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This work is no continuous narrative—no work of fiction or imagination—but a compilation of well-founded tradition, interwoven with extracts from the accredited history of our country.

The reader is first made acquainted with life and character at Mount Vernon in the last few years of Washington's life; when the great Chief is seen among his domestics, living in all his greatness as a farmer, without the least obscuration of his glory.

The negro is noticed because he necessarily crosses our path, not as a slave nor as a freeman, but simply as an historical character and informant; playing his part in the life, the song, the literature, and the history of the Mount.

In the work, the ridiculous and the sublime are freely mingled, because they do actually exist together everywhere; and a separa'tion is impossible without violence to probability and truth.

No unchaste expression or obscene word is found in the book. It can be freely read in all companies, and will amuse and instruct both old and young. Its history is good, its tradition well authenticated and the imagination has but a very limited play-ground. It contains also a truthful history of our national songs, gathered from living eye-witnesses, and cotemporaneous writers.

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PAGE Sumpin' gwine to happen—Phillis and Dolly in TroubleCaty didCaty did not0, what will Marse say?"Turkeys Lost !Lor! Marse might ax me sumpin- Council Fire Kindled-Assembled Wisdom—"Tarkeys all done gone"-Sambo, the Cobbler - Search for the TurkeysProcession of Ghosts—. Speech in the Wilderness—"Conscript Fathers !"_" 'Bacca Hills" -"Horn-blowers—Scomberry's Poetic Philosophy....



Mount Vernon in '98—Scomberry in Costume—Green Willow Hol

low—Colleclor of the Port-Corn-cob PipesTurkey Driver
MetamorphosedFrench War Cloud-Paine's Crisis–New York
sings a Song—"President's March—The Theatre—Hail Co-
lumbia—Mr. Hopkinson and Mr. Fox-"Temple of Minerva”—
Presiding GeniiHigh Priest-Song of the Genii— History and
Immortality of Hail Columbia....



The Peach Party—Fairfax Pompey”—Mefodis Meetin'”_"I hates

you bofe"-Christopher, the body-servant—"Large white eyes”-
The First PresidentHis Journey through Kent County~"Fish
Day—Fish Pot-Fish Dinner— The Colt and DogsAunt Peg-
gyLittle Lizzie-Hail Columbia—"You scrouges me-“ 'Mor-
tal Patriots"_“You lies—Fairfax Pompey outwitted— The Tur-
key Driver....



Mount Vernon in '99—Miss Nelly's Wedding—Dat Greasy Meal

Uncle Hark-The Congress Dinner, The Wedding Ring and

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