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An anonymous poet teaches us to see the fun as well as the irony of the dialogue with the Syro-Phoenician woman, and ' Christ's eyes a-twinkle, as He spoke to her ; or there is that other anonymous one who adds point to the Parable of the Prodigal in the reflection,

Christ, knowing God and man, three portraits drew
With careful hand, and if we love but two,

Whose, then, the fault, think you ? It is natural that the Parable of the Talents should suggest Milton's sonnet On his Blindness, but Mr. Ault shews fine taste in following it up with the opening speech of the Duke in Measure for Measure, Spirits are not finely touched but to fine issues.'

Quarles' delightful poem on Mary and Martha is a pretty piece of sympathetic analysis, and it may be added that in none of the many poems selected from Quarles does he fail to excite thought and interest. He belonged to a period of witty poets ; there is quickness of perception in Herrick's distich on the words, Martha, Martha :

The repetition of the name made known
No other than Christ's full affection.

Mr. Chesterton appears in two characteristic poems, but it must have been difficult to keep him down to this figure. The wellknown verses on the children, which begin,

The world is our's till sunset,

Holly and fire and snow,

recapture in a way that he alone has the key to, the old ingenuousness of the ballad days; but there is added to this something of the freakishness of Sterne in the poem on A colt the foal of an ass.

Much of the beauty of Mr. Ault's little book springs from the remarkable sense of appropriateness he has revealed in the placing and application of his poems. It is under the heading The Last Supper, that we find the beautiful verses 'Give me my scallop-shell of quiet,' a poem of pilgrimage, of the viaticum, written by Raleigh in prison, before his execution.

Many writers are represented whom one would expect to find-Blake, Crashaw, Herbert, Herrick, Quarles, and Vaughan; and Bridges, Bunyan, Cowper, Christopher Smart, Stevenson, and Joshua Sylvester, if represented by fewer poems, stand out luminously; but there are some whom one meets perhaps a little unexpectedly-Burns, Byron, Chatterton, Greene, Hardy, Shelley, and Swinburne ; and because they are unexpected, one takes from these a sharp impression of sincerity. This is particularly true of Thomas Hardy's rugged poem on Peter in the Servants' Quarters :

· Man, you too, aren't you one of those rough followers of the criminal ?' It takes its place naturally with the bolder and simpler poems of the mediaeval vernacular writers, the ballad-makers and devisers of plays.

It is well, however, that we should emphasize in closing that, while Mr. Ault has produced a singularly human and readable book, it is yet a book deeply significant of the high mystery of its subject. This is apparent in the admirable verses he himself has written, with their reminiscence :

Raise but the stone, and thou shalt find me there;

Or cleave the wood and there am I. It is revealed again in the poem which closes the book--Alice Meynell's Christ in the Universe :

O, be prepared, my soul !
To read the inconceivable, to scan
The million forms of God those stars unroll
When, in our turn, we show to them a Man.


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