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handkerchief to his eyes. "To your care I intrust my will,--you will find I have not forgotten you, my

friends: -you will execute my commissions with fidelity.'—Mr. GRIFFIN is dead,' said the bookseller, sure enough' said the bookseller's boy.The printer's devil blubbered.—It was too much.We were forced to retire to give vent to our feelings -and

the Will.-A

copy of it we now lay before the public.



GREGORY GRIFFIN, Esq. · Vicesimo tertio die Julii, anno regni GEORGII Tertii Magnæ Britanniæ, Franciæ, et Hiberniæ Regis, Fidei Defensoris, &c. vicesimo septimo; Domini, millesimo septingentesimo octogesimo septimo.

'I GREGORY GRIFFIN, of the College of Eton in the County of Bucks, being weak in body, but sound in understanding, on this twenty-third instant of this July present, in the twenty-seventh year of the reign of His Majesty George the Third, of Great Britain, France, and Ireland, King, Defender of the Faith, &c. in the year of our Lord, one thousand seven hundred and eighty-seven, do hereby commit my body to the press, from whence it came; my spirit to the comprehension of my readers.

Of my Worldly Effects, eonsisting chiefly of Essays, Poems, Letters, &c. &c.

"IMPRIMIS, I do give and bequeath the whole of the aforesaid Essays, Poems, Letters, &c. &c. to my much beloved friends J. Smith, G. CANNING, R. SMITH, and J. FRERE; to be among them divided as shall be hereafter by me appointed; excepting only such legacies, as shall be hereafter by me assigned to other my worthy and approved friends.

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• And I do farther constitute and appoint the aforesaid, my much-beloved friends, the Executors and Administrators of this my last Will and Testament, to divide my Effects, according to the form appointed therein.

• ITEM. I do Give and Bequeath to Mr. John Smith, late of the College of Eton,

now of King's College, Cambridge, all my Papers, Essays, &c. &c. which bear the Signature of A.

• Item. To Mr. GEORGE CANNING, now of the College of Eton, I do give and bequeath all my Papers, Essays, &c. &c. signed with B.

Item. To Mr. ROBERT SMITH, now of the Cole lege of Eton aforesaid, I do assign all my Papers, &c. &c. (as aforesaid) signed C.

• ITEM. I do make over to Mr. John FRERE, now of the aforesaid College of Eton, all my Papers, &c. (as before mentioned) marked D.

"ITEM. To Mr. Joseph MeLLISH, of Trinity College, Cambridge, in token of respect and esteem, I do assign the Paper bearing the signature of M.

• ITEM. To Mr. B. WAY, I do bequeath the Letter signed MUSIDORUS; to Mr. LITTLEHALES, the Letter CÆMETERIUS; to Lord H. SPENCER, the Letter and Poem of IRONICULUS, with the Letter of Eopos Πολυφαγος. .

* The rest of my Papers, &c. &c. here undisposed of, I do hereby enjoin my Executors, to make over to such of my Correspondents as shall severally make good their claims thereunto; declaring moreover, that all such Papers as do not bear any of the aforesaid signatures, A. B. C. or D. are not to be considered as the property of my Executors.

· Dated this twenty-third day of July present, in year, &c. &c. 1787.



And now, in the character of Mr. GRIFFIN's Executors, having first rendered our thanks to the Public, for the great support which that gentleman has experienced from their candour and indulgence; it would be ungrateful, were we not in his name to express his more particular obligations, to a World, which he quits with so much regret.

Long may it flourish, as it has hitherto done, the Nursery of Heroes and Statesmen; of Poets and Philosophers; and may its Citizens, equally qualified to shine in the busy sphere of political eminence, or cultivate with taste the elegancies of literary retirement, ever look back with filial affection on the spot. where they were formed for such noble, such elevated purposes.

May the Contemporaries of Mr. GRIFFIN, ever join with him in looking up with gratitude and veneration to the INSTRUCTOR of their youth, whose approbation has been equally the aim of all their puerile exertions. To him, as the source, from which their merit, if any, has originated, we now commend the Guardianship of these early efforts, begun under his auspices; and consequently with peculiar propriety intrusted to the continuance of such distinguished approbation.-B. & C.

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The numeral letters denote the volume-- the figures the number of the paper.

Tat. Tatler, Sp. Spectator, Guar. Guardian, Ram. Rambler, Ad. Adventurer,
Wor. World, Con. Connoisseur, Id. Idler, Mir. Mirror, Loun. Lounger, Ob.
Observer, Oll. Olla Podrida, Win. Winter Evenings, Mic. Microcosm.


ABBEY, Westminster,

Acetus, his raillery unjustly ad-
ments in, Sp. vi. 26.

mired, Sp. xii. 422.
Abdullahi and Quarina, story of, Acquaintance, character of, Ad.
Ob. xxxviii. 14.

xxiii. 11.
Abigails, male, in fashion among Acrostics, history of, Sp. vi. 60.
ladies, Sp. vi. 45.

Act of deformity for the Ugly
Abrahams, a Jew, letter of, Ob. Club, Sp. vi. 17. acts, public, at Ox-
xxxviii. 38. bistory, 44, 45. ford, reasons against, Guar. xvii. 95.

Abraham Adams, letter of, Wor. Actæon, his manner of life, Tat.
xxvi. 46.

ii. 59.
Absence in conversation, Sp. vii. Action, felicity of the soul, Sp.

vii. 119. two principles in man, xv.
Absence, death in love, Sp. vi. 588. a threefold division of hu-
24. ix. 241. 245.

man, ix. 213. qualification of an
Absolute power, a dance, Tat. i. orator, xiv. 541. Tat. ii. 66. iv. 168.

excellence of graceful, Sp. X. 292.
Abstinence, advantages of, Sp. Tully's observations on, xiv. 541.
viji. 174. ix. 195. Tat. v. 240. neglected by clergymen, Tat. ii. 66.

Absurdity, remarks on, Tat. iv. in an epic poem, Sp. X. 267. dra-
168. Guar. xvii. 81.

matic, Ram. xxi. 156. necessary to
Abouzaid, advice to, Ram. xxii, body and mind, xx. 85. rhetorical,

Win. xliii. 86.
Abulus, ruined by a worthless Actions, no right judgment to be
stranger, Ad. xxv. 112.

made of, Sp. viii. 174. X. 257.
Abuse, requisites for it in an au- Activity, misapplied, Loun.
Thor, Wor. xxvi. 9. successful me- xxxvii. 78.
thod of puffing, xxvii. 96.

Actor, absent, why styled so,
Academy, what a youth first Sp. xiv. 541.
learns, Guar. xvi. 24. for politics, Actors, their perfections, Tat. iv.
Sp. x. 305. advice to a young aca- 167. their talents, 182. censured
demic, Con. xxxi. 82.

for adding, iii. 89. proposal for an
Acanthiv, his character, Mic. xlv. hospital for, Wor. xxix. 159. merit

of, and advice to, Ob. xxxviii. 29.
Acasto, an agreeable man, Sp. Adam, his vision of souls, Guar.
xii. 386.

xviii. 138.
Acastus, on the influence of cu- Adamites, a sect so called, Guar.
riosity, Ram. xxi. 150.

xviii. 133.
Accompts, their usefulness, Sp. Addison, his critical capacity,
viii. 174.

Ram. xx. 86. 93. his opinion of the


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