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8. 7. 4.


And the glory of the Lord shall be revealed."—Isa. xl. 5. O! WHAT matchless condescension

The eternal God displays;
Claiming our supreme attention,
To his boundless works and ways;

His own glory
He reveals in gospel days.
2 In the person of the Saviour,

All his majesty is seen;
Love and justice shine for ever,
And, without a veil between,

Worms approach him,
And rejoice in his dear name.
3 Would we view his brightest glory,

Here it shines in Jesus' face;
Sing and tell the pleasing story,
O ye sinners saved by grace;

And with pleasure,
Bid the guilty Him embrace.

4 In his highest work, redemption,

See his glory in a blaze:
Nor can angels ever mention
Aught that more of God displays;

Grace and justice Here unite to endless days. 5 True, 'tis sweet and solemn pleasure,

God to view in Christ the Lord; Here he smiles, and smiles for ever; May my soul his name record;

Praise and bless him,
And his wonders spread abroad.



Person and Power of the Spirit.—John vi. 68.
Holy Ghost, we look to thee;
Raise the dead; the captive free;
From the mighty take the prey;

Teach the weak to watch and pray. 2 Now, dear Lord, the heavens rend;

Make some haughty rebel bend;
Life, and light, and truth impart,

To some careless sinner's heart. 3. If it be thy holy will,

Now thy gracious word fulfil;
Quicken souls, and make them cry,

“Jesus, save me, or I die."
4 [Nor thy mourning saints forget;

Thy sweet unction still repeat;
Daily lead us unto Christ,
As our Prophet, King, and Priest.]

5 Thine it is the church to bless,

And to comfort in distress;
Trembling, helpless souls to guide,

Safe to Jesus' wounded side. 6 Out of self to Jesus lead;

For, and in us intercede;
Guide us down to death, and there

Banish all our guilt and fear.
7 There, and then, support the mind;

May we be to death resign'd;
And, with an immortal song,
Haste to join the heavenly throng.


88. Jehovah united in the Salvation of the Church. - Sam. xii. 22.

The triune Jehovah we praise,
In essence eternally one;
Who has, by the word of his grace,
His eternal counsels made known;
The Father, the Spirit, and Word,
As three in one God, and no more,
In Zion's salvation accord;
Then let us this one. God adore.
2 No change can take place in his mind;

His counsels are settled of old;
To Zion he'll ever be kind,

And to her his glory unfold.
Though men, sin, and devils unite
To drive the believer to hell,
Jehovah will put them to flight,
And Zion shall surely prevail.

6. 4.

3 In Jesus, and Jesus alone,

The church siands for ever complete;
And whilst he remains on his throne,

He will not the weakest forget;
They're his and shall ever be his,
And with him in glory shall reign,
The triune Jehovah to bless,
For ever and ever. Amen!

The Trinity.-1 John v. 7.
We bless the triune God-
The Father and the Word,

And Holy Ghost;
God, who must ever be,
The mighty One-in-Three;
To all eternity,

The Lord of Hosts.
2 Holy, immortal Three,
One God eternally,

Teach us to praise;
Mysterious Three-in-One,
To us thy grace make known,
And lead us safely on

In thy own ways.
While we in Meshech dwell,
May we thy wonders tell,

Nor yield to fear.
Though men and devils rage,
And all their powers engage,
Zion, from age to age,

Is thy own care.

4 We bless the Father's

Whose love is still the same;

We also praise
The Spirit and the Word:
Be this one God adored,
In solemn, sweet accord,

To endless days.


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Glory to God in the highest."- Luke ii. 11.
At the birth of Christ our King,
Angels made the heavens ring,
Singing, with a solemn joy,

“Glory to the Lord on high.” 2 Glory in the highest height,

Blazing with majestic light,
Shines in David's root and rod,

The incarnate Son of God.
3 Sinners here by faith may view,

What Omnipotence can do;
And in measure sweetly trace
The rich treasures of his grace.
Come, ye mourning souls, rejoice;
Look, and with a cheerful voice,
Sing the honours of your God,

Blazing in the incarnate Word. 5 Soon the whole elect shall view

All the glory God can show;
And in bliss immortal sing,
Hallelujah to their King.

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