Atlas of 150 plates, beautifully coloured, £3. 3s Par. 1835

This edition of Roques' History of Poisonous Plants is entirely rewritten, and greatly improved in many respects.

ROSCOE'S (W.) MONANDRIAN PLANTS of the ORDER SCITAMINEE, chiefly drawn from living specimens in the Botanic Garden at Liverpool; arranged according to the System of Linnæus, with Descriptions and Observations, complete in 15 parts, atlas folio, containing 112 very large and finely coloured plates, £15. 15s Liverpool, 1824 the same, atlas folio, finely coloured plates, hf. hd. morocco, uncut, £16. 16s

A very limited number of this beautiful work was printed by subscription. The stones are destroyed, and copies are extremely rare.

ROUSSEAU (J.J.) Botanique, imp. folio, LARGEST PAPER, with 65 exquisitely beautiful coloured plates, by Redouté, superbly bound in russia, gilt edges, leather joints, arms on sides, by Hering, £3. 13s 6d Paris, 1805 The original cost of this splendid edition, with the binding, was upwards of £20.

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ROUSSEAU-Letters on the Elements of Botany,

with Additions by Thos. Martyn, 1 vol.-Martyn, Language of Botany, 1 vol.-Martyn, 38 plates, finely coloured, to illustrate Linnæus's System of Vegetables, 1 vol.-together 3 vols. calf gilt, 18s 1794-96 ROXBURGH'S PLANTS of the COAST of COROMANDEL, 3 vols. in 12 parts, atlas folio, containing 300 beautifully coloured plates, with Descriptions (pub. at £63.) bds. £18. 18s 1795-1819 the same, 3 vols. atlas folio, splendidly hf. bd. morocco extra, gilt edges, fine set, £24. 1795-1819 the same, Vols. 1 and 2, plates, uncoloured, hf. bd. calf, £3. 13s 6d

ROXBURGH'S Flora Indica; or Descriptions of the same, Vol. 3,parts 3 & 4, coloured plates Indian Plants, edited by Dr. Carey to which are added Descriptions of Plants more recently discovered by N. Wallich, 2 vols. 8vo. hf. bd. 12s Serampore, 1820-24 ROYLE'S (J. F.) Illustrations of the Botany and other Branches of the Natural History of the Himalayan Mountains, 10 parts, imperial 4to. RUDGE (E.) Plantarum Guianæ rariorum Icones 100 finely coloured plates, complete, £10. 1833-39 et Descriptiones hactenus ineditæ, Vol. 1, folio, (all published), 50 fine plates, hf. bd. russia, £1. 11s 6d Lond. 1805 RUELLII (Jo.) de Natura Stirpium Libri tres, cum Indice, folio, old calf, 7s 6d Basil, 1537 RUIZ (H.) et J. PAVON Flora Peruviana et Chilensis, sive Novorum Generum Plantarum Peruvianarum et Chilensium Descriptiones et Icones, cum Prodromo, 4 vols. royal folio, 362 fine plates, cloth boards, uncut, £14. 14s

Matriti, 1794-1802 "Ouvrage bien executé."-Brunet.

RUIZ et PAVON Prodromus Flora Peruvianæ et Chilensis (Latine et Hispanice), royal folio, 37 plates, bds. £1. 1s ib. 1794 idem, editio secunda, imp. 4to. 37 plates, hf. od. russia, uncut, £1. 4s Roma, 1797

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The plates in the second edition are on a smaller scale than the first, and the letterpress is wholly Latin. RUMPHII Herbarium Amboinense, Belgice et Latine, cura Burmanni, 6 vols. folio, (including the scarce Auctuarium') with nearly 700 fine engravings, French calf, fine copy, £5. 5s Amst. 1750-55 the same, 6 vols. folio, (including the Auctuarium'), fine plates, new, hf. bd. russia extra, gilt edges, by Lewis, £6. 6s ib. 1750-55 SAINT-HILAIRE (August.) Flora Brasilia Meridionalis, adjutoribus A. de Jussieu et J. Cambessedes, complete in 3 vols. imp. folio, LARGE VELLUM PAPER, 192 beautifully coloured plates, (pub. at upwards of 70 guineas unbound,) elegantly hf. bd. red morocco, full gilt backs and gilt edges, £28. Paris, 1825-33 SAINT-HILAIRE (Jaume) Exposition des Familles Naturelles, et de la Germination des Plantes, 2 vols. 4to. LARGE PAPER, 117 fine coloured plates, (pub. at £10. 10s) bds. £2.8s

Paris, 1805

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SAINT-HILAIRE (Jaume) Exposition des Fa- | milles Naturelles-the same, 2 vols. 4to. LARGE PAPER, fine coloured plates, russia extra, marbled edges, £3. 10s Paris, 1805 This beautiful and esteemed work is usually bound in 4 vols. when on small paper.

SAINT-HILIARE (Jaume) Plantes de la France, décrites et peintes d'après Nature, 10 vols. imp. 8vo. 1000 plates, beautifully coloured, (pub. at 966 francs), bds. £14. 14s ib. 1822-24

ib. 1822-24

the same, 10 vols. 4to. LARGE VELLUM PAPER, the plates beautifully coloured, (pub. at 1764 francs), hf. bd. calf gilt, uncut, £21. SALISBURY (R. A.) Icones Stirpium Rariorum, descriptionibus illustratae, atlas folio, 5 fine coloured plates by Sowerby, 10s 6d 1791

Privately printed. SALM-REIFFERSCHEID-DYCK (Jos. Principe de) Monographia Generum Aloes et Mesembryanthemi, 2 vols. 4to. with 118 plates, the details mostly coloured (pub. at £3. 3s) sewed, £1.11s 6d Düsseldorf, 1835 SCHAEFFER, Icones et Descriptiones Fungorum, qui circa Ratisbonam nascuntur, editio tertia optima, 4 vols. 4to. with 330 coloured plates, calf, neat, £5. 5s Ratisb. 1780 SCHEUCHZERI Agrostographia, sive Graminum, Juncorum, Cyperorum, &c. Historia, 4to. 19 plates, old rough calf, 5s » Tiguri, 1719 Agrostographia, cum Access. Halleri, 4to. 19 plates, hf. bd. calf, 5s ib. 1775 the same, 4to. plates, neat in calf, 8s

ib. 1775 SCHKUHR (Chr.) Botanisches Handbuch der in Deutschland wild-wachsenden Gewächse, 6vols. 8vo. with 375 plates, many coloured, hf. bd. calf, Mr. A. B. Lambert's copy, £3. 16s

Wittenberg, 1791-96

Published at upwards of £10. 108. and now rare. SCHKUHR, Histoire des Carex ou Laiches, contenant les espèces connues et nouvelles, trad. par Delavigne, small 4to. portrait and 54 finely coloured plates, containing numerous specimens, calf, £1. 18s Leipzig, 1802 SCHMIDT (Franz) Esterreichs Baumzucht (Austrian Sylva), 3 vols. in 2, folio, with 165 finely coloured plates of Trees and Shrubs, calf, from the library of Mr. Lambert, £4. 4s Wien, 1794

This interesting work is published at 100 Rix Dollars, equivalent here to upwards of £20. SCHMIEDELII Dissertationes Botanici Argumenti revisae, 4to. 4 plates, sewed, 2s 6d Erlange. 1783 the same, 4to. red morocco, gilt edges, 6s ib. 1783 SCHNEEVOOGT, Icones et Descriptiones Plantarum rariorum, (Lat.,German., Holland.,et Gall.,) Vol. I. royal folio, (all published), with 48 finely coloured plates, hf. bd. calf, scarce, £2. 12s 6d Haerlem. 1793 SCHRADER (H. A.) de Halophytis Pallasii; respectu imprimis ad Salsolam et Svaedam habito, 4to. with three plates, sewed, 2s Gott. 1810 SCHRADERI Monographia Generis Verbasci, 2 parts, Gott. 1813-23 Nees ab Esenbeck de Cinnamomo Disputatio, Bonna, 1803— Adr. de Jussieu de Euphorbiacearum Generibus, Paris, 1824, together in 1 vol. 4to. plates, hf. bd. calf, 16s

SCHREBER'S (J. C. D.) Beschreibung der Gräser, 2 vols. in 1, folio, with 40 coloured plates of Grasses, &c. calf, neat, 18s Leipzig, 1769 SCHREBERI Icones et Descriptiones Plantarum minus cognitarum, Decas 1, (all published) folio, 10 plates, bds. 5s Hala, 1766 SCHREBERI de Phasco Observationes, 4to. with two plates, bds. 2s 6d Lips. 1770 SCHREBERI Spicilegium Flora Lipsicæ, 8vo. sewed, 3s SELBY'S (Prideaux John) History of British Forest Trees, Indigenous and Introduced, 8vo. with nearly 200 woodcuts, (pub. at £1. 8s) cloth bds. £l. Is 1842

ib. 1771

SEGUIERII (J. F.) Catalogus Plantarum Veronensium, 8vo. sewed, 2s Verona, 1745 SEGUIERII Planta Veronenses, accedit Bibliothecæ Botanica Supplementum, 3 vols. sm. 8vo. SERTUM BOTANICUM: Collection de Plantes 25 plates, calf, 10s 6d ib. 1745-54 remarquables par leur Elégance, leur Eclat, ou leur Utilité, dirigée par M. P. C. VAN GEEL, 80 parts, imperial 4to. with 480 finely coloured plates, (pub. at 8s each part, making £32.) sewed, £8. 8s Brux. 1828-30

SEPP (J. C.) Flora Batava, 7 vols. 4to. complete, with 560 finely coloured plates, (pub. at upwards of 40 guineas) hf. bd. calf, neat, £15. 15s Amst. 1800-36

This fine work is little known out of Holland. Brunet mentions only the first three volumes,

SIBTHORP (J.) Flora Græca, sive Plantarum

Rariorum Historia, quæ in Provinciis aut Insulis Græcis incolunt, cura J. E. Smith, 6 vols. royal folio, containing 600 beautifully coloured plates, (pub. at £157. 10s) neat in calf, (Mr. Lambert's subscription copy) £35. Lond. 1807-13

Of this magnificent work only 30 copies were printed for subscribers at 50 guineas per volume. Hibbert's copy, in six volumes, is the only one recorded as having been sold by auction, and this produced £84. It was similar in every respect to the present.

the same, Vol. I. and Vol. II. Part I. (forming the first three parts) with 150 beautifully coloured plates, (pub. at 75 guineas) bds. £4. 4s 1806-13 SINCLAIR'S (G.) Hortus Gramineus Woburnensis ; or, an Account of the Results of Experiments on the Produce and Nutritive Qualities of different Grasses and other Plants, used as the Food of the more valuable Domestic Animals, instituted by John, Duke of Bedford, royal 8vo. coloured plates, (pub. at £2. 2s) bds. £1. 11s 6d

1825 SMITH'S (Sir J. E.) Spicilegium Botanicum: or Gleanings of Botany, Fasc. I. folio, (all published) with 24 coloured plates, scarce, 10s 6d Lond. 1791 SMITH'S Specimen of the Botany of New Holland, 4to. 16 coloured plates by J. Sowerby, bds. scarce, £1.4s 1793 SMITH'S Description of Rare Plants, (Latin and English) 3 parts, royal folio, with 18 finely coloured plates, sewed, 15s 1790 3

the same, 18 coloured plates, also 18 additional plates selected from Curtis's Flora Londinensis, in 1 vol. royal folio, hf. bd. (from Mr. A. B. Lambert's library) 18s

SMITH'S Introduction to the Study of Botany, 7th edition, corrected by Jackson Hooker, 8vo. 36 plates, cloth, 10s 6d 1833

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