Royal warrants, circular, general orders and memoranda, issued by the War office and Horse guards, Aug. 1856- July 1864

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Page 340 - ... calendar months before the time of executing the indenture has deserted such child, or for such space of...
Page 238 - ... and shall regulate the choice of quarters, rates of lodging money, servants, forage, fuel, and light, or allowances in their stead.
Page 340 - The name of the soldier or seaman, with his class or description, must appear in the direction, and the officer having the command must sign his name, and specify the ship or regiment, corps, or detachment to which the soldier or seaman belongs ; the name of the ship or regiment being entered in full. The foregoing particulars must be given in one of the following forms : — SEAMEN.
Page 403 - Every candidate will be required to forward to the Military Secretary, Horse Guards, one month before the examination, a statement of the subjects he desires to take up, as well as a certificate from the Master or Tutor under whom he has been educated, of his general moral conduct for at least the two preceding years. If a candidate has failed in a previous examination, he will only be required to forward a list of the subjects he selects, and a certificate of conduct between the two examinations.
Page 403 - To these elementary branches 1,200 marks (out of the whole 3,600 for mathematics) will be allotted, and it will be necessary for qualification that at least 400 be obtained, of which 200 must be obtained in arithmetic. . In the English language 400 marks will be allotted to correct and legible writing from dictation, and to composition ; and of these it will...
Page 389 - Lieutenants, whatever their rank and seniority may be, are in all matters of command, and in all details relating to the duties of the Fleet, and to the discipline and interior economy of Her Majesty's ships, to be held subject to the authority of any Officer, not below the rank of Lieutenant, who may be in charge of the executive duties of the ship, or in charge of any other special service or duty, of whatever seniority such Officer may be.
Page 403 - Comrnander-inChief or First Lord of the Admiralty, with the concurrence of the Secretary of State for War. The Secretary of State for India in Council will nominate to cadetships for the Indian services.
Page 547 - In cases, however, of emergency, or when the good of the service renders such alteration desirable, it shall be competent for Our Secretary of State for War to shorten the several periods of service above mentioned, in such manner as he shall deem fit and expedient.
Page 299 - Defaulters' Book, shall have been adjudged to have been guilty of an offence by which he is to forfeit the whole or a part of his reward for previous good conduct, shall, if he denies the commission of such offence, have the right of appeal to a CourtMartial.
Page 405 - All gentlemen cadets are subject to such rules and regulations as are. or may be from time to time, established for the maintenance of good order and discipline.

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