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ancients, Ad. xxv. 127. 133. his Adulterers, punished by the first
Spectator, No. 93. recommended, Christians, Sp. xv. 579.
Wor. xxviii. 108. did not excel in Æneas, his adventures in the
conversation, Win. xliii. 75. his empire of death, Tat. iv. 154.
style vindicated, Mic. xlv. 36. Æneid turned into rhyme, Sp. vi.

Address, difficulty of, Ram. 60.
xix. 1.

Æschylus,parallel between Shak-
Adelisa and Leander, story of, speare, Ob. xxxix. 69. history of,
Ob. xl. 113.

xl. 132-134.
Admiration, a pleasing motion Æsculapius, in love with Hebe,
of the mind, Sp. xii. 413. a delight- Tat. ii. 44. receipt for love, 47.
ful passion, ix. 237. short-lived, x. metaphorically defunct, 46.
256. turned into contempt, xi. 340. Æsop, a fable applied on the re-
passion for it, vii. 73. and ignorance, ceipt of a letter, Tat. iii. 115.
their operation, Ram. xx. 75. Æsop-fables, improper for young

Adrian, Emperor, his dying children, Win. xliii. 51.
words, Sp. xiv. 532.

Affability, influence of, Ram.
Advantages, many not to be en- xxi. 141.
joyed, Ram. xxii. 178.

Affectation described, Sp. xiii.
Adventurer, achievements pro- 460. its origin, vi. 38. ways of
jected, Ad. xxiji. 1. design of, xxv. shewing it, xiv. 515. in the wise
139. general plan, 140. some re- man and the coxcomb, vi. 38. mis-
marks on No. 127, Mic. xlv. 10. fortune of, xii. 404. enemy to a fine

Adversity, no evil, Sp. ix. 237. face, vi. 35. deforms beauty and
an alleviation, Tat. v. 233. salutary wit, 38. a gentleman cured, 48. of
instruction, Ram, xxi. 150. vice outlives the practice, xi. 318.

Advertisements, a good miscel- of vice censured, Tat. ji. 77. vanity
lany, Tat. v. 224. specimens, 228. of indulging, Ram. xix. 20. absur-
245. for wives, great modesty of, dity of, xxii. 179. the source of
Wor. xxvii. 80. of a society of ser- folly, Wor. xxviii. 120.
vants, xxix. 179. art of advertising, Affection, distinguished from es-
Id. xxxiii. 40. criticism on, Mir. teem, Tat. iv. 206. what kind
XXXV. 80.

purest, Sp. xii. 449. paternal de-
Advice to young people, Tat. scribed, ib. Tat. iii. 95.
mi. 104. not to be given by every Affections, how governed, Tat.
body, i. 25. no order too inconsi. ii. 54.
derable to be advised, Sp. vi. 34. Afflatus, character of, Oll. xli. 1.
how to be given to a faulty friend, Affliction, not always expressed
xii. 385. received with reluctance, by tears, Sp. vii. 95. best way to
xiii. 512. not asked for information, alleviate, viii. 163, 164. xiii. 501.
Tat. i. 25. seldom asked till after imaginary, insupportable, Tat. iv.
resolution, Sp. xiii. 475. often dis- 146. not always as judgments,
regarded, Ran. xx. 87. when most Sp. xiii. 483. consolation under,
offensive, xxi. 155. difficulty of Ram. xix. 17. 52. inercy of, Ad.
giving, xix. 40. officious, Ad. xxiv. xxiv. 76.
74. advice, history of, Loun. xxxvii. Africanus, manner of purchasing

annuities, Tat, i, 36.

Afterwit, his observations, Tát. ii. Airs, the penman, bis vanity,

Guar. xvi. 1.
Agamemnon's invectives against Alabaster, Dr. his sermon, Sp.
women, Tat. iv. 152.

ix. 221.
Agamus, an old debauchee, Ad. Alacrity, source of pleasure,
xxiv. 86. story of his daughter, Ram. xx. 74.
xxv. 134-136.

Albacinda, too beautiful and
Agànippe, fountain of, Sp. xiii. witty, Sp. viii. 144.

Albemarle, earl, governor of
Age, when agreeable, Tat. ii. Tournay, Tat. ii. 49.
45. most eligible, Sp. viii. 153. Album Græcum, prescribed to a
if healthy, happy, Guar. xvi. 25. sick dog, Tạt. jii. 121.
preferable to vicious youth, Sp. viii. Alchymist, remarks on that co-
153. comfortable, reward of a well- medy, Tat. i. 14.
spent youth, Sp. X. 260. xi. 336. Alcibiades the Athenian, his cha-
vice to render it ridiculous, vi. 6. racter, Guar. xvii. 81.
indecent, Tat. ii. 46. unnatural mis- Alcinous, his gardens, Guar.
understanding between age and xviii. 173.
youth, Sp. viii. 153. dwells upon Aldobrandini, picture in the pa-
past times, Guar. xvi. 5. authority lace of, Sp. viii. 184.
assumed by some on account of, Alehouse-keeper, on the Hamp-
Sp. xi. 336. calamities incident to, stead-road, Guar. xviii. 144.
Mir. xxxv. 90. virtues, and failings Alexander the Great, compared
of, Loun. xxxvii. 72. premature with Cæsar, Tat. i. 6. his character,
old, Win. xliji. 79.

Sp. vi. 32. Tat. iv. 191. 209. a
Age, glory of the present, Tat. memorable saying of, Tat. iii. 92.
ii. 130. better than any other, a competitor in the Olympic games,
Wor. xxvii. 75. xxix. 197. on the Sp. vii. 127. his complaint to Aris-
past and present, Ob. xl. 81,82. 91. totle, ii. 379. imitating Achilles in
attainments of the present, Oll

. cruelty, Sp. ii. 337. a letter from
xli. 41. golden fiction of, Mic. to Aristotle, Guar. xvii. 111. pa-
xlv. 13.

rallel between and a highwayman,
Aglaus, his story, Sp. xv. Ad. xxiv. 47.

Alexander the Great, the tragedy
Agreeable, art of being, Sp. xii. of, Tat. iv. 191. an opera, Sp. vi. 14.
386. who to be accounted, x. 280. Alexander Truncheon, foreman
character of an agreeable man, xii. in the court of honour, Tat. v. 252.
386. woman, vi. 21.

Alexandrian library, its inscrip-
Agricola, his character, Mic. xlv. tion, Wor. xxviii. 108.

Alfred, letter from on glory,
Agriculture, usefulness of, Ram. Mic. xlv. 15.
xxi. 145. whimsical improvements, Alicant, capitulated, Tat. i. 10.
Mir. Xxxv. 52.

taken, 21.
Aguire, the spirit of revenge, Aliger, character of, Ram. xxii.
Guar. xvi. 8.

Ajut, history of, 'Ram, xxii. 186, Allegories, profitable to the mind,

Tat. iv. 146. light to a discourse,
Sp. xň. 421. directions for using, Amanda, the happy wife of Flo-
Guar. xviii. 152. how received by rio, Tat. ii. 49. rewarded for her
the public, Sp. xiii. 501. of Virtue virtue, Sp. xi. 375. seduction, Wor.
and Pleasure making court to Her- xxvi. 52. consequences of her his-
cules, Tat. iii. 97. Avarice and tory, xxvii. 53.
Luxury, Sp. vi. 55. application of Amaryllis, improved by good
in Homer, Tat. iv. 146. on criti- breeding, Sp. viii. 144.
cism, Rain. xix. 3. Prosperity and Amasis, law of, dream concern-
Adversity, Wor. xxvii. 84. a laby- ing, Loun. xxxvi. 47.
rinth in Apollo's garden, xxviii. 121. Amazons, their commonwealth,

Allen, Mr. founder of Dulwich- &c. Sp. xii. 433, 434. bravery of,
college, Tat. i. 20.

revived, Id. xxxiii. 87.
Alliteration, remarks on, Con. Ambassador, definition of, Id.
xxxi. 83.

xxxiii, 30.
Allusion, greatest art of an au- Ambition, various kinds, Sp. xv.
thor, Sp. xii. 421.

570. why implanted in the soul of
Alma Mater, afflicted with the man, x. 255. viii. 186. every man
Neophobia, Win. xliv. 131. subject to it, ix. 219. 224. middle

Almamoulin, dying speech of his age most addicted to it, Tat. iii.
father, Ram. xxi. 120.

120. the true object of laudable,
Almanack, Oxford, Tat. ii. 39. Sp. x. 257. xv. 613. Tat. v. 251.
a treatise of practical astronomy, men of parts actuated by it, Sp. vii.
Wor. xxviii. 140. new one for per- 73. by what measured, Sp.viii. 188.
sons of quality, Con. xxxii. 99. vain and unprofitable, vi. 27. viii.

Almet and the Stranger, an east- 180. x. 256. no true happiness iu,
ern tale, Ad. xxv. 114.

Tat. iv, 202. the occasion of fac-
Almerin and Shelimah, a tale, tions, Sp. vii. 125. hurtful to princes
Ad. xxv, 103, 104.

and people, ix. 200. refuge, when
Alms, wages of idleness, Sp. ix. disappointed, Tat. iv. 202. natu-

ral to youth, Ram. xix. 15. vanity
Alnaraschin, story of, Guar. xviii. of it in the lower stations, xx. 66.

modern, Ad. xxv. 98. folly and
Alnaschar, story of, Sp. xiv. 535. madness of, Wor. xxix. 174. brilliant

Alonzo, Don, fatal jealousy, talents not conducive to success in,
Guar. xvi. 37.

Loun. xxxvi. 39.
Alost, attempt to surprise, Tat. i. Americans, their opinion of
1. 4.

departed souls, Sp. vi. 56. used
Aphabet, petition of the letters, painting instead of writing, xii.
except E and O, Wor. xxix. 180.

Alphonso, his story, from Lucan, Amicus'reflections on prostitutes,
Guar. xvii. 119.

Ram. xxi. 107.
Altar, a poem, in the shape of, Aminadab the Quaker's admoni-
Sp. vi. 58.

tion, Tat. iv. 190.
Alteration, the principle of an Aminta of Tasso compared with
improver, Wor, xxvii. 76.

Pastor Fido, Guar. xvi. 28.
Altilia, coquetry of, Ram. xxii. Amity, dangerous between sexes,

Sp. xii. 400.

Amoret, the jilt, reclaimed by Anger defined, Guar. xviii. 129.
Philander, Sp. xii. 401.

angry man described, Sp. xii. 438.
Amorous club, Sp. vi. 30. a tragical instance of, Tat. iv. 172.

Amurath, an eastern story, Ad. a dangerous passion, Ram. xix.
xxiii. 20-22.

11. Wor. xxix. 196. remarks on,
Amusement, allowable, when, Sp. Ob. xl. 110.
vii. 93. useful, Ram. xx. 89. the Angling, observations on, Win.
principal design of a public paper, xlii. 36.
Wor. xxvii. 104. to be taxed, Con. Animals, their different structure,
Xxxji. 110.

Sp. vii. 120. gratitude owing to,
Ana, certain French books, Win. Guar, xvii. 61. cruelty towards
xlii. 20.

them, Tat. iii. 133. Guar. xvii. 62.
Anacreon, on painting his mis- animal comedians, Ad. xxiii. 19.
tress, Guar. xviii. 168.

instances of cruelty to, Wor. 5. 37.
Anacharsis, the Corinthian, xxix. 190. trial of, a vision, Con. xxx.
ing of, Sp. xv. 569.

12. fondness for, xxxi. 89. mis-
Anatomy, thoughts on, Sp. xiv. placed attention to, Oll. xli. 6.
543. cruelty of, Id. xxxiii. 17. Annabella's letter on the conver-

Anaximander, on singing, Guar. sation of men and women, Sp. vi. 53.
xviii. 135.

Anne Boleyne's last letter to
Ancestors, ought to excite virtu. Henry the Eighth, Sp. x. 307. tra-
ous actions, Guar. xviii. 136. gedy, Guar. xvi. 19.

Ancestry, to be venerated, Sp. Anne, queen, her government,
xv. 612.

Tat. iii. 90. 130.
Ancients,crying them up reprov-

Annihilation described by Milton
ed, Guar. svi. 25. all good not bore and Dryden, Tat. i. 6. the most ab-
rowed from, 12. where they excel, ject of wishes, Sp. ix. 210. by whom
Sp. vi. 61. ix. 249. distinguished desired, Guar. xvii. 89. how terrible,
by Strada, Guar. xvii. 119. their Wor. xxvii. 73.
hours of mirth, Sp. xi. 358. in Anningait and Ajut, story of, Ram.
what arts they excel, xxii. 186, 187.
what the moderns excel, 135. boast- Annuities, how purchased, Tat.
ing of the, Wor. xxvi. 2. superiority i. 36.
in dinners, 20. unacquainted with the Antediluvian, misapplication of
cure of the evil, 24. ignorant of the the word, Mic. xlv. 8.
manufacture of thunder and light- Anthea, disagreeable character of,
ning, xxvii. 83. imperfect ideas of Ram. xix. 34.
honour, xxviii. 113. and modern Anthony, Marc, commended, Sp.
times compared, Loun. xxxvi. 19. xii. 386.
witty saying of, Ob. xxxix. 52. Anticyra, an island devoted to

Androcles and the lion, Guar. madmen, Tat. iii. 125.
xviii. 139.

Anti Gallicans, premiums for
Angelo, Michael, censured, Tat. thunder and lightning, Wor.xxvii.83.
iv. 156.

Antigonus, how painted by Apel-
Angels, what ideas they may en- les, Sp. xv. 633.
tertain of mankind, Sp. xv. 610. fal- Anti Judaic entertainment, Con.
len, their employments, Sp.ix. 237. XXX. 13.

Antiochus, love for his mother- Apprentice, a farce, Wor. xxix.
in-law, Sp. ix. 220.

Antipathies considered, Sp. xiv. April described, Sp. xii. 423. the
-538. xv. 609.

first of, vi. 47. alterations of the
Antiquaries, club of, Ram. xix.17. style, Wor. xxvi. 10.
Anti-starers, Sp. vi. 20.

Arabella, verses on, Sp. xii. 443.
Antoine, amour with Clarinda, Arabian Tales, qualities of, Ad.
Wor. xxvii. 79.

xxiii. 20.
Ants, history of, Guar. xviii. 153. Arable, Mrs. a fellow-traveller
156, 157. 160.

with the Spectator, Sp. viii. 132.
Anxieties, evil and vanity of, Sp. Aranchne, bad tenper of, Wor.
xv. 615. universal, Ram. xxi. 128. xxviii. 126.

Apathy, remarks on, Mic. xlv. 2. Aranda, Countess D’, displeased

Apelles, Wor. xxvii. 55. his with Gratian, Sp. xi. 379.
paintings, Ob. xxxix. 99. story of, Araspas and Pantbea, their story,
Mic. xlv. 18.

Sp. xiv. 564.
Apes, some women so called, Sp. Arcadian, character of, Guar. xvi.
ix. 244.

23, story, 32.
A pollo, god of verse and physic, Archery, improper for ladies,
Tat. v. 240. his throne, Sp. xij. Win. xlii. 36.
514. the temple of, ix. 223. descrip- Architecture, properties of, Sp.
tion of his temple, Wor. xxviii. 121. xii. 415. ancient and modern, Ad.

Apologies, false, fatal effects of, xxv. 127. improved by a mixture of
Ad. xxiv. 54-56.

the Gothic, Wor. xxvii. 59. on the
Apothecaries, great orators, Tat. progress, Oll. xli. 42.
v. 240. employments, Sp. ix. 195. Aretine, his tributaries, 23.
in Romeo and Juliet, Guar. xvi. 21. Arguments, rules for, Sp. ix. 197.
their motto, Win. xlii. 19.

Apparitions, the creation of weak Argumentum Baculinum explain-
minds, Sp. vii. 110. stories of, dan- ed, Sp. ix. 239.
gerous, vi. 12. Plato's opinion of, Argus, his employment, Sp. ix.
vii. 90.

Appearances, respect paid to, Sp. Argutio , character of, Ram. xix.
xi. 360. not to be trusted, vii. 86, 27.
87. xiii. 464.

Argyle, duke of, Tat. ii. 46.
Appetites, how to be governed, Arietta, character of, Sp. vi. 11.
Tat. iv. 205. violent in all creatures, Aristas and Aspasia, Sp. vii. 128.
Sp. vii. 126. soon excited, ix. 208. Aristæus, master of himself, Tat.
encumbrances of old age, x. 260.

iv. 167.
Applause, popular, Sp. xii. 442. Aristenætus,his letters,Sp.ix.238.
vain and contemptible, viii. 188. Aristippus on contentment, Sp.
should not mislead us, xv. 610.

xv. 574.
Application, desultory, injurious, Aristotle, the best logician, Sp.x.
Ram. xxi. 132. active and diligent 291. inventor of syllogisms, ix. 239.
enforced, 134. Con. xxxi. 90. account of the world, viii. 166. me-
Apollodorus, fragment of, Sp. ix. thod of examining epic poetry, x.

267. 273. 291. 297. xi. 315. obser-


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