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In Locos communes distributus cum Indice Auctorum.

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Catalogorum accuratior Notitia ita neceffaria eft Polyhiftori, ut Mapparum
Geographicarum Cognitia peregrinaturo.

Quisquis hujufmodi operis fategerit, ei non tantum multum Tædii-& Laboris

devorandum, fed minime vulgaris conferenda ip evolvendis Libris exercita-
tio. Fruftra id aggrediuntur qui titulo tenus duntaxat fapiunt.




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S the Curiosity of Spectators, before the Sale, may

Disorder in the Disposition of the Books, it is necessary to advertise the Public, that there will be no Admission into the Library, before the Day of Sale, which will be on Tuesday, the Fourteenth of February, 1744.

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T has been, for a long Time, the Terms by which they are a very just Complaint, among distinguished, and distinguished

the Learned, that a Multitude with too great Propriety, as they of valuable Productions, publish- are subject, after having amused ed in small Pamphlets, or in single Mankind for a while, to take Sheets, are in a short Time, too their Flight and disappear for often by Accidents, or Negligence, ever. destroyed and intirely loft; and What are the Lofles which that those Authors, whose Reve-' the Learned have already fustainrence for the Public has hindered ed, by having Neglected to fix them from swelling their Works those Fugitives in some certain with Repetitions, or encumbering Residence, it is not easy to fay; but them with Superfluities, and who, there is no Doubt that

many vatherefore, deserve the Praise and luable Observations have been rea Gratitude of Posterity, are forgot- peated,' because they were not ten, for the very Reason for which preserved ; and that, therefore, they might expect to be remem- the Progress of Knowledge has bered. It has been long lamented, been retarded, by the Necessity that the Duration of the Monu- of doing what had been already ments of Genious and Study, as done, but was done for those who well as of Wealth and Power, forgot their Benefactor. depends in no small Measure on The obvious Method of pretheir Bulk ; and that Volumes, venting these Losses, of preserving considerable only for their Size, to every Man the Reputation he are handed down from one Age has merited by long Aflduity, is to another, when compendious to unite these scattered Pieces inTreatises, of far greater Impor- to Volumes, . that those, which tance, are suffered to perish, as are too small to preserve themthe compactest Bodies fink into selves, may be secured by their the Water, while those, of which Combination with others; to conthe Extension bears a greater folidate these Atoms of Learning Proportion to the Weight, Aoat into Systems, to collect these difua upon the Surface.

nited Rays, that their Light and This Obfervation hath been their Fire may become percepso often confirmed by Experience, tible. that, in the Neighbouring Nation, Of encouraging this useful the common Appellation of small Design, the Studious and InquiPerformances is derived from this fitive have now an Opportunity, unfortunate Circumstance; a fly- which, perhaps was never offered ing Sheet, or a Fugitive Piese, are them before, and which, if it

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should now be loft, there is not Curiosity, without Exclusion of any Probability that they will any Subject. ever recover. They may now So great is the Variety, that conceive themselves in Poffeflion it has been no small labour to of the Lake into which all those perufe the Titles, in order to reRivulets of Science have for many duce them to a rude Division, Years been flowing; but which and range their Heaps under Ges unless its Vaters are turned into neral Heads ; of which the Numproper Channels, will soon burst bers, though not yet increased its Banks, or be difperfed in im- by the Subdivifion which an perceptible Exhalations.

accurate Survey will neceffarily In the Harleian Library, which produce, cannot but excite theCuI have purchased, are treafured a riosity of all the Studious, as there greater Number of Pamphlets and is scarcely any Part of Knowledge, small Treatises, than were per- which some of these Articles do, haps, ever yet feen in one place; not comprehend. Productions of the Writers of all The Heads under which they. Parties, and of every Age, from lie ranged at present, but ranged the Reformation ; collected with without any nice Distinction, or

unbounded and unwearied regular Method, are those of,

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Admiralty Jurisdiction, &c.

Cuftoms of Divers Places in Agriculture


Cheats and Gaming


Confectionary Army, Treaties relating to Stand- Chymistry ing Armies, &c.

Conformity Astrology Judicial

Corni Anatomy

Debts and public Credit Architecture, Antiquities, Pain- Dialling ting, Sculpture, &c.

Duels Antiquities of England

Earthquakes Allegiance

Education and Study Apophthegms


Forests and Chaces
Baths and Mineral Waters Fenns
Dank and Bankers

Baules by Sea' and Land Funds and public Credit

Funerals Coronations

Gardening Chronology

Geography Convocation

Government Charity and poor

Grammar Cafes of private Persons Hift. of England, Scotland, Ire


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land, Holland, Spain, France, Osteology

Germany, Italy, and Plantations Plots. History of the Northern Nations Painting General History

Printing Natural History

Prodigies Heraldry

Prisons and Prisoners Horses and Horsemanship

Prynne Husbandry, Gardening, Fishing, Plague Fowling, &c.

Physic Hunting

Passive Obedience Jews

Perspective Jesuits

Pomp and Ceremony Turies

Plays Lithotomy

Philosophy London, Relating to it

Projects Letters

Prophecies Lives of Saints, Dissenting Mi- Parliamentary Proceedings, and

nisters, Physicians, Mathema- Speeches ticians, &c.

Poems, various Engl. Statesmen, Religious Persecution for Religion Protestant Women, Schismatics Pluralities, Residency, and Nonand Impostors, Engl. Gentle- Residency men, Ladies, Protestant Die Quakers

vines, Lawyers, Religious Men Robbers, Pyrates, Murderers Logic

Registering Eftates, &C. Ludicrous

Rivers, Navigable and to make Law Common, Mifcellaneous, so

Penal, of Nations, and Plan- Sieges tations

Sculpture Miracles and Supernatural Events Sacrilege Mathematics

Sabbath Mechanics

Slaves and Slavery Metaphysics

Speeches of Persons executed for Mythology

divers Offences Music

Surgery Money

Suicide Miscellanies

Schools Mines and Minerals

Surveying Matrimony, Adultery, Divorce, Translations &c.

Tryals Nonconformity

Toleration Novels

Tythes Navigation

Treaties of Peace Navy and Seamen

Test Officers of State

Taxes in all Branches


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