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2 [Loved from eternity,

And chosen in the Lamb,
The eternal One-in-Three,

Jehovah, Great I AM,
Himself hath bound, by holy ties,

To take them up beyond the skies.] 3 [Peculiar is the grace,

Which makes their bliss secure;
Its beauties none can trace,

Nor know its saving power;
None but this little favour'd few

Can know what endless love can do.] 4 Bought with the blood of Christ,

(Peculiar price indeed!)
Their God becomes their Priest,

And they from sin are freed;
Peculiar must the blessing be,

Which makes insolvent wretches free. 5 Their birth is from above;

Peculiar indeed;
Begotten, not of blood,

But of immortal seed;
From Christ, their Head, their life proceeds,

And to him it most surely leads.] 6 They live, and live to God;

A life that's known by few;
Their Father's staff and rod

Support and comfort too;
Christ is their Life, nor can they die,
For hell can ne'er their Life destroy.



“But ye are come to Mount Zion."-Heb. xü. 22.
YE sons of God, be wise,
And learn your Father's will;
By faith lift up your eyes

To yonder shining hill:
No smoke, no thunderbolts are there,

Nor wrath, to sink you in despair. 2 [A pleasant mount indeed,

Where God unfolds his grace
To all the chosen seed,

And, with a smiling face,
Speaks peace to every troubled breast,

And bids the weary in him rest.] 3 To worship on this ground,

Is not a legal task,
A solid peace is found,

And faith has all it asks:
There Jesus sits with smiling face,
And rules and reigns the God of grace.

8. 7. 4.


“Mercy and truth are met together."--Ps. lxxxv. 10. Truth and mercy meet together,

Righteousness and peace embrace;
Each perfection of Jehovah,
Meets and shines in Jesus' face;

Here the Father
Can be just, and save by grace.
2 What a field of consolation;

Here no jarring notes are found;

Zion has a full salvation,
And shall all her foes confound:

Each believer
Hath for hope a solid ground.
3 Justice hath no loss sustained;

Truth remains in perfect light;
Not an attribute is stained;
All in one grand cause unite:

Saved sinners
Must and shall in God delight.
4 Here's a cord which can't be broken!

O my soul, with wonder tell;
God himself the word has spoken,
Zion in her Lord shall dwell:

And with Jesus
Live, in spite of earth and hell.
5 [0 ye much-esteemed sinners,

Who in Jesus Christ are found,
Rest assured you shall be winners;

Soon with glory shall be crown'd;

And for ever,

Shall the praise to Christ redound.]

S. M. “Shall we sin because we are not under the law ?"-Rom. vi. 15.

WHAT, then! shall Christians sin,

Because freed from the law ?
Shall sinners, saved by grace divine,

From holiness withdraw?
2 Shall grace seduce the mind,
And lead the soul astray?

And souls, who under grace are found,

Delight to disobey?
3 Great God! forbid the thought!

Preserve thy saints in love!
While pharisees set grace at nought,

Saints shall thy ways approve.

“Jesus the Author and Finisher of our faith."-Heb. xii. 2.
JESUS the Author is
Of true and living faith;
This blessed grace he gives,

And saves our souls from death;
By faith in him we live, and view

The wonders God alone can do. 2 [The principle of faith

From Jesus we receive;
And all the power it hath,

The Lord the Saviour gave:
'Tis Jesus gives us faith to view

The wonders God alone can do.] 3 'Tis Jesus gives us faith

To fight and overcome;
To vanquish hell and death,

And trust in him alone;
With sweet surprise to sit and view

The wonders God alone can do. 4 Nor death, nor sin, nor hell,

Against this faith can stand
She eyes the Saviour well,
And Jesus holds her hand:

He gives her power to live and view

The wonders God alone can do. 5 Through every trying scene,

Down to the gates of death,
Jehovah will maintain

The life and power of faith;
For death can never keep from view
The wonders God alone can do..


S. M.

Precious Faith.--2 Pet. i. 1

FAITH! 'tis a grace divine,

A gift both rich and free; "Twas grace that made this blessing nine,

From guilt to set me free. 2 The faith of God's elect

Is precious, pure, and good: Such is its power, and its effect,

True faith prevails with God. 3 To Jesus and his blood,

It looks for life and peace; The oaths and promises of God, Its

power and zeal increase. 4 [When saints in darkness roam,

With sin and guilt distress’d, Faith in Christ's righteousness alone

Can set the soul at rest.] 5 Faith lives in spite of hell

And, when the soul's oppress'd With miseries more than tongue can tell, It leans on Jesus' breast.

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