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5 His tender, loving heart

The vilest will embrace;
And freely to them will impart
The riches of his grace.

The Beggar.-Ps. xii. 5; xxxiv. 6. .
A LIMPING beggar, clothed in rags;

Disgraceful and forlorn;
In self a mass of hateful dregs,

In Satan's image born;
2 To Jesus comes, with all his woes,

And loud for mercy cries; And mercy, like a river, flows

From Jesus' heart and eyes.
3 He takes the rebel to his breast,

And, with a touch divine,
Heals him of all his wretchedness,

And makes his face to shine. 4 Himself he binds by oath and blood,

To take the wretch to bliss; Then gives his soul a glimpse of God,

And kills him with a kiss. 5 Salvation unto God belongs!

Amen! we'll bless his name;
And when we have immortal tongues,

We'll still repeat the same

The Beggar's Needs all in Christ.- 1 Sam. ii. 8.
A BEGGAR, vile and base, I come,
Without a friend, without a home,
And knock at mercy's door:

8. 8. 6.

A friendless, helpless wretch indeed,
Nor have I one good work to plead,

Yet crave a living store.
2 My wants are great, and many too:
O Lamb of God, some pity show

Or I must surely die:
No other hand can help but thee;
I've tried the rest, and plainly see

They cannot me supply. 3 But though my wants are very great, In Jesus they most richly meet;

With him I've all the rest:
And wilt thou give thyself to me?
From sin and Satan set me free?

Then I'm completely blest. 4 Source of delight! Fountain of bliss! In thee I all things do possess;

My treasure is divine:
With holy wonder I adore
The God who thus doth bless the poor,
And make their faces shine.

The Prodigal.-Luke xv. 11–24.
Now for a song of praise,
To our Redeemer God;
Whose glorious works and ways

Proclaim his love abroad:
Ye prodigals, lift up your voice,

And let us all in him rejoice. 2 A sinner, saved by grace,

And God calls him his son,


From Jesus turn'd his face,

And from his Father run:
Spent all he had with harlots base,

And brought himself into disgrace. 3 And now in his distress,

A servant he becomes;
Some legalizing priest,

Has hired him, it seems:
Then sends him forth to feed his swine,

And husks he now must eat or pine. 4 So off the rebel sets,

And to the herd he goes;
Then tries to eat his husks,

But now he feels his woes:
With hunger pinch'd, he cried and said,

"My Father's house abounds with bread; 5 Alas! what can I do?

I starving am for want;
I'll to my Father go,

And tell him my complaint;
I'll tell him, too, how base I am,

Not worthy to be call'd his son." 6 He said, and off he goes

Towards his Father's house,
With neither shoes nor hose,

Nor any other dress,
Except his base and filthy rags-

Of sin and guilt the very dregs. 7 But O, good news of grace! The Father saw him come,

And, with a smiling face,

He ran to fetch him home: He ran, and fell upon his neck,

And kiss'd him, for his mercy's sake. 8 “Father," the rebel cries,

" I've sinn'd against thy love;"
The Father then replies,

Bring hither the best robe;
Yes, bring it forth, and put it on,

For this my son's alive again. 9 “ Put shoes upon his feet,

And on his hand a ring;
Bring forth the fatted calf,

And let us eat and sing;"
And now the Father's house abounds
With joy, and sweet harmonious sounds.


11. 8. The Man is blessed who belioves in Christ.-John xiv. 1-3. How blest is the man who in Jesus believes,

And on him can cast all his cares; A righteousness full and complete he receives, That hides all his guilt, sin, and fears.

2 [No creature on earth is more happy than he,

Nor Gabriel himself is more blest; He lives on the bounty of grace, rich and freeA glorious immortal repast.]

3 Whate'er be his lot, while on earth he resides,

His glory can never derart;

He's one in the Lord, and in him he abides, United together in heart.

4 The time is now fixed, and soon it will come,

When Christ will his messenger sendTo fetch him from Meshech, & carry him home;

And then all his sorrows will end.

8. 8. 6.

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Mighty to save."-Isa. lxiii. 1. Mighty to save is Christ the Lamb; Let all the saints adore his name,

And make his goodness known; With one accord proclaim abroad, The wonders of their Saviour, God,

Whose blood did once atone.
2 Mighty to save! nor all sin's power
Can hold the sinner in that hour

When Jesus calls him home;
Nor Moses, with his iron rod,
Can keep the trembling soul from God,

When the set time is come.
3 [Mighty to save! he saves from hell:
A mighty Saviour suits me well;

A helpless wretch am I;
With sin oppress'd, by law condemn'd,
With neither feet nor legs to stand,

Nor wings from wrath to fly.]
4 [Mighty to save! he saves from death :
O may I, with my latest breath,
His mighty power proclaim.

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