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Editions was left out, or lefs particularly inferted. Then follows a Leaf (which remains but in few Books) because the Archbishop would not have it bound into the Copies he sent to his Friends, that thofe who cenfured it, of Oftentation, might relinquifh it (to ufe his own Word). It contains, in wooden Cuts, the Arms of his See, empaled with his own paternal Coat; with thofe of York, and his Fellow-brothers, as he calls them, the reft of the Bishops in her Majesty's Reign. Next is a Chronological Table of the Seventy Archbishops, under what King, and in what Year of his Reign made, how long they fat, when they died, &c. ending with the Year of Matthew Parker's Confecration. Then follows a Table of all the Archbishops and Bishops made in his own Time, that is, the Queen's Reign, beginning with himself, and on the Back of the faid Leaf, a Table of References to all the Archbishops Lives, both as to their Order, or Number of Succeffion, and the Page they begin at. Then begin the Antiquities of the British Church, in ten or a dozen Chapters, for the Space of forty-five. Pages; which leads us, in the next Leaf, to the lives themfelves, beginning with Auguftin; of whom, it is obfervable, in this Copy, there are two Lives; the one, in a new and more enlarged Scheme, printed in four Columns, and in twentyfour Pages; whereof, it is faid, five Copies have not yet been difcovered. The common Copies end with Cardinal Pole's Life, but in this there is added, the Life of Archbishop Parker himself, and that more enlarged than in many Copies; for, between the Pages numbered at Bottom 18 and 19, there are inferted three Leaves; the Whole making twenty-nine Pages. Thus ends this Work. But in this Copy there are joined fome Collections, relating to the University of Cambride, alfo written in Latin, and attributed to the fame Author` ; beginning with a Catalogue of the Chancellors, Vice-Chancellors, Proctors, and Doctors, who took their Degrees there, from 1500 to 1571; to which is prefixed, the Arms of the Colleges, and Halls; a Platform of the Schools; Arms and Seal of the Univerfity, and the Chancellor's Seal, with the Effigies of the Queen, on her Throne, crowned by Juftice and Mercy, and fupported by Fortitude and Prudence; all in two Leaves of wooden Cuts, and printed on Vellum in this Copy. After the faid Catalogue of fixteen Pages, here continued in MS. to 1573, are the Titles of the Charters and Privileges granted to that University, from Hen. III. to 14 Eliz. with fome Particulars of other Deeds, Univerfity-Books, Arms, and Utenfils, which were in the Cuftody of the Vice-Chancellor, Proctor, Regifter, &c. Next is an Account of the Foundation of the Schools and Colleges, Inns and Halls of that Univerfity. Laftly, a Table of all the Bishops which were educated there, from 1500 to 1571. And thus ends this Work, in this Copy, after which is the Index to the former Book of Ecclefiaftical Antiquities; and after all, a Tranfcript in three blank Pages of

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the Catalogue, printed in another London Edition, of fuch Books as the faid Archbishop Parker gave to the common Library in Cambridge, in 1574. And on a blank Leaf, at the Beginning of the Book, is pafted a Print of the Archbishop neatly graved by one of his own Artifls, named Remigius Hogenberg, Anno 15-3, in the Seventieth Year of the faid Archbishop's Age. Parker de Antiquitate Britannicæ Ecclefiæ, cum MS. Corio Turcico, foliis deauratis

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Lond. 1572

with MS. Notes by variib. 1572

6 Vitæ & Acta Sanctorum Hiberniæ, per Tho. Meffinghamum Parif. 1624 Remonftrantia Hibernorum contra Lovanienfes, &c, vindicata, Authore R. Caron 1665 Alfredi Regis Res gefiæ Latino Sermone a M. Parker editæ, cum Notis MS.

Kirftenii Vita iv. Evangeliftarum, Lat. & Arabice Brela 1608
Kirflenius's Life of the four Evangelifts is extracted from a

very curious antient Arabic MS. in the Imperial Library at
Vienna, communicated to the Author by Mr. Tengnagel,
Librarian to Rudolphus II. to whom it is dedicated. The
Author, who was a Doctor of Phyfic, at Breflaw, in Silefia,
feems to have been a Man of Learning and Curiofity; and
the Piece itself is full of Erudition. It is remarkable, that,
though the Life of Alfred is compofed in Latin, it is wrote
in the Saxon Character. It is rendered more valuable by
many MS. Notes, with which it is interfperfed.

9 Buchanani Rerum Scoticarum Hifloria, cum Netis MS. Edin.1582 10 Hectoris Boethii Hiftoria Scotorum Lib. xix. Parif. ap. Du Puys 1574 11 Hiftoire de Guillaume III. Roy d'Angleterre, par N. Chevalier,

Duaci 1626

avec fig. Amft. 1692 12 Reyneri Difceptatio Hiftorica de Antiquitate Benedictinorum in Anglia 13 Herologia Anglica, hoc eft, Clariffimorum & Doctiffimorum aliquot Anglorum qui floruerunt ab Anno 1500, ufque ad Annum 1620, viva Effigies, Vitæ, & Elogia, Authore H. Holland Lond. 1620 14 Johnftoni Rerum Britannicarum Hiftoria, foliis deauratis Amft. 1655 15 Mifcellanea quædam Eruditæ Antiquitatis quæ ad Borealem Britannie majoris Partem pertinent, Cura Roberti Sibbaldi, cum fig. Edinb. 1710

Lugd. 1587

16 Rerum Britannicarum Scriptores Vetuftiores 17. Baleus de Scriptoribus Britannicis Bafil. apud Oporinum 1559 18 Eftat de la Diftribution de la Somme de Douze-mille Livres accordee par la Reigne aux Pauvres Proteftants Francois Refugiez en Angleterre, pour l'An. 1705 & 1710, 2 Vol.

Lond. 1687

19 Mori Hiftoria Provinciae Anglicana Societatis Jefu Audomari 1660 zo Ufterii Britannicarum Ecclefiarum Antiquitates 21 Sacra Exequialia in Funere Jacobi II. exhibita a Card. Barberino in Templo Sti Laurentii in Lucina, defcripta a Car. de Aquino, cum

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Oxon. 1684 22 Hiftoriæ Anglicana Scriptores XX. ex Vet. Cod. MS. editi, Opera T. Gale, 3 Vol. Lond. 1639 23 Concilia, Decreta, Leges, Conftitutiones in Re Ecclefiarum Orbis Britannici, Opera Hen. Spelman, 2 vol. 24 Torfæi Orcades feu Rerum Orcadenfium Hiftoriæ, Lib. III. Hau

25 P. Vergilii Hiftoriæ Anglica, Lib. XXVII. Idem, cum multis Notis MS.



Polydori Vergilii Anglicæ Hiftoriæ

nie 1715 Bafil. 1570 ib. 1579 Bafil. 1570

F. Godwini Rerum Anglicarum, Henrico VIII. Edwardo VI, &
Maria regnantibus, Annales, nunc primum editi Lond.

There are many MS. Notes of the memorable Occurrences in
Polydore's Hiftory, drawn into the Margins by Sir Arthur
Atty; but the Book had been, in the Time of King Charles
I, one of Sir Simonds D'Ewes's, as appears by fome Refe-
as alfo, probably, by
rences drawn up at the End by him;

the Arms on the Cover.

28 Ven. Bede Ecclefiaftica Hiftoria Gentis Anglorum, Lat. & Saxon.

cui acceff. Leges Anglo-Saxonica

Cantab. 1644

29 Smithæi Flores Hiftoriæ Gentis Anglorum, Lib. VII. foliis deauratis Parif. 1654


30 Ragguaglio della folenne Comparfa fatta in Roma dall'Illuft. Conte di Caftelmaine Ambafciadore alla Sante Sede Apoftolica, descritta da Giov. Michele Writ, con fig. 31 Matth. Weftmonaft. Flores Hiftor. de Rebus Britann. Francof. 1601 1640 32 Matth. Paris Hiftoria Angliæ, cum Gloffario, per Guil. Watts Lond.

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Francof. 1603
Hanovia 1605

33 Anglica, Normannica, Hibernica, Cambrica, a Vet. Scripta, in lucem edita ex Bibliotheca Guil. Cambdeni S Parker de Antiquitate Britannicæ Ecclefiæ 34 Harpsfeldii Hiftoria Anglicana Ecclefiaftica 35 Dugdale Monafticon Anglicanum, cum fig. 3 vol. 36 Lynwood Provinciale feu Conftitutiones Angliæ, cui Conftitutiones Legatina D. Othonis & D. Othoboni 37 Hiftoriæ Anglicane Scriptores Decem, 2 vol. Ch. Max. Idem, Charta Minor



Sibbaldi Defcriptio Scotia Antiquæ & Modernæ 40 Campiani Hiftoria Anglicana Ecclefiaftica


Duaci 1622
Lond. 1682
Oxon. 1679
Lond. 1652


ib. 1652

Edinb. 1683

Duaci 1622

Leodii 1663


41 Alfordi Annales Ecclefiæ Britannicæ, 42 Rerum Anglicarum Scriptores poft Bedam Francof. apud Wechelium

43 Hiftoire Genealogique de la Maison Royale de Courtenay, par Bouchet

Paris 1661

44 Acta Sanctorum Veteris & Majoris Scotia feu Hiberniæ San&torum
Infulæ, cum Notis, &c. Joan. Colgani, 2 vol.
Hiftoire d'Angleterre, d'Ecoffe, & d'Irelande, par Larrey, 4 tom.

Lovanii 1645


avec fig.

Amft. 1723

46 Vita Alfredi Magni Anglorum Regis, per Spelmannum, corio Turc.

foliis deaurat.

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47 Whartonus de Archiepifcopis & Epifcopis Angliæ, 2 vol. Ch. Mag. Lond. 1691

48 Bede Hiftoriæ Ecclefiafticæ Gentis Anglorum Lib. V. Cura & Studio Joh. Smith Cantab. 1722 49 Matth. Parker de Antiquitate Britannicæ Ecclefiæ, edidit ac Notis illuft. Sam. Drake, Charta Minor Lond. 1729 50 Sibbaldi Prodromus Naturalis Hiftoriæ Scotiæ, cum fig. Ch. Minor Edinb. 1684 Oxon. 1678

51 Spelmanni Vita Alfredi Magni, Charta Maxima 52 Ragguaglio della folenne Comparfa fatta in Roma dall' Illuft. Conte de Caftelmaine Ambafciadore alla Santa Sede Apoftolica, con fig. Charta Granda in Roma 53 Concilia Magna Britanniæ & Hibernie a Synodo Verolamienfi 446, ad Lond. 1717; accedunt Conftitutiones, et alia ad Hift. Ecclef. Angl. fpectantia, a Davide Wilkins, 4 Vol. Lond. 1737

54 Hiftoire de l'Entree de la Reyne Mere du Roy Chreftien dans la Grande Bretaigne, avec fig. relie en Maroquin

55 Sibbaldi Scotia Illuftrata five Prodromus Hiftoriæ fg. Charta Maxima

a Lond. 1639 Naturalis, cum Edinb. 1684

56 Ant. Wood Hifloria & Antiquitates Univerfitatis Oxonienfis

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Oxon. 1674 ib. 1674

Idem, Charta Maxima, corio Turcico, foliis deauratis

ib. 1674

59 Dugdale Monafticon Anglicanum, 5 Vol. Charta Maxima, cum fig. Lond. 1655

60 Belæ Hiftoriæ Ecclefiafticæ Gentis Anglorum, Cura & Studio Joh. Smith, Charta Maxima Cantab. 1722

Lond. 1745

61 Autores XVI de Vita & Rebus geftis Marie Scotorum Reginæ, edidit Sam. Jebb. Charta Maxima, cerio Turcico, foliis deauratis, 2 Vel. 62 Matt. Parker de Antiq. Britannicæ Ecclefiæ, recenfente, &c. Sam. Drake, Charta Maxima Lond. 1729 63 Regiftrum Honoris de Richmond, exhibens Terrarum & Villarum quæ quondam fuerunt Edwini Comitis infra Richmundfhire Defcriptionem ex Libro Domesday, Charta Maxima, corio Turcico, foliis deauratis Lond. 1722 64 Leges Anglo-Saxonice Ecclefiafticæ & Civiles cum Codd. MS. contulit Notas, Verfionem & Gloffarium adjecit, David Wilkins, Charta Maxima Lond. 1721


ib. 1730

65 Leges Wallicæ Ecclefiafticæ & Civiles Hoelboni & aliorum Walliæ Principum cum Interp. Lat. Notis & Gloffario illuftravit Guil. Wettonus, Charta Maxima Lond. 1730 Idem, Charta Maxima, corio Ruffico 67 Nouveau Theatre de la Grande Bretagne, ou Defcription exacte des Palais du Roy & des Maifons les plus confiderables des Seigneurs & des Gentilhommes du dit Royaume, 4 Tom. avec Grande Numbre des belles fig. Grande Papier a Lond. 1724 68 Laurus Lefleana explicata, five clarior Enumeratio Perfonarum atriufque Sexus Cognominis Leflie una cum Affinibus, Titulis,


Officiis, Dominiis Geftifque celebrioribus breviter indicatis, qui-
bus a Sexcentis & amplius Annis Profapia illa floret, ex Variis
Authoribus, Manufcriptis, & Teftimoniis Fide dignis in unum
Græci 1692
collecta, cum fig.

This curious Piece contains an Account of all the illuftrious
Perfons, of both Sexes, appertaining to the noble Family of
Leflie; as alfo a Genealogical Table of all the Families de-
ducing their Original from Bertholdus, the great Ancestor of
the Leflies, who came out of Hungary, with Queen Margaret,
into England, about the Year of our Lord 1057, and from
thence went into Scotland, in the Reign of Malcolm III. The
Author proves this noble Family to be of Hungarian Ex-
traction, from the modern Names, of feveral Places in Hun-
gary, which plainly allude to the Word Leflic, as LESLINIA,
LESSILIA, LELES, &c. In fhort, nothing can be more
worthy the Perufal and Regard of a Member of any Family
fpringing from the illuftrious Bertholdus Leflie than this Piece,
as it gives an ample and full Description of
Family defcended from him, in whatever Country fettled.
It is dedicated to Count Lefie, one of the Emperor Leopold's
moft famous Generals, whofe Effigies, extremely well done,
is prefixed to the Work. The Genealogical Table above-
mentioned seems to be invaluable, and confifts at least of
three or four Sheets.



69 Hiftoria Scotiæ in Forma Atlantica, cum fig. coloratis & foliis Amft. apud Blaeu 1654 ib. apud ib. 166z


Idem, Corio Ruffico

The History and Antiquities of Great Britain and Ireland.



HE Tapestry Hangings of the House of Lords, reprefent

Ting the feveral Engagements between the English and Spanish

Fleets, in the Year 1588, neatly engraved by Pine


72 The Proceffion and Ceremonies obferved at the Inftallation of the Knights of the Bath, with Portraits of most of the Knights Companions and Officers of the Order; done from original Pictures by Pine


73 Dart's History and Antiquities of the Cathedral Church of Canterbury, with Cuts, Large Paper



Hiftory and Antiquities of the Abbey Church of St. Peter's Weftminster, with Cuts, large Paper, 2 vol. bound in red Turky, gilt on the Leaves and Covers.

75 A Collection of curious Drawings of the principal fortified Towns in Ireland, with a View of the Rivers and Countries adjacent; bound in blue Turky, and gilt on the Leaves.

76 Views of all the Cathedrals in England and Wales, of the Collegiate Churches of Weltminfter and Southwell, and of the Royal


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