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Fungar vice cotis, acutum
Reddere quæ ferrum valet, exļors ipfa secandi.


Printed for WILLIAM INNYS, at the West
End of St. Paul's. M DCC XXXI.

Price One Shilling.

BOOKS printed for W. IN NY S.

Hilosophical Transactions, No 417. for the Montlis

and February II. Roma Antiquæ Notitia : Or the Antiquities of Rome, in two Parts. I. A short History of the Risc, Progress, and Decay of the Common wealth. II. A Deferiprion of the City: An Account of the Religion, Civil Government, and Ari of War; with the remarkable Customs and Ceremonies, publick and private; with Cuts of the principal Buildings, Egoc. To which are prcfix'd two Essays concerning the Ruman Learning and the Roman Education. By B.azil Kennet of 'c. č. C. Oxon. The 9th Edir. Svo.

III. Ars Præfcribendi : five Pharmacopæia Extentporanea Reformata. Editio Sexta. Per Tho. Fuller, M.D.

IV. Demosthenis Selecta Oraciones. Ad Cod. MSS. recensuit, Texcam, Scholiaften, & Verfionem plurimis in Locis caftigayit, Notis infuper illustravit, Richardus Mounteney, Col. Regal. apud Cantab. Socius. Præfiguntur huic Editioni Obfervationes in Commentarios vulgo Ulpianeos.

V. The English Expositor improv'd: Being a Compleat Dictionary teaching the Interpretation of the most difficult Words, which are commonly inade use of in our Language. By 7. B. M. D. To which is added, an Index of Common Words, digefted into an Alphabetical Order, to direct the Reader to others. more learned, and of the same Signification with them. And likewise a' fhort Nomenclator of the most celebrated Persons among the Ancients, with Variety of memorable Things: Collected out of the best of History, Poetry, Philosophy and Geography. And now carefully revised, corrected, and abundantly augmented; with a new and very large Addition of very usefuland significant Words. By R. Browne, Author of the English School Reform’d. The fourteenth Edition.

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Art. I. HE German History to the Poun

dation of the Monarchy of the Franks. Also a general and particular History of Germany, &c. With a Letter, P. 5.

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II. A Dissertation concerning the Hungarian

P. 17

III. The Sacred Clasicks Defended and Illustra

ted. The second and last Volume, &c. p. 33.

IV. A Vindication of the Miracles of our blessed

Saviour. By the Right Reverend Father in
God, Richard Lord Bishop of Litchfield and

P. 49

V. The Natural History of the Coccus or Cocbi.

neal, vulgarly call the Polish Coccus, p. 65

VI. State

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Republick of Letters.

For JULY 1731.


Leipzick, May 2, 1731. To the AUTHOR of the Present State of

the Republick of Letters.


General Prejudice conceiv'd against the

German Language, and consequently Writers, as well by your Nation, as the French, without deigning to examine upon what Grounds it is founded, is, I presume, the Reason why fo few Translations out of it appear in the English Tongue, and that so little mention has been made of the Productions of our Nation in your Journal ; and not, I hope, a want of Authors worthy of that Regard. JULY 1731.



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