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But, though his methods are unknown,

Judgment and truth support his throne. 3 In heaven, and earth, and air, and seas,

He executes his firm decrees; 1 st · And by his saints it stands confess'd,

That what he does is ever best. : ...
4 Wait, then, my soul, submissive wait,

Prostrate before his awful seat;
And, 'midst the terrors of his rod,
Trust in a wise and gracious God.,
C. M.

The Wisdom and Goodness of God.-Prov. viii. 14; Exod. adv. &
God shall alone the refuge be,

And comfort of my mind;
Too wise to be mistaken, He,

Too good to be unkind.
2 In all his holy, sovereign will,

He is, I daily find,
Too wise to be mistaken, still,

Too good to be unkind.
3 [When I the tempter's rage endure,

'Tis God supports my mind: Too wise to be mistaken, sure,

Too good to be unkind.]
4 [When sore afflictions on me lie,

He is (though I am blind)
Too wise to be mistaken, yea,

Too good to be unkind.]
3 What though I can't his goings see,

Nor all his footsteps find,

Too wise to be mistaken, He,

Too good to be unkind.
6 Hereafter he will make me know,

And I shall surely find,
He was too wise to err, and 0,

Too good to be unkind.



The Justice and Goodness of God.-Revxv. 3.

GREAT God! my Maker and my King, Of thee I'll speak, of thee I'll sing; All thou hast done, and all thou dost,

Declare thee good, proclaim thee just. 2 Thy ancient thoughts, and firm decrees;

Thy threatenings, and thy promises;
The joys of heaven, the pains of hell,-

What angels taste, what devils feel: 3 Thy terrors, and thy acts of grace;

Thy threatening rod, and smiling face;
Thy wounding and thy healing word;

A world undone, a world restored:
4 While these excite my fear and joy;

While these my tuneful lips employ;
Accept, O Lord, the humble song,
The tribute of a trembling tongue.



L. M.
The Loving-Kindness of God.-Isa. Ixiii. 7.
AWAKE, my soul, in joyful lays,
And sing thy great Redeemer's praise;
He justly claims a song from me;
His loving-kindness, O how free!



2 He saw me ruin'd in the fall,

Yet loved me, notwithstanding all;
Ile saved me from my lost estate;

His loving-kindness, O how great! 3 [Though numerous hosts of mighty foes,

T'hough earth and hell my way oppose, He safely leads my soul along;

His loving-kindness, O how strong!] 4 [When trouble, like a gloomy cloud,

Has gather'd thick, and thunder'd loud,
He near my soul has always stood;

His loving-kindness, O how good!] 5 Often I feel my sinful heart

Prone from my Saviour to depart;
But, though I have him oft forgot,

His loving-kindness changes not! 6 Soon shall I pass the gloomy vale;

Soon all my mortal powers must fail:
O, may my last expiring breath

His loving-kindness sing in death. 7 Then let me mount and soar away

To the bright world of endless day,
And sing, with rapture and surprise,
His loving-kindness in the skies.


The Everlasting Love of God. Jer. xxxi. 3. 'Twas with an everlasting love That God his own elect embraced; Before he made the worlds above, Or earth on her huge columns placed.

L. M.


2 Long ere the sun's refulgent ray

Primeval shades of darkness drove,
They on bis sacred bosom lay,

Loved with an everlasting love.
3 Then, in the glass of his decrees,

Christ and his bride appear'd as one;
Her sin, by imputation, his,

Whilst she in spotless splendour shone. 4 O love, how high thy glories swell!

How great, immutable, and free!
Ten thousand sins, as black as hell,

Are swallow'd up, O love, in thee!
5 [Loved, when a wretch defiled with sin,

At war with heaven, in league with hell;
A slave to every lust obscene;

Who, living, lived but to rebel.]
6 Believer, here thy comfort stands,

From first to last, salvation's free,
And everlasting love demands
An everlasting song from thee.

The Mercy of God.-Ps. lxxxix. 1.
Thy mercy, my God, is the theme of

my song, The joy of my heart, and the boast of my tongue; Thy free grace alone, from the first to the last, Hath won my affections, & bound my soul fast.

2 Thy mercy, in Jesus, exempts me from hell; Its glories I'll sing, and its wonders I'll tell; 'Twas Jesus, my Friend, when he hung on the tree. Who opend the channel of mercy



for me.

[Without thy sweet mercy I could not live here; Sin soon would reduce me to utter despair; But, thro' thy free goodness, my spirits revive, And he that first made me, still keeps me alive.]

4 [Thy mercy is more than a match for my heart, Which wonders to feel its own hardness depart: Dissolved by thy goodness, I fall to the ground, And weep to the praise of the mercy I found.)

The door of thy mercy stands open all day,
To the poor & the needy, who knock by the way;
No sinner shall ever be empty sent back,
Who comes seeking mercy for Jesus's sake.

Great Father of mercies, thy goodness I own, And the covenant love of thy crucified Son: All praise to the Spirit, whose whisper divine Seals mercy, & pardon, & righteousness mine.



The All-Sufficient Mercy of God.-Ps. lxxxix. 28.
ALL glory to mercy we bring,
The mercy that reigns evermore,
The infinite mercy we sing,
The mercy eternal adore.
The mercy converting we prize;
In mercy forgiving delight;
For conquering mercy we rise,
We rise, and triumphantly fight.

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