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'of, 71,

Action of the Shakespeare Play, Sup-

plemented by Printed Dialogue,

Adee, Hon. Alvey A., Views as to Tobie

Matthew Postcript, 44, 47, 49.
Alleyn Builds Swan Theatre to Com-

pete with Shakespeare, 144.
Amleth, Etymology of the Name, 104.
American Literary Criticism versus

English, 242.
André, Maj. John, Founds First Shake-

speare Society in United States,

Anglican Worship, Did Shakespeare

Attend ? 27.
Apollonius of Tyre, Popularity of Story
Appleton, Capt. Samuel. Summoned to

Fight Witches, 125.
Arbuthnot, Rev. Geo., His Methods at

Stratford-on-Avon, 183.
Arbuthnot, Vicar, His Vandalism at

Stratford-on-Avon, 239, 240, 241.
Auld, Robert C., Where Macbeth Was

Slain, 204.
Autograph, Is Shakespeare's Last, Evi-

'dence of Paralysis ? 150.
On the British Museum Florio Is

Genuine, 157
Alleged, Another of Shakespeare's,

Discovered, 121.
Avon Club of New York City, Organ-

Benefit of Clergy, As to, 54.
Benson, Robert, President of Second

Shakespeare Society in United

States, 174.
Bidder, George Parker, His Certifica-

tion of the Donnelly Cipher, 187.
Birthplace Trust Bill, The Shake-

speare, Full Text of, 95.
Law Passed by Parliament, 182.
Blackfriar Theatre, The Troubles of,

Bond, Miss Mary White, Death of,

Bottle Ale," Synonym for Anything

Stale or Flat, 246.
Bread, Quatern, Mesline, Manchet,

Horse-bread, 245.
Breeze, Sidwell N., on International

Literary Criticism, 242.
Brown, Irving, Criticises Study of Titus

Andronicus, 70.
Criticism of Titus Andronicus.
Byron, Lord, His Appreciation of

Shakespeare, 226.
Burton, Wm. E., President of Third

Shakespeare Society in New

ization of, 64, 177.
Resolutions as to Vandalism of

Vicar, 183.

Dr. Rolfe Sneers at, 241.
BACON, Francis, Ben Jonson not His

Amanuensis, 195:
Bacon, Common Food in Shakespeare's

Day, 245.
Bankside Edition, A Concordance of

Its Notation with that of the

Globe Edition, 181.
Bankside Shakespeare, The Collation

of Passages in, with other Edi-

tions, 247, 248.
Barnum, P. T., Proposed to Buy the

Birthplace House, 183.
And Remove to America, 183.
Barrett, Laurence, Letter to Appleton

Morgan, 127
Bartlett, John, His Great Concordance,

Specimens of Plan of, 39.
Benefit of Clergy, Last Case of, 55.
Judge Flandrau's Opinion in the

United States, 55.

York City, 174.
CALKINS, E. A., Article on Ben Jonson

and Bacon, 195.
Elected Member N. Y. S. S., 250.
Capulet, the Dotage of an Aristocrat,

Cardwill, Mary E., on the Murder of

Duncan, 100.
Chamberlain, Mr. Mellen, Discovers

an Alleged Shakespeare Auto-

graph, 20.
Chetwynde, Philip, Publisher of the

Third Folio, 86.
Church and State in Tudor Times, Mr.

Child's Treatise of, 54.
Citation and Examination Touching

Deer-Stealing,” Landor's, Se-

verely Handled, 181.
Claret Wine, at New Place, Who for,

Clergy, Benefit of, see Benefit of

Colbert, Elias, His Certification of the

Donnelly Cipher, 184.
Commerton, Margaret, Her Illustra-

tions of Dotage in the Plays,

Concordance, Description of John

Bartlett's Great, 38.

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