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Trade, viz. Italian, East-India, Witchcraft, Sorcery, &c.

Weft-India, Fishery, Coal, Ge- A large number of private State neral, Leather, Woollen, Cop-' Tracts in the Time of per, Brass, Tin, Turky, Afri. Queen Elizabeth ca, Sugar, Baltic and Northern, King James I. French, Tobacco, Spanish, King Charles I. Wine, Grain

King Charles II. University

King James II. Ufury

King William III. Voyages

As many of these Tracts must Notes, in which the Occasion of be obscure by Length of Time, the Treatise will be shewn, or an or defective for Want of those Account giyen of the Author, Discoveries which have been made Allusions to forgotten Facts will since they were written, there will be illustrated, or the Subject farbe sometimes added Historical, ther elucidated from other WriExplanatory, or Supplemental ters.

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For Printing, by SUBSCRIPTION,






Scarce, Curious, and Entertaining TRACTS and


Found in the late




CONDITIONS. I. IT is proposed to publish Six who think the Design wor

Sheets of this work, at the thy of their Encouragement, Price of One Shilling, every

would favour the Proprietor, Saturday, on the fame Letter T. OSBORNE, of Gray's Inn, with these Proposals.

Bookfeller, with their Names II, No Money is required till the and Places of Abode.

Delivery of each Number. IV. The firit Number will be III. It is desired, for Afcertaining published on Saturday the 24th

the Number to be printed, of March, 1743-4, and the and the more speedy Delivery following Numbers regularly

of each Number, that they every Saturday Morning. PROPOSAL S at large, with an Account of this Undertaking,

may be had of all Booksellers both in Town and Country, and of JACOB ROBINSON, Publisher, on Lulgate-Hill, where SUBSCRIPTIONS are taken in,

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P H. E F A C Ε.


'AVING prefixed to the former Volumes of my Cam

talogue en Account of the prodigious Collection accumulated in the Harleian Library, there would

have been no Necefsity of any Introduction to the fubsequent Volumes, had it fome Censures, which this great Un alings drawn on me, made it proper to offer to the Pul : an. ney for 9: Conduet.

HI E Price, which ? barve set upon my Catalogue, has been te" tjented, by the Booksellers, as an avaricious Innovation ; and, in a Paper published in the Champion, they, or their Mercenary, have reasoned so juftly, as allege, ihat, if I could afford a very large Price for the Library, I might theres

[ fore afford to give away the Catalogue.

I SHOULD have imagined, that Accusations, concerted by such Heads as these, would have vanished of themselves, without any Answer ; but, since I have the Mortification to find that they bave been in fome Degree regarded by Men of more Knowledge than themselves, I shall explain the Motives of my Procedure.

MY original Design was, as I have already explained, to publish a methodical and exact Catalogue of this Library, upon the Plan which has been laid down, as I am informed, by several Men of the first Rank among the Learned. It was intended by those who undertook the Work, to make a very excet Disposition of all the Subjects, and to give an Account of the remarkable Differences of the Editions; "and other Peculiarities, which make

any Book éminently valuable ; and it was imagined, that Jome Improvements might, by pursuing ibis Scheme, be made in Literary History.

WITH this View was the Calalogue begun, when the Price was fixed apon it in public Advertisements; and it cannot be denied, that such a Catalogue would have been willingły purchased by those who understood its Ufe. But, when a few Sheets


had been printed, it was discovered, that the Scheme was impracticable, wilhout more Hands than could be procured, or more Time than the Necessity of a speedy Sale would allow, ibe Catalogue was therefore continued without Notes, at least in the greatest Part ; and, though it was still performed belter than those which are daily offered to the Public, fell much below the criginal Design.

IT was then no longer proper to infift upon a Price ; and therefore, though Money was demanded upon Delivery of the Catalogue, it was only taken as a Pledge, that the Catalogue quas not, as is very frequent, wantonly called for, by those who never intended to peruse it, and I therefore pronised that it should be taken again in Exchange for any Book rated at the same Value.

II may be still faid, ihat other Booksellers give away their Catalogues without any such Precaution, and that I ought not to make any new or extraordinary Demands. · But, I hope, it will be considered, at how much greater Expence my Catalogue was draum up ; and be remembered, that when other Booksellers give their Catalogues, they give only what will be of no Use when Ibeir Books are sold, and what, if it remained in their Hands, they must throw away; whereas, I hope, that this Catalogue will retain its Uje, and, consequently, ils Value, and be feld with the Catalogues of the Barberinian and Marckian Librarics.

HOWEVER, to comply with the utmost Expectations of the World, I have now published tbe second Part of my Catalogue, upon Conditions fill more commodious for the Purchaser, as I intend, that all those, who are pleased to receive them at the faine Price of frue Shillings a Volume, shall be allowed at any Time, within three Monils after the Day of Sale; either to return them in Exchange for Books, or to send them back, and receive their Money.

SINC E, iberefore, I have absolutely debarred myself from receiving any Advantage from the Sale of the Catalogue, it will We realonable to impule it rather to Necessity than Choice, that Ithall continue it to two Polumes more, which the Number of the Jingle Traits, which have been discovered, make indispensably requisite. I need not tell those who are acquainted will Affairs of this kind, how much Pamphlets fwell a Catalogue, Since ibe_Tills of the lest Book may be as long as that of the grealgt.

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