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“Let fall some handfuls,"_Ruth ii. 16.
[When Ruth a gleaning went,

Jehovah was her guide;
To Boaz’ field he led her straight,

And she became his bride.] 2 Jesus my Boaz is;

My strength and portion too;
His word of grace the precious field,

Where I a gleaning go.
3 O what a heavenly field!

What handfuls it contains; What strength and comfort gleaners get,

To recompense their pains.
4 Rejoice, ye mourning souls;:

Ye broken hearts, be strong;
The field is ripe for harvest now,

And ye shall glean ere long. 5 Ye gleaners, one and all,

Let Christ be all your song;
He is your strength and portion too,

And you to him belong.
6 [All blessings he contains;

He cannot let you starve;
The meanest gleaner in his field,

At length shall walk at large.] 520. “The law is good if a man use it lawfully."– 1 Tim. i. 8. THE law of the Lord is perfect and good, But cannot afford nor comfort nor food,


'To sinners distressed, o'erwhelmed with fear, ButJesus the blessed can yield them good cheer 2 The sinner may toil with care and with pain,

Some comfort to bring from Sinai's flame, Spend long nights in sorrow, and days in distress, Yet find on the morrow the law doth him curse. 3 Where then can he flee for help or relief?

A. sinner iş he, a rebel in chief: He feels himself guilty, and what can he do? He's unsound and filthy, and no good can show. 4 Thanks be to the Lamb,the great King of kings,

Who comes just in time,& glad tidings brings, Applies peace & pardon, with power from above, The poor soul to gladden, and calls him his love. 5 [These tidings Christ brings, and they reach

the heart; The Spirit he sends his truth to impart; The sweet Spirit seals him a son and an heir, And comforts and cheers hin,& banisheth fear.] 6 Then ravish'd with joy, and o'ercome with love,

[my God, “Abba, Father,” he'll cry, “my Lord and My Friend & my Portion, my Head & my All; Thou art my Salvation from guilt, sin, & thrall." 521.

“Dead to the law."- Gal. ii. 19. Thanks be to my Head, the great King of kings, My life from the dead, the death of my sins; Who took all my woes, and was made sin for me; Who died, and whorosc, and from sin set me free.


2 His Spirit he sent, to soften my heart;

The old veil to rend, and life to impart; To bring me from darkness to light in the Lord, And kill me to Moses, to sin, and the world. 3 Thus I through the law, dead to the law am;

Yet married am I to Jesus the Lamb! This union is sealed, all heaven's agreed; From sin and from Moses I henceforth am freed. 4 My soul, then, rejoice; let Christ be thy song; With heart and with voice, with lip and with

tongue, Before men or angels, sing, Worthy's the Lamb of unceasing praises, for ever. Amen.



Saints freed from Hagar.-Gen. xxi. 9–12.
WHAT! must the Christian draw

His comforts from the law,
That can do nothing but condemn?

If this be Zion's rule,

Then unto Hagar's school,
Must Sarah send her free-born son.
2 But the bond-woman's son,

With such shall not be one,
Isaac alone is lawful heir;

So Abra'm must obey,

And Ishmael send away,
Nor Hagar must continue there.
3 Jehovah has decreed,

None but the chosen seed
Shall ever be accounted free;


Not one shall e'er possess

The promised land of bliss,
But Abra'm's lawful family.
4 And these shall all be freed

From bondage, guilt, and dread,
And bliss, immortal bliss, enjoy;

Beyond, beyond the grave,

The land of promise have, And live with God eternally. 523,

The Law of Liberty.-James i. 25. THE gospel's the law of the Lamb; My soul of its glories shall sing; With pleasure my tongue shall proclaim The law of my Saviour and King; A sweet law of liberty this; A yoke that is easy and mild; Of love it the precious law is; Unknown unto all but a child. 2 The law of the Spirit of life,

That takes the old yoke from our neck,
Proves Zion to be the Lamb's wife,
And Zion with beauty doth deck;
Provides her a clothing divine,
And makes her all-glorious within ;
Nor angels are clothed more fine,
Nor can it be sullied with sin.
3 Its beauties all centre in Christ,

For Christ is the substance of it;
It makes broken hearts to rejoice,
And insolvent debtors will fit;


'Tis wisdom, 'tis strength, and 'tis love; 'Tis all that a sinner can need, And all that are born from above, By Jesus from Moses are freed. 4 This law is the poor pilgrim's rule; With boldness this truth I'll maintain; Thrice happy's the man, though a fool, That in it can look and remain: This man shall be blest in his deed, For Jesus and he are but one; He'll therefore supply all his need, For ever and ever. Amen. 524.

" Glad Tidings.—Matt. v. 4. THE gospel brings tidings,glad tidingsindeed,

To mourners in Zion, who want to be freed From sin, & from Satan, & Mount Sinai's flame, Good news of salvation, thro' Jesus the Lamb. 2 What sweet invitations the gospel contains,

To men heavy laden with bondage and chains; It welcomes the weary to come and be bless'd With ease from their burdens, in Jesus to rest. 3 For every poor mourner, who thirsts for the

Lord, A fountain is open'd in Jesus the Word; Their poor parched conscience to cool & towash From guilt & pollution,from dead works & dross. 4 A robe is provided, their shame now to hide,

In which none are clothed but Jesus's bride; And though it be costly, yet is the robe free, And all Zion's mourners shall deck'd with it be.

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