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6 Lord, with shame and grief I own,

I to evil still am prone;
Vile and base I am indeed;

When from sin shall I be freed?
7 Make me strong, and steadfast too;

Help me all thy will to do;
And with patience may I wait,
Ever knocking at thy gate.

“What will ye see in the Shulamite ?"--Cant. vi. 13.
In every believer two armies are seen,
The new man of grace, and the old man of sin,
In Christ he is perfect, and free from all guilt,
Yet in himself evils are both seen and felt.

2 As one in the Lord, he's a true son of peace; In himself, he is nothing but sin and disgrace; His body's the temple of the Holy Ghost, And Christ in him dwelleth, as King ofone host.

3 When Christ takes possession, and proves himself King,

[bring; Then sin, world, and Satan, their forces will Nor will they be wanting of gun-shot from hell; The old prince of darkness will furnish them well.

4 Yet such is the power and love of our King, In spite of all hell we of victory sing; For though sin and devils against us unite, 'Tis Christ fights our battles, and puts them to Aight.


5 The victory is thine! then let hell do its worst; For Christ will still reign, and of Christ thou shalt boast;

[wear, And when the fight's ended, the crown thou shalt And immortal glory with Christ thou shaltshare. 613.

Glorying in Infirmities.--2 Cor. xi 30.
A HELPLESS worm am I,
Yet often start aside;
Infirmities annoy,

And enemies deride;
Ten thousand evils me assault,

And wound my soul, and make me halt. 2 I want to be set free

From every hateful foe;
From each infirmity,

And only pleasure know:
But 'tis my heavenly Father's will,

That I infirmities should feel. 3 [Infirmities, as means,

Have taught my soul to see,
That nought, how fair it seems,

But Christ will do for me;
I must have Christ, as all in all,

Or sink in ruin, guilt, and thrall.) 4 I'll gladly glory, then,

In my infirmity,
That Jesus' power and

May ever rest on me;
I'll bless his name; he'll bring me through,
And he'll have all the glory too.

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“ The Lord trieth the righteous."-Ps. xi. 5.
The Lord the righteous tries,

Yet we'll adore his name;
He never will their cause despise,

Nor put their hope to shame. 2 He brings them to the test,

And tries them by his law;
Then leads them to the promised rest,

From whence they comfort draw. 3 Then he his face conceals,

And lets them grope within;
And by his Spirit's power reveals

The dreadful plague of sin.
4 We straightway cry, Unclean!

A monstrous mass of woe!
What can such hosts of evil mean?

And whither can we go?
5 “Look here,” the Lord replies;

“ Thy beauty's all in me; 'Tis thine to flee from self, and prize

Salvation full and free.
6 “Whate'er my wisdom does,

Or lets the tempter do,
Thy guilt and ruin to disclose,

One thing I keep in view;
7 “To teach thee how to live,

By faith in Jesus' name; For guilt and sin to mourn and grieve, And sing the Lamb once slain.”

8. 7. 4.


“In the world ye shall have tribulation."-John xvi. 33. SINNERS, call’d by grace, and blessed

With a living faith in Christ,
Must not think to be caressed
By a world of sin and vice;

Satan's agents Cannot love the Saviour's choice. 2 Let this thought the Christian strengthen;

Jesus' name is life and peace;
Angels have not skill to mention
Half his wisdom, power, or grace;

Souls that trust him,
Soon shall see him face to face.
3 Though they suffer for a season,

For the name of Christ, their Lord;
And at times may know no reason
Why such sorrows are endured;

Soon he'll teach them,
That the whole has work'd for good.
4 [Happy is the saved sinner,

That endures for Jesus' sake; He of endless life's a winner; Of his glory shall partake;

Jesus will not, Cannot, such a soul forsake.] 5 O for love, for faith, and patience!

Jesus, fix our souls on ihee!
Nor let Satan's dire vexations,
Make us start aside or flee:

May we ever
Cling and twine, dear Lord, to thee.


The Reproach of Christ esteemed by Faith. Heb. xi. 26.
PRECIOUS Jesus! must it be,
Is it thy all-wise decree,
That afflictions must attend

Zion to her journey's end?
2 [Must the heirs of endless bliss

Travel through a wilderness,
And, by savage beasts of prey,

Be tormented night and day?] 3 Yes, affliction is their lot;

Earth is a polluted spot;
Where a million evils dwell,

All in league with death and hell. 4 Pains and sorrows, sins and woes,

Will the Christian's way oppose;
Every day brings something new,

Zion's troubles to renew.
5 Yet, when faith is strong and true,

They with cheerfulness go through,
Scorning all created good,

When opposed to Christ, their God. 6 Living faith will still esteem

The reproaches of the Lamb,
Greater riches than this earth

Can afford the sons of mirth.
7 O for faith this choice to make,

And endure, for Jesus' sake,
The reproaches of his cross,
Counting all things else but dross.

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