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10 Sometimes, like Ephraim, I rebel;

I cannot bear the yoke;
I kick and murmur at the rod,

And shrink at every stroke.
11 But when my Father smiles again,

Then what a fool am I;
'Tis then, like Ephraim, I repent,

And smite upon my thigh.
12 Like trim I mourn, like him I cry,

Lord, hold me with thy hand;
And draw me by thy special grace:

Hold up, and I shall stand.”


C. M.

HEBBEBT. Before Sermon.-Eph. vi. 14, 15.

LORD, fill thy servant's soul to-day

With pure seraphic fire,
And set his tongue at liberty,

And grant his soul's desire.
2 O may he preach the word of God

With energy and power;
May gospel-blessings spread around,

Like a refreshing shower.
3 May God's eternal love and grace

Be sweetly felt within;
While he is preaching Christ the Lord,

Who took our curse and sin. 4 May burden'd sinners lose their load,

And downcast souls rejoice;
May doubting souls believe to-day,

They are Jehovah's choice.


5 May Christ be first, and Christ be last,

And Christ be all in all,
Who died to make salvation sure,

And raise us from the fall.
6 O may thy servant now to-day,

Proclaim salvation free;
As finish'd by the Son of God,
For such poor souls as we.

509. C.M. “He shall call upon me, and I will answer bim.”—Ps. xci. 15. COME, come, my soul, with boldness come,

Unto the throne of grace;
There Jesus sits to answer prayer,

And shows a smiling face.
2 Our Surety stands before the throne,

And personates our case;
And sends the blessed Spirit down

With tokens of his grace.
3 There's not a groan, nor wish, nor sigh,

But penetrates his ears;
He knows our sins perplex and tease,

And cause our doubts and fears: 4 But he upholds us with his arm,

And will not let us fall;
When Satan roars, and sin prevails,

He hears our mournful call.
5 He knows we have no strength at all;

He knows our foes are strong;
But though ten thousand foes engage,

The weakest sha'n't go wrong.


6 Then let us all unite and sing

The praises of free grace:
Those souls who long to see him now,
Shall surely see his face.
510. C. M.

"O Lord, rebuke me not in thine anger."—Ps. vi. 1. O LORD! rebuke me not in wrath;

Thy anger who can bear! 'Tis heaven to live beneath thy smiles; ..

Thy frowns create despair. 2 I'm but a mass of filthiness;

I own my wretched case:
O heal my loathsome, stinking wounds,

And magnify thy grace.
3 [Ah! must I die with this sad plague?

What, is thy pity gone?
Lord, look and heal my broken bones;

O look on God the Son!]
4 On thee I'll wait; in thee I'll trust;

For thou art still my God:
Crush not my soul beneath thy hand,

O take away thy rod. 5 Lord, let not guilt thus plague my soul;

I would be rid of sin: From head to foot I'm nought but wousds,

But ah! I'm worse within. 6 [Within, O what a hellish crew!

Who knows what dwells within? How oft some darling lust creeps out,

Some unsuspeoted sin.]

C. M.


7 Lord Jesus, heal this malady,

And set my broken bones; Let my petitions reach thy ears,

Though only sighs and groans. 8 Base as I am, yet, blessed Lord,

I dare to make this plea, As Jesus died to save the lost, Perhaps he died for me.

511. Jesus, the Soul's Help in Times of Trouble.-Ps. xxxi. 7; 1 Cor. x. 13. In ail my troubles and distress,

The Lord my soul doth own: Jehovah doth my griefs redress,

And make his mercy known. 2 He helps me on him to rely;

He is my strength and tower: 'Tis he that hears me when I

And manifests his power.
3 In every storm, in every sea,

My Jesus makes a way;
His light shall make the darkness flee,

And turn the shade to day.
4 'Tis he in trouble bears me up,

And leads me safely through; My Jesus doth maintain my cup, And daily strength renew.

512. Prayer for an Increase and a real Union in the Church.-Acts ii. 46, 47, Thy church, O Lord, that's planted here, O make it to increase

C. M.


L. M.


With numbers, bless'd with filial fear,

Enjoying heavenly peace.
2 O may we all, dear Lord, as one,

United ever be,
Rejoicing in what Christ has done,

Who groan'd upon the tree.
3 May all each other's burdens bear;

Be simple, meek, and kind;
And keep us safe from every snare,
And all of humble mind.

“ Jehovah Jireh."-Gen. xxii. 14.
In mounts of danger and of straits,
My soul for his salvation waits:
Jehovah-Jireh will appear,

And save me from my gloomy fear. 2 He, in the most distressing hour,

Displays the greatness of his power: In darkest nights he makes a way,

And turns the gloomy shade to day. 3 Jehovah-Jireh is his name;

to age


proves He sees when I am sunk in grief,

And quickly flies to my relief.
4 The Lord Jehovah is my guide;

He doth and will for me provide;
And in the Mount it shall be seen,
How kind and gracious he hath been.

From age

the same;

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