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Engraved by C. G. Lewis, A.R.A.

Size 34 by 27 inches. INDIA PROOF BEFORE LETTERS. Price £1. 15s. Published at £7. 78.

This is a very fine and spirited engraving, representing a Grey' Cover Hack' outside a stable, with various Dogs around.

Landseer's celebrated Pictures,
Engraved on a reduced scale; comprising



The Series of Seven beautiful Prints. PROOFS BEFORE LETTERS.
Price £3. 138 6d. Published at £11. 118.

These most beautiful compositions, though executed on a smaller scale than the originals, are much more elaborately engraved, and present a truly charming appearance.

Landseer's Bolton Abbey,


Engraved by S. Cousins.

Size 30 by 25 inches. Price 16s. Published at £5. 58.

Landseer's Highland Breakfast.

Beautifully engraved in line by Outrim.
Size 19 by 17 inches. BRILLIANT INDIA PROOF.
Price 15s. Published at £3. 38.

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Landseer's Etchings.

Painted by Sir G. Hayter, engraved by Ryall.
Size 36 by 25 inches. FINE IMPRESSION.

Price £1. 118 6d. Published at £6. 6s.

This is a most splendid and highly interesting engraving, of a very large size. It comprehends faithful portraits of most of the great personages who were present. Accompanying it is a Key to the Portraits.

Marriage of the Queen and Prince

Painted by Sir G. Hayter, engraved by Wagstaff.

A very large & most splendid engraving. Size 36 by 25 inches. Price £1. 11s 6d. Published at £6. 68.

This magnificent eugraving presents finished engravings of the flower of the English Nobility. It is intended as a companion to the preceding print.

The Christening of the Princess Royal.
Painted by C. R. Leslie, R.A., engraved by Ryall.
Size 27 by 46 inches. PROOF IMPRESSION.
Price £5. 108. Published at £12. 128.

This very large and interesting engraving introduces Portraits of the Queen, Prince Albert, Queen Adelaide, Duke of Sussex, Duchesses of Kent, Cambridge, and Sutherland, King of the Belgians, Duke of Wellington, &c. &c.

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Price £4. 10s. Published at £12. 128.

This very splendid and interesting engraving introduces Portraits of the Queen and Prince Albert, the Prince of Wales, Prince Alfred, the Princess Royal, Princess Alice, and Princess Helena.

Wilkie's The School.

Beautifully engraved in line by John Burnet.

Size 33 by 23 inches. Price £1. 15s. Published at £3. 38. INDIA PROOF. Price £2. 108. Published at £6. 68. A very large and beautiful engraving, one of the last productions of Sir D. Wilkle, full of character, variety, and amusement.

Wilkie's Spanish Mother and Child. Engraved in line by Raimbach. Size 18 by 16 inches. PROOF. Price 78 6d. Published at £2. 28.

Wilkie's First Ear-Ring.

Painted for John Duke of Bedford, engraved in line by

Size 16 by 20 inches. INDIA Proof.
Price 10s 6d. Published at £3. 3s.

Wilkie's The Village Recruits.

Finely engraved in line by C. Fox.

A series of 17 charming plates, INDIA PROOFS, in a portfolio. Size 24 by 20 inches. FIRST PROOF BEFORE LETTERS. £1.58.

Price £2. 28. Published at £6. 68.

These beautiful etchings comprise, the Return from Deer Stalking, Landscape, the Sweeps, the Frog, Low Life, the Traveller's Rest, Mountain Torrent, Four Dogs' Heads, the Donkeys, the Eagle, Highland Shepherd's Dog, &c.

The Queen's First Council after her Accession to the Throne.

Painted by Sir D. Wilkie, engraved by C. Fox.

Size 36 by 28 inches. INDIA PROOF.

Price £3. 38. Published at £7. 7s.

The above beautiful national engraving introduces portraits, from actual sitting, of some of the most distinguished British Statesmen.

Wilkie's The Rent-Day.

Engraved by A. Raimbach.

Size 24 by 16 inches. Price 10s 6d.

Wilkie's The Reading of the Will, Engraved by John Burnet.

Size 23 by 16 inches. Price 10s 6d.

Wilkie's Blind-Man's Buff.
Engraved by A. Raimbach.

Size 24 by 16 inches. Price 10s 6d.

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Turner's Mercury and Argus.
Most beautifully engraved in line by Willmore.
Size 27 by 19 inches. Price £1. 16s. (Scarce.)

This celebrated picture is in the possession of Sir Robert Feel, Bart. As the copper-plate has been destroyed, impressions will always be very scarce and valuable.

Affection's First Offering.

Painted by Brooks, engraved by Simmons.

Size 24 by 19 inches. INDIA PROOF BEFORE LETTERS. Price 12s. Published at £3. 38.

A very pleasing composition, representing a Rustic Courtier presenting flowers to his Beloved.

A Literary Party at Sir Joshua

Introducing faithful and highly finished portraits of Dr. Johnson, Reynolds, Burke, Boswell, Goldsmith, Garrick, Gen. Paoli, T. Warton, Dr. Burney: a large and beautiful engraving, with AUTOGRAPHS.

Price £1. 18. Published at £4. 4s.

This is a fine plate and most interesting to every literary man, as it represents portraits of nine of the most eminent literary characters of the last century.

Raphael's Cartoons.

Exquisitely engraved in line by Holloway, from the originals at Hampton Court.

The set of 7 very large and splendid engravings, INDIA PROOFS.
Price £4. 108. Published at £42.

Leonardo da Vinci's Last Supper.
Engraved in line at Rome by Giovanni Folo.
Size 36 by 20 inches. FINE IMPRESSION.
Price £1. 11s 6d.

Grace Darling and her Father,


Painted by Parker and Carmichael, engraved by Lewis.
Size 22 by 27 inches. PROOF IMPRESSION.

Price 128. Published at £2. 28.

Price 158. Published at £3. 38.

A large and beautiful engraving, of national interest.


Pastorale of the Sabine Mountains.

Beautifully engraved in line by Chevalier. Size 18 by 15 inches. INDIA PROOF BEFORE LETTERS. Price 4s 6d. Published at £2. 28

The subject of this engraving is an Italian Peasant Girl sitting on a rock knitting.

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Two large and splendid engravings by Willmore and Wallis, From the celebrated pictures by J. M. W. Turner, R.A. Size 26 by 20 inches. BRILLIANT DEDICATION PROOFS. Price £3. 38. Published at £12. 128.

These are a pair of remarkably beautiful and effective engravings, after two of the finest paintings ever executed by the great artist, Turner.

Etty's Judgment of Paris,

Engraved by Wass. Size 33 by 23 inches. ARTIST'S PROOF. Price £1. 16s. Published at £8. 8s. A very beautiful composition.

Portrait of the Queen in her Robes. Full length. Painted by Chalon, engraved by Cousins. Size 27 by 18 inches. PROOF. Price 12s. Pub. at £3. 38.

The Queen and Prince Albert.

Life size Portraits.

Painted by Winterhalter, engraved by F C. Lewis.
Size 30 by 23 inches. INDIA PROOFS.

The Pair, price £2. 12s 6d. Published at £4. 48.

The above fine engravings represent the Queen and Prince Albert, half length, size of life. They are engraved from the celebrated paintings on porcelain lent by Her Majesty to the Great Exhibition. They are considered the most striking likenesses ever taken.

The Queen and Prince Albert.

Three-quarter Length.

Painted by Winterhalter, engraved in line by Forster and Louis. Size 23 by 18 inches. INDIA PROOFS BEFORE LETTERS. The Pair, price £3. 38. Published at £12. 12s.

The above engravings are taken from the same paintings as the preceding ones. Though executed on a smaller scale, they are more highly finished line engravings than the large ones, and shew more of the figure.

The Queen and Prince Albert.
Three-quarter Length.

Painted by Partridge, engraved in line by Robinson and Doo.
Size 24 by 17 inches. PROOFS BEFORE LETTERS.
The Pair. Price £2. 10s. Published at £16. 16s.

The Queen and Prince Albert.

Full Length, in the Robes of the Most Noble Order of the


Painted by Winterhalter, engraved by Atkinson.
Size 30 by 18 inches. BRILLIANT PROOFS.

Price £1. 11s 6d. Published at £6. 6s.

Portrait of Prince Albert.
Three-quarter Length, in Huzzar Uniform.
Painted by Partridge, engraved in line by Doo.

Size 24 by 17 inches. Price 10s. Published at £3. 3s.
A beautiful and highly finished engraving, and a good likeness.

Portrait of Prince Albert.

Life Size. Painted by Winterhalter, engraved by F. C. Lewis.
Size 30 by 23 inches. INDIA PROOF.
Price £1. 18. Published at £2. 2s.

This noble engraving represents Prince Albert the size of life.

Portrait of the Duke of Wellington.
Full Length, in Military Costume.
Painted by Salter, engraved in line by Greatbach.
PROOF IMPRESSION. Price £1. 48. Published at £4. 4s.



Denmark, Sweden and Lapland,

25 large and beautiful plates of picturesque Views and Buildings, Carefully coloured in exact imitation of the original Drawings, Mounted on tinted cardboards, in a portfolio.

Price £5. 58. Published at £10. 10s.


Italy, Switzerland, France, &c. 26 large and beautiful plates of Views and Buildings, Carefully coloured in exact imitation of the original Drawings, Mounted on tinted cardboards, in a large portfolio. Price £5. 58. Published at £10. 108.

Nash's Old Mansions of England and Wales,


A complete set of this beautiful and interesting work,

consisting of nearly



Mounted on tinted card-boards, aud enclosed in 4 portfolios. Price £24. Published at £42.

Nash's Windsor Castle.

25 LARGE AND MOST BEAUTIFULLY COLOURED PLAtes, Equal to Drawings, illustrating the magnificent Apartments and Gorgeous Decorations, &c. in Windsor Castle, Mounted on tinted card-boards, and enclosed in a portfolio. Price £10. 10s. Published at £21.

Nash's Architecture of the Middle Ages.

35 large and fine plates, beautifully coloured like drawings. Imperial folio, in a portfolio. Price £6. 6s. Published at £10. 10s.

Haghe's Sketches in Belgium,

26 large and fine plates of splendid Old Mansions, and Architectural Grandeur, &c.

BEAUTIFULLY COLOURED LIKE DRAWINGS, Mounted on tinted card-boards, and enclosed in a portfolio. Price £6. Gs. Published at £10. 10s.

Hering's Sketches on the Danube, in Hungary, and Transylvania,

26 large and picturesque plates, BEAUTIFULLY COLOURED LIKE DRAWINGS, Mounted on tinted card-boards, and enclosed in a portfolio. Price £5. 10s. Published at £10. 10s.

Frederick Taylor's Portfolio,

A series of very pleasing Rural and Sporting Subjects by this admirable Artist,

26 fine large plates, beautifully coloured like drawings, (Both series) Mounted on tinted card-boards, and enclosed in a portfolio.

Price £5. 15s. Published at £10. 10s.

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Antiquities, Biography, Beraldry, Bistory, Languages, Voyages, and Travels, Natural Bistory,






The object of these Monthly Catalogues is to present an endless variety of the best Standard Works in all classes, and in perfect library condition, selected from a stock of upwards of 50,000 volumes, constantly increased by public and private purchases.-Gentlemen are respectfully requested, in order to prevent disappointment and delay, to address their orders to G. Willis direct. Remittances may be made by Post-office Orders, or by Cheques on Bankers.

1 ADDISON'S WORKS, Baskerville's fine Edition, portrait and engravings by Grignion, from designs by Hayman, 4 vols. royal 4to. calf gilt, scarce, £3. 10s Birm. 1761 "He who hath Baskerville's edition, hath a good and even glorious performance."-Dibdin.

2 ABRAHAM DE AARTSVADER, door A. Hoogvliet, (in Verse), with 12 beautiful engravings by Picart, illustrative of the life of Abraham, sm. 4to. half calf gilt, 58

Rotterd., 1746 3 A BRIDAL GIFT, containing original and selected Poetry and Prose, elegantly printed, with beautifully engraved coloured borders, sq. 8vo. extra fancy binding, gilt leaves,


1853 4 ÆSCHYLUS, Gr. et Lat. cum Scholiis Græcis et Comment. Stanleii, acced. Var. Lect. et Notæ Variorum critica ac Philologica quibus suas passim intertexuit S. BUTLER,

8 vols. 8vo. bds. £1. 58

Cant. 1809-16

"This edition of Eschylus may be considered the most popular in this country; it is becoming very scarce."- Dibdin.

5 ÆSOP'S Fables, with Life in English, French, and Latin, with 143 fine engravings by BARLOW, (wanting one) folio, calf, scarce, £1. 168 1687

This work is much admired for the accurate delineations of the Animals, and for the freedom with which the subjects are etched.

6 AIKIN'S (Dr.) Essay on Song Writing, with a Collection of English Songs, Warrington, 1784; also Poems, by Lætitia Aikin, 1773, 2 vols. in 1, sm. 8vo. calf gilt, 28 6d

1783-4 7 ALBEMARLE'S (Earl of) Memoirs of the MARQUIS of ROCKINGHAM and his Contemporaries, with original Letters and Documents, portrait, 2 vols. 8vo. cloth, 98 (pub. at £1. 10s)-Another copy, 2 vols. 8vo. new calf gilt, 16s 1852 8 ALBERTI, Nouveau Dictionnaire Français-Italien et Italien-Français, redigé sur la dernière édition, 2 thick vols. 8vo. hf. vellum, 88 6d Venise, 1811 9 ALCIPHRON'S Epistles, describing the Domestic Manners, the Courtesans and Parasites of Greece, (translated by Monro and the Rev. W. Beloe), 8vo. bds. 28 6d 1791

10 ALLEN'S Inquiry into the Rise and Growth of the Royal Prerogative in England, including the Life and Character of King Eadwig, &c. 8vo. cloth, 4s 6d (pub. at 148) 1849 11 ALEXANDER'S (Capt. Sir J. E.) Travels to the Seat of

War in the East through Russia and the Crimea, in 1829, 12 ALFIERI, OPERE; Tragedie, Commedie, Satire, &c. con coloured and other engravings, 2 vols. 8vo. cloth, 7s 1830 Vita, A LARGEST VELLUM PAPER COPY, with fine portrait by Raphael Morghen, 11 vols. 4to. bds. £1. 18s Italia, 1807-9 A splendid edition, printed in large and beautiful type; not more than 20 copies were printed on this sized paper, for presents.


ALIEN PRIORIES, Account of, by J. Nichols and R. Gough, and of the Lands they have possessed in England and Wales, plates, 2 vols. sm. 8vo. calf, fine copy, 128 6d 1779

14 ALISON'S (Archibald) Essays on the Nature and Principles of Taste, 2 vols. 8vo. calf, neatly gilt, 68


15 AMERICAN BOTANY, compiled from the Works of
Bergrath and Jacquin (in German), with 300 fine coloured
plates of American Plants, Flowers, &c. 3 vols. 8vo. uncut,
£1. 118 6d
Nurnb., 1785-8

A scarce work, priced in Wood's Natural History Catalogue at £3. 13s 6d.

16 AMSINCK'S Tunbridge Wells and its Neighbourhood, 43 fine etchings by Letitia Byrne, with some large extra plates, by Kip, Buck, &c. inserted, roy. 4to. cloth, 12s (pub. at £4. 14s 6d)


17 ANCIENT ARMOUR, 62 coloured engravings of Ancient Arms and Armour, Engines of War, Tournaments, &c. with a History of Chivalry (in German), oblong 4to. bds. £1. 4s Stutty. 1842

A well executed work; the plates are finished in silver and colours. Some of the combats are very curious. 18 ANCIENT CRIMINAL TRIALS in SCOTLAND, compiled from the original MSS. with Historical Illustrations by R. Pitcairn, 7 large vols. 4to. hf. russia gilt, £4. 10s 1829-33 Printed for the Bannatyne Club. Only 100 copies printed on the Club Paper; this fine copy is quite complete with Supplement, Index, &c.

35 ARCHIVES Diplomatiques pour l'Histoire du Temps et
des Etats, 6 vols. 8vo. hf. cf. neatly gilt, 58

Comprising valuable Documents relating to France, Spain, Sicily,
Austria, Turkey, Prussia, Great Britain, &e.


48 ATLAS.-LIZARS' Edinburgh Geographical and Histori-
cal Atlas, with copious Descriptions, 69 large and finely
engraved COLOURED MAPS of all parts of the World, thick
imp. folio, newly bound hf. morocco. £1. 88
and Kingdom delineated.
This excellent atlas comprehends a History of each Continent, State
49 A TRANSPORT Voyage to the Mauritius and Back, touching
at the Cape, and St. Helena, by the author of " Paddiana,"

50 AUBREY'S (J.) Collection of Curious Miscellanies, with

&c. post 8vo. cloth, 4s 6d (pub. at 10s)


Life, 8vo. calf, scarce, 4s 6d


Contains Pieces on Fatality, Dreams, Apparitions, Knockings, Pro-

phecies, Magic, Oracles,, Corpse-Candles, &c.

51 AUCTORES Classici Latini, Brindley's beautifully printed

and favourite miniature editions, 21 vols. 18mo. uniformly

bound in French calf, gilt leaves, £2. 28

Lond., Brindley, 1745, &c.

Quintus Curtius, 2 vols. Catullus Tibullus, Propertius, 2 vols.-Horatius,
Comprising Ovidius, 5 vols-Cæsar, 2 vols.-Lucanus, 2 vols.-

Juvenalis, Cornelius Nepos, Phædrus, Virgilius, Terentius, Lucretius,

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