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A CONCISE View of the State af Knoruledge, Literature, and Tafie,

in Great Fritain, from the Accession of King Henry the Fourth, to the Accession of King Henry, the Seventh,

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Thx Crimea acquired by the Ruffans. Description of the three Provinces of

Catharinoslaru, Taurica, and Caucasus. Calamitous State of the Ottoa man Empire. Claims of the Emperor on the Dutch. Their internal Dia fractions. Affair of the Schelde: Mediation of France. Exchange of Bavaria. Affair of Dantzic. Prince of Denmark, - 3


Expeditions against Algicrs and Sufa. Finances of France. Caisse d'Amortisement. America. Perpetual Revenues. Unappropriated Lands. Commerce. Order of the Cincinnatii Nova Scotia,


CH A P III. Ireland, Meeting at Dungannon. Meeting of Parliament. National.Con.

vention. Bill of Reform rejected. Change of Ministry. Arrival of the Duke of Rutland. Protecting Duties. Riots. Bill respecting the Liberty of tbe Press. Prorogation,

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C'H A P. IV. Irade of Ireland. City of Dublin. Roman Catholics. Opinion of Lord · Charlemont. Tumultsi Proceedings by Attachment. Sentence of Mr.

Reiley. National Congress,



Meeting of Parliament. Speech from the Throne. Address. Termination of the Wifiminfier Scrutiny. Parliamentary Reform, 72

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CHAF. | C H A P. VI. Votes of Supply. Fortifications. Neaufoundland. Affairs of India. Debts of the Nabob of Arcot,

86 CHA P. VII. Commissioners of Accounts. Navy Office Bille Audit of the Impreft. Of

fice Reform Bill. Finances, Loan. Taxes. Bills of Mr. Grenville and Lord Mahon. Mr. Beaufoy's Bill. Herring Fishery. Polls and Scrutiniese Bill of Police.


CH A P. VII. System of Intercourse with Irelan). The Eleven Propofitions. Modified and

amnended into Twenty. Debatcs. Progress of the System in the House of Lords. Address of both Houfis. Adjournment. Prorogarion.

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Letter from the Hor. Warren Hastings, Governor General of Bengal,

to the Honourable the Court of Directors of the East India Company, datest Lucknow, April 30. With a Poftjóript, dated May 13, 178.,

- (120) A Second Letter from Governor Hastings to the Court of Directors of the East India Company,

(129) The Speech of his Grace Charles, Duke of Rutland, Lord Lieutenant General,

and General Governor of Ireland, to both Horses of Parliament, on Thursday the 20th Day of January, 1785,

- :- (136) His Majesty's Speech to both Houses of Parliament, Jan. 25, 1-85, (137) Petition of the Electors of the Ciry and Liberty of Wifi minflor, presentes to the House of Commons, Peb. 2, 1785,

--- (138) Rcfolutions passed at a National AlTembly of Delegates, for promoting a more

equal Representation of the People in Parliaments held in Dublin on the 20th of January, 1785, and thener continued till the 4th of February fol

lowing, pursuant to Adjournment from the 271h of Otober, 1784. 11:41) Plan of Commercial Intercourse betrieen Great Britain and Ireland, which,

on the 7th of Feb. 1780, Mr. Orde, Secretary to the Duke of Rutland, laid before the Grand Committee of the Irish Parliament, and which being amended on the 11th, svere pofled on that Day,

142 Extract from the Report of the Lords of the Committee of Council, dated

Council Chamber, thitehall, March 1, 1785, - - (145) Account of the Torals of pe Net Produce for all the Taxes, from Christmas

Evi, 1783, 'to the 5th Day of April, 1784; and from Christmas Eve, - 1-84, to the 5th Day of April, 1785,

- (150) Plan of a Commercial Intercourse between Grca: Britain and Irelani, as


jinally palled by the British House of Commons, in twenty Refolations, May 30, 1785,

. (150) Petition to Congress on the State of Trade in New-England, 1155) Probibitory passed by the Legislature of Massachussets in Nortb America,

- (1577 Joint Address of both Houses of Parliament to his Majesty, relative to the

Proceedings on the Iris commercial Business, July 28, 1785; with his Majesty's Answer, .

(160) A Table of the total annual Amount of the French Taxes and Expences of the

State, annual Importation and Exportation, Intereft of their national Debr, Charge of the Army, &c.

(161) A Letter from the Right Honourable John Hely Hutchinfon, Secretary of

State, to the Mayor of Cork, on the Subjeal' of the Bill presented by Mr. Orde on the 15th of August, 1785, for effe&tuating the Commercial Inter. course between Great Britain and Ireland, on permanent and equitable Principles, for the mutual Benefit of both Kingdoms,

(163) Address of the Merchants of Cork, presented to his Grace the Duke of Rutianda

on the 28th of October, then his Grace condescended to accept of an Incogie tation to Dinner from the Merchants of Cork,

(179) Petition presented June 29, 1785, to the House of Commons, from the Lord

Mayor and Court of Aldermen, against the Attorney General's Bill for regnlating the Police, &c.

(180) Authentic Account of the Bill alluded to in the foregoing Petition ; 'in á

Letter to the Printer of the General Adzertiser, July 2, 1785. ibid. A Decree of the King's Council of France, respecting the Importation of cere

tain foreiga Goods, therein specified, dated July the 10th, 1785. Taken from the Regiflers of the Council of State,

(186) Å fecond Decree of the King's Council of France, dated 17th of July 1785. Taken from the Council's Registers,

(189) Declaration of the King of Prusia, August 23, 1785, delivered by the Count de Lusi to ihe Marquis of Carmarthen,

- (191) Anfver delivered by the Marquis of Carmarthen to Count Lufi, in cona sequence of the preceding Communication. -

(194) Letters bercueen Captain Stanhope, of the Mercury Man of War, and Goverior Bowdoin of Boston,

- (195) Address of the Justices of the City and County of Philadelphia, to the Honourable Benjamin Franklin, LL. D.

(196) Letter from the King of Prufia to the States-General, Sept. 17, 1785, (197) Answer of the States of Holland and Wif Friesland to the foregoing Letter,

- (198) Replutions of the City of London, in Common Hall,, respecting the Shop Tar, Nov. 4, 1785, . mom

--- (199) Definitive Treaty of Peace betcveen the Emperor of Germany and the States General, Nov. 8, 1785,

(200) Treaty of Alliance between his most Christian Majesty and the States General, Nov. 8, 1785,

(203) Memorial delivered, after the foregoing Treaties were figned, by Sir Jame;

Harris, Envoy Extraordinary and Minister Plenipotentiary from the Court of London, in a Conference cvith ibe Hebdomadary President of ile States-General,

(206) Proceedings Proceedings of the Congress of America, on the Arrival of a British Consul General, Dec. 2, 1785 [73]

(207) Letter from the Hon. Warren Haflings, late Governor General of Bengal, to

the Court of Dircēlors of the East India Company, dated July 9, and read

Dec, 21, 1785, at a General Quarterly Court of the Proprietors, (208) Extraordinary Petition addressed to the Queen of Portugal by the Chevalier

Brunzi d'Entrecastcaux, formerly President of the Parliament of Proo vence, who fled from France to Portugal on Account of having murdered his Wife,

ibid. Letter from Mr. Raikes, of Gloucester, to a Gentleman of Bradford, in

Yorkshire, giving an Account of the firft Institution of Sunday Schools, (212) The Ninth Report of the Commissioners appointed to examinc, take, and

Atate the Public Accounts of the Kingdom, - (214) Supplies granted by Parliament for the Year 1785,

(232) Ways and Means for raising the Supplies granted to his Majesty for the Year 1785,

(236) Public Ads passed in the Second Sefion of the Sixteenth Parliament of Great Britain,

(237) Prices of Stock for the Year 1785



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The principal Circumstances of the Life of Boethius,
Anecdotes concerning the celebrated Euler,
Some Account of Sir John Fortescue,
Literary Character of james the First, King of Scotland,
Account of John Tiptofi, Earl of Worcester,
Account of ibe Death and Character of Dr. Arthur Ashley Sykes, [19]
Some Account of the Life and Writings of the late Profesor Gregory, M. D.
F. R: S. By Dr. Johnstone, of orcester,

23] Memoirs of the late Dr. Bell, M. D. adde led to the Presidents and Members

of the Literary and Philosophicai Suciety of Manchester. By Dr. Currie, of iverpool,

[29] Some Acevunt of the late Dr. Randolph,

134] Anecdotes of Handel,


Manners of the People of Great Britain, from the Acccfion of Henry IV. A. D. 1:99, to the Accesion of Henry VII. 4. D. 1458,

(43) Account of the otte::tots,

[49] The Manner in cubich the Hindoos treat their Women,

[62] The Superftition of the Hinilnos,

[64] of Deatis among the Hindoos, and their Doitrine of Transmigra

[661 Account of the Polygars, A jhort dicount of Cannire and its Inhabitants, Immodi rate Attachment of the urks to Opium,

[70] Acount of the Dorvifes itt i urkry,

[72] Defcription

- tion,

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Defiription of the Hot Baths in Turkey, -

Various Particulars concerning the Nogvais Tartars,


The present State of Egypt,





Natural History of Lions,

Account of ibe Camelopardalis,


An Account of an Artificial Spring of Water. By Erasmus Darwin, M. D.

F. R. S.

--- [146]

Extract from Mr. Herschel's Paper on the Construction of the Heavens, [153]

Extraa from the Rev. Mr. Morgan's Observations and Experiments on the

Light of Bodies in a State of Combustion, - - [149]

Defcription of a New Marine Animal. In a Letter from Mr. Everard

Home, Surgcon, to John Hunter, Esq. F. R. S. -- [157]

An Account of the Sensitive Quality of the Free Averrhoa Carambola. By

Robert Bruce, M. Ó.

' (161)

An Account of some Experiments on the Loss of Weight in Bodies, on being
melted or heated. By George Fordyce, M. D. F. R .

Some Remarks on the Opinion that the Animal Body podeljes the Power of
generating Cold. By George Bell, M. D.

An Ejay on the Ascent of Vapour. By Alexander Eason, M. D. 11681

On the Origin of Alphabetical Characters. By Gilbert Wakefield, B. A. (173)
Remarks on the Knowledge of the Ancients respecting Glass By Dr.

- [179]

Obfervations on the fractice of Archery in England. By the Honourable

Daines Barrington, .



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