The Story Hour Readers, Volume 1

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Page 84 - Sing a song of sixpence, A pocket full of rye; Four and twenty blackbirds Baked in a pie; When the pie was opened, The birds began. to sing; Was not that a dainty dish To set before the king? The king was in his counting-house Counting out his money; The queen was in the parlor Eating bread and honey...
Page 42 - There was an old woman who lived In a shoe, She had so many children, she didn't know what to do. She gave them some broth without any bread, She whipped them all soundly and put them to bed.
Page 103 - I saw a ship a-sailing, A-sailing on the sea, And oh! it was all laden With pretty things for thee ! There were comfits in the cabin, And apples in the hold; The sails were made of silk, And the masts were made of gold. The four-and-twenty sailors That stood between the decks Were four-and-twenty white mice, With chains about their necks. The captain was a duck, With a packet on his back, And when the ship began to move, The captain said "Quack! Quack!
Page 73 - This little pig went to market. This little pig stayed at home. This little pig had roast beef. This little pig had none. This little pig cried, "Wee, wee!
Page 32 - The three little kittens they found their mittens, And they began to cry, Oh, mother dear, see here, see here, Our mittens we have found! Put on your mittens, you silly kittens, And you shall have some pie.
Page 63 - said the mother ; " We dive," said the four : So they dived and they burrowed In the reeds on the shore. Over in the meadow, In a snug beehive, Lived a mother-honeybee And her little honeys five. " Buzz ! " said the mother ; " We buzz," said the five : So they buzzed and they hummed In the snug beehive.
Page 79 - Little pig, little pig, let me come in." "No, no, by the hair of my chinny chin chin." "Then I'll huff, and I'll puff, and I'll blow your house in.
Page 18 - The Queen of Hearts She made some tarts, All on a summer's day; The Knave of Hearts He stole those tarts, And took them clean away. The King of Hearts Called for the tarts, And beat the Knave full sore; The Knave of Hearts Brought back the tarts, And vowed he'd steal no more.
Page 61 - I wink," said the one; So she winked and she blinked In the sand, in the sun. Over in the meadow, Where the stream runs blue, Lived an old mother fish And her little fishes two. " Swim ! " said the mother ; "We swim...
Page 31 - Lost your mittens! You naughty kittens! Then you shall have no pie!" "Mee-ow, mee-ow, mee-ow." "No, you shall have no pie." The three little kittens found their mittens; And they began to cry, "Oh, mother dear, See here, see here!

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