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Engraved for Murray History of the American Wan


King of Great Britain &c.

Tallard sculp

Printed for T.Roben, Newaarde upon Tyne.

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Printed for T. ROBSON, Head of the GROAT-MARKER
R. Baldwin, No. 47. Pater-nofter-Row, London; N. Frobisher, York;
C. Elliot, Edinburgh; and Dunlop and Wilfon, Glasgow.

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As it is the happy privilege of all the dutiful fubjects of the British em

pire, without regard to rank or distinction, to address their fovereign, it can be no prefumption in one who wishes well to the Revolution, and the illuftrious family of Brunswick, though remote from the throne, thus to addrefs your Majefty. To wish well to the rightful fovereign of these kingdoms, is the duty of all Proteftants; and the happiness of a Prince ruling by law, ought to be the prayer of all good fubjects. A reflection upon the unhappinefs of former times, when tyranny, and the iron rod of arbitrary power, ruled over these realms, makes the dutiful fubjects of your Majefty rejoice, that they are, by the glorious Hanoverian fuccession, fet free from the apprehenfions of civil and religious slavery.

Tour Majelly's true friends will always join the glorious Revolution, and the fucceffion of your family to the throne of these kingdoms, in their united thanksgivings to Heaven; and never forget the 5th of November, and the glorious first of Auguft, when Popery and arbitrary power were fo effectually baffled.

The warm expreffions of heart-felt joy, which your fubjects loudly manifefted at your acceffion to the crown of Great Britain, could not but declare to all the world, how happy they were, in having a Protestant Prince born among them, to be their King. Your Majefty's gracious fpeech on that occafion was received with raptures throughout the whole empire, and all ranks and degrees of your fubjects were transported with your royal fentiments.

There have few fovereigns, fince the firft inftitution of government, that have had all the fatisfaction they could have defired: Mifunderftandings and mismanagements, in high and low, are common in the present state of human nature. It requires à more exalted state of existence, than any rank of beings in this fyftem arrive at, to be perfect. The fubject of this hiftory, thus addreffed to your Majefty, is a palpable proof of the weakness and imperfection of mortals in this world.

The far greater part of your Majesty's good fubjects, are much afflicted for the caufes and occafion of the prefent unhappy contention in the British empire, and from their hearts earnestly pray, that it may be speedily at an end; that your Majefty may enjoy the sweets of peace, and the real pleafure of ruling a dutiful and happy people.


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