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Above these heavens' created rounds
A broken heart, my God! my King !.
According to thy gracious word....
A charge to keep I have ..
Again the day returns of holy rest.
Again the Lord of life and light..
Ah! how shall fallen man
Ah! wretched, vile, ungrateful heart!.
Alas! and did my Saviour bleed
Alas! what hourly dangers rise. ...
All hail the power of Jesus' name...
All hail, incarnate God!..
All ye who love the Lord ! rejoice.
All ye nations! praise the Lord
Almighty Father! gracious Lord!
Almighty God! in humble prayer
Almighty Maker, God!..
Almighty Ruler of the skies!.
Along the banks where Babel's current flows...
Amazing grace! how sweet the sound...
Ain I a soldier of the cross..
Amid thy wrath, remember love....
Among th' assemblies of the great.
Among the princes, earthly gods.
And are we wretches yet alive?
And art thou, gracious Master! gone
And can my heart aspire so high.
And canst thou, sinner 1 slight
And must this body die
And now another week begins.
And will the God of grace.
And will the Judge descond.
And will the Lord thus condescend.
Angels! assist to sing ...
Angels! from the realms of glory.
Angels rejoiced and sweetly sung
Angels! roll the rock away
Another day has passed along.
Another six days' work is done
Approach, my soul! the mercy-seat.
Are all the fpes of Zion fools....
Arise, great God! and let thy grace.
Arise, my gracious Godi..
Arise, my soul! my joyful powers
Arise, my tenderest thoughts ! arise
Arise, o King of grace! arise
Arise, ye people and adore ...
Arm of the Lord! awake, awake.

PAGT Watts 74

Watts 98 Montgomery 508

C. Wesley 467

Wm. Mason 516 . Mrs. Bar bauld 510

Watts 390 Mrs. Steele 452

Watts 406 Mrs. Steele 456 ..Perronet 356

Scott 543

Watts 250 Montgomery 191

Mrs. Steele 271 Montgomery 483

Watts 265 i. Watts 24

Barlow 233 Newton 477

Watts 474 . Watts 76

Watts 132

Watts 138 .......Watts 455

..Kelly 358 Mrs, Steele 453

Hyde 385 ...Watts 588 i... Kelly 514

Watts 132 .Doddridge 599 Mrs. Steele 401

... Gems 263 Montgomery 295

Hurn 297 Gibbons 348 Edmeston 518 J. Steunett 512 Newton 410

Watts 100 Merrick 130

Watts 36

Watts 430 Doddridge 488

.Watts 223

Merrick 93 .. Shrubsole 544

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Around the Saviour's lofty throne
Ascend thy throne, almighty King!.
As pants the hart for cooling streams.
Assembled at thy great command....
Astonished and distressed..
At thy command, our dearest Lord!.
Author of good! to thee we turn
Awake, and sing the song..
Awake, awake the sacred song
Awaked by Sinai's awful sound.
Awake, my drowsy soul !
Awake, my heart! arise, my tongue!
Awake, my soul! and with the sun.
Awake, my soul! in joyful lays..
Awake, my soul ! stretch every nerve..
Awake, my soul! to sound his praise.
Awake, my tougue! thy tribute bring.
Awake, our souls! away our fears..
Awake, ye saints ! and raise your eyes.
Awake, ye saints! awake
Awake, ye saints ! to praise your King.

PAGE ..Kelly 324

Beddome 545 Tate and Brady 83

. Collyer 530 .. Toplady 391

. Watts 504 ..Merrick 483

Hammond 353 Mrs. Steele 297

.. Oclum 413 Mrs. Steele 556

Watts 431

Kenn 21 . Medley 330 Doddridge 432

Barlow 179 Needham 280

.Watts 432 Doddridge 574 ... Cotterill 511

Watts 227

Before Jehovah's awful throne
Begin, my soul! th' exalted lay.
Begin, my tongue! some heavenly theme
Behold a stranger at the door..
Behold! how good and sweet
Behold! the day is come
Behold! the blessed Redeemer comes
Behold! the blind their sight receive
Behold! th' expected time draws near
Behold the glories of the Lamb...
Behold the grace appear.
Behold! the lofty sky..
Behold! the morning sun.
Behold the throne of grace.
Behold the Saviour of mankind..
Behold the sure foundatioil-stone.
Behold thy waiting servant, Lord
Behold! where, in a mortal form..
Behold! what wondrous grace..
Behold! what condescending love..
Beneath our feet, and o'er our head.
Be joyful in God, all ye lands of the earth!
Beyond, beyond that boundless sea
Beyond the glittering, starry skies..
Beyond where Cedron's waters flow.
Bless, O Lord ! the opening year
Bless, O my soul ! the living God..
Bless ye the Lord with solemn rite.
Blessed are the sons of God...
Blest are the humble souls that see.
Blest are the men whose hearts can move..
Blest are the sons of peace
Blest are the souls that hear and know.
Blest are the undefiled in heart.
Blest be the everlasting God
Blest be the Father and his love.
Blest be the tie that binds
Blest Comforter divine!...
Blest is the man, for ever blest
Blest is the man who shuns the place..

Watts 164 Ogilvie 249

Watts 286
Gregg 399
.. Hatfield 225
Beddome 601

Watts 80
Watts 313
. Vole 552
Watts 312
Watts 291

Watts 42 ...Watts 42 .. Newton 436 S. Wesley 339

Watts 193 .Watts 200 . Enfield 328

Watts 461 Doddridge 498

Heber 589 . Montgomery 166

Conder 237 .D. Turner 326

S. F. Smith 339 . Cong, H. Book 569

Watts 170 Montgomery 226 .Humphreys 460

Watts 435 Watt 435 Watts 224 Watts 143 Watts 195 Watts 461

Watts 376

Fawcett 436 Cleland's Hymns 368

Watts 66
Watts 14

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Blest is the man whose heart doth move,
Blest is the man whose softening heart..
Blest is the nation where the Lord....
Blost morning! whose young dawning rays.
Blow ye the trumpet! blow
Boundless glory, Lord! be thine
Bread of heaven! on thee I feed...
Bright King of glory, dreadful God!....
Brightest and best of the sons of the morning.
Bright source of everlasting love!..
Broad is the road that leads to death.
Buried in shadows of the night.


Watts 81 Mrs. Barbauld 438

Watts 68

Watts 512 C. Wesley 488 ... Kelly 418 Conder 503 Watts 321

Heber 296 .. Boden 439

Watts 387
Watts 308


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Call Jehovah thy salvation...
Captain of thine exalted host
Cast thy burden on the Lord.
Cease, ye mourners ! cease lu languish
Children! hear the melting story
Children, in years and knowledge young
Children! listen to the Lord....
Children of the heavenly King!.
Christ and his cross is all our theme.
Christ, of all my hopes the ground..
Christ, whose glory fills the skies.
Christian ! see the orient morning.
Come, all ye saints of God ...
Come away to the skies...
Come, blessed Spirit, source of light!..
Come, dearest Lord ! descend and dwell,
Come, every pious heart!....
Come, gracious Spirit, heavenly Dove!...
Come, happy souls! approach your God.
Come hither, all ye weary souls!..
Come, Holy Ghost! come from on high.
Come, Holy Spirit ! calm my mind
Come, Holy Spirit! come..
Come, Holy Spirit, heavenly Dove!.
Come in, thou blessed of the Lord !.
Come, let our voices join to raise ..
Come, let us anew ..
Come, let us gladly sing.
Come, let us join our cheerful songs
Come, let us join our friends above
Come, let us join our songs of praise
Come, let us join our souls to God..
Come, let us lift our joyful eyes
Come, let us lift our voices high,
Come, Lord! and warm each languid heart.
Come, my fond fluttering heart!.
Come, my soul! thy suit prepare.
Come, O my soul! in sacred lays.
Come, see the place where Jesus lay.
Come, shout aloud the Father's grace..
Come, sound his praise abroad....
Come, thou almighty King !.
Come, thou desire of all thy saints !.
Come, thou Fount of every blessing !.
Come to Calv'ry's holy mountain
Come, trembling sinner! in whose breast
Come weary souls! with sin distressed...
Come, ye disconsolate! where'er ye languish.
Come, ye saints I look here and wonder..

Montgomery 149

Batty 531 R. Hill's Col. 103

Collyer 575 T. Hastings 403

Watts 70 T. Hastings 404 .. Cennick 433

Watts 320
Windham 358

C. Wesley 306
Cleland's Hymns 544

Pratt's Col. 355
C. Wesley 618
Beddome 365

Watts 310
S. Stennett 311

Brown 368

Watts 298 .. Watts 393 Reed's Col. 497 ...Burder 366

Hart 263 Watts 302 . Kelly 499

Watts 155 C. Wesley 566 Hatfield 157

Watts 315 C. Wesley 607 Campbell's Col. 352 Montgomery, 500

Watts 354

.. Watts 506

Mrs. Steele 605 Miss Jane Taylor 424

Newton 482

Blackluck 264 Montgomery 3-18 Heginbotham 276

.. Watts 156
Madan's Col, 373

Mrs. Steele 313
.R. Robinson 4:21

Montgomery 394
Edmund Jones 393

Mrs. Steele 392
... Musica Sacra 409

Kelly 346




Hart 399
G. Burder 285
Mrs. Steele 312

Watts 430
Watts 202
Watts 234

Come, ye sinners! heavy laden...
Come, ye that know and fear the Lord !.
Come, ye that love the Saviour's name!.
Come, ye who love the Lord!.
Consider all my sorrows, Lord!....
Could I so false, so faithless prove.
Daughter of Zion! awake from thy sadness.
Daughter of Zion! from the dust.
David rejoiced in God his strength
Day of judgment, day of wonders !..
Dearest of all the names above...
Dear Father ! to thy mercy-seat.
Dear Refuge of my weary soul !.
Dear Saviour! we are thine...
Dear Saviour ! when my thoughts recall.
Deatlı, -t is a melancholy day
Deep are the wounds which sin has made.. a
Deep in our hearts let us record.....
Delay not, delay not 0 sinner! draw near.
Descend from heaven, immortal Dove!
Did Christ o'er sinners weep..
Do not I love thee, O my Lord !...
Dread Sovereign ! let my evening-song

.Fitzgerald's Col 550
Montgomery 537

..Watts 491
Newton 598

Watts 302 Mrs. Steele 269 Mrs. Stecle 274 Doddridge 310 Mrs. Steele 407

Watts 593 Mrs. Steele 337

Watts 119 Hastings 381

.. Watts 366

Beddome 409 Doddridge 467

Watts 560

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Fair shines the morning-star
Faith adds new charms to earthly bliss .
Faith is the brightest evidence..
Far as thy name is known .
Far from my thoughts, vain world! be gone.
Far from the world, O Lord ! I flee...
far from these narrow scenes of night
Far from thy fold, O God! my feet..
Far from us be grief and sadness.
Fast flow, my tears ! the cause is great.
Father! adored in worlds above..
Father! how wide thy glory shines
Father! I bless thy gentle hand..
Father! I long, I faint to see ...
Father! I sing thy wondrous grace
Father! is not thy promise pledged.
Father of eternal grace!....
Father of glory! to thy name.
Father of heaven! whose love profound.
Father of mercies! condescend
Father of mercies, God of love!.
Father of mercies in thy word.
Father of mercies ! send thy grace..
Father! whate'er of earthly bliss..

Montgomery 552

Turner 458
Watts 458
Watts 94
Watts 507

Cowper 459
Mrs. Steele 612

Tatlock 413

Kelly 447
W. Shirley 343
Pope's Col. 485

IVatts 282
Watts 194
Watts 616

Watts 119

Gibbons 15 Montgomery 471

Watts 374 Pratt's Col. 375 ... Morell 534

...Rajles 405 Mrs. Steele 257

.Doddridge 438 Mrs. Steele 482

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Firm and unmoved are they...
Firm as the earth thy gospel stands..
Firm was my health, my day was brighi.
Fools, in their hearts, believe and say...
For a season called to part....
For ever blessed be the Lord ,
For ever shall my song record.
Forgive us, Lord! to thee we cry
Fountain of mercy, God of love!.
Frequent the day of God returns
Friend after friend departs ...
From all that dwell below the skies..
From Calvary a cry was heard
From deep distress and troubled thoughts.
From Egypt's bondage came..
From every earthly pleasure.
From Greenland's icy mountains
Froin lowest depths of woe ...
From thee, my God! my joys shall rise
From the throne of God there springs..

PAGE Watts 213 Watts 462 Watts 63

Watts 32 Newton 437

Watts 241

Watts 142 T. Hastings 480 . Epis. Col. 573

Brown 518 . Montgomery 609

Watts 190 Cunningham 345

Watts 218 .. Kelly 423

Gems 451

...Heber 542 Tate and Brady 219

... Watts 443 Toplady 91

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Gently, gently lay thy rod
Gently, Lord! Oh! gently lead us
Gently, my Saviour! let me down.
Gird on thy conquering sword.....!
Give glory to God in the highest; give praise
Give me the wings of faith to rise..
Give thanks to God, he reigns above.
Give thanks to God, invoke his name,
Give thanks to God most high....
Give thanks to God, the sovereign Lord..
Give to our God immortal praise.
Give to the Lord, ye sons of fame!.
Glorious things of thee are spoken
Glory to God on high.
Glory to thee, my God! this night..
Glory to the Father give
Go, and the Saviour's grace proclaimi.
God, in his earthly temple, lays..
God, in the gospel of his Son....
God is gone up on high ..
God is my strong salvation
God is our refuge and defence
God is our refuge, tried and proved.
God is the refuge of his saints.
God moves in a mysterious way.
God, my supporter and my hope
God of eternal love..
God of mercy, God of grace!..
God of my childhood, and my youth!.
God of my life ! look gently down.
God of my life! through all my days
God of my mercy and my praise !...
God of our lives! thy various praise.
God of the morning! at thy voice..
God of the universe! to thee...
Go, messenger of peace and love!.
Go, preach my gospel, saith the Lord.
Go to dark Gethsemane..
Go, ye messengers of God!..
Good is the Lord, the heavenly King
Grace, like an uncorrupted seed....

Lyte 23 T. Hastings 448

R. Hill 590 Doddridge 88 Montgomery 63

Watts 616 i. Watts 177

Watts 174 Watts 228 Watts 228 Watts 227 .Watts 61

Newton 139 R. Hill's Col. 315

..Kenn 20 Montgomery 27

Moreil 533 ...Watts 138 Beddome 259 C. Wesley 53 Montgomery 60 Montgomery 90

. Lyte 90

Watts 89 .Cowper 284

Watts 125 ...Watts 176 .. Lyte 117 Watts 121

Watts 78 Doddridge 273

Watts 180 Heginbotham 567

Watts 558 Miss Mary 0, 523

..Balfour 535

.. Watts 525 Montgomery 338 Marsden 533

Watts 112 i. Watts 426

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