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PART II. 1. Northumberland, Lady Northumberland, and Lady Percy. 2. Falstaff and Doll Tearsheet.-Poins and Prince Henry behind. 3. Falstaff“ misusing the King's press damnably." 4. The arrest of Hastings, Mowbray, and the Archbishop of York. 5. King Henry receiving intelligence of the overthrow of his enemies.

-Enter Harcourt. 6. Prince Henry watching his father while asleep. 7. The King, waking, misses the crown from his pillow, and sends for

Prince Henry. 8. After the death of Henry the Fourth.-King Henry the Fifth,

Princes Clarence, John, and Humphrey, the Earls Warwick and

Westmoreland, and the Chief Justice. 9. The King, returning from his coronation, is saluted by Falstaff,

Pistol, &c. whom he banishes.


1. Anne Page bidding Slender to dinner.-Enter Page. 2. Mrs. Page and Mrs. Ford.— Falstaff, in the distance, is questioning

his Page as to the delivery of the letters. 3. Falstaff and Mrs. Ford. 4. Ford, unable to find Falstaff, who, he has reason to suspect, is con

cealed in the house. The servants are seen carrying out the

buck-basket, containing Sir John Falstaff. 5. The emptying of the buck-basket“ in the muddy ditch, close by

the Thames' side.” 6. Master Slender courting Anne Page.—Page and Mrs. Page meeting

Master Fenton at the door. 7. Ford beating Falstaff, disguised as the old woman of Brainford. 8. Herne's Oak.-Falstaff as Herne the Hunter, meeting with Mrs. Page

and Mrs. Ford.—The fairies are seen approaching. 9. Sir Hugh Evans, as a Satyr, and the Fairies, tormenting Falstaff. 10. Slender and Dr. Caius complaining of being the dupes of Anne





1. Henry receiving the French embassy and present of tennis-balls. 2. The discovery of the conspiracy of Cambridge, Scroop, and Grey, to

murder the king at Southampton. 3. The death of Falstaff. 4. The siege of Harfleur. 5. The battle of Agincourt. 6. Fluellen compelling Pistol to eat the leek. 7. King Henry courts the Princess Katharine of France. 8. The marriage of King Henry with the Princess Katharine. - Bur

gundy and other peers swear fealty to Henry as successor to the throne of France.


PART 1. 1. The funeral of Henry the Fifth.—The queen and her infant son in - the foreground. 2. Joan of Arc entering Orleans, having defeated the English, who were

laying siege to it. 3. Orleans retaken by the English by escalade. The French leap over

I the walls in their shirts. 4. Talbot with the Countess of Auvergne. The gates being forced,

enter soldiers. 5. The young king, Henry the Sixth, in parliament.-Gloster offers to

put up a bill, Winchester snatches and tears it. 6. Rouen is taken by a stratagem of La Pucelle, and the Duke of Bedford

brought out sick in a chair.—Talbot and Burgundy attack the city, retake it, and drive out the Dauphin, La Pucelle, Alençon,

Reignier, &c. 7. The death of Talbot and his son. 8. La Pucelle invokes the aid of her familiar spirits. 9. Suffolk with Margaret, prisoner. La Pucelle taken prisoner by

York in the background.

10. The Dauphin, Reignier, Alençon, and the Bastard of Orleans,

swear allegiance to the King of England. La Pucelle led to the stake in the background.


1. Margaret brought by Suffolk to Henry as his queen.—The state of

party-feeling is shown among the attendant lords. On the left side of the throne stands Cardinal Beaufort; on the right, Humphrey of Gloster, and on the steps, his duchess. Warwick, Salisbury, and York, in front, to the left: Somerset and Buck

ingham in the centre. 2. Bolingbroke raising the spirit before the Duchess of Gloster.-Enter

York and Buckingham hastily, with their guards and others. 3. The Duke of Gloster exposing the impostor, Saunder Simpcox, who

pretended to have been cured of blindness at St. Alban's shrine,

but still to be lame. 4. The trial by battle between Horner and his prentice Peter. 5. The Duchess of Gloster doing penance.--Gloster and his servants

in mourning cloaks. .6. Gloster discovered dead in his bed. 7. Death of Cardinal Beaufort. 8. The death of Suffolk, taken prisoner by pirates when escaping from

England. 9. Cade ordering the execution of the clerk of Chatham. 10. The meeting of the Duke of York and the king.- Alexander Iden

brings in Cade's head.- Enter the queen and Somerset, who had

been committed to the tower. 11. Battle of St. Alban’s. - Young Clifford carrying off the body of his

father, who has been killed by York. Somerset killed by Richard Plantagenet.-Enter King Henry, Queen Margaret, and others retreating

PART III. 1. York, seated on the throne in parliament-house, backed by his sons

Edward and Richard, the Duke of Norfolk, the Marquis Montague, the Earl of Warwick, and others, armed, with white roses in their helmets.Enter King Henry, Clifford, Northumberland, Westmoreland, Exeter, and others, with red roses in their hats.

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2. The death of York. Queen Margaret offers him the napkin stained

in the blood of Rutland to wipe away his tears, and sets a paper

crown upon his head. 3. The battle of Towton.-Clifford wounded.—A son who has killed

his father, and a father who has killed his son.-The king, queen,

Prince Edward, and Exeter, flying before the Yorkists. 4. Lady Elizabeth Grey suing to King Edward for her late husband's

5. Warwick having been sent to demand the Lady Bona of France for

Edward's queen, is offended at his marriage with the Lady Grey,
joins with Margaret, and returns to uncrown Edward, and takes

him prisoner in a night attack.
6. Edward, having escaped from the custody of the Archbishop of

York, meets Warwick in the field at Barnet, and kills him.
7. The battle of Tewksbury.—Queen Margaret, Prince Edward, So-

merset, and Oxford, prisoners.-King Edward, Clarence, and
Gloster, kill Prince Edward.— Exeunt Oxford and Somerset,

8. The murder of King Henry the Sixth by Gloster.


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1. Gloster meets Clarence going to the tower.
2. Gloster interrupting the funeral of Henry the Sixth, and suing to

the Lady Anne.
3. Queen Margaret cursing Gloster, Hastings, Dorset, &c.
4. The death of Edward the Fourth.
5. The arrest of Rivers, Vaughan, and Grey.
6. The arrest of Hastings.
7. Buckingham offering Gloster the crown.
8. Richard, as king, sounding Buckingham as to the murder of the

two children. 9. The murder of the two children in the Tower. 10. Buckingham led to execution. 11. Richard in his tent. 12. Stanley crowning Richmond in Bosworth field.


1. Queen Katharine accusing Wolsey of illegal exactions from the

people. 2. The fête at the cardinal's.— The king and twelve others habited as

shepherds, with torch-bearers, &c.—Ladies chosen for the dance;

The king chooses Anne Bullen. 3. The trial of Buckingham. 4. The trial of Queen Katharine.—The queen rises out of her chair,

goes about the court, comes to the king, and kneels at his feet. 5. The visit of the two cardinals to Queen Katharine to persuade her

to consent to the divorce. 6. The disgrace of Cardinal Wolsey.—Exit king, frowning upon

Wolsey: the nobles throng after him, smiling and whispering. 7. The coronation of Anne Bullen. 8. Cardinal Wolsey received in a dying state by the Abbot of

Leicester. 9. The vision of Queen Katharine. 10. The trial of Cranmer. 11. The christening of Queen Elizabeth.

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