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jority of their inhabitants. All the and the Isle of Anglesea, was uns convents at Ghent and Bruges are fortunately lost on Monday the atha, fuppressed, and their revenues are instant. The following particulars appropriated to the public service of this melancholy cataitrophe are

Edinburgh, Dec. 3. Yelerday an taken froin a letter written by Mr. experiment was made at Leith on a Hugh Williams (the only survivor), veffel ot a new construction, the in. dated Tinllwden, Dec. 10. vention of a gentleman of this city. « On Monday, Dec. 5, being at She conills of a vefsel of about 60 Caernarvon fair with several of my feet long and seven broad, cut in friends ard neighbours, to the numtwo lengthways, the fections placed ber of fixry, I went into the terry. at about seven feet distance, and boat at Abermenai, betiven three joined together at top by itrong and four in the afternoon, wind S. beams planked over, so as to repre- W. a hard yale, infoniuch that the fent upon deck a vessel of the ordi- boat was driven, about five in the nary proportions, 60 feet by 15. evening, on a fand-bank called The experiment fully ansivered ex- Tracthall Gwyllhm, where ne alpectation, notwithstanding one of most instantaneoutly filled with wathe principal fails was by an acci- ter. Weimmediaicly got upon the dent prevented from being properly bank, being low water, tolerably fet. She was attended by the king's extentive, and walked to and frú, hoat at Leith, which is reckoned a making the most piercing lamentafast failing boat of her size ; but the tions in hopes of procuring reliet, new vefsel vutlailed her, and when of which however we could have the breeze increased left her about no hope, the waves and the tide one mile in four. It was found riliny so fait upon us, as to render that the above verrel is capable of all affinarce impracticable. In this carrying alınoit double the quantity most affecting lituation, reflecting a of fail of one of the ordinary con- little, I thought I could but perille struction, and of the fame length if I committed my fate to the merey and breadth, and has this peculiar of the waves. I fuítened an oar to advantage, that the only draws two the mast, and taking off my great feet and a half water.

coat and boots, and after the heartParis, Dec. 2. By an ordinance rending talk of taking leave of iny of the king's council of state of the moit intimate friends, I plunged 13th ult. a duty is imposed upon all myself into the tempeituous ocean, foreign carriages brought into this lathed to the mast, which under country. Four-wheeled carriages Providence proved the means of enare to pay 800 livres each. Tra abling me once more to tread the vellers are to pay the duty only by shore of my native country, On way of forin, as the sum paid is to my quitting the water in a transport be reimbursed if they quit the king of joy, I attempted to run ; but, dom with the same vehicles. The alas! my limbs were so benumbed fame allowance is made in favour with cold and farigue, that it was of natives and others taking car with difficulty I could crawl up the riages out of the kingdom for the beach. At lait I reached the ferry. purpose of travelling into foreign house, where I was treated with countries.

every possible degree of attention. 1. The ferry-boat which goes The nust morning I found I was between the county of Caernarvon the only person who cicaped this


most calamitous di'aster, in which - Yesterday was tried in the there is foarce a family in this neigh- court of king's bench, a cause of bourhood, but feels the loss of a pa- importance to the shippers of goods, rent, relation, or friend.”

between Messrs. Price and Cooke, The earl of Uxbridge, with his Milk-lireet, glovers, plaintiffs, and wonted mnunificence, ordered one Jonathan Peacock, of Scarborough, hundred pounds to be distributed a- fopkeeper, defendant. The de. mong the poor widows and orphans fendant ordered verbally of one of of the unfortunate persons who pe- the plaintiffs a parcel of goods to rished in the above melancholy c. be sent him by the first Scarborough vent; at the same time his lordship vessel; the goods were accordingly intimated that his atlistance should sent to the Red-lion whorf to be not terininate there.

forwarded by the Swift packet, 13. Saturday being the anniver- capt. Clark, being the firit ship fary of the institution of the Royal which failed for that place. The Academy, a general assembly was truss with many more were taken in held at Somerset Place, when the a lighter to the vellel, and there defollowing preniums were given ; livered into the charge of the cap. viz. a lilver medal for the best · tain and crew, the Ighter being drawing of an academy figure to made fast to her, and there left to Mr. William Palmer; a silver me. be unloaded. It seems the truss ir dal for the best model of the Torso question never was on board the rellored, to Mr. P. F. Chenu; a fhip, and is supposed to have been filver medal for the beit drawing of stolen out of the lighter whilf the architecture, being the front of the lay along side her. The deiendant king's house at Greenwich, done refused to pay for the goods, al. froin actual measurements, to Mr. leging, that he did not order them George Stoddart. The assembly by that particular vefsel, and that then proceeded to elect officers for the delivery was not a futficient one. the year ensuing, when fir Joshua The plaintiffs proved the delivery Reynolds was re-elected president of the goods into the care of the Council.

captain and crew of the Saift packSir William Chambers,

et, and that they had frequently John Bacon,

Thipped goods for the defendant in Richard Cosway,

the same manner, and that the dePaul Sandby,

fendant had always paid the freight Edmund Gavey,

of such goods; the jury therefore J. F. Rigaud,

found a verdi&t for the plaintiffs. filliam Tyler,

Escurial, Nov. 24. On the 14th Jof. Wilton, esqrs.

infant the king of Spain published Visitors.

an ediêt, prohibiting, under ferere James Barry,

penalties, the use of more than two 1. B. Cipriani,

horses or mules in gentlinien's carP". J. De Loutherbourg,

riages, within the diffcrent towns Ter. Meyer,

in this country. A circular letter F. Bartolozzi,

has been sent to the foreign miniMason Chamberlin,

fers residing at this court, with a Jof. Nolickens,

copy of the edict, expreiling his 1. F. Rigaud,

Catholic majesty's hopes that they · Jof. Wilton, esqrs.

will set the example to the public,

by complying with the new regu: this city from America, and after lation.

dining with col. De Peister at the The saine edict also aboliflies the head quarters here; proceeded im. celebrated Bull Featts (io long the mediately on his journey to Lon favourite divertion of the Spaniards) don. This extraordinary personage except in particular cales, where is said to have presided at a late - the profits arising from that exhibi- grand congress of confederate chiefs -tion have been appropriated to pic of the Indian nations in America. .ous or patriotic ules, and where no He took his departure for England - fund has yet been set aside to fly. iminediately as that assembly broke -ply the deficiency that would be up; and it is conjectured that his the consequence of the suppreso embafly to the British court is of -fon.

great importance. This country The motive alligned for these owes much to the services of col. prohibitions, in the preamble of the Brandt during the late warin Ame. edict, is the great deitruction of rica. He was educated at Phila. catrie, which might be better em. delphia, is a very firewd intelliployed in agriculture and other use- gent person, pofletics great courage ful occupations. Lond. Gaz. and abilities as a warrior, and is in.

- Yelterday caine on before the violably attached to the Engliflı barons of the exchequer at Ser: nation. jeants-inn-hall, the long depending 15. At a respectable meeting of cause between Mr. Charles Ren- the retail ihop-heepers of London, nett, attorney, in the Temple, and at the London-tavern, pursuant to Mellis. Longman and Broderip, of advertitement, to receive the report Cheapfide, London, music-tellers, of their commit:ee, Mr. Alderman charging Mellis. Longman and Skinner took the chair, and in a Broderip with having printed and speech of some length gave a very publified a great number of mufi- circumstantial account of what had cal works, his property, and claim- passed at an audience which he, and ing a right in the music of the Pad three others of their committee, luck, Jubilee, and fundry other had obtained of Mr. Pitt; the republications, which were Meflis. fult of which was, that having acLongman and Broderip's property, quainted the chancellor with what and purchased by them originally the committee, from general report, of Mr. Dibdin, but to which Mr. had been led to believe, " That it Rennet claimed a reverlionary right was his intention, early in the en. as aflignee to Mr. Dibdin, under a - fuing feflion, to inovc for the repeal deed which took place at the expi- of the shop-tax;" he denied ever ration of the fu ít fourteen years at having; in public or private con. ter the publication. Mr. Bennett versation, given the most diftant in. having gone through the whole of timation, that he would cither move his cale and proofs, the barons, for the repeal of the fhop-tax hima without hearing one word of evi- felf, or support any motion for that dence on the part of Meflis. Long purpose, if made by any other memman and Broderip, dilimisled Mr. ber. And after hearing all the are. Rennett's suit with costs.

guments which he (the alderman), Salfbury, Dec. 12. Monday last and those who accompanied him, col. Joseph Brandt, the celebrated had urged, on breaking up the conking of the Alohawks, arrived in ference, he declared hiinielf not at all 1785.



convinced, and evaded a direct an- being fully proved, the lieutenant swer to every question put to him, was sentenced to be cashiered, and relative to his furure conduct on the then to be imprisoned twent years business of their commission. and one day in the cattle of An

Having stated at large every cir- gouleme. cumstance of the conference, which Charlestorun, South Carolina, 08. we have only recited in brief, and 20. The supreme legislative allemgiven due praise to the minister for bly of this province have lately entheir very polite reception, he con- tered a resolution on their journals, cluded with recommending firm- Itating, that they will never conness, and the most vigorous pursuit sent to the eitablishment of episcoof every legal means to accomplish pacy in that state, but will give their wishes, and by no means to every assistance to preserve the pretrust to any allistance from the mi- sent independent church to the latest niller, or from those with whom he times. The Georgians and North acted. The result of the meeting Carolinians are equally resolute on was to petition, and to endeavour that head. Sce p. 70. to make that effort general through Bath, Deci 1?. The following out the kingdom. See p. 81. inscription, written by Mr. Anity,

16. The church of Enfield, Midwas lately put over the pump at dlesex, was broken open, and rob- the King's Bath. bed of two filver Aaggons, one “ The hospital of this city, apmarked Entield Parish, 1637, a filo propriated solely to Bath cases, and ver chalice and cover, gilt, 1592; open to the poor and aifli&ted of another, 1587; a tilver plate, mark- every part of the world (Bath only ed Ralph Garrett, Edward Hund. excepted) being destitute of a fund fon, J. Moore, churchwardens, in any degree adequate to its supe 1913; another ditto, L. Done, port, is moit earneilly recommendRob. Pierson, 1733 ; a silver salver, ed to the patronage and protection 1638.

of the humane and liberal part of - By advices from Brest, we are mankind. informed of the issue of a council of

Oh pause awhile whoe'er thou art, war held upon the chevalier de la

That drink'st this healing stream; Martoliere, lieutenant in the oavy, If e'er compaflion o'er thy heart who commanded one of his ma Diffus'd its heavenly beam, jesty's frigates. The charge brought

Think on the wretch whore diftant lot, against him, was for having quitted This friendly aid denies; his station off the coast of St. Do- Think how in some poor lonely cot mingo, for the purpose of taking it He unregarded lies. goods at Jamaica, and selling the Hither th' aided stranger bring, fame to his profit in the French co. Relieve his heart-felt woe; lony ; also for having faluted the

And let thy bounty, like this fpring English fhips in a manner degrad

In genial currents flow. ing tu the dignity of the French So be thy years from want and pain, flag ; and lattly, for treating crua. And pining sickness free, elly, and in an ingentleman-like

And thou from Heav'n that debt obtain,

The poor man owes to thee." manner, a female pallenger he had on board, lady to the prosecutor, Portfinouth, Dec. 14. The coné Mont. Regnier, one of the richest victs which arrived here on Sunday fortlers at St, Domingo. The facts from London, and were put on board


ber 19th, 1785.


the Ferme prison ship (an old French in order to see if the true number of Thip of 60 guns, fitted for that purmiles is thereon, as that would be. pole), are all ordered to be new an ctfectual means to secure the re: clothed to prevent diseases, their venue. lituation at present being very - A new species of fraud, com: wretched. The Ferme has had ap- mitted on the Bank, was discovered: pointed, besides the officers to ships A person paid 10l. in money into in ordinary, a guard of marines, the Bank, for which the clerk, as and as she lies near the men of war, usual, gave him a ticket; in order there is no danger from infurrec- to receive a bank note of equal vation. These unhappy men are to lue. This ticket ought to have be employed in the Ipring in pick- been carried immediately to the caing oakum, &c. on board in wet hier to make out the note; in lead weather, and on the fortifications of which he took it home, and cu on fhore in dry weather. A hun- riously added an o to the original dred more are expe&ted in fix weeks. sum, and returning, presented the

17. An account of sugar and rum fame (o altered to the cashier, for imported from March is to O&to which he received a note of one

hundred pounds. In the evening,

the clerks, in making up their acTshipCaiks Cafks

counts, found a contiderable deficia P of Suga of fum. Jamaica

ency, but how to account for it was 1132 Antigua 301133051

8 the difficulty; and it was fume tims St. Kitt's 301 14,220

before a method was hit upon to

make it out. At lenih it was pro

11,841 1,674 poled to examine the tickets of the Nevis


day, when not only that but two Dominica


others were found to have been ala St. Vincent's


tered in the faine manner. In one

251 2,110 24 the figure i was altered to a 4, in 6961

another to as ; by which the artist | 2881 112,2721 18,184

received, upon the whole;, near

1oool. and has not yet been discos – Wednesday a post-master of vered, Greenwich, in Kent. was convict. 18. The excellent Mr. Howard td before Timothy Brett and John is gone to the continent, intendin Rullel, clgrs. two of his majesty's to visit the plague hospitals at Mara Jultices of the peace for that count feilles, to communicate fonie disco%, in two leveral penalties of ten veries, and try some experimentis pounds each, for offences against the to save the lives of those unhapi'y post-horse duty. This ingenious patients gentleman of the whip contrived to 19. Tuesday afternoon; about e his polting tickets (which are four o'clock; as Mr. Chipman, at the toll-gates) for two or bricklayer, of Stoke Newington, miles each, when the horses was returning home, he was attackred to go twenty miles, byed by four footpads, in the Dept. means he pocketed the re- ford-road, near Peckham Gap. ng part of the duty: The a- Thev were walking in the high e conviction shews the neceility coach road; when Mr. Chapman's men looking at the tickets, horse carne almost up to thein, they

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Barbadoe's Granadoes Montserrat

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Turtola Tobago


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