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L. M.

6 Yet, bless the Lord, through grace, I feel

I liave a mind that loves him well;
Nor shall the dreadful power of sin,

My better part from Jesus win.]
7 [May grace not only live and reign,


be felt and seen: Dear God, my every foe subdue, And make me more than conqueror too.]


“Be not dismayed, for I am thy God."-Is&. xli. 10. Poor fearful saint, be not dismay'd, Nor dread the dangers of the night; Thy God will ever be thy aid,

And put the hosts of hell to flight. 2 Nor sin, nor Satan, can o'ercoine,

The arm that vindicates thy cause;
God, thy own God, will lead thee home,

In spite of all that may oppose. 3 [Should hosts within, and hosts without,

At once unite to make thee yield,
Thy God shall put them all to rout,

And make thee master of the field.] 4 In every sore and deep distress,

“ I am thy God” shall be thy stay; Thy God shall all thy woes redress,

And drive thy guilty fears away.
5 This soul-supporting truth contains

All blessings that a God can give;
In sorrows, sicknesses, or pains,
Thy God will every need relieve.



“Whom the Lord loveth he chasteneth."-Heb. xii. 4.
WHOM the Lord Jehovah loves,
He in various ways reproves:
'Tis his settled, wise decree,

That his sons chastised sball be. 2 Them to wean from self and sin;

Try the grace he works within; , .
Strip them of each idol god;

Make them prize the Saviour's blood; 3 Teach them what and where they are;

Draw forth patience, faith, and prayer;
Make them closer cling to Christ;
And in him alone rejoice;
These are ends he has in view,
And he'll them accomplish too;
Nor shall our poor peevish heart,

Make him from his purpose start. 5 [Yet his love and grace is such,

He will ne'er afflict too much;
But, in every chastening, prove

His paternal care and love.]
6 Father, make us clearly view,

What thy love designs to do;
And, in every trying case,
Trust thy faithfulness and grace.

8. M.
God, the Father of his People.-Ps. ciii. 13.
The Lord Jehovah is
Our Father and our Friend;

Immortal majesty is his,

Nor can his glory end. 2 He guards his children well,

Nor shall they starve for want; When they their needs unto him tell,

He'll answer their complaint. 3 He bids his saints draw nigh,

Nor fear to call him theirs; And, though he reigns enthroned on high,

He calls them sons and heirs. 4 His sympathizing heart

Feels for them in distress: And love divine he will impart,

With strength and righteousness. 5 [Though they in darkness walk,

He is their Father still;
And when insulting Ishmaels mock,

He will his grace reveal.] 6 (His children he supplies

With food and raiment too;
He with his wisdom makes them wise,

And will their strength renew.] 7 Should men and devils try

To make the saints a prey;
The Lord, their Father, still is nigh,

To guard them in his way.
8 Through all the scenes of time,

He'll make his goodness known; His sons, in every age and clime, His sovereign grace shall own.


The same.-Jer. xxxi.'9.

God is a Father, just and wise,
And reigns enthroned above the skies;
Yet all his saints on earth shall know,

He condescends to dwell below. 2 He'll make his sons and daughters wise,

And teach them all his ways to prize
He'll lead them forth with love and power,

And save them in a trying hour, 3 To them he will his secrets tell,

And save them from the power of hell;
And when they leave this world of woe,
He'll take them all to glory too.

“And ye are Cbrist's."-1 Cor. iii. 23.
SINNERS, who on Jesus rest,
Must eternally be blest;
All Jehovah's love can give,

They from Jesus shall receive. 2 Loved of God, to Jesus given,

In the purposes of heaven,
They are bought with blood divine,

And they must in glory shine.
3 They are Jesus' flesh and bone,

Nor from him shall e'er be torn:
Can a part be sent to hell,

And the whole in Zion dwell?
4 No! we bless the Lord on high,
Not a single joint can die;


Every member lives in him;

He's the life of every limb.
5 They are Christ's by ties divine;

Here his brightest glories shine;
All creation must give place

To the subjects of his grace. 6 Matchless Jesus! may we be

Wholly taken up with thee!
And, in every deep distress,
Lean upon thy truth and grace.

Encouragement to flee to Christ.-Matt. xi. 28.
Poor sinner, dejected with fear,
Unbosom thy mind to the Lamb;
No wrath on his brow he doth wear,
Nor will he poor mourners condemn:
His arm of omnipotent grace
Is able and willing to save:
A sweet and a permanent peace
He'll freely and faithfully give.
2 Come just as thou art with thy woe,

Fall down at the feet of the Lamb; He will not, he cannot say, Go, But surely will take out thy stain. A fountain is open'd for sin, And thousands its virtues have proved; He'll take thee, and plunge thee therein, And wash thee from filth in his blood. 3 The soul that on Jesus relies, He'll never, no never deceive;

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