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gularly on the first of every month, contain- The Poetical Works of the Rev. George ing a highly finished Portrait, accompanied Crabbe, 8vo, 5 vols. £2:18:6. by a short Biography; consequently it may Clare's Poems, descriptive of Rural Life. either be used for the purpose of illustration, Second Edition. 3s. 6d. or will form a work of itself, at the option Cathluna; a Tale, in 5 cantos, 12mo. 55. of the purchaser.--The price of each Num. Iron Coffins, Dead Wives, and Disasters ber to Subscribers is 68.-A few copies are after Death, a Poem, 8vo. 2s.6d. printed, with proof impressions of the plates, The Comforter, a Poem, 8vo. 3s. 6d. on India Paper, price 9s. each. Those Mercator ; or, the Voyage of Life ; by ladies and gentlemen who are desirous of C. Gray. 5s. subscribing to the work are requested to The Beauties of the Modern Poets ; by send their names as early as possible, in D. Carey, Esq. 12mo. 9s. order to secure good impressions.

Chevy Chace, with other Poems, 12mo. Original Miscellanies, in Prose and Verse; 4s. 6d. by John Laurens Bicknell, F.A.S. 8vo. 98. The Works of Lord Byron, vol. VIII.

Remarks on the General Sea-Bathing containing Beppo and Mazeppa, foolscap Infirmary at Westbrook, near Margate ; 8vo. 7s. by Christianus. Second Edition. 4s. Retribution ; a Poem; by C. Swan, 8vo.

A MS. found in the Portfolio of Las. 58. Casas, containing Maxims and Observations Chefs d'Euvre of French Literature, 8 of Napoleon. As. 6d.

vols. vol. II. (poetry) 12s. Coronation Ceremonies, with engravings ; Zayda ; a Spanish Tale. In 3 Cantos. by Richard Thomson, 8vo. 7s.6d. By Oscar 12mo. 5s.

A Register of Ships employed in the service of the Hon. East India Company El Espanol Constitutional. No XX. from 1760 to 1819; by H. C. A. Hardy, Dolby's Parliamentary Register ; contain. 8vo. 16s.

ing the Debates and Proceedings in ParliaThe Peerage Chart, being an alphabeti- ment from Jan. 14th, 1819, to Feb. 28th, cal list of the House of Lords, upon a sheet 1820. 3 vols 8vo. £1, 6s. of large paper, with particulars of each peer. The Trial of Sir Francis Burdett at Lei.

Miscellanies ; by the Rev. Rich. War- cester. ls. 6d. ner, 12mo, 2 vols. 10s.

The Political Constitution of the Spanish Petition to the House of Commons on Monarchy, as proclaimed by the Cortes at the conduct of the Trustees of the Exeter Cadiz, 19th March, 1812. 8vo. 3s. 6d. School, with an Introduction, Notes, and The Censor; or Political Investigator; by Explanations ; by J. Lempriere, D.D. 4s. J. Wade. No I.

The Glory of Regality ; a Historical Letter to the Earl of Liverpool, on the Treatise of the anointing and crowning of Distress of the Mercantile, Shipping, Agrithe Kings and Queens of England ; by A. cultural, and Manufacturing Interests ; by Taylor, F.S.A. 8vo. 155.

Joseph Pinsent. 8vo. Is. 6d. The whole Correspondence of Horace Satires upon Mr Hone's Pamphlets ; by Walpole, Earl of Orford, 8vo, 4 vols. £2, 8s. M. Adams. With 28 Engravings on wood.

A Gazetteer of the Colonies of Great ]s. Britain, No I. 8vo. 2s.

Specimens of Systematic Misrule; by The Female Economist; or, a plain Charles Maclean, M.D. 8s. System of Domestic Cookery ; by Mrs A few words of Apology to the Electors Smith. 4s.

of Middlesex. By T. T. Clarke. A new Dictionary for the Fashionable World, translated from the French, with The Insufficiency of Reason, and the selections and additions, 12mo. 6s. Necessity of Revelation, to demonstrate the

The London Journal of Arts and Sciences; Being and Perfections of the Deity ; by by W. Newton, No II, 3s. 6d.

Andrew Horne. The Cambridge University Calendar for The Antiquities of the Jews, carefully 1820. 6s.

compiled from Authentic Sources, and their

Customs illustrated from Modern Travels; Edward; or, the Pursuit of Happiness. by William Brown, D.D. Minister of Esk6s. 60.

dalemuir, 2 vols 8vo. The Hermit of Glenconella ; a Tale ; by The Christian's Cyclopædia ; by Mr BaxÆneas M.Donnell. 78.

ter. 12mo. 7s. The Young Countess ; a Tale. 5s. 6d. The Domestic Minister's Assistant ; a The Smugglers ; a Tale, 3 vols. 168. 6d. course of Morning and Evening Prayer ; by

The Spirit of Cervantes ; or, Don the Rev. Wm. Jay. 8vo. Quixote abridged, with coloured engravings.


The History and Antiquities of EynesThe Fall of Jerusalem, a dramatic poem; bury and St Neots in Huntingdonshire, and by the Rev. H. H. Milman. 8vo. 85. 6d. of St Neots in the County of Cornwall ; with Gray's Works; by Mason, 8vo. 158. 50 Engravings. By G. C. Gorham, M.A.

The Old English Poets, vol. II. contain- 8vo. 18s. Fine paper, 21s. ing a portion of Chamberlaynes Pharronidæ. Historical and Descriptive View of the s. 6d.

Parishes of Monkwearmouth, Bishopwear.




mouth, and the Port and Borough of Sun France, in the years 1817, 1818, 1819. derland. Sro. 168.


Journal of New Voyages and Travels. The Diary of an Invalid in Pursuit of Vol III. No I. 3s. 6d. Health ; being the Journal of a Tour in The Adventures of Thomas Eustace. Portugal, Italy, Switzerland, Berlin, and With Plates. 4s.

EDINBURGH. The Poetical Works of Sir Walter Scott, Large Towns; by Thomas Chalmers, D.D. Bart. 12 vols, foolscap 8vo. £3, 12s. The Minister of St John's Church, Glasgow. Poetical Works of Sir Walter Scott are No III. Application of the Principle of now, for the first time, collected and pub. Locality in Towns to the work of a Chrislished in a uniform manner, and contain tian Minister. 8vo. Is. several pieces never before given to the Edinburgh Christian Instructor, NoCXVI. pablic.

for April 1820. ls. 6d. Miscellaneous Poems; by Sir Walter Songs of the Exile, by a Bengal Officer. Scott, Bart. 8vo. 148.-This volume 38. contains the Bridal of Trierman, Harold Sermon preached at Selkirk, after the the Dauntless, William and Helen, the lamented death of the Rev. George Lawson, Battle of Sempach, (which first appeared in D.D. Professor of Divinity to the Associate this Magazine), and all the smaller pieces Synod. Is. collected in the recent edition of the author's Sketch of the Philosophy of the Human poetical works. Being printed uniformly Mind. Part the first, comprehending the with the octavo edition of Sir Walter's Physiology of the Mind; by Thomas Brown, works, it will enable the purchasers to com- M.D. Professor of Moral Philosophy in plete their setts.

the University of Edinburgh. 8vo. 8s. . A Voyage to India ; by the Rev. James Exposition of Elementary Principles, Cordiner, A.M. Author of " A Description specially concerned in the Preservation of Ceylon," and Minister of St Paul's of Healthiness, and Production of DisChapel, Aberdeen. 8vo. 7s.

tempers amongst Mariners, Travellers, and Description of the Arteries of the Human Adventives, in tropical, variable, and unBody; by John Barclay, M.D. Lecturer on kindly climates, with miscellaneous illusAnatomy, Surgery, &c. Second Edition, trations of prophylactical administration ; corrected and enlarged. 12mo. 7s. by Andrew Simpson,

Surgeon. 8vo. 18s. Edinburgh Monthly Review, No XVII. Winter Evening Tales, collected among for May. 28. 6d.

the Cottagers in the South of Scotland; by Vindication of the Ministers of the James Hogg, author of “ the Queen's Church of Scotland who have prayed for Wake," &e. 2 vols 12mo. 14s. the Queen by name, notwithstanding the A Sermon delivered in St Enoch's Church, Orders in Council on that subject. By a Glasgow, on Sunday, Feb. 20, 1820, on the Presbyterian. 8vo. 1s. 6d.

death of King George III; by the Rev. The Christian and Civic Economy of William Taylor, D.D. &c. &c. 8vo. 1s. 6d.


New Foreign Works Imported by Treuttel and Würtz, Soho-Square, London. POESIES de Marie de France, Poète Anglo. Madame de Grafigny, Vie privée de Vol. Normand du XIlle. Sícele ; publièes d’s taire et de Madame du Chatelet pendant un apres les MSS. de France et d'Angleterre, sejour de 6 mois à Cirey, suivie de 50 avec une notice sur la vie et les ouvrages de Lettres inédites de Voltaire, 8vo. Marie, &c. par B. de Roquefort. 2 vols L'Hermite en Province, par M. de Jouy, 8vo. fig. £1, 8s.

Vol. 3. avec fig. 12mo. 6s. Martens, Supplément au Recueil des L'Hermite de Londres, ou observations principaux Traités, &c. Tom. VIII. (Tom. sur les Moeurs et usages des Anglois 15 de la Collection.) 8vo. 185.

(faisant suite aux Moeurs Francaises par de Correspondance inédite officielle et confi. Jouy) Vol. I. 12mo. fig. 6s. dentielle de Napoleon Bonaparte. 7 vols. Aug. Lafontaine, Le Chevalier Huldi. Svo. £3, 10s.

naun de Beringer, ou la Caverne de la Borgnis, Traité des Machines que servent Montague des Revenans, trad. par la Conà confectionner les étoffes, 4to avec 44 tesse de Montholon, 3 Vols, 12mo. 12s. planches. £2, 5s.

Nodier, Lord Ruthven, ou les Vampires, Mémoires de M. de Coulanges suivis de 2 vols. 12mo. 8s. Lettres inédites de Madame de Sevigne, de Rougement, les Missionaires, ou la fason Fils, de l'abbé de Coulanges, de Jean mille Duplessis, 2 vols. 12mo. fig. 8s. Lafontaine, &c. &c. 8vo. avec fac-simile et Landen, Salon de 1819, Vol. I. avce 72 portraits. 16s.

fig. 8vo. £1, 45.


COMMERCIAL REPORT.-April 12, 1820.

Sugar.-The Sugar market, since our last, has had a considerable revival, and business for some time continued to be done freely at the market prices. For some days past, however, the market has been rather languid, but no depression of prices can be stated, nor is it probable that any will take place. The shipments of refined goods has been very considerable ; and notwithstanding the general activity of the refiners, the stock on hand is low. The stock of raw sugars is also reducing by degrees, and no arrivals of any consequence can be anticipated before the month of June, as the crops in the Windward and Leeward Islands are very late this season. It may safely be presumed also, that the demand for home consumpt will, in future, be more considerable than it has been for many months past. These things should influence the market, and advance the price.Coffee. The market for this article has become dull, and a considerable depression has taken place. A general alarm has prevailed in the Coffee market for some days, but from what cause, or for what reason, we cannot ascertain. The holders, however, are pressing some descriptions of Coffee into the market at reduced prices ; but we conceive that this panic cannot last long. The next advices from the Continent may change the face of affairs.Cotton. The prices for Cotton have declined, and the market was for some time dull. The considerable reduction in price, however, that has taken place, has tempted speculators to come forward and make purchases at the reduced rates. The stock on hand, however, is so considerable, that we cannot see any chance of great improvement in this branch of trade; besides, there is no immediate prospect of improvement in the manufacturing districts, so as materially to increase the demand.- - Tobacco.-In this article a few sales are making, but the market may be considered as very flat.-Grain, of almost every description, which had advanced considerably, chiefly, we believe, from a spirit of speculation, is now on the decline, and the market is in general become languid and depressed. The appearance of the weather, so favourable for the seed-time, will, we con. ceive, tend still farther to depress the corn-trade.

The same languor continues to operate upon every other article of commerce, as we have so frequently had occasion to notice. There does not appear in the accounts from any market, any appearance of a material improvement in trade. The present distracted state of the manufacturing districts also, has, in some of them, destroyed all trade and all confidence. What has long been foreseen and anticipated by us, has at last taken place. Open rebellion has reared her audacious and frightful head, in the chief manufacturing districts of Scotland. That it has been prevented from extending its baneful pursuits and consequences, we have to thank the energy of our local authorities, our military, and those brave men who have voluntarily come forward to defend their king and their country. What has taken place, however, has affixed a blot on our national character, which many years of good conduct will not wipe away, and has given a shock to the commercial char. acter of the country, the consequences of which are painful to contemplate. The wound must be probed to the bottom, in order to shew, not only the extent of the evil, but that it is overcome, otherwise we can never restore that confidence which foreign nations previ. ously had in the character, strength, and security, of this country. Weekly Price of Stocks, from 3d to 24th March 1820.


10th. 17th. 24th.

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14 15 pr.

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2 1 dis.
74 fr.

2 3 dis 2 dis.

683 683

663 74 fr. 50 cr. 1 72 fr. 75 cr.

2 3 dis. 683


Course of Erchange, April 4.- Amsterdam, 12:1. Paris, 25:40. Bourdeaux, 25 : 70. Frankfort on Maine, 1524 Madrid, 34. Cadiz, 34. Gibraltar, 30. Leghorn, 471. Genoa, 14. Malta, 46. Naples, 384. Palermo, 116 per oz. Lisbon, 50%. Rio Janeiro, 551. Dublin, 9 per cent. Cork, 9.

Prices of Gold and Silver, per oz.-Portugal gold, in coin, £0 : 0:0. Foreign gold, in bars, £3:17: 104. New doubloons, £0:0:0. New dollars, 4s. 11d. Silver, in bars, stand. 5s. 1d.

PRICES CURRENT.April 1, London, March 31, 1820.

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23 ild 3s Od

3s Od 3s 2d

3s 3d 3s 6d
4 0 6
2 9 3 0
6 9 70

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SUGAR, Musc.
B. P. Dry Brown,
Mid. good, and fine mid.
Fine and very fine,
Refined Doub. Loaves,

Powder ditto,
Single ditto,
Small Lumps
Large ditto,

Crushed Lumps,
MOLASSES, British, cwt.

Jamaica cwt.
Ord. good, and fine ord.
Mid. good, and fine mid.
Dutch, Triage and very ord.
Ord, good,

and fine ord.
Mid. good, and fine mid.
St Domingo,
PIMENTO in Bond) Ib.

Jam. Rum, 160. P. gall.

Grain Whisky,
Claret, 1st Growths, hhd.
Portugal Red, pipe.
Spanish White, butt,

pipe. LOGWOOD, Jam. '. ton.

FUSTÍC, Jamaica,

INDIGO, Caracas fine, lb.
TIMBER, Amer. Pine, foot.

Ditto Oak,
Christiansand (dut. paid)
Honduras Mahogany

St Domingo, ditto
TAR, American,

PITCH, Foreign, cwt.
TALLOW, Rus. Yel. Cand.

Home Melted,
HEMP, Riga Rhine,

Petersburgh Clean,
Riga Thies. & Druj. Rak.
MATS, Archangel, : 109.
Petersburgh Firsts, cwt.
ASHES, Peters. Pearl,
Montreal ditto,

OIL, Whale,

TOBACCO, Virgin. fine, Ib.


COTTON'S, Bowed Georg.
Sea Island, fine,

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6 0 6 5
6 10 70
7 0 7 10
70 7 10
9 5 10 0
9s Od 10s Od

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88 90 ls 2d ls 6d 10s od 10s 6d

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1 2 1
14 3 0

0 1 4
54 2 0


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8 6

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68 73 50

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43 0




58 100 52 90

£4 5

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13 10



32 33
84 (p. brl.)

• tun,

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34 30

31 9


5 1 0

2 6

Is Od
ls 9d

54 1s 02 28 2

0 3
011: 1


Middling, Demerana and Berbice,

2 6
1 10 2 0
1 3 1 5
1 0 1 1
1 5 1 6
1 4 1 5

2 3
1 73 1
1 2 1 54
1 1 1 5
1 0 1 1
14 1
1 3 133

West India,

1 2
0 11
1 3

1 5
1 1
1 45

ALPHABETICAL List of ExGLISH BANKRUPTCIES, announced between the 230 of

February and the 23d of March 1820, extracted from the London Gazette. Arnott, J. Belle, Sauvage-yard, Ludgate-hill, sta- Jones, w. jun. Burscough, Lancashire, innkeeper tioner

Keats, J. Leek, Staffordshire, innholder Asquith, T. G. & D. Asquith, Fenchurchstreet, King. J. Birmingham, wire-worker merchants

Kingdon, c. Weston-super-mare, Somersetshire, Ashley, E. Liverpool, sail-maker

innholder Atkinson, J. & T. A. Atkinson, Bradford, York. Knight, J. Fore-street, London, cheesemonger shire, wine-merchants

Knill, H. Duke-street, West' Smithfield, butcher Aunger, J. Exeter, woollen-draper

Lawrence, J. Hatton-garden, woollen-draper Barnard, W. H. & C. Barnard, Liverpool, mer- Lecand, B. L. Prescott-street, Goodman's-fields, chants

carver and gilder Beckwith, C. Preston, Lancashire, draper

Leigh, R. Liverpool, soap-maker Bilbrough, s. Gildersome, Yorkshire, cloth-mer. Levy, J. Carter-street, Houndsditch chant

Littlewood, J. Manchester Block, W. Bathwick, Somersetshire, cabinet-maker Lister, J. & J. B. Lay, Longroyd-bridge, Hudders Bonzer, F. W. Bristol, sugar-refiner

field, dyers Brooks, J. Great Windmill-street, butcher

Longden, J. Cam, Gloucestershire, coal-merchant Brook, 1. Huddersfield, Yorkshire, tanner

Lyne, J. & C. Lyne, Finsbury-square, merchants Bunker, J. Grafton-street, Soho, ironmonger Macmaster, J. Norfolk-street, Mile-end, masterCarter, W. jun. Nuneaton, Warwickshire, silk- mariner manufacturer

Macintire, J. Tenby, Pembrokeshire, cattle-dealer Chapman, R. Beccles, Suffolk, founder

Mackintosh, J. Kingston, Surrey, maltster Cheetham, J. Stockport, Cheshire, cotton-spinner Morris, S. Blymhill-lawn, Staffordshire, butcher Chestner, H. Brompton, merchant

Norris, W. Romsey, Southampton, timber-merComber, C. Dorking, Surrey, carpenter

chant Cook, J. Helmsley, Yorkshire, merchant

Oliver, J. Hemlington-row, Branspath, Durham, Dale, W. Richmond, Yorkshire, woollen-draper cattle dealer Dann, G. Linton, Kent, butcher

Potter, G. High-street, Poplar, grocer Dyball, D. White-horse-tavern, Fetter-lane, tavern- Richards, W. Penzance, Cornwall, merchant-tailor keeper

Ritchie, J. Woolwich, Kent, baker Edwards, D. Newport, Monmouthshire, corn-dealer Robinson, T. Cambridge,

butcher Ellis, J. Wellingore, Lincolnshire, common-brewer Russ, J. Devizes, Wilts, innkeeper Emmeit, D. Chippenham, Wiltshire, butcher Samnson, M. Dorset-place, Clapham-road, Surrey, Flear, W. Turnagain-lane, Fleet-market, painter exchange-broker and glazier

Shaw, J. Micklehurst, Mottram, Cheshire, clothier Forster, J. H. & C. Dobson, Norwich, manufac- Shuttleworth, T. Ipswich, Suffolk, linen-draper turers

Simpson, A. St Swithin's-lane, merchant France, E. Huddersfield, Yorkshire, plumber and Smith, J. Doncaster, Yorkshire, grocer, seedsman glazier

Smith, J. S. Brighthelmstone, Sussex, druggist Freeman, T. of Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, sur- Sperrin, T. Thornbury, Gloucester, tallow-chandler geon

Taylor, J. Moreton-in-Marsh, Gloucestershire, Gidney, J. F. Gravil-hill, Greenhithe, Kent, vic- wine-merchant tualler

Taylor, W. K. Birmingham, dealer in bullion Glover, C. Braintree, Essex, linen-draper

Tinson, w. Christchurch, Southampton, innholder Gratwick, E. Milton, Kent, innkeeper

Vaughan, W. Compton-dando, Somersetshire, Haffner, M. Cannon-street, carpenter

maltster Hatch, W. Eccleston, Lancashire, corn-merchant Voysey, J. S. Ratcliffe-highway, grocer Hamilton, G. & J. Saxon, Queen-street, Cheapside, Watson, P. Liverpool, merchant warehousemen

Ward, S. Bolton, Lincolnshire, millwright Herbert, C. Warminster, Wiltshire, farmer Wainwright, J. Birmingham, bellows-maker Hindle, W. Leeds, Yorkshire, draper

Welman, C. Illminster, Somersetshire, linen-draper Hodgson, M. Sunderland-near-the-Sea, Durham, Wilkinson, C. Wormwood-street, London, teagrocer

dealer Horsfall, J. Gilderstone, Yorkshire, cloth-merchant Williams, J. Crowland, Lincolnshire, grocer Horley, E. T. Harbury, Warwickshire, miller Wood, J. Thornes, & Wood, J. Wakefield, YorkJackson, R. Otley, Yorkshire, woollen-draper shire, dyers

ALPHABETICAL List of Scotch BANKRUPTCIES, announced between Ist and 31st

March 1820, extracted from the Edinburgh Gazette.
Archer, Charles, & Son, merchants, Perth

Ness, Alex, merchant, Edinburgh
Archer, William, & Co. merchants, Newburgh Pride, William, merchant, Kettle, Fifeshire
Berrie, James, plasterer, Leith-walk

Robertson, William, merchant, Inverness
Bowman, T. grocer and ironmonger, Dundee Stevenson, J. & Co. dyers, Govan-Croft, near Glas.
Campbell & Cowan, candlemakers and tobac- gow, and merchants in Glasgow
conists, Stirling; and John Campbell & Co. can. The Perth Foundry Company

dlemakers and tobacconists, High-street, Glasgow Vallance, H. & Co. timber-merchants, Paisley Douglas, Lachlan, merchants, Oban

Wilson, A. merchant and ship-owner, Aberdeen
Hood, w. & J. tanners at Ladybum, east parish of

Laing, Francis, merchant, Newburgh

Andrew, T. late brewer, Linlithgow-a dividend Lancaster, Daniel, merchant, Denny, now residing

19th April in Duke-street, Glasgow

Arnot, G. merchant, Leith-a dividend 16th April Mackid, R. writer, fish-eurer, and dealer, Thurso Cadell, T. & Co. brewers, Edinburgh-a dividend Melvin, James, & Son, dyers, Glasgow

29th April Morgan, A. merchant and dealer in flax, Kirkaldy Patison & Connell, merchants, Edinburgh—diviMorgan, J. merchant and dealer in flax, Kirkaldy dend 26th April M'Coull, Robert, merchant and ship-owner, Irvine Robertson, John, merchant, Leith-a dividend 26th M'Gill, W. farmer and cattle-dealer, Drummullen March



Pease & Beans. 1st,......39s. 60. 1st,......29s. Od. Ist,...... 24s. Od. Ist,......20s, 6d. 20,......36s. 6d. 2d, ......258. Od. 2d, ...... 20s. Od. 2d,...... 18s. Od. 3d,......329. 6d. 3d, ...... 22s. 6d. 3d, ......17s. 6d. 3d, ......17s. Od.

Average of Wheat, £1:16:4 6-12ths per boll.

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