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METEOROLOGICAL Table, extracted from the Register kent or the Banks of the Tay, four miles east from Perth, Latitude 56° 25', Elevation 185 feet.


.....maiure. 10 P.DL.

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range in 24 hours, .

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THERMOMETER. Mean of greatest daily heat,

62.6 Maximum

3d das ***........................cold,

49.1 Minimum, .........temperature, 10 A.M.

58.6 Lowest maximum, ..................., 10 P.M.

53.6 Highest minimum, 3d, ......of daily extremes,

55.8 Highest, 10 A.M. ....10 A.M. and 10 P.M.

56.1 Lowest ditto ......4 daily observations,

56.0 Highest, 10 P.M. 3d, Whole range of thermometer,

119.5 Lowest ditto Mean daily ditto,

13.5 Greatest range ........ temperature of spring water,

56.2 Least ditto,


Mean of 10 A.M. (temp. of mer. 61.) . 29.599
........... 10 P.M. (temp. of mer. 61.) 29.629 Lowest ditto,

26th, ............ both, (temp. of mer. 61.)

29.614 Highest IO P.M Whole range of barometer,

6.580 Lowest ditto,


28.190 Mean ditto, during the day,

101 Greatest range i . **.*.................... night,

.111 Least ditto, . .... in 24 hours,



Degrees, Leslie. Highest, 10 A. M. 7th,
Rain in inches,

2.228 ...... Lowest ditto, . 6th, Evaporation in ditto,

Highest, 10 P.M. Both, .

25.0 Menn daily Evaporation, .077 ...... Lowest ditto, 13th,

6.0 Leslie. Mean, 10 A. M.

27.0 Anderson. P. of Dep. Highest, 10 A.M. ..... 10 P.M.


... ..... ......... Lowest ditto, 28th, SELO .. ............... both


.... Highest 10 P.M. sd, 59 Anderson. Point of Dep. I


.............. ... Lowest ditto, 21st, 38-0 . ......... ................... 10 P.M.


...... Relat.Hum.Highest, 10 A.M. 6th, 99.0 . ............... ......... ..... DOU.


.................... .... Leust ditto, 7th, 580 .............. Relat. Humid. 10 A.M.


................ ......... Greatest, 10 P.M.Isth.94.0 ................. . ......... 10 P. M. 83.2

...... .................... Least ditto.

30, 710 ... ................... ............ both, . 77.6 ... Mois. 100 cub. in. Greatest, 10 A .........Grs. mois. in 100 cub. in air, 10 A.M. .233

........................... Least ditto ....................................... 10 P M . .230

- Greatest, 10 P.M. ............... both, .231

Least ditto, 21st, 16% Fair days, 12; rainy days, 19. Wind west of Meridian, 22; east of meridian, 9.

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METEOROLOGICAL TABLE, extracted from the Register kept at Edinburgh, in

the Observatory, Calton-hill. N.B.-The Observations are made twice every day, at nine o'clock, forenoon, and four o'clock, arter w00u. The second Observation in the afternoon, in the first column, is taken by the Register


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Register.-Appointments Promotions, fc.

Annointments Promotions, &c. 704

Sept. Lieut. Ferrall, from 11 F. with Lieut. Haggup, h.

Appointments Canceled. p. Rifle Brig.

Capt. Grant, 9 R. Vet. Bn. Meech, from 3 F. rec. diff. with Lieut. Lock Lieut. Scott, 1 F. yer, h. p. 13 F.

Ensign Strettell, 47 F. - Moody, from 4 F. rec. diff. with Licut. Lar

Reinstated. dy, h. r. Meuron's Regt.

Lt. Col. John Boscawen Savage, R. Mar. - Macdonald, from 19 F. with Lieut. Ed

Capt. Lee, Rifle Brig. wards, 47 F. -- Warren, from 80 F. with Lieut. Blackall,

Dismissed, 55 F.

Capt. George, 77 F. - Peers, from 80 F. rec. diff. with Lieut. Jef Assist. Com. Gen. Boocock fery, h. p. 53 F.

Dep. Assist. Com. Gen. Reynolds Ensign M.Dermott, from 8 F. rec. diff. with 2d

Deaths. Lieut. Ward, h. p. Rifle Brig.

Lieut. Gen. P. Sinclair, Lybster, Caithness, dist Close, froin 47.F. with Ensign Murphy, 86

Jan. 1890 k Wilton, from 57 F. with Ensign Smith, 92

- L. S. Orde, Swinburne Castle, Hexham,

50 Ang

Maj. Gen. Borthwick, R. Art. at Margate, 20th Lum, from 61 F. with Ensign Dawson, h. p.

July 1890 35 F.

Sir G. T. Calcraft, Kt. late of the 3 Dr. Paym. Ker, from 3 Dr. Gds. with Paym. Lut


20th Ang. yens, h, p. 103 F. Assist. Surg. Wharrie, from 86 F. with Ass. Surg.

Lieut. Col. Tulloh, h. p. R. Art.

Capt. Malthy, 16 F. Ceylon Thompson, h. p. 32 F.

-Ritchie, 73 F. on passage from Ceylon on Williams, from 50 F. with Assist.

board the Alexander

21st May 1520 Surg. Young, 4 Vet. Bn.

Smith, h. p. 8 F. formerly Capt. in Shrop - Hett, from Rifle Brig, with Assist.

shire Mil. Surg. Scott, h. p.

Lieut. Fitz Gerald, 53 F. Moorasukuly, Madra, - Morrison, from do. with Assist. Surg.

loth Feb. ISSO Campbell, 7 Vet. Bn.

Frederick, 84 F.
Resignations and Retirements.

- Wilmot, R. Gar. Bn. London 6th June Lieut. Col. Wigston, 3 F.G.

Cornets and Ensigns.
Brooke, 4 F.

Grindred, h. p. 11 Dr.

9th June 1820 Major Kipping, 4 F.

Matchett, h. p. 28 Dr.

19th do - M'Aulay, 44 F.

Lowry, 47 F. Captain Watson, 3 Dr.

Mathewson, 65 F. killed in action in the Persian -Kent, 21 Dr.


21st Dec. 1519 - Grant, 78 F.

Vyvyan, 74 F. - Burns, 84 F.

Quart. Mast. Doyle, 27 F. Gibraltar, 27th May -Lewis, 88 F.

1820 Lieutenant Lambard, R, Horse Gds.

— Mason, h. p. 7 W.I.R. 10th April Cornet Haydock, 12 Dr.

Taylor, 22 Dr.

Fort Major Quin, Duncannon Fort



10. At Rachan-cottage, Mrs Couper, a daughter.

11. At Hanover-street, Edinburgh, Mrs Dr GaintNov. 24, 1818. At Bhangulpore, Bengal, the ladyner, a son, of Capt. John Graham, of the Hill Rangers, a son. 12. Mrs Scott, George-street, Edinburgh, a

May 13. At Shetland, Mrs Bryden of Standsting, daughter. & daughter.

- At Dalhousie-castle, lady Mary Hay, a daugh June 28. At Kingston, Upper Canada, the lady ter. of Lieut-Colonel Charles M'Grigor, 70th regi 13. At Great King-street, Mr Alexander Thor ment, a son.

son, a daughter. July 29. At Benfield, the lady of Daniel Mackin 15. At Gilmore-place, Edinburgh, Mrs George non, Esq. a daughter.

Hutchison, a son. 30. Lady Charlotte Macgregor Murray, a daugh 16. At Hutton-hall, the lady of Col. C. Bruce, ter. - Mrs Dr Murdoch, a son.

0:17. At Edinburgh, Mrs White of Howden, jul 31. The lady of Dr Thos. Y. Simons, of South a daughter. Carolina, a daughter.

18. At Edinburgh, the lady of Captain Houston Aur. 1. At Rothmaise, Mrs Forbes, a daughter. Stewart, royal navy, a son and heir 2. Lady Minto, a daughter.

- At Kemnay-house, Mrs Burnett of Kemnay, - At his house, Woodslee, the lady of G. Scott a son. Elliot, Esq. of Larriston, a son.

20. In Heriot-row, Edinburgh, the Right Hoz. - Mrs Johnstone, Albany-street, Edinburgh, a Lady Anne Fraser, a son. daughter.

- At 76, George-street, Edinburgh, Mrs William - Al Gayfield-square, Edinburgh, Mrs J. Smith, Burn, a son. a daughter.

22. At 58, Queen-street, Edinburgh, Mrs M Far 4. At Islabank, the lady of Peter Wedderburn, lan, a daughter. Esq. a son.

23. At Whyteside-cottage, Polmont, Mrs Clarki, - At London, Viscountess Errington, a son, a son. 5. At Woodhouselee, Mrs Tytler, a son.

* At Edinburgh, Mrs Robert Nasmyth, a daugh6. In Abercromby-place, Edinburgh, Mrs Cam ter. bell of Possil, a daughter.

- At Buckland-Abbey, the lady of Sir John - At Edinburgh, the lady of Norman Lockhart, Gordon Sinclair, Bart. a son and heir. Esq. a son.

- At his Lordship's house in Piccadilly, Lon8. At Buccleuch-place, Edinburgh, Mrs Short, don, the Countess of Roseberry, a daughter. a daughter.

24. At Cornhill, near Aberdeen, the lady of DaAt his house, York-place, Edinburgh, the vid Young, Esq. a son. lady of Rear-Admiral Otway, commander-in-chief, 26. Mrs Linning, Mary's place, a son. a son.

27. At Inveresk, Mrs D. Elphinston, a son. 9. Mrs J. Saunders Robertson, Pitt-street, E 3i. At Langley Farm, Kent, the Hon. Mis Col dinburgh, a daughter.

ville, a daughter - At Pitt-street, Edinburgh, Mrs Harbourne Sept. 1. ai 37, George-street, Edinburgh, Mrs Strachan, a daughter.

Adolphus Ross, a son.

2. Mrs Kermack, Albany-street, Edinburgh, a merchant, Glasgow, to Agnes, fourth daughter of son.

William Bryson, Esq. of Risk. Lately. At No 18, Forth-street, Edinburgh, Mrs - At Glasgow, Mr James Arnot Storey, to Mary Orr, a son.

Ann, eldest daughter of Jas Galloway, Esq. writer At Willey-place, Farnham, the lady of Charles and lecturer on conveyancing Grant, Esq. a daughter.

- At Cart-vale, Paisley, Mr Alexander WardThe Countess of Verulam, a daughter.

rope, manufacturer, to Agnes, second daughter of John Fleining, Esq.

17. At the Manse of Tough, William Scott, Esq.

of Campfield, to Anne, daughter of the Rev. Alex. MARRIAGES.

Urquhart, minister of Tough.

19. At Mary-la-bone Church, London, Campbell Ma 30. At Philadelphia, North America, Fre Marjoribanks, Esq. of Upper Wimpole-street, to derick Campbell Stewart, Esq. of Ascog, to Miss Mrs Parker, widow of the late William Parker, Maria Smith, second daughter of the late Judge Esq. of Bengal. Smith, of the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania.

21. At Pitcullo, Mr William Drummond, writer, June 23. At Corfu, Major-General Sir Frederick Cupar-Fife, to Catherine, daughter of Mr Bell. Adam to the Signora Diamantina Pallatiano.

23. Lieutenant-Colonel Raikes of the Coldstream July 17. John Farquhar, Esq. of Pitscandly, guards, to Louisa, youngest daughter of Henry Fortarshire, to Mary Ann, daughter of Mr George Boulton, Esq. of Givon's-grove, Surrey. Shillito of Upper Thames-street, London,

25. At Edinburgh, Mr William Miller, writer, 22. At Doddington, Mr James Ormston, mer- to Christian, eldest daughter of the late Mr Wm chant. London, to Miss Atkinson, daughter of the Brown, editor of the Edinburgh Weekly Journal. late William Atkinson, Esq. Yeavering.

26. At London, Thomas Mackenzie, Esq. of 24. At Everton, Myles Sandys, jun. Esq. eldest Marlborough-square, son of the late Charles Maeson of Myles Sandys, Esq. Graythwaite-hall, Lan- kenzie, Esq. writer, of this city, to Miss Teresa cashire, to Frances, fifth daughter of the late Tho Redings, daughter of Redings, Esq. merchant mas France, Esq. Bostock-hall.

in Cork. 27. At Greenock, Mr H. C. Sempill, Glasgow - At Glasg w, by the Rev. Dr Ranken, Duncan to Susan Ann, second daughter of Mr John Dow, Campbell, Esq. of Duncholgine, to Miss M'CorGreenock.

quodale, daughter of Mr M'Corquodale, merchant 31. At Greenock, Mr Daniel M'Kellar, mer in Oban. chant, to Miss Wilhelmena Jane Monteath.

- At Edinburgh, Mr Thomas Happer, surgeon, At Kelso, Mr David Rider, manufacturer, Sunderland, to Miss Jessie Lock, youngest daugh Leeds, to Margaret, second daughter of Mr Joseph ter of Mr Peter Lock, wood-merchant, Leith-walk. Henderson, draper, Kelso.

27. At Flatt, Liddisdale, Roxburghshire, Robert Aug. 1. At Newton-Stewart, the Rev. Charles Elliott, Esq. of Redheugh and Tarras, to Jessie, Anderson, minister of Closeburn, to Elizabeth eldest daughter of John Elliot, Esq. Hathorn, daughter of William Macmillan, Esq.

- At Edinburgh, Mr Henry Scott, junior, hat. - At Braehouse, James Stewart, Esq. of Cross- manufacturer, to Isabella, eldest daughter of the mount, and Captain in the 82d regiment of foot, to late John Martin, Esq. Lauriston-place. Jane, eldest daughter of Captain Campbell, Bore- 29. At Great King-street, William Thomas Carland.

ruthers, Esq. of Dormont, to Helen, daughter of - At George's-street, Edinburgh, Mitchell Pati the late Donald Maclachlan, Esq. of Maclachlan. son, S. S. C. to Mary, daughter of Mr John Bryce, At Edinburgh, Lieutenant w. C. Anderson, Carluke.

royal horse artillery, to Miss Gibson of Harehope, - At Liverpool, Mr Robert Stewart, writing only child of the late George Gibson of Brewlands, master and accountant, St James's-square, Edin- Esq. burgh, to Sarah, eldest daughter of the late John 31. At Edinburgh, James Ritchie, Esq. of the Powell, Esq. of Liverpool.

67th regiment, to Mary, eldest daughter of Dr 2. Ai Edinburgh, Francis Cobham, Esq. M. D. Minto, George-street. of the island of Barbadoes, to Mary Harvie, eldest daughter of William Gordon M'Crae, Esq.

7. At Edinburgh, Mr William Ross, clothier, St Andrew-street, to Catharine, daughter of the late Mr James Richardson.

DEATHS. - At Mountblow, Mr Alexander Cochran of Kirktonfield, to Jessie, eldest daughter of the late Nov. 12, 1819. At Bombay, James Erskine, LicurJohn Bowie, Esq. Paisley.

tenant of the 4th regt. of nalive infantry, youngest 8. At Leith, Mr John Taylor, merchant there, son of the late Colonel James Francis Erskine. to Jane, daughter of Williarn Lamont, Esq. con Jan. 19, 1820. At Nameul, in the Mysore countrolling surveyor of his Majesty's customs, Leith. try, Lieut.-Col. Olof Godlier Fehrzen, 53d regt. of

- At Fenton, John Hope, Esq. 89th regiment a spasmodic cholera, which carried him off in a few to Helen, youngest daughter of the late George hours. Bogue, Esq. of Woodhall.

Feb. 11. At Madras, Dr Alexander Stewart, seAt Edinburgh, Mr William Whitehead, mer cretary to the medical board, &c. at that place, chant, to Helen, second daughter of Mr Josiah youngest son of the late Captain Donald Stewart of Livingston, merchant.

Shierglass. 9. At London, Colonel Alexander Woodford of 24. 'At his plantation in East Florida, Lindsay the Coldstream regiment of guards, aide-de-camp Toodie, Esq. son of the late Mr Andrew Toodie of to his Majesty, to Charlotte Mary Anne Fraser, St Andrews. eldest daughter of the late Charles Henry Fraser, April 14. At the Cape of Good Hope, whether Esq. formerly his Majesty's Minister Plenipotenti he had gone for the benefit of his health, Hugh ary to the Circle of Lower Saxony.

Spottiswood, Esq. of the civil service on the Ma- At London, William Bowles, Esq. captain in dras establishment. the royal navy, to the Hon. Frances Temple, eldest 22. In M'Intosh county, Georgia, America, John daughter of the late Viscount Palmerston.

Raillie, Esq. 10. At Clyde-place, Glasgow, Mr Alex. M Nab, May 14." At Richmond Bay, Prince Edward's merchant, to Margaret,

Island, North America, the Rev. Andrew Nicholl, Macfarlane, merchant.

minister of that place. 12. At London, Alexander Watson Law, Esq. of 31. At Sierra Leone, Mr Henry Alex. Elliott, the East India Company's service, to Elizabeth, royal navy, youngest son of the Rev. Robert Ellidaughter of Mr Robert Romanes of Cheapside. ott of Maitland-street, Edinburgh.

At Chelsea, Charles C. Young, Esq. of Bur June 8. At Edisto Island, South Carolina, Hen. ton-crescent, to Elizabeth, eldest daughter of the Calder, Esq. late James Hay, Esq. of Sloane-street.

20. At Aux Cayes, in the island of St Domingo, 11. At Droit wich in Worcestershire, John Phil John Ure, jun. Esg.; and on the 28th, Geo. Lawlips, of Hanbury Hall, Esq. to Miss Weir, niece of son, Esq. both of Glasgow the late John Weir of Broughton-house, Esq.

21. On board the ship Hibberts, on his passage - At George street, Edinburgh, John Jeffrey, from Jamaica to this country, Robert Murray, Esq. Esq. to Elizabeth Helen, eldest daughter of the late of Knapdale, in that island. Dr James Hunter, Professor of Logic in the Uni- July 3. At Trieste, Colonel Simpson of the royversity of St Andrews.

a imperial marines, (a native of Fifeshire, Scot. - Át Risk, Stirlingshire, Mr Robert Kennedy, land.)

9. At Montreal, Mr Hugh Aird, youngest son of &c. by the touch, gave rise to much disca Robert Aird, Esq. of Crossflatt.

about three years since 16. At East Houses, aged 78, Gideon Walking 10. At his seat, Elcombe-place, Kent, the most shaw. He was father to 12 children, grandfather noble Walter, Marquis of Ormonde. His Londto 64, and great-grandfather to 41, making a total ship was born in 1770, succeeded his father Lab, of 117: 30 of whom are dead, and 87 living. He the late Earl, in 1796. Having died without issue, was in the employ of the Marquises of Lothian for he is succeeded in his titles and estates by his 61 years, and 84 of his progeny are yet at his lord brother, Jarnes Wandesford, now Earl of Ormonde ship's works.

The title of Marquis and the British Peerage are 17. At his house, near Meikle-Govan, Mr Andrew extinct. Orr, late bookseller, Glasgow, aged 66.

11. At London, the Right Hon. Lady Laford 92. At Glasgow, Mrs Ann Hepburn, wife of the - At his house, Albany-street, North Lath, late Mr Robert Hepburn, stocking-maker, Glasgow, Thomas Robertson, late Cornmander of the Royal aged 94.

Charlotte, revenue cutter. 23. At Kemnay, Mr Charles Dawson, who, for 12. At Edinburgh, Mr J. Swanston, merchant. the long period of 40 years, had been the parochial 13. At Edinburgh, Mrs Elizabeth Finlayson, w schoolmaster.

dow of Mr William Finlayson, forinerly of Sara - At his house, Arthur-street, Edinburgh, Mr na-la-Mar, Jamaica James Munro, goldsmith.

- At Musselburgh, in his 67th year, John Tax24. At Alloa, Mrs Margaret Cowie, wife of John lor, A. M. rector of the grammar sehool there. Drummond, Esq. writer there.

14. At his house, Allan's close, Edinburgt, At Newbottle, Diana, eldest daughter of the Richard Cleghorn, solicitor-at-law. late Colonel Donald Macleod of.St Kilda.

16. At Edinburgh, John Livingston, Campbell 26. Jane, infant daughter, and on 7th August, Esq. of Achallader. Mary, in her 14th year, then only daughter of Mr 17. At Edinburgh, Mr Jas Johnston, engraves. Richard Tosh, writer, Kirkaldy.

- At Leith, Robert, son of Mr James Aanste,

merchant there, aged 17. minister of that parish.

- At Edinburgh, John Livingston, 29. At Joxtith-park, near Liverpool, Eliza Anna. Shortridgehead, writer in Edinburgh. wife of Mr John Macintyre, merchant, and daugh 18. At Lude, Colonel John Robertson ter of General Ferrier, Dumbarton-castle, aged 33. 19. At Edinburgh, Mr James Miller,

- At Inverness, Jas Errol Gray, Esq. surgeon. clerk to the Commission of Teinds

30. At Workshop, Nottinghamshire, Robert - At West Calder-Inasse, May, eldest daughter Barber, Esq. aged 85.

of the late Rev. John Muckersy, ininister the 31. At Chessels-court, Wilhelmina Marjori. gospel at Kinkell. banks, wife of William Jamieson, merchant in 20. At Bath, Major-General Sir Graney Thomas Edinburgh.

Calcraft, Knight of the orders of Maria Themes - At her father's house, St Andrew's-square, Tower and Sword, &c. &e. Edinburgh, Dorothea Clerk, eldest daughter of 21. At his house in Queen Anne street, Sir Hugte Joseph Bell, Esq. surgeon.

Inglis of Milton Bryant, in the county of Belfar, Aug. 1. At Blackness, Linlithgowshire, Mr Geo.

Bart. Allan, merchant, Edinburgh.

- At Brussels, Lieutenant-General Sir Exe - Át Mound-place, Edinburgh, Miss Mary Na Baillie, Bart. pier.

22. At Edinburgh, David Johnston Madet, 2. At Swinebourne-castle, very suddenly, in the Esg. collector of his Majesty's customs, Kirkaldy. prime of life, Leonard Shafto Orde, a Lieutenant -At Nelson-street, Mrs Elizabeth Suther, wife General in his Majesty's service, a Justice of Peace of George Melville, writer in Edinburgh. and Deputy-Lieutenant for Northumberland.

23. Ai Castle-Semple-house, John Harvey - Ai Margate, Mr Gilbert Hamilton, son of the of Castle-Semple, in the 67th year of his are late Gilbert Hamilton, Esq. merchant, Glasgow. 25. At his house in Grosvenor-street, London,

- At Chapel. Fifeshire. Robert Arnott, Esg the Right Hon. Lord Stawell. in his 640h rear. aged 78,

His Lordship was only son of the Right Hoi. H. At Edinburgh, the Rev. David Dickson of Bilson Legge, formerly Chancellor of the Ex Persilands, one of the ministers of this city.

chequer. 3. James, the infant son of Mr Wm Dalrymple. -At Lathrisk, Charles Maitland of Rankelour,

At Edinburgh, in his 21st year, Mr Edward one of his Majesty's Deputy Lieutenants for te Finlay Marnoch, student of medicine, fifth son of shire. the late Mr John Marnoch, carver and gilder, 26. At Candy, Stirlingshire, Margaret, ly Edinburgh.

daughter of Mr Alexander Robertson. - At Glenpark, Janet Agnes Bell, daughter of - After a lingering illness, Mr Thomas Strong, Thomas Bell, Esq. Wharton-place, Edinburgh. merchant in Leith.

3. At Brussels, Major-General Sir William Nic 27. At Bridgend, Isabella Mary Campbel, spouse olson, Bart.

of Major Todd, late of the 33d regiment. - At Edinburgh, Miss Margaret Boswell, the 28. At Edinburgh, Mrs Rachell Ann Maries, last of the name in the direct line of the ancient widow of Major David Morrieson, of the Hae farnily of the Boswells of Balmuto.

East India Company's service. 6. At Clifton, George Anna, second daughter of - At Linlithgow, after a lingering illness, Mar Captain John Paterson of the Hon. East India garet, youngest daughter of Mr John Henley of the Company's service.

Excise there. At his house, St Andrew's-square, Edinburgh, - At Camberwell Grove, London, William, David Craigie, second son of Joseph Bell, Esq. youngest son of William Scott, Esq. surgeon.

30 At Queen-street, Enfield-highway, Middle At her house, Abercromby-place, Edinburgh, sex, Mrs Mary Anne Burgess, wife of John Keir, Mrs Taylor, relict of the late Mr Robert Taylor, Esq.; and, same day, John William, their infant Canongate.

son. - Ai Forres, William Tulloh, Esq. of Bogton, - At London, Ensign James Wight of the 78th and formerly of Calcutta.

regiment, eldest son of the late Lieutenant-Coload 7. At his house in the Tower, London, John Andrew Wight of Chapelerne. Urquhart, Esq. of the Ordnance-office.

Latdy-Āt Bouverie-street, London, of apo At his house, 13, Gayfield-square, Edinburgh, plexy, aged 80, James Dobie, Esq. solicitor, for 31 Thomas Brown, Esq. bookseller.

years secretary to the Scottish Corporation 8. At Gilmerton, Miss Christian Trotter, daugh On board the Streatham, East Indiaman, on his ter of the late Thomas Trotter, Esq. merchant, passage from Bengal to China, in October last, Edinburgh.

Richard Turnbull, assistant-surgeoo, third sed - Mr Thomas Waugh of Laretburn.

the late John Turnbull, Esq. of Branston. - At Greenock, Patrick James Hunter, son of At Paris, William Thomas Sandford, Es, for Patrick Hunter, jun. Esq.

merly a Major on the Bombay Establishment, and 9. At Liverpool, the celebrated Miss Margaret aid-de-camp to General Abercrombie during the M'Avoy, whose faculty of distinguishing colours, Mysore war.

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