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dot 3 Blest Saviour! what delicious fare

How sweet thine entertainments are!
Never did angels taste above

Redeeming grace, and dying love. fH 4 Hail

, great Immanuel, all-divine!
In thee thy Father's glories shine;
Thou brightest, sweetest, fairest one,
That eyes have seen, or angels known!

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HYMN 486, C. M. 486

Remembering Christ.

ACCORDING to thy gracious word,
This will I do, my dying Lord !---

I will remember thee.
2 Thy body, broken for my sake,

My bread from heaven shall be;
Thy testamental cup I take,

And thus remember thee.
3 Gethsemane can I forget?

Or there thy conflict see,
Thine agony and bloody sweat,

And not remember thee?
4 When to the cross I turn mine eyes,

And rest on Calvary,
O Lamb of God, my sacrifice !

I must remember thee :
ap 5 Remember thee, and all thy pains,

And all thy love to me!

Yea, while a breath, a pulse remains, mf Will I remember thee. mp 6 And, when these failing lips grow dumb,

And mind and mem'ry flee,

When, in thy kingdom, thou shalt come, う Jesus! remember me.

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HYMN 487, 7s. 487

The Sabbath in the Sanctuary.
AFELY, through another week,

God has brought us on our way -
Let us now a blessing seek,

Waiting in his courts to-day ;-
Day of all the week the best,

Emblem of eternal rest.
2 While we seek supplies of grace,

Through the dear Redeemer's name,
Show thy reconciled face,

Take away our sin and shame;
From our worldly cares set free,

May we rest, this day, in thee.
mf 3 Here we come thy name to praise ;

Let us feel thy presence near;
May thy glory meet our eyes,

While we in thy house appear;
Here afford us, Lord! a taste

Of our everlasting feast.
f 4 May the gospel's joyful sound

Conquer sinners--comfort saints ;
Make the fruits of grace abound,

Bring relief from all complaints :
Thus let all our Sabbaths prove,
Till we join the church above.




HYMN 488, S. M.
The Lord's Day and public Worship
1 ELCOME! sweet day of rest,

That saw the Lord arise!
Welcome to this reviving breast,

And these rejoicing eyes !
2 The King himself comes near,

And feasts his saints to-day;
Here we may sit, and see him here,

And love, and praise, and pray.
8 One day, amidst the place

Where my dear God hath been,

Is sweeter than ten thousand days

Of pleasurable sin.
4 My willing soul would stay,

In such a frame as this,
And sit and sing herself away

To everlasting bliss.

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HYMN 489, H. M. 489

Sabbath Morning.
ELCOME! delightful morn,

Thou day of sacred rest !
I hail thy kind return ;-

Lord ! make these moments blest;
From the low train of mortal toys,

I soar to reach immortal joys. mf 2 Now may the King descend,

And fill his throne of grace;
Thy sceptre, Lord! extend,

While saints address thy face :
Let sinners feel thy quickening word,

And learn to know and fear the Lord.
3 Descend, celestial Dove!

With all thy quickening powers; mf Disclose a Saviour's love,

And bless the sacred hours

Then shall my soul new life obtain, mf Nor Sabbaths be bestowed in vain.



HYMN 490, C. M. 490

Dawn of the Sabbath.
AGAIN, the

Lord of life and light < Dispels the darkness of the night, mf And pours increasing day. mp 2 Oh! what a night was that, which wrapt P

A sinful world in gloom!
Oh! what a sun, which broke this day,

Triumphant from the tomb!
3 This day be grateful homage paid,

And loud hosannas sung;
Let gladness dwell in every heart,

And praise on every tongue.

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4 Ten thousand thousand lips shall join

To hail this welcome morn,
Which scatters blessings, from its wings,

To nations yet unborn.

HYMN 491, H. M. 491

Morning of the Lord's Day. f" 1 AWAKE, ye saints ! awake,

In loftiest songs of praise,

Your joyful homage pay;
Come, bless the day that God hath blessed, ----

The type of heaven's eternal rest.
2 On this auspicious morn,

The Lord of life arose,
And burst the bars of death,

And vanquished all our foes ;
mf And now he pleads our cause above,

And reaps the fruit of all his love. f" 3 All hail! triumphant Lord !

Heaven with hosannas rings;

And earth, in humbler strains, mf Thy praise responsive sings ; f"> 6 Worthy the Lamb that once was slain,

Through endless years, to live and reign!"
4 Great King! gird on thy sword,

Ascend tliy conquering car;
While justice, power and love

Maintain the glorious war:
This day let sinners own thy sway,
And rebels cast their arms away.

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HYMN 492, L. M.

Morning of the Lord's Day. mf 1

AIL! morning known among the blest,

Morning of hope, and joy, and love,
Of heavenly peace, and holy rest,

Pledge of the endless rest above!
2 Blest be the Father of our Lord,

Who, from the dead, hath brought his Son;

Hape to the lost was then restored, f And everlasting glory won.


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3 Scarce morning twilight had begun,

To chase the shades of night away,
When Christ arose--unsetting sun

The dawn of joy's eternal day.
dol 4 Mercy looked down, with siniling eye,

When our Immanuel left the dead;
Faith marked his bright ascent on high,

And hope, with gladness, raised her head. 5 Descend, o Spirit of the Lord !

Thy fire to every bosom bring; my Then shall our ardent hearts accord,

And teach our lips God's praise to sing.


BLEST morning! whose young dawning rays

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HYMN 493, C. M. 493

The Resurrection Morn.

That saw him triumph o'er the dust,

And leave his dark abode.
2 In the cold prison of a tomb,

The great Redeemer lay,
Till the revolving skies had brought

The third, th' appointed day.
mf 3 Hell and the grave unite their force,

To hold our God, in vain :
The sleeping Conqueror arose,

And burst their feeble chain.
4 To thy great name, almighty Lord !

These sacred hours we pay ;
mf And loud hosannas shall proclaim

The triumph of the day.
f" 5 Salvation, and immortal praise,

To our victorious King!
Let heaven and earth, and rocks and seas,

With glad hosannas ring.



HYMN 494, L. M. 494

The Rest of the Sabbath.
1 NOTHER six days' work is done,

Another Sabbath is begun;
Return, my soul! enjoy thy rest,
Improve the day thy God hath blessed.


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