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PAMPHLETS bave been for many Years, in this Nation, the Canals of Controversy, Politics, and Secret History, and therefore will

, doubtless, furnish Occasion to a very great Number of curious Remarks. And I take this opportunity of proposing io those who are particularly delighted with this kind of Study, that, if tbey will encourage me, by a reasonable Subscription, 10 employ Men qualified to make the Observations, for which this Part of the Catalogue will furnish Occasion, I wil

were the whole fifth and fixth Volumes, 10 be executed in the same Manner with the most laboured Part of this, and interspersed with No!es of ibe fame Kind.

IF any Excuse were necessary for the Addition of these Volumes, I have already urged, in my Defence, the strongest Plea, 330 less than absolute. Necesity, it being impossible to comprise 114 four Volumes, however large, or however closely printed, the Titles which yet remain to be mentioned,

BUT, I suppose, none will blame the Multiplication of Volumes, to whatever Number they may be continued, which every one may use, without buying them, and wbich are therefore published at no Expence but my own.

THERE is one Accusation still remaining, by which I am more sensibly affected, and which I am therefore desirous loobviate, before it has too long prevailed. I bear that I am accused of rating my Books at tao high a Price, at a Price which no other Person would demand. To answer this Accusation, it is necessary to enquire what those, who urge it, mean by a bigh Price. The Price of Things valuable for their Rarity is infirely arbitrary, and depends upon the variable Taste of Mankind, and the casual Fluctuation of the Fashion, and can never be asiertained, like that of Things only estimable according to ibeir Ule.

IF, therefore, I have set a bigh Value upon Books ; if I have vainly imagined Literature to be more fashionable than it really is, or idly hoped to revive a Taste well nigh extinguished, I know not why I should be persecuted with Clamour and Invective, fince I only shall suffer by my Mistake, and be obliged to keep those Books, which I was in Hopes of selling.

IF ibose, who charge me with asking an high Price, will explain their Meaning, it may be possible to give them an Arfwer lefs general. If they measure the price at which the Books are now offered, by that at which they were bought by the late


Poleffir, Poffeffor, they will find it diminished at least Three Parts in Four : If they would compare it with the Demands of Olber Book. sellers, they must frí find the fame Books in their Hands, and they will be, perbaps, at lajt reduced to confess, that they mean, by a bigh Price, only a Price bigber than they are inclined to give.

I HAVE, at least, a Right to hope, that no Gentleman will receive an Account of the Price from the Booksellers, of whom it may easily be imagined that they will be willing, since they cannot depreciate the Books, to exaggerate the Price ; and I will boldly promise those who have been influenced by malevolent Reports, that, if they will be pleased, at the Day of Sale, to examine the Prices with their own Eyes, they will find them lower than they kave been represented.

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H E A D S.

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Istoria & Antiquitates Magnæ Britanniæ, & Hi-
berniæ, Lat. Gall. & Italicæ

I, 571

History and Antiquities of Great-Britain and Ire-

7, 274, 305, 311, 409, 590,
Laws, Customs,&c. of the City of London 298,

Books of Prints and Drawings upon Sacred, Prophane, and
Miscellaneous Subjects

Books of the Heads of Popes, Emperors, Kings, &c. 49
Libri Classici, Poetici, Critici, Grammatici, & Lexica,

56, 316, 322, 596, 519
Theologia & Historia Ecclefiaftica, Græc. Lat. Gall. &

101, 370, 652


Divinity and Ecclefiaffical History 120, 387, 405, 406, 407,

675, 697, 704, 823
Philofophia, Medica, Chymia, Alchymia, Chirurgia, Ana-

tomia, Hift. Naturalis." Rei Venaticæ Scriptores, Mathe-
matica, Astronomia, & Arithmetica, Græc. Lat. Gall.
& Ital.

138, 410, 420, 427, 706, 718
Historia & Antiquitates Italiæ & præcipue Urbis Romæ,
Lat. Gall. & Ital.

148, 444, 739
Historia & Antiquitates Franciæ, Lat. Gall. Ital. & Hifpan.

159, 454, 743
Historia & Antiquitates Hispaniæ & Lufitaniæ, Lat. Gall.
Ital. & Hispan.

166, 460
Historia & Antiquitates Germaniæ & Regionum Septentri-
onalium, Lat. Gall. Ital. & Hifpan.

170, 463
Historia & Antiquitates Belgii Federati & Germaniæ infe-
rioris, Lat. Gall. Ital. & Hispan.

Geographia, Chronologia, & Historia generalis, Lat. Gall.
Ital. & Hispan.

176, 468, 750, 757
Geography, Chronology, general History, and History of vari.
ous Nations

180, 470, 753, 758
Leges variarum Nationum, Lat. Gall. Ital. & Hispan.

Itinera & Historiæ Indiæ Orientalis & Occidentalis, Lat.
Gall. Ital. & Hispan.

186, 475, 760
Voyages, Travels, and the History, Laws, and Customs of the
East and Welt-Indies

191, 480, 764
Canon, Civil, Statute, and Common Law of Great-Britain,
Ireland, and the Plantacions

195, 490, 804
Architectura, Pietura, Sculptura, Numismata, Inscriptio-
- nes & Antiquitates, Lat. Gall. Ital. & Hispan. 202,

505, 772
Jus Civile & Canonicum, Lat. Gall. Ital. & Hispan. 211,

Libri in Membranis impresi

213, 520, 777
Philofophy, Natural Hilory, Physic, Surgery, and Mathe-

229, 432, 714, 728, 732
Critici & Opera collecta, Lat. & Gall.

232, 563
Poetry and Romances

237, 345, 365, 368
Traductions des Auteurs, Gr. & Lat, in Ling. Gall. Ital, &

242, 315


Translations from Greek and Latin Authors

245, 362, 630
Livres de Poesjes, Fr. Ital. & Hispan. 247, 350, 633
Books of Architetture, Sculpture, and Painting 248, 518,

557, 803
Vultus & Imagines Imp. Regum & Illuft. Virorum, Lat.
Gall. Ital. & Hifpan.

Pompæ, Ceremoniæ, & Exequiæ, Lát. Gall. Ital. & Hisp.

English Parliamentary Affairs 253, 301, 526, 770

Trade and Commerce


259, 823
De Re Militari, de Arte Equestri, & de Re Navali

, Lat.
Gall. Ital. & Hifpan.

262, 536, 817
Military, Naval Affairs, and Horsemanship
Heraldica, Lat. Gall. Ital. & Hifpan. 265, 536, 817

265, 822
Epiftolæ, Panegyrici, & Orationes, Lat. Gall. Ital. & Hifp.

266, 541, 788
Bibliothecarii & Miscellanei

Livres Francois

234, 554
Libri Italici & Hispanici

235, 554
Husbandry, Gardening, and Agriculture

438, 737
Magic, Sorcery, and Witchcraft

440, 734
Miraculous, Monstrous, and Supernatural

Lives of eminent Persons

474, 796
Laws, and Customs of divers Places

Tryals, Attainders, &c. for High-Treason, and other Offences
Tithes, Sacriledge, and Non-Residence

Cases of divers Persons

Prisons and Prisoners
Lives of Murderers, Highwaymen, Pyrates, &c.
Speeches of Persons executed for divers Offences,

Justices, Juries, and Charges
Poor and Charitable Uses

Matrimony, Divorce, &c.

501, 809

502, 827
Allegiance, Supremacy, Non-Resistance, Toleration, and con-

503, 813
Bank and Bankers

526, 823
Funds, Texes, public Credit, Money, Coin, and Ufury 532

495, 826



500, 808


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