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The Journal of Theological Studies (Vol. XXIV. No. 94. January 1923. Milford). Dom J. Chapman : St. Jerome and the Vulgate N.T.,' IÍ. H. Loewe': 'The Petrie-Hirschfeld Papyri.' Very Rev. J. Armitage Robinson and Dom R. H. Connolly : 'The Doxology in the Prayer of St. Polycarp.' Dom R. H. Connolly : ‘The Use of the Didache in the Didascalia.' F. C. Burkitt : ‘Memra, Shekinah, Metatron.' H. Ranston : * Koheleth and the Early Greeks.' F. J. Badcock : 'The Feast of Tabernacles.' A. H. Sayce : Origin of the Hebrew Parash. M. Canney : '2 Sam. iv 6.' Dom T. A. Agius : ‘On Pseudo-Jerome Epistle IX.' C. D. Chambers : On a Use of the Aorist Participle in some Hellenistic Writers' [2 Macc. xi 36; 4 Macc. iii 13; Acts xii 25, XXV 13; Hebr. ix 12]. J. H. Baxter : Ambrosiaster cited as Ambrose in 405' [Ambrosiaster Comm. in Ep. ad Gal. quoted as ` Ambrose' in Augustine Ep. 82, 24). W. Lock: ‘Bert Das Evangelium des Johannes.' J. F. B[ethune)-B[aker]: ‘Loisy Les Livres du N.T.'; ‘E. A. Knox By what Authority ? Nolloth The Christian Faith'; 'Grubb The Religion of Experience'; H. Knight The Temptation of our Lord; Foxell The Temptation of Jesus. J. M. Creed: 'Symes Evolution of the N.T.';

Lea and Bond The Apostolic Gnosis. A. J. Mason : ‘Watkin-Jones The Holy Spirit in the Mediaeval Church. F. R. Tennant: 'Bicknell The Christian Idea of Sin' (3 pp.). Dom R. H. Connolly : 'Lockton The Treatment of the Remains at the Eucharist'; *Missale Romanum a Pio X reformatum. F. C. Burkitt : ‘Baumstark Geschichte der syrischen Literatur'; Harden Psalterium iuxta Hebraeos Hieronymi' (5 pp.) A. H. McNeile : 'A. L. Williams Ecclesiastes.' A. L. Williams : Burkitt Ecclesiastes rendered into English Verse.' J. Oman : Strohl L'Évolution religieuse de Luther jusqu'en 1515'; 'Will La Liberté Chrétienne'; ' Sir H. Jones A Faith that enquires.' C. H. Turner: ‘De Bruyne Collectanea Biblica Latina, V. Les Fragments de Freising (Epîtres de S. Paul et Épitres catholiques).

The Pilgrim (Vol. III. No. 2. January 1923. Longmans). M. Donovan : Catholicism and the Commonwealth of Nations.' E. Únderhill :

Some Implicits of Christian Social Reform.' H. Stocks : “ The Church Schools.' A. E. Baker : _ One Aspect of God's Infinity. E. W. Barnes : 'English Modernism. F. Nevill : Dialogues with the Universe.' Right Rev. W. Temple (Bishop of Manchester) : Principles or Ideals ?

Haldane Philosophy of Humanism.' 'Inge Outspoken Essays, Second series.' ' Beibitz Belief, Faith, and Proof' (favourable). 'Harris Creeds or no Creeds ?' ' Underhill The Life of the Spirit and the Life of To-day.' Hodgson English Mystics.' 'Jackson and Lake Acts of the Apostles, II.' Glover Progress in Religion.' Dougall and Emmet The Lord of Thought.'

The Journal of Religion (Vol. III. No. 1. January 1923. Chicago University Press). E. C. Moore: 'The Christian Doctrine of Nature. G. A. Coe: 'Who is enriched by the Enrichment of Worship?' W. C. Bower : 'The Organization of Religious Experience. G. M. Stratton : Where has Psychology left Religion?' S. J. Case, B. S. Easton, D. B. Macdonald, L. Hodous, J. B. Pratt, A. E. Haydon :

A Valuation of Hastings' Encyclopaedia of Religion and Ethics (31 pp.)

The Princeton Theological Review (Vol. XXI. No. 1. January 1923. Princeton University Press). S. G. Craig : Genuine and Counterfeit Christianity. R. C. Pitzer: 'The Mystic Paths.' W. M. Clow: 'The Charge against Capitalism. 0. T. Allis: 'The Conflict over the O.T.' (36 pp. of criticism of the 'new kn wledge '). J. Dickie : A Note on the Latin Translations of the Scots Confessions of 1560 and 1580-1,'

R. S. Brank : 'Ellwood The Reconstruction of Religion. F. W. Loetscher :

Foakes Jackson Introduction to the History of Christianity, A.D. 5901314'; 'P. Smith Short History of Christian Theophagy.' B. F. Paist jr. : 'Ljunggren Zur Geschichte der Christlichen Heilsgewissheit von Augustin bis zur Hochscholastik'; 'Bornhausen Pascal. S. M. Robinson : ‘Gasquet Monastic Life in the Middle Ages,' R. C. Pitzer : * Paton Spiritism and The Cult of the Dead in Antiquity.' 0. T. Allis : ‘Potts Dictionary of Bible Proper Names' (critical). L. Berkhof : Morgan Religion and Theology of Paul. J. R. Smith : J. F. Newton Preaching in London'; Brewster The Simple Gospel; “Gowan Homiletics.'

Anglican Theological Review (Vol. V. No. 3. December 1922. Columbia University Press). F. J. Hall : Ministerial Training.' C. C. Dibble : ‘Primitive Symbolism in the Breaking of the Bread.' F. H. Hallock : ‘Marcion' [Reviews ‘Harnack Marcion. Das Evangelium vom Fremden Gott '). T. B. Foster :'The English Church Revival. A Critique' [Reviews M. Thureau-Dangin). H. J. Flower : The Calling of Peter and the Restoration of Peter.' R. M. Wenley: Wobbermin Das Wesen der Religion.' T. B. Foster : ‘Darragh The Resurrection of the Flesh.' S. A. B. Mercer : ‘Hastings (ed.) Encyclopaedia of Religion and Ethics, XII'; 'Ball The Book of Job'; 'Peters The Psalms as Liturgies '; 'J.M. P. Smith The Religion of the Psalms.' W.F. Whitman: 'Sparrow Simpson The Diocesan Synod. A. H. Forster : ‘Pym Psychology and the Christian Life.'

The Interpreter (Vol. XIX. No. 2. January 1923. Simpkin, Marshall). H. L. Goudge : ‘The Incarnation. T. A. Lacey : Divorce in the Christian Church.' L. Dougall : “What is the Holy Spirit ?' II. K. Wyche : ‘The Rationale of Christian Matrimony.' G. Tandy: 'The Song of Songs, annotated as a Dramatic Poem.' W. C. Mackennal :

A Call to Reunion.", G. C. Binyon : 'The Communion of Saints.' H. Johnson : Von Hügel Essays and Addresses on the Philosophy of Religion. J. C. Hardwick : 'Quick Liberalism, Modernism, and Tradition'; 'Canney An Encyclopaedia of Religions.'

The Christian East (Vol. IV. No. 1. March 1923. Faith Press). Bishop of Gibraltar: 'Some Points of Contact. 'The Very Rev. Archpriest E. Smirnoff.' C. Dobson : 'The Smyrna Holocaust. “The Orthodox Church of Georgia' (by a Russian Theologian). J. A. Douglas :

Indian Moslems, the Turk and the Christian Rayah.' J. C. Thomson : 'Justice for Greece.' Chronicle and Causerie.' Letters : Constantinople ; Jerusalem ; Cairo ; Athens (by W. A. Wigram); The Assyrian Christians (by F. N. Heazell). A. Riley : 'Life and Letters of W. J. Birk. beck.' 'Whittingham The Home of Fadeless Splendour or Palestine of To-day.'

The Baptist Quarterly (Vol. I. No. 5. January 1923. Baptist Union Publication Department, 4 Southampton Řow, London, W.C.1). C. E. Benander : ' Baptists and the World Crisis.' J.H. Rushbrooke : ' Baptists in Continental Europe. A Survey and an Appeal.' A. J. D. Farrer :

Baptist View of Scripture' (Hans Denck, Saec. xv). H. Wheeler Robinson: 'The Place of Baptism in Baptist Churches of To-day.' W. J. Avery : ^ The Late Midland College. Historical Section.' W. T. Whitley :

Early Baptists in Hampshire' [Saecc. xvii-xviii]. * Welsh Baptists till 1653.' * London Preaching about 1674.' Baptist

The Press). T. H. Davies : The Appeal of the Ministry: Hendrick Life and Letters of Walter H. Page. A. B. Bateman : The Essentials of Revival.' W. F. Lofthouse : Rudolf Steiner. J. Lewis : ‘Fr cis Asbury. F. J. Powicke: 'The Experience of Salvation.' T. W. Scholes : 'The Christian Church

China.' J. Telford : 'The Adventure of Living.' J. G. Tasker : 'Kittel Die Religiöse u. die Kirchliche Lage in Deutschland.'

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'An Early

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Bibliograpbidon Quarterly Review (No. 277. January 1923. Epworth

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W. J. Ferrar: 'Edwyn Bevan Hellenism and Christianity' J. G. Tasker : 'An Incomparable Encyclopaedist. Dr. James Hastings.' Sterrett Modernism in Religion.' Quick Liberalism, Modernism, and Tradition.' 'Glover Progress in Religion.' 'Dougall and Emmet The Lord of Thought.'

Inge Outspoken Essays, Second Series.' 'Jacks Religious Perplexities.' ‘Skinner Prophecy and Religion.' 'E. F. Scott Hebrews.' Garvie The Beloved Disciple.' R. H. Charles Lectures on the Apocalypse.' · Souter Tertullian concerning the Resurrection of the Flesh.' G. M. Trevelyan British History (1782-1901).'. Moffatt (ed.) Letters of James Denney to his Family and Friends.' 'S. Perks History of the Mansion House.' 'Boggis History of the Diocese of Exeter.' Duckworth Church of the Holy Sepulchre.' Milligan Here and There among the Papyri.'

Theology (Vol. VI. Nos. 31-3. January-March 1923. S.P.C.K.) J. K. Mozley : ' The Holy Spirit in the Church. A. Nairne: 'The Person of Christ.' Right Rev. C. E. A. Green (Bp. of Monmouth) : Jesus our Redeemer.' T. J. Hardy : 'The Kingdom of God in the Soul.' S. L. Ollard : 'The Holy Spirit in the English Church.' C. E. Osborne : Our Responsibilities to the Nation Reviews. February. Right Rev. A. J. Maclean (Bp. of Moray and Ross) : Reservation of the Eucharist.' J. H. Baxter : Church History. Some Preliminaries and some Problems. F. E. Carter :““The Gospel ” in the Christian Religion. W.H. David : The Personal Life of the Clergy. W. Adams Brown The Church in America.' C. Harris : 'Glover Progress in Religion to the Christian Era.' J. M. Harden : ‘Dougall and Emmet The Lord of Thought.' C. B. Moss : 'Riley Guide to the Divine Liturgy in the East ' ; ' Hapgood (ed.) Service-Book of the Holy Orthodox-Catholic A postolic Church.' H. U. W. Stanton : ' Carra de Vaux Les Penseurs de l'Islam. Most Rev. H. Lowther Clarke : N. L. Robinson Christian Justice'; 'C. D. Williams The Prophetic Ministry To-day. J. H. Baxter : Macalister Latin and Irish Lives of St. Ciaran.' T. H. Robinson : ' Eckenstein History of Sinai.' M. D. R. Willink : ‘H. P. Smith Essays in Biblical Interpretation.' F. J. Foakes Jackson : 'Moore The Dialogue of Palladius concerning the Life of Chrysostom.' J. K. Mozley : ‘Hogg Redemption from the World.' W.K. L. Clarke : ' E. F. Scott Hebrews.' W. J. Sparrow Simpson :' Knox By what Authority ? March. Most Rev. H. Lowther Clarke : 'The Abiding Cause of the Desertion of Jesus Christ. R. Allen : Christian Education in China.' Abbot of Pershore : Meditation and Contemplation,' I. W. C. de Pauley : 'The Theory of Punishment.'

• Books on Confession.' L. S. Thornton, C.R.: Gore Belief in Christ.' W. Spens :

Beibitz Belief, Faith, and Proof. W. J. Ferrar: Galloway Religion and Modern Thought. J. H. Baxter : ‘Lacey Select Epistles of St. Cyprian.' • Micklem Miracles.'

The Modern Churchman (Vol. XII. Nos. 10-11. January-February 1923. Oxford: Blackwell). W. Robinson : Gnostic or Agnostic ? ' C. H. P. Price : Some Modern Cults.' C. C. J. Webb : A Century of Anglican Theology in Relation to the General Movement of European Thought,' III (Feb., IV). H. G. Mulliner : Some Reflections on English Poetry and the War,' III. E. M. Caillard : Nature and Supernature. A. Gardner : 'Fowler Life and Letters of E. L. Hicks, Bishop of Lincoln' (4 pp.) J. C. H[ardwick] : Underhill The Life of the Spirit and the Life of To-day'; 'Clutton-Brock Studies in Christianity'; ' Horder The God Jesus saw.' W. M. Pryke : 'T. H. Robinson St. Mark's Life of Jesus '; Shafto The Stories of the Kingdom '; ' A. G. James Personal Immortality'; Darbyshire "The Christian Faith and some Alternatives'; 'Davey Our Faith in God'; ‘E. S. Woods Everyday Religion.' G. G. Buckler: 'The Need for a Revised Catechism. February. A. Fawkes : “Marriage Law Reform. H. D. A. Major : 'The Centenary of Renan.' Gore Belief in Christ' (5 pp.) Richet Traité de Métapsychique.'

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The English Historical Review (Vol. XXXVIII. No. 149. January 1923. Longmans). C. W. Previté-Orton : ‘Marsiglio of Padua, II. Doctrines.' H. M. Chew : 'Scutage in the Fourteenth Century.' A. F. Pollard : 'Council, Star Chamber, and Privy Council under the Tudors. III. The Privy Council.' R. L. Poole : · The English Bishops at the Lateran Council of 1139.' D. M. Broome : Auditors of the Foreign Accounts of the Exchequer, 1310-27' R. F. Young : "Bohemian Scholars and Students at the English Universities, 1347-1750.' H. E. D. Blakiston: 'Two more Medieval Ghost Stories' (from MS Trin. Coll. Oxon vii). C. S. S. Higham: Some Treasurer's Accounts of MontSerrat, 1672–81.' H. W. V. Temperley : Three Dispatches of Prince Metternich on the Origins of the War of 1870. A. Gardner : Kidd History of the Church to A.D. 461. J. Tait : G. H. Fowler Bedfordshire in 1086' (31 pp.) ; Ingleby The Red Register of King's Lynn, II' (33 pp.);

Mellows Local Government of Peterborough.' F. M. P[owicke] : Salter Newington Longeville Charters.' W. T. Waugh: “Mollat La Collation des Bénéfices Ecclésiastiques sous les Papes d'Avignon (1305-78).' C. L. Kingsford: 'Chadwick Social Life in the Days of Piers Plowman'; ' Bennett The Pastons and their England'; Perks History of the Mansion House.' 'A. S. Barnes Bp. Barlow and Anglican Orders'; 'Claude Jenkins Bp. Barlow's Consecration and Abp. Parker's Register : with some New Documents.' J. E. Morris : Atkinson Marlborough and the Rise of the British Army.' F. C. Montague : Leclercq Histoire de la Régence pendant la Minorité de Louis XV. H. E. Egerton · Van Pyne The Causes of the War of Independence. S. E. Morison : ‘R. G. Adams Political Ideas of the American Revolution. G. B. Hurst : 'G. M. Trevelyan British History (1782-1901)”; Buchan History of the Great War, III' (favourable). C. R. Cruttwell : M. Paléologue La Russie des Tsars pendant la Grande Guerre.' P. V. M. Benecke : Duine La Mennais.' 'D. S. Margoliouth : Macmichael History of the Arabs in the Sudan.' H, E. D. Blakiston : Vickers (ed.) History of Northumberland, XI. A. Hamilton Thompson : ‘E. A. Webb Records of St. Bartholomew's.' J. H. Clapham : Johnson History of the Company of Drapers, III-V.' H. W. C. Davis : Venn Alumni Cantabrigienses, I'; H. F. Brown Inglesi e Scozzesi all'Università di Padova, 1618-1765'; ' Attenborough Laws of the Earliest English Kings.' H. H. E. Craster : Jenkinson Archive Administration.' C. Jsenkins] : 'Tout Study of Mediaeval Chronicles.' Z. N. B[rooks] : Tout France and England.' A. L. P[oole] : * Tilley (ed.) Medieval France.' E. A. L[owe] : Gramatica and Galbiati Il Codice Ambrosiano del Liber Diurnus Romanorum Pontificum.'

'Pelster Thomas von Sutton, 0.Pr.' Tanner Tudor Constitutional Documents.' A. P. N[ewton]: Works of Samuel de Champlain.' R. B. McK[errow]:

Stopes Henry Third Earl of Southampton.' Bund Diary of Henry Townshend, 1640-63.' Reade Johnsonian Gleanings, III.' Oechsli History of Switzerland, 1499–1914.' W. H. H[utton] : Wallis Whalley Church' (favourable),

History (N.S. Vol. VII. No. 28. January 1923. Macmillan). R. W. Seton-Watson : Roumanian Origins.' A. F. Pollard : 'Lord Bryce and Modern Democracies.' B. D. Reed : Philately and the Teaching of Modern History.' Rear-Admiral H. W. Richmond : Sir Julian Corbett.' G. N. Clark : Historical Revisions : XXIV. The Navigation Act of 1651. H. Chisholm : ‘Rivers History and Ethnology';

Fleure The Peoples of Europe.' M. L. W. Laistner : Ure The Origin of Tyranny. E T. Campagnac : ‘Beatty Brief History of Education.' N. H. Baynes : 'J. A. K. Thomson Greeks and Barbarians.' Claude Jenkins : Kidd History of the Church to A.D. 461.' F. M. Stenton : Gathorne-Hardy The Norse Discoverers of America.' C. W. Previté

Carlyle Mediaeval Political Theory in the West. Sir T. G. Jackson : ‘S. Gardner Guide to English Gothic Architecture.' H. M. VOL. XCVI.NO. CXCI.


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Orton :

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Cam : ' Bolland The General Eyre.' J. F. Rees : ‘A. P. Usher Introduction to the Industrial History of England.' J. D. Thornley : Foster (ed.) Lincoln Wills 1271-1530'; Cole Lincoln Chapter Acts, 1520-59.' A. Hamilton Thompson : 'R. Graham (ed.) Chantry Certificates for Oxfordshire.' E. MacNeill: 'Dunlop Iveland from the Earliest Times to the Present Day.' E. Curtis : Hayden and Moonan Short History of the Irish People'; 'Maxwell Foundations of Modern Ireland, I'; J. Stevenson Two Centuries of Life in Down.' A. J. Toynbee : Foster Early Travels in India, 1583-1619.' S. C. Hill : Sainsbury Court Minutes of the East India Company, 1660–63. F. C. Montague : 'S. Herbert Fall of Feudalism in France.' E. Halévy : ‘Trevelyan British History, 1782-1901.'

The Quarterly Review (No. 474. January 1923. John Murray). T. von Sosnonsky : 'The German and Austrian Alliance.' M. W. Disher :

Pantomime.' A. G. Bradley : 'The Ulster Plantation.' S. Münz: 'A Literary Shrine in Italy.' Most Rev. J. H. Bernard : Crime and Punishment.' Sir J. Rennell Rodd : ' The Old and the New Diplomacy.' 'The Times : From Delane to Northcliffe.' W. Miller : 'The Policy of the Fascisti." · The Burden of Taxation.' G. Saintsbury : ' Anatole France.' " Turkey and the Powers.' G. Alexinsky : 'Bolshevism and the Turks.' The End of the Coalition.'

Hermathena (No. XLIII. 1922. Dublin : Hodges, Figgis). • William Myles Joseph Starkie.' H. J. Lawlor : ‘Eusebius on Papias' (56 pp.). W. H. Porter : 'The Myths of the Thracian Diomedes and Rhesus.' J. G. Smyly : ' Thomas Gardiner's History of England. R. M. Gwynn : "A Sumerian Tablet.' W. Alison Phillips : Some Unpublished Correspondence of the Comte d'Artois. G. Waterhouse : St. Patrick's Purgatory. A German Account.' L. C. Purser : * Note on Ignatius Ad Trallianos c. 6.' 'Lawlor St. Bernard of Clairvaux's Life of St. Malachy of Armagh' (4} pp.). Walters and Conway Titi Liui Libri vi-x'(7 pp. favourable). R. Steele Rogeri Baconi Secretum Secretorum."' WF. Starkie : ‘Haarkoff The Schools of Gaul. Most Rev. J. H. Bernard : Wordsworth and White Ep. I ad Corinthios.'

Revue Biblique (Vol. XXXII. No. I. January 1923. Paris : LecoffreGabalda). P. Dhorme : * Ecclésiaste ou Job.' E. Podechard : Notes sur les Psaumes. Ps. xlv.' A. Royet : Un MS Palimpseste de la Vulgate hieronymienne des Évangiles,' II. (Latin text). J. Touzard : L'Ame juive aux Temps des Perses,' VII. J. A. Jaussen-F. M. Abel : ' Trois Inscriptions arabes inédites du Haram d'Hebron' (illustrated). M. J. Lagrange: ‘Le Logos d'Héraclite' (important). F. M. Abel : I. ' Jérusalem. Tombeau à Babu el-Hawa’; II. “Une villa romaine à Djifna III. Quelques Antiquités à Toul Keram. Autel à Mars Hoplophore IV. Naplouse. Essai de Topographie' (illustrated). Dom A. Wilmart : 'Souter Pelagius's Expositions of Thirteen Epistles of St. Paul, I.' (8 pp.). E. Podechard : 'Mowinckel Psalmenstudien, 1. Awan u. die individuellen Klage psalmen' (43 pp.). Moulton Grammar of N.T. Greek' (2 pp.). 'Abbott-Smith Manual Greek Lexicon of the N.T.' J. Vogels Novum Testamentum Graece et Latine, 2nd edit.' 'Dom E. Wagner Commentaire d'Origène sur le Ps. 118.'. Scheftelowitz Die altpersische Religion u. das Judentum.' Haefel's Geschichte der Landschaft Samaria B.C. 722– A.D. 67.' Revue de l'Orient Chrétien (Vol. XXII. 1920-21.

Paris : Picard). J. Basmadjian : ' Les Inscriptions arméniennes d'Ani, de Bagnair et de Marmachen.' G. Béguin : Un Recueil d'Homélies du ixe siècle en Langue syriaque’[MS Paris Bibl. Nat. syr. 206]. E. Tisserant, L. Villecourt, G. Wiet: 'Recherches sur la Personnalité et la Vie d'Abu'l Barakât Ibn Kubr.' S. Grébaut : 'Littérature éthiopienne pseudoclémentine. III. Traduction de Qalêmentos' (suite). M. Chaîne : ' La Poésie chez les Éthiopiens. Poésie Amharique,' II. S. Grébaut:

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