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Ye sinners lost, and wretched too,
He came to save such worms as you,

Ard mighty is his name.]
5 [Mighty to save ! let Zion sing
The honours of her God and King,

Whose love no change can know; With cheerful hearts, and cheerful voice, We'll in the mighty God rejoice,

And sing his praise below.]
6 And when the icy hand of death,
Shall steal away our mortal breath,

Our joy shall still increase ;
Yes, with a loud immortal tongue,
We'll sing, and Christ shall be our song,
In realms of endless peace.

JESUS is a mighty Saviour;

Helpless souls have here a Friend ;
He has borne their misbehaviour,
And his mercy knows no end;

O ye helpless,
Come, and on his grace depend !
2 He, to save your souls from ruin,

Shed his blood upon the tree !
O ye needy, haste unto him ;
His salvation's full and free;

Vilest sinners
Shall his great salvation see.
3 [Whatsoe'er your age or case be,

None can save you but the Lamb;

8. 7. 4.

The same.


If in prison, he can set free,
And a full release proclaim;

He is mighty,
And to save the lost he came.]
4 Yes, the very worst of sinners,

Who upon his grace rely,
Shall of endless bliss be winners,
And shall sing, beyond the sky,

Songs of praises,
To the Lamb that once did die.

“My peace I give unto you."-John xiv. 27.
O My soul, with wonder tell,
Jesus hath done all things well;
And, through his atoning blood,

l’ve a settled peace with God.
2 He bequeath'd his peace to me,

As a gift divinely free;
And it is his righteous will,

my soul in peace shall dwell. 3 [Love to such vile worms as I,

Brought the Saviour from the sky;
Every foe for them to quell,

Jesus conquer'd death and hell.] 4 [Gifts like this, so full and free,

Stand as firm as Deity;
God has sworn, nor can he lie,

It shall last eternally.]
5 Justice, mercy, truth, and love,
Every attribute of God,

Join to make this peace secure,

And it must and shall endure. 6 What a solid basis this;

Such a peace can never miss;
But produce a grateful mind,

To a God so vastly kind. 7 [Mourning souls, who feel the smart

Of a guilty, treacherous heart,
And with mighty care and pain,

Struggle hard relief to gain;
8 Labour hard you may, and long,

But you'll find your foes too strong;
Solid peace can ne'er be had,

Only through a Saviour's blood.] 9 Jesus, mighty Prince of peace!

Now proclaim a full release;
Set poor captive sinners free;
Give them solid peace in thee.

Free Grace.-Eph. ii. 5–8.
FREE grace is the joy of my heart;
Its glories, with wonder, I trace;
To me it doth freely impart
Rich blessings, just suiting my case:
No monster more wretched could be,
Nor less of God's favour deserve;
Yet such is free grace unto me,
I never, no, never can starve.
2 [Grace takes all my

Nor murmurs my burdens to bear;


ruin and woe,


in return makes me know
In Jesus I'm comely and fair;
In self I'm polluted and vile;
But grace sweetly speaks unto me,
It tells me, and that with a smile,
In Jesus I'm perfect and free.]
3 Its blessings, though rich and divine,

Are all without money and price;
A soul, though as wretched as mine,
May venture to hope and rejoice!

Its highest delight is to give
True riches to sinners undone;
Nor can it, nor will it deceive,
The soul that with Jesus is one.


C. M.
The same.-Titus ii. 11-14.
God is a Spirit, just and wise,

His footsteps who can trace?
His love, more ancient than the skies,

Breaks forth in boundless grace. 2 In vast cternity he chose

A people for his praise;
And saves them from their guilt and woes,

By his almighty grace.
3 Redeem'd, with Jesus' blood redeem'd,

His beauties call'd to trace,
No angel can be more esteem'd

Than sinners saved by grace.
4 [Immortal love no change can know,
Though clouds surround his face;


All Israel must to glory go,

As trophies of his grace.] 5 [Satan and sin may vex the mind,

And threaten with disgrace; But after all, the saint shall find

He's saved, and saved by grace.] 6 The work begun is carried on,

Nor hell can it deface;
The whole elect with Christ are one,

And must be saved by grace.
7 Where Jesus is, there they must be,

And view his lovely face;
And sit to all eternity,
In chanting forth his grace.

JEHOVAH, the Saviour, appears,
A world to redeem from its woes!
From guilt, sin, wrath, bondage, and fears
From Satan, and all that oppose.
Adored be his name for his grace,
His faithfulness, justice, and truth,
He saves, and he smiles in the face,
Nor scorns neither aged nor youth.

“A peculiar people."-Titus ii. 14.
PECULIAR are the saints,
And God doth them esteem;

Though numerous are their wants,
They all things have in him:
He is their treasure, and their joy,
Nor can they ever starve or die.


“I will in no wise cast out."-John vi. 37.


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