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G. Willis begs to inform his Customers that he takes off a Discount of TWOpence in the sillLLING

from all new Works, as soon as published.

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Published on the 25th

Subscription STAMPKI), 38.
of each Month.
No. 84.–March 25th, 1854.

per Aun. UNSTAMPED, 28.
New 20orks

Adnison's Works, with the Notes of Bp. Hurd, Vol. 2, post | Balfour's (T. H.) Class-Book of Botany. Part II. ; being an
8vo. 3s 6d - (Bobn's British Classics)

Introduction to the Study of the Vegetable Kingdom; wiib
Acxf8 Valmer: a Novel, 3 vols. post 8vo. 31s 6d

1800 illustrations, 8vo. (complete), 31s 6d-Another edition,
AINSWORTI's (W. H.) Lancasbire Witches. Illustrated edition, 8vo. (Edin.) 21s
8vo. 68

Ballantine's (J.) Book of Ornamental Designs, imp. 4to. witla
Star Chamber: a Romance, 4to. 4s 60

40 plates, 21s
AKERMAN'S (J. Y.) Remains of Pagan Saxondom, Part 8, 410. Baly and Gull's Reports on Epidemic Cholera, 8vo. 168
2s 6d

Barxes's (W.) Philological Grammar, grounded upon English,
Alderson's (J.) Hebrew and English Lexicon, without Points; and formed from a Comparison of more than Sixty Lan.
with a Hebrew Grammar, 8vo. Os

guages, post 8vo. 9s
ALEXA«Der Menzikoff; or, the Perils of Greatness. Trans. Beasley's (H.) Druggist's General Receipt-Book ; comprising

from the German of Guslav Nieriiz, fcp. (New York), 3s 61 a copious Veterinary Formulary, &c. 3rd ed. 24mo. 65
Alison's (A.) History of Europe, 1789 to 1815. People's edit. Bell's (A.) Tenant of Wildfell Hall, 12uno. Is 6d—(Parlour
Vol. 4, post 8vo. 45

ANDREWS (E. A.) Copious and Critical Latin Lexicon, founded BENECKE'S (W.) Exposition of St. Paul's Epistle to the Romans.

on the larger Latin Lexicon of Dr. Freund. New ed. royal Trans. from the German, 8vo. 10s
8vo. 215

Bentley's Monthly Review. Vol. 1, 8vo. 3s 6d
ARCHBOLD's (J. F.) New Statutes relating to Lunacy, 12mo. 155 Boileau, Imitation of Satires of, post 8vo. 3:

Justice of the Peace and Parish Officer. 5th ed. Bombay Almanac and Book of Direction for 1854, 8vo. 14s
Vols. 1 and 2, 12mo. 38s

Bond's (J. W.) Minnesota and its Resources; to which are ap-
ARMENGAUD and Amourou x's Practical Draughtsman's Book pended, Camp-Fire Sketches, or Notes of a Trip from St.

of Industrial Desigo. Trans. by W. Jobnson, 410. 28s 6d Paul to Pembina and Selkirk Settlement on the Red River of
ARNOLD's (T. K.) Second Book of Thucydides ; with English the North, post 8vo. (New York), 2 illust. and map, 7s od
Notes and grammatical references, 12mo. 4s 60

Boot and Shoe Maker's Assistant, imp. 4to. hf. bd. 21s
Aspisall's (J.) Parish Sermons from his own Pulpit, 12mo. 55 BoothBY'S (B.) Synopsis of the Law of Indictable Offences. By
ATHEN AUS, trans. by C. D. Yonge. Vols. 2 and 3, post 8vo. L. Temple, 2d ed. post 8vo. 158
each 55—(Bobn's Classical Library)

BowriNG'S (J.) Decimal System ; with illustrations of Coins,
Bailey's (T.) Aunals of Notting bamsbire, Vol. 2, royal 8vo.
(Nottingham), 4s 6d

Bradshaw's Handbook to the Manufacturing Districts of Great
Baldwin and Thomas's New and Complete Gazetteer of the Britain, 12mo. 3s 6d
United States, royal 8vo. (Philadelphia), 21s

Sbarebolder's Guide for 1854, 12mo. 5s
Baldwin's (J. G.) Flush Times of Alabama and Mississippi ; a Brett's ( F. H.) Gems of Tuscany: Scenery and Descriptions,

Series of Sketches, 7th ed. post 8vo. (New York), 7s 64 8vo. 105
Balfou a's (C. L.) Working Women of the Last Half-Century: Bruce's (Rev. J.) Biograpby of Samson, illustrated and apo
the Lesson of their Lires, fcp. 58

plied, 12mo. ( Edinb.) 3s 6d

post 8vo. 2s

Bryden's (A. P.) Treatise on the Economy of Fuel on Board - DÁVIDS' (A, L.) Grammar of the Turkish Language, 4to. 158 Steamers, 8vo, with numerous Figures, 53

Davy's (J.) The West Indies before and since Slave EmanciBuckler's (E. H.) Illustrations of tbe Collegiate Church of pation, 8vo. 125

South well; 10 Views of tbe Exterior and Interior, in Tinted | De GASPARIN'S (Count) The Schools of Doubt and the School
Lithography, with Architectural Description by the Rer. of Faith. Trans. by R. B. Watson, post 8vo. (Edinb.) 5s
T. T. Dimock, folio, 25s

DE LAGNY'S (G.) The Knout and the Russians; or, the MusBunke's (J. B.) Genealogical and Heraldic Dictionary of the covite Empire, tbe Czar, and his People. Trans. from the

Peerage and Baronetage of the British Empire, 16tb ed. im- Freucb, post 8vo. 4s 6d proved, royal 8vo. 368

De Saulcy's (F.) Narrative of a Journey round the Dead Sea Burnett's Encyclopædia of Useful and Ornamental Plants, in the Bible Lands. New ed. 2 vols. 8vo. 30s

used in the Arts, in Medicine, and for Ornament. Publishing Dick's (W. R.) Inscriptions and Devices in the Beauchamp in Parts, each containing 4 beautifully coloured plates, with Tower, Tower of London ; 31 Lithographic Plates, and a copious Descriptions and Directions, No. 19, 4to. 25

short Historical Sketch of the Authors tbereof, 4to. 20s BYRNE's (0.) Mechanics, their Principles and Practical Appli- | DIOGENES. Vol. 2 (1853), 410. 8s6d cations, 12mo. 4s

Dix's (J. R.) Pulpit Portraits; or, Pen Pictures of DistinCABINET-Maker's Assistant, 4to. balf morocco, 65s

guished American Divines, post 8vo. (Boston), 6s CALEB STUKELEY, crown 8vo. 2s 6d—(Illustrated Family No- DONALDSON'S (J.) Lyra Græca : Specimens of the Greek 1.yric velist)

Poets, from Callinus to Soutsos, 12mo. (Edin.) 5s 6d Carlyle's (T.) Biographical Essays. No. 2, 12mo, 15-(Read | Doves (P. E.) Elements of Political Science : in 2 Books, Part ing for Travellers, No. 12.)

I. Metbod; Part 2, Doctrine, 8vo. 12s CASSELI'S Lessons in English. By J. R. Beard, 12mo. sewed, DRAMATIC Register for 1853, fcp. 28 3s; clotb, 3s 60

Dryden's (J.) Poetical Works. Vol. 2, fcp. 2s 61—(Bell's AnChanninG's (W. E.) Literary Works, post 8vo. 5s—Theological notated Edition of the English Poets) Works, 5s

Dunn's (M.) History of the Steam Jet as applicable to the VenCherry and Violet; a Tale of the Great Plague. By the tilation of Coal Mines, 8vo. (Newcastle), 2s 6d Author of “ Mary Powell," 2d ed. post 8vo. 7, 6d

Elice's (J.) Eternal Life, the Revelation of the Books of Moses. Chess Players' Chronicle. New Series. Vol. 1, 8vo. 20s

New ed. to which is now prefised the Eternal Gospel, in Christian's Fireside Library, 1853, 1854. Ist issue. 2 cols. answer to the Rev. F. D. Maurice, prst 8vo. és 12mo. cloth, 3s

ENCYCLOPÆDIA BRITANNICA, 8tb ed. Vol. 4, 4to. 24s Chronicles of Merry England rehearsed unto her People. ETON GREEK GRAMMAR, with Bp. Wordswortb's Synlax.

Bonk 1-6. By the Author of “ Mary Powell,” fcp. 3s 6d Traps, by the Rev. W. Routledge, 12mo. 45
CLIFTON (Tbe) Tales and Narratives. Vol. 1, 18mo. 28 6d FARBAIRN (w.) On the Application of Cast and Wrought Iron
Cockton's (H.) Valentine Vox the Ventriloquist, 12mo. 2s to Building Purposes, royal 8vo. with plates and woodcuts,
Cour's (H.) The Bible a Text of Religion and of Science: a 12s

Sermon preached before the University of Cambridge-| FalmouTH'S (VISCOUNTESS) Conversations on Geography, or the (Cambridge), 2s 6d

Cbild's First Introduction to Wbere he is, What be is, and Colston's (A.) The Basis of Moral Sciences: Six Essays on What else there is besides, 12mo. 7s 6d Virtue, Conscience, and Freedom, 8vo. (Edinb.) 5s

Fezensac's (Lt.-Gen. de) Journal of the Russian Campaign of CONSIDERATION3 on Military Tactics. By an Artillery Officer, 1812. From the French, with map, 5s 6d Bro. 2s 6d

Forster's (H. R.) Pocket Peerage of Great Britain and Ireland, CORNFR's (Miss) First History of England that should be 1854, 18mo. 68

placed in the Hands of a Child, sq. col. plates, 3s 6d Frost's (J ) Heroic Women of the West, post 8vo. (PbiladelCox and Lloyd's Law and Practice of the County Courts, 6ıb phia), with illustrations, 78 ed. 12mo, 21s

GALBRAITH & Houghton's Manual of Optics, 12mo. (Dubl.) 2s Cowper's Complete Works, edited by Southey. Vol. 3, post Gell's (P.) Revelation of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, 8vo. 36d-(Bohn's Standard Library)

Historically and Critically Interpreted, 2 vols. 12mo. 20s Croker's (Rt. Hon. J. W.) and Lord John Russell's Corres-GER8taCKER's (F.) Travels in Rio De Janeiro, Buenos Ayres,

pondence on some Passages in Moore's “ Diary.” With a &c. post 8vo. 58 Postscript by Mr. Croker, 8vo. Is

Gibbon's (E.) History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman CRABUE's (G.) Tales, royal 8vo. 18—(Universal Library, Part Empire ; with Notes by Milman and Gibbon. Ed, with addi30.)

tional Notes, by W. Smith, D.D. lol. 1; 8vo. 7s 60CRUIKANE'S (G.) Imperial Piety, 9d; coloured, 1s

(Murray's British Classics) CUMMING's (J.) The Comforter; or, Thoughts on the Influence Gill's (J.) Exposition of the Old Testament, Illustrated with of tle Holy Spirit, fep. 28 bd

Notes taken from the most Ancient Jewish Writings. Vol. 4, The finger of God, 4th ed. 12mo. 2s 6d

royal 8vo. 135–6 vols. royal 8vo. £3. 185 Curtis' (G. W.) Potipbar Papers : or, Sketches of our Best Goodwin's (H.) Lectures upon the Church Catechism, fop.

Society. By the Author of " Nile Notes," fcp. (New York), (Cambridge), 45 78 od

GORE's (Mrs.) Progress and Prejudice, 3 vols. post 8vo. 318 6d The Potiphar Papers. Reprinted from Putnam's Gorram's (G. M.) Treatise on the Episcopate of the Ante. Monthly. Ilustrated by A. Hoppin, post 8vo. 78 6d

Nicene Church, with especial reference to the early position Curzon's (Hon R.) Armenia: a Year at Erzeroom and on the of the Roman See, (Cambridge), ĵs 6d

Frontiers of Russia, Turkey, and Persia, post 8vo. 7s id Greeley's (1}.) Art and Industry, as represented in the Exti. Dal.ryMPLES (J.) Patbology of the Human Eye. Part 9, imp. bition at the Crystal Palace, New York, 1853-54, post 8vo. 4to. £l.; complete, balf morocco, £9. 158

(New York), 78 Dante's Divine Comedy-The Paradise. Trans. in the ori- Grern's (M. A. E.) Lives of the Princesses of England. Vol. ginal Ternary Rbyme by C. B. Cayley, fcp. his

3, post ivo. 10s 6d D'ARBLAY's (Madame) Diary and Letiers. New ed. Vol. I, Guizor's (M.) History of Oliver Cromwell and the English 12mo. 35

Commonwealth, from the Execution of Charles I. to the Divis's (N.) Evenings in My Tent; or, Wanderings in be Death of Cromwell, Traps, by A. R. Scoble, 2 vols. 8vo. 28s African Sabara, 2 vols. pool 8vo. 24s

Guy's HOSPITAL REPORTS. Vol. 8, Part 2, 1s

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HALLAM'S (H.) Introduction to the Literature of Europe in the LB Bann's (F.) Selections from the German Poets, post 8vo. 15th, 16th, and 17th Centuries. 41b ed. vols. 8vo. 36s

68 HANDBOOK of Painting; the German, Flemish, Dutch, Spanish, Lee's (Lady) Summer Hours, 2s 62

and French Schools. Partly trans. from ķügler. Ed. by Sir Letters about Missuses. By a Maid of All Work. 8vo. 1s E. Head, 2 vols. post 8vo. 24s

Lindley's (J.) School Botany and Vegetable Physiology. Handy's (WV. R.) Text Book in Anatomy, and Guide in Dis- New ed. 8vo, 5s 6d sectious, royal 8vo. (Philadelphia), 25s

On Symmetry of Vegetation, 8vo. Is HATCHARD's (T. G.) Food for My Flock; Sermons delivered at Lloyd's (F.) Practical Remarks on the Warming, Ventilation, Hasant, Hants, fop. 58 6d

and Humidity of Rooms, 8vo. Is HEIRESS of SOMERTON: a Norel, 3 vols. post 8vo. 31s 6d London UNIVERSITY CALENDAR for 1854, 12mo. 3s Hering's (C.) Domestic Physician, pst 8vo. advanced to 10s 6d | Long's (Lady C.) Sir Roland Ashton, a Tale of the Times, Herndon's (W. L.) Exploration of the Valley of the Amazon, 2nd ed. 2 vols. post 8vo. 10:—new ed. 8vo. bus. 2s ; cloth, 8vo. (Washington), 16s

2s 6d HEWITSON'S (W. C.) Illustrations of Exotic Butterflies. Part Lost Prince (The); or, Facts to prove the Identity of Louis 8, 4to. 5s

17th of France and the Rev. Eleazar Williams, Missionary HEWLETT's (Dr.) Facts without Fiction, fcp. 4s 6d

among the Indiaos of North America, fcp. (New York) Hill's Travels in Siberia, 2 vols. post 8vo. 245

78 6d HistoriCAL PICTURES of the Middle Ages, in Black and White, Lovell's (E. B.) Annual Digest of Law Cases, 1854, 850. 12s

made on the Spot, from Records in the Archives of Switzer- Low's (S.) Charities of London in 1852-3, fcp. 8vo. cloth, land. By a Wandering Artist. With Illustrations, 2 vols. 3s 6d post 8vo. 218

Lytton's (Sir E. B.) Eugene Aram. New ed. 12mo. Is 6d — Hodges' (C.) Commentary on the Epistle to the Romans, 12mo. (Railway Library) (Edip.) 2. 60

MACAULAY's (T. B.) Critical and Historical Essays. People's Hood's (E, P.) Swedenborg: a Biography and Exposition, fcp. ed. part 1, crown 8vo. 55

MACBRIDE'S (J. D.) Lectures explanatory of the Diatesseron : Hooker's (J. D.) Himalayan Journals, or Notes of a Naturalist On the History of Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Cbrist.

in Bengal, the Sikkim and Nepal Himalayas, the Kbasia 4th ed. 2 vols. 8vo. 18s

Mountains, &c. 2 vols. 8vo, with maps and illustrations, 36s Macklin's Illustrations to the Bible. Part 1, folio, 3s Household Words. Edited by Charles Dickens. Vol. 8, royal Maclist's (J.) Ilustrations of Surgical Anatomy. Part 3, 8vo. 5s 6d

folio, 5s Hull's ( Rev. J. D.) Lays of Many Years, 8vo. 58 6d

Mappen's (R. R.) Life and Martyrdom of Savonarola, 2nd ed. Hunt (H.) On the Severer forms of Heartburn and Indigestion, 2 rols. 810. 28s

especially those #bich arise from Constitutional Causes, 8vo. MARSHALL's (Rev. W.) Doctrine of Purgatory; Patriarchal, 5s

Perpetual and Universal, Scriptural, Patristical, ProtesIULUSTRATED London News. Vol. 23, folio, 21s

tantal, and Rational, 5th ed. 12mo. Is 6d Ingulph's Cbronicle of the Abbey of Croyland; with the Con- MARRYAT'S (Capt.) Universal Code of Signals, new ed. tinuations by Peter of Blois and other Writers. Trans. by

Settlers in Canada, new ed. 12mo. 58 JACOB:' (S. 3.) Nonantum and Natick : a Record of Missionary M'Cullocu's (J. R.) Commercial Dictionary, Supplement to Labour, post 8vo. (Boston) 6s 6d

tbe edition of 1852, 8vo. 4s 6d Jervis's (J. W.) The Rifle Musket, a Practical Treatise on the MERRIFIELD's (Mrs.) Dress as a Fine Art, post 8vo. 2s 6d Enfield Pritchell Rifle, post 8vo. 5s

MEYER's History of British Birds and their Eggs, Nos. 36 and JESSE's (E:) Gleanings in Natural History, 8th ed. 12mo. 6s 37, each containing 4 beautifully coloured plates, with DeJohn DRAYTON, 12mo. advanced to 2s- (Bentley's Railway scriptions, 2s per No. Publishing monthly. Also, vols. I Library)

and 2, each containing 60 coloured plates, £1. 11s6d per

vol. Jousson's Lires of the British Poets. Completed by Wm. Miller's (Hugb) My Scbools and Schoolmasters; or, the

Hazlitt. Vol. 2, crown 8vo. 2s 6d-(National Illustrated Story of my Education, post 8vo. 7s 6d
Library, Vol. 37)

N'Leod's (D.) The Bloodstone. By the Author
Jopling's (T.) Viral Statistics. Part 1, 8vo. Is

Life of Sir Walter Scott,” &c. Post 8vo. (New York), JOURNAL of Classical and Sacred Philology. No. 1 (March, 4s 1854), 8vo. (Cambridge) 4s

Moxier's (I.) The French Revolution : a Poem. Canto II. Kidd's (W.) Journal of Natural History. Vol. 4, 8vo. 10s 6d

post 8vo. Is Od Lance's (W.) Life and Marine Assurance, 8vo. 35

MONTGOMERY's (Rev. J.) Popery as it exists in Great Britain Lanman's (C., Adventures in the Wilds of North America. and Ireland; its Doctrines, Practices, and Arguments,

Ed. by C. R. Weld. 2 parts, Is each ; cloth, 2s 6d- 10s 60 (Traveller's Library)

MORELL'S (J. R.) Russia Self-condemned. Secret and Inedited LARDNER'S (Dr.) Museum of Science and Art. Vol. 1, 12mo. Documents connected witb Russian History and Diplomacy, with engravings on woud, 1s 6d

of important bearing on the present Crisis in European Law Reports.

Politics, 8vo. 9s

Morell's (T. D.) Elements of Psychology, new ed. Part 1, CHANCERY (Beavan). Vol. 16, part 1, 12s

post 8vo. 7s 6d Cox's Criminal Cases. Vol. 6, part 5, 5s 6d

Moorsom's (6.) Brief Review and Analysis of the Laws for Commoy Bench (Nanning, Grainger, and Scott). Vol. 12, the Admeasurement of Tonnage, 2nd ed. roy. 8vo. 15s

Morris's (B. R.) Ulustrations of British Game Birds and Wild Law Tires D16Est. Vol. 5, part 3, 8s 6d

Fowl. Part I, 410, 2s 6d

Morris' (F. O.) History of British Birds. Vol. 3, roy. 8vo. Law (THE) List for 1854, 12mno. 6s 61

17s Lawson's Merchant's Magazine. Vol. 2, 8vo. 15s

Mudie's British Birds, 5th ed. by Martin, 2 vois. post 8vo. LaYs of Modern Rome, 8vo. 58

with 52 Figures of Birds, and 7 additional Plates of Eggs, LEAKEY'S (C. W.) Lyra Australis ; or, Attempts to Sing in per vol. 5s; or with col. plates, 7s 6d-(Bohn's Illustrated a Strange Land, fcp. 8vo. 8s


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part 5, 5s

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Napier's (Sir W.) Comments vpon, or Memorandum of the SUA SPERE. Stratford Edition. Eiited by Charles Knight. Duke of Wellington, 8vo. 2s

Vol. 3, 12mo. Is Minutes of th- Resignation of the late General Sir | SHUTTLEWORTLI's (Bp.) Paraphrastic Translation of the AposCharles Napier of the Command of the Army in India, 8vo. tolical Epistles, 5th ed. 8vo. Is 26d

SIGOURNEY': (L. H.) Poetical Works, illustrated, 18mo. 2s 6d NATURAL HISTORY REview. No. 1, 8vo. Is 6d

SILLIMAN AND Goodrich's (Profs.) The World of Arts, Sciences, NATURALIST (The). By B. R. Morris. Vol. 3, roy. 8vo. 7s 6d and Industry, 1 vol. imp. 4to. (New York), 25s Newman's (J. H.) Lectures on the History of the Turks in its SinosidŁs' (C.) Panegyric of the Holy aud Apostolic HeavenRelation to Christianity, 12mo. 4s

Crowned King, Constantine the Great, 8vo. 2s 6d Noake's (J.) The Rambler in Worcestershire; or, Stray Leaves Siupson's (D.) Plea for Religion. By bis Son.

Witb Notes, on Churcbes and Congregations, 12mo. 5s

18mo. 2s— Ditto. By Sir J. B. Williams, 12mo. 3s 64 NoTFS AND QUERIES. Vol. 8, 4to. 108 6d

Sinclair's (C.) Lord and Lady Harcourt ; or, Country Hos. Old German Theology, a Hundred Years before the Reforma- pitalities, 12mo. Is

tion, with a Preface by Martin Luther. Translated from the Skinner's (Rev. J.) Guide for Lent. With Prayers and German, by Mrs. Malcolm, fcp. 53

Meditations for Daily Use, fcp. 48
Oliphant's (G. H.) Law of Horses, Racing, Wagers, and Saee's (A.) The Eye in Health and Disease, 2nd ed. 8vo. 5s
Gaming, 1851, 12mo. 12s

Suita's (W. H.) Canada, Past, Present, and Future, 2 vols. O'Neill's (W.) Biblical and Theological Gleanings : Comments

roy. 8vo. 248 on nearly 2700 Passages in the Old and New Testament, SMYTH's (W. H.) The Mediterranean, a Memoir, Physical, Hisselected from more than Six Hundred Writers, roy. 8vo. torical, and Nautical, 8vo. 15s 288

Songs and Small Poems of the Holy Scriptures. Also, the Ornamental Flower Garden and Shrubbery, Nos. 59 and Lamentations of Jeremiah. New and Literal Translations

60, each containing 4 large and finely coloured plates, with from the Hebrew, sm. 4to. 5s Descriptions and Directions for Cultivation, price ls 6d per Southey's (R.) Life of Nelson, with uvm rous Engravings on No. Also, Vols. I to 3, roy. 8vo. cloth, 28s each

Wood, post 8vo. 6s Owen's (Mrs.) Heroines of His:ory, 12mo. 3s 64

Poetical Works, collected by Himself. Vol. 8, The OXFORD UNIVERSITY CALENDAR for 1854, 12mo. 6s

Curse of Kehaina, fcp. 3s 6d Papers for the Schoolmaster. Vol. 3, 1853, crown 8vo. 38 Sowerby's (G. B.) Übesaurus Conchyliorum. Figures of Peluam's (H. G.) Walter Hurst; or, Early Struggles at the recent Shells. Part 14, imp. 8vo. 255 Bar, 2 vols. post 8vo. 7s

SOWERBY'S (J.) English Botany. Vol. 7, 3rd ed. 8vo. 46s 6d PENRY (J., the Martyr) Life and Times of, 1559—1593. By SPECTATOR, by Chalmers, new ed. 6 vols. roy. 8vo. 365 J. Waddington, fcp. 8vo. 3s 6d

St. Andre's (J.) Five Years in the Land of Refuge; a Letter Perys' (S.) Diary and Correspondence. By Lord Braybrooke, on the Prospects of Co-operative Associations in England, 4th ed. 4 vols. post 8vo. 42s

8vo. 5s P*TERMANN AND Milver's Library Atlas of Physical and St. John's (B.) Purple Tints of Paris : Character and Manners Political Geography, roy. 410. 42s

in the New Empire, 2 vols. post 8vo. 21s Petit's (Rev. J. L.) Architectural Studies in France, with STARBUCK’S (W.G.) Mortimer: a Tale of the Times of Owen

250 Illustrations from Drawings by the Author and P. and Glendower, 8vo. 5s 6d C. De la Motte, imp. 8vo. 42s

STRICKLAND's (A.) Lives of the Queens of England, new ed. Lecture on Architectural Principles and Prejudices, Vol. 3, post 8vo. 78 6d 8vo. (Northampton), 3 plates, Is 6d

SUTCLIFFE's (J. D.) Notes of Lectures on the Apocalypse, 8vo. Philip's Library Atlas of Ancient and Modern Geography, 10s 6d 4to. (Liverpool), 158

Szabad's (E.) History of Hungary, Past and Present, post 8vo. Chart of the North and Baltic Seas, 12mo. (Liver. (Ediob.) 7s 6d pool), Is

Tate AND Tuleard's Educational Expositor. Vol. 1, 8vo. Student Atlas of Modern Geography, 4to. (Liver. 7s 60 pool), 3s 64

TERTULLIANI Libri Tres de Spectaculis, de Idololatria, et de PHYSIOLOGICAL RESEARCH ES into the Causes of Nervous De

Corona Militis, with English Notes by G. Currey, cr. Sro. bility, 8vo. 45

7s 6d Piccor's CHEMISTRY and Metallurgy, applied to Dental Sur- Theophylacti in Evangelium S. Mattbæi Comment. Gr. et

Lat. ed. G. Humphry, 8vo. 14s PLAIN COMMENTARY on the Four Holy Gospels. Vol. 2, Ters' History of the French Revolution. Trans. by F. St. Mark, 12mo. 4s Oil

Shoberl, new enl. Vol.

post 8vo, os RAIKES' (H.) Popular Sketch of the Origin and Development | Thomson's (R. D.) Cyclopædia of Chemistry, Practical and

of the English Constitution, from the earliest Period io the Theoretical, 8vo. with illustrations, 12s 6d

present Time. Vol. 2, 8vo. 8s Raven's (Ralpl) Golden Dreams and Leaden Realities, post

Transactions. 8vo. 6s 60 REMINISCENCES of a Retired Physician, 12mo. Is

GEOLOGICAL SOCIETY. Vol. 9, 8vo. 17s 6d; Vol. 10, part 1, ROSALIND AND Filicia LEYCESTER ; or, The Sisters, new ed.

12mo. 3s 6d-(Bentley's Standard Novels, Vol. 123) Journal of Medical Science (DUBLIN). No. 33, 8vo. 5s Rosetti's (T.) Prophecy of the Nineteenth Century, post 8vo.

Valentine's (D. T.) History of the City of New York, 8vo. Savaris's (B.) Physiology of Taste of Transcendental Gas- (New York), with illustrations and plans, 128

tronomy, illustrated by Anecdotes. Trans. by F. Robinson, VETERINARIAN (The); or, Montbly Journal of Veterinary 8vo. 78 60

Science for 1853. vol. 26– Vol. 6, Tbird Series. Ed. by Scottish Florist and Horticultural Journal for 1853, crown Percivall, 8vo. 18s 8vo. (Erlinburgh), 5s Oil

Walbey': (C.) Daughter of the Soutb, 3 vols. post 8vo. 31s 6d Senior's (N. W.) Political Economy, 3rd ed. post 8vo. 4.- Wortley's (Lady S.) Visit to Portugal and M ideira, post 8vo. (Fucy. Met.)

10s 6d


gery, 8vo. 18s


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Sir E. Landseer's Macaw, Love-Birds, Landseer's The Return from the
Terrier, and Spaniel Puppy.

The property of Her Majesty.

Engraved by T. Landseer.
Size 31 by 17 inches. Engraved by C. G. Lewis.

Size 24 by 19 inches. PROOF BEFORE LETTERS. FINE EARLY PROOF. Price £1. 58. Published at £4. 43.

Price £1. 58. Published at £4. 48.
This beantiful composition was paint-d at the express command of
Her Majesty. From the spirited and playtol manner in which the animals Ponsonby) on a Pony, attended by his Dogs.

This very beautiful composition represents a youth (the Hon. Mr. are treated, it has been considered by many as one of Landseer's best productions,

Landseer's Laying down the Law.
Landseer's Sleeping Bloodhound.
Engraved by T. Landseer.

Engraved by T. Landseer.
Size 214 by 17) inches. EARLY IMPRESSION.

Sise 25 by 23 inches. INDIA PROOF BEFORE LETTERS.
Price 108 6d. Published at £2. 2s.

Price £2, 2s. Published at £6. 6s.

This very pretty composition introduces no less than 12 different Landseer's Expectant Hound,

breeds of Dogs, Count d'Orsay's celebrated large French Poodle, sealer,

" laying down the Law," with the gravity of a Loril Chancellor. It is said or Waiting for his Master.

that likenesses to several distinguished Living Statesmen inay be traced in

their physiognomies. Lord Lyndhurst is reported to have suggested the idea. Engraved by Lewis. Size 25} by 21 inches. IND!A Proof BEFORE LETTERS. Price £1. 108. Published at £4. 4s.

Landseer's Highland Shepherd's
A most beautiful and bighly finished engraving.

Landseer's The Suspense.

Engraved by B. P. Gibbon.

Size 20 by 16 inches. FINE EARLY PROOF.
A Hound watching a Deer.

Price £l. ls. Published at £4. 48.
Engraved by Gibbon.

A very pleasing composition, taken from Nature in the Highlands.
Size 22} by 18 inches. PROOF IMPRESSION.
Price 12s. Published at £3. 3s.

Landseer's The Lady and Spaniels. Landseer's Salmon and Otters.

Engraved by T. Landseer.
Engraved by Jackson.

Size 19 by 15 inches. FINE EARLY PROOF.
Size 34 by 22 inches. OPEN LETTER PROOF.

Price 158. Published at £2. 2s.
Price £1, 58. Published at £4. 48.

In this charming composition is introduced a portrait of one of the
A very large and beantiful engraving, representing a Salmon in his daughters of the Earl of Ellesmere.
native and picturesque stream just caught by an Otier (natural size), who
Is shewing bis teeth at a competitor,

Landseer's Eos, a favourite
Landseer's The Mothers.

A series of 8 Pen and Ink Sketches, etched by C. Lewis, as
facsimiles of the Originals.

The property of Prince Albert,

Engraved by T. Landseer.
Price £1. 18. Published at £3. 38

Size 24 by 18 inches. EARLY Proor.
Contents: Highland Nurse, Mare and Foal, Dog and Purs, Cow and

Price £1.18. Published at £3. 38.

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