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9. M.

6 Though death and dangers fly,

Like lightning from the skies; He that believes shall never die; Faith must obtain the prize. 604.

“We walk by faith, not by sight.”—2 Cor. v. 7. Why should a pilgrim grope within,

And judge by what he feels? A loathsome stench of death and sin

No consolation yields.
2 Corruptions, base and foul as hell,

May vex and tease the soul;
But Jesus' blood its rage can quell,

And make the conscience whole. 3 I have no life, no light, no love,

No truth nor righteousness,
That God, my Father, can approve,

Or justice can caress, 4 But what I have in Christ, my Head,

And grace on me bestows;
My life with Christ in God is hid,

And he'll redress my woes. 5 In this dear Christ I all things have;

Why should I yield to fear?
All that a living soul can crave,

Is richly treasured here.
6 In him I stand completely just;

His heart is my abode;
Though in myself, at best, but dust,
In him I've power with God.

S. M.


“ The just shall live by faith."-Heb. x. 38.
The just by faith shall live,

Nor fear the powers of hell;
All blessings that a God can give,

In Christ most richly dwell. 2 By faith in Jesus' blood,

The just shall live indeed:
Shall have a settled


with God, And from their sins be freed. 3 When sense and reason fail,

And all things dark appear,
By faith, the just shall say, 'Tis well,

Jehovah will appear.
4 If providence should frown,

And crosses still increase;
By faith, the just shall live and own

God their salvation is.
5 By faith in Christ, as God,

As Prophet, Priest, and King; The just shall live, and live to prove, That death has lost its sting. 606,

“Rejoice in the Lord."-Hab. iii. 18.
LET saints lift up their hearts,

And, with a cheerful voice,
The wonders of their King proclaim,

And in the Lord rejoice.
2 Whatever be thy frame,
Though dark and cold as ice,

S M.

Unite with sons of earth,

And take a servant's place?
Be slaves to sin and Satan too?

Forget to keep their Lord in view? 4 Forbid it, mighty God!

Preserve us in thy fear;
Uphold with staff and rod,

And guard from every snare:
Teach us to walk with Christ in view,

And honour him in all we do. 5 Increase our faith and love,

And make us watch and pray;
O fix our souls above,

Nor let us ever stray;
Dear Lord, do thou our strength renew,
And lead us on with Christ in view.



“Walk in love."-Eph. v. 2.
LORD, we fain would walk in love,
But, alas! how slow we move;
Pride, that haughty monster, pride,

Often makes us start aside. 2 Lamb of God, thy power make known;

Sweetly draw and we will run;
Make our love to thee and thine,

Like the sun at noon-day shine. 3 As the purchase of thy blood,

May we seek each other's good;
And be it our great concern,
Thee to view, of thee to learn.

4 May we mourn with those that mourn;

Make each other's cause our own;
Ever keeping this in mind,

We are to each other join'd.
5 Flesh of flesh, and bone of bone;

With the King of glory one;
Of one body each a part,

Jesus, make us one in heart.
6 King of kings, enthroned above,

Come and shed abroad thy love;
Fill us with that source of joy,
Which can never, never cloy.

8. 7. 4.


Panting for Christ.-Ps. xlii. 1. PRECIOUS Jesus! Friend of sinners! We, as such, to thee draw

near; Let thy Spirit now dwell in us, And with love our souls inspire;

Fill, O fill us With that love which casts out fear. 2 Matchless Saviour! let us view thee,

As the Lord our righteousness; Cause each soul to cleave unto thee, Come, and with thy presence bless;

Dear Immanuel, Feast us with thy sovereign grace. 3 Open now thy precious treasure;

Let the blessings freely flow; Give to each a gracious measure, Of thy glory here below;


Loving Bridegroom, 'Tis thyself we want to know. 4 [Come, and claim us as thy portion,

And let us lay claim to thee;
Leave us not to empty notion,
But from bondage set us free;

King of glory!
We would live and reign with thee.]

Ch&igeableness.-Ps. xxxviii. 5.
LORD, I freely would confess,
I am all unrighteousness;
Base and vile, from head to feet;

Full of pride and self-conceit. 2 (When thy presence I enjoy,

I can say, My God is nigh:
And with holy wonder tell,

Thou, dear Lord, dost all things well.] 3 When deliverance thou hast wrought,

I can of thy wonders talk,
And too often proudly say,

Nothing more shall me dismay.
4 [When, by faith, I view my Lord

Bathed in agonies and blood,
I with joy his love repeat,

Sink to nothing at his feet.]
5 But, alas! how soon I stand,

At a distance unconcern'd;
And the trifles of a day
Almost carry me away.

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