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T HE farther we proceed in our Undertaking,

1 the greater reason do we find to express our gratitude for the eminent success with which our endeavours to please the Public have been honoured. An encouragement so flattering holds out to us the ftrongest motive for continuing our solicitude to merit the general approbation ; and it is hoped that the purchasers of the Sixth Volume of the New Annual Register will have no reason to complain that we have failed of our accustomed affiduity and diligence. We trust that the different departments of the work will speak for themselves, and justify our expectation of enjoying the same favourable reception which we have hitherto experienced.

In tracing the progress of Knowledge, Literature, and Talte, in Great Britain, we have been obliged, so far as we have already gone, to travel through a comparatively barren country, which afforded only a


few spots that were fruitful and pleasant. That part of our course is now completed. The next Volume will conduct us to the revival of learning, and will gradually lead us on to prospects highly rich, various, and delightful

While Europe continues at peace, our attention must principally be directed to the parliamentary and domestic history of these kingdoms. We have not, however, been neglectful of foreign affairs, which are sufficiently interesting to deserve a serious contemplation. There arę circumstances in the state of things abroad, which might serve to exercise the sagacity, and to excite the conjectures, of the politi: cian and the philosopher with regard to their consequences. But it is not so much our business to af. sume the character of prophets, as to be faithful and intelligent narrators of subsisting facts, and explainers, as far as we are able, of the principles and causes from which they proceed.

The miscellaneous department of our work is more copious than ever; and perhaps we have, in this re. spect, been guilty of an excess. But such a number of valuable papers called for admittance, that we knew not how to reject them ; and yet we have omitted many that were highly deserving of being inserted. Such has been the merit of the productions of the year. The diversified extracts with which our Volumes abound, do not only render them more in


structive and entertaining, but, in conjun&ion with our annual accounts of Domestic Literature, will ass certain, from time to time, the state of genius, knowledge, and learning, in this country; a subject on which assertions are frequently made that are by no. means the result of an accurate and candid invefti. gation.

Though we have reason to congratulate ourselves on the comparative early appearance of the present Volume, we acknowledge that it is one month later than was agreeable to our intentions and wishes. This defeat it is our purpose to remedy on future och calions.



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